pippa young


I wrote about UK based artist Pippa Young‘s paintings last year… and those bonnets made a lasting impression on me I guess, because today as I was scrolling through Pinterest {as you do first thing in the morning over coffee} I saw these lovely little interventions. I knew immediately that they had to be Pippa’s work… those bonnets again! Sigh. And now I want to finish my coffee and rush off to the thrift shop to look for old images to paint on. Gorgeous.

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  1. Val @ Muse Fondue /// 08.07.2015 /// 7:18pm

    Love these! I scanned some wonderful old family photos and use pieces of them, but this gives me more ideas. I need to find you on Pinterest!

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.07.2015 /// 10:05pm

    yes, these give me ideas too! there’s something very satisfying about painting on found photographs… the paint seems to go on smoother or something. and oh yes, i’m on pinterest alright… every day!

  3. laura redburn /// 08.11.2015 /// 7:44am

    i especially love that first one! something about the look on her face, i think.

  4. judith /// 08.12.2015 /// 9:28am

    Have been messing with cab cards for many years – always glad to see others’ ways. Love how simple and flat this approach is – good reminder to me that less can indeed be more…