pedro correa


Oh. All of these beautifully composed photographs are from a series titled, quite appropriately, “Home of Art”. YES, I love homes of art! This is the work of Pedro Correa, a Spanish fine art photographer based in Brussels. Here are his words about this series:

Home of Art: A personal view on the very special atmosphere that reigns in museums and that allows art to live and blossom, its “guardians of art” and in general the way art is presented and approached.

So good. I obviously love wandering through galleries, so these images were calling to me for that reason, but, what captivates me about his entire portfolio … Pedro’s unique view of the world. What. An. Eye.

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  1. Carla /// 06.22.2016 /// 4:03am

    What a unique idea to capture the mood and humour in homes of art!

  2. Maria /// 06.25.2016 /// 11:12am

    Yay! Another Spaniard in Brussels. Thanks for the discovery!