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I may never look at another book or magazine the same way again! Oh, I would love a stack of these hand sewn, fabric art books/magazines by American artist Megan Whitmarsh on my coffee table. And I know this post is not about me, but have to say it… how insanely cool would it be if she made “Creative Block” out of fabric, foam, embroidery thread, and markers!? Speaking of which, I wonder if these are the markers she uses:



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  1. Traci /// 01.07.2015 /// 8:44am

    Amazing! I love those sharpies most of all.

  2. Rachaeldaisy /// 01.07.2015 /// 2:13pm


  3. Kate /// 01.08.2015 /// 2:59pm

    I’m curious why you don’t address the content of these images. What might these fabric pieces be saying about these seminal feminist artists? I would love to hear more about what is going on in the work.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.08.2015 /// 7:40pm

    That’s really for Megan to address (and for the viewer to interpret any way they like). Megan doesn’t talk about why she’s made these pieces on her site, so I haven’t speculated.

  5. Kate /// 01.09.2015 /// 3:18pm

    She states on her website “I’m interested in watching the process of feminism, rather then trying to locate it. I don’t believe I could locate it. I trust the sideways view. Assurance is unreliable. The artists I find compelling are mostly women, and I decided to pay tribute to that. Many of these works are from a fictionalized past. From 1970 to 1980, Artforum devoted 5 of its 99 covers to women artists.” I think that her statement is significant. The content of the work you are featuring is really worth bringing forward not just the materiality.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2015 /// 3:30pm

    ah, good call kate. i didn’t see that (ps. still can’t find it – where is that statement on her site? thanks!). i have loved megan’s work for years and i suppose it’s the materiality that has always drawn me to it… even back to the days of her pieces that featured sasquatches and KISS 😉