anna valdez


YES! Colorful, rich, jam-packed still life paintings that, honestly, make me a little bit giddy. These oil paintings are the work of American artist Anna Valdez. All of these items – plants, sweaters, blankets, scarves, books – are hers. She sets up, then paints, these very personal vignettes, giving us a┬ábeautiful glimpse into her world. Love.

comments (10)

  1. Julie /// 01.29.2016 /// 6:32am

    Oh I love these!! Full of colour and pattern!

  2. Mal Hurley /// 01.29.2016 /// 6:53am

    Amazing colors and patterns. It is so busy beautiful!

  3. Linda Dacey /// 01.29.2016 /// 6:58am

    Naive yet sophisticated joy!

  4. Abbi /// 01.29.2016 /// 8:08am

    A modern Matisse!

  5. Marianne Clancy /// 01.29.2016 /// 8:55am

    amazing detail and lush rich color. love!

  6. zandra (Little Yellow Couch) /// 01.29.2016 /// 11:56am

    Love these! And I love how you describe them as little, personal vignettes. So different from other still lifes that are more about the objects than the person behind them!

  7. Sue Bunce /// 01.30.2016 /// 1:57am

    These are truly inspiring – I have just got to get my paints out…..

  8. Lori /// 01.30.2016 /// 5:51am

    Wow. I love these! They feel so homey.

  9. bruna /// 02.01.2016 /// 10:23am

    put me in mind of “fabric paintings” by Lise Carruthers (toronto).

  10. jess /// 02.20.2016 /// 10:15am

    Oh, how I do love her stuff! I actually just bought one of her smaller pink vase paintings–it’s so so lovely.