albert ruiz villar


I wrote about Spanish artist Albert Ruiz Villar, just over two years ago… his work has evolved from looser compositions into these lovely mixed media “structures”. I kind of wish I could walk around in them, from “room” to colorful “room”.

{His work is available on Saatchi Art}

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  1. Miquel Wert /// 08.26.2015 /// 8:37am

    Hi Danielle! Just a correction: Albert’s second surname it’s Villar (with an R at the end). And some pieces are not so small!! I’ve seen it for real a lot of times (he is a good friend) and his works are much more amazing than in photograph.

    A pleasure to see it here again!

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.26.2015 /// 10:06am

    oops! of course! not sure how i messed that up? thanks miquel!

  3. Tristesse Seeliger /// 08.27.2015 /// 7:16am

    I really like these pieces.Beautiful colour palettes, 3D space and with a kind of textile like quality. Right up my alley.

  4. jennifer barrington /// 02.09.2016 /// 6:09pm

    I’m currently a 3rd year painting and textiles student at uni and I’m really interested in the work of Albert Ruiz Villar but the problem is that I can’t find any info in our uni library and there isn’t very much on the internet. What’s a girl to do? Does he have a website? Can I email direct? Do you have any suggestions as I need to present to my class in a few weeks and I’m stuck!


  5. the jealous curator /// 02.09.2016 /// 6:31pm

    hm… his website seems to be down. i updated the link below (on his name). also go to the saatchi link in this post. there’s a bit of info about him there. good luck!