alëna olasyuk


Whoa. These are way beyond my level of patience. These are DRAWINGS. Chinese ink drawings from Beijing based, Ukrainian-born artist Alëna Olasyuk, and these are her words about her work:

Complexity and simplicity, chaos and balance, movement and tranquillity, transiency and infinity – these are the subjects that Alëna explores in her oeuvre. Her series of works reveal the visual and spiritual experiences of her life in China and her growing interest in philosophical ideas of Buddhism. The main idea behind her works is perhaps the idea of the world’s duality. Alëna’s works refer to the main binary oppositions in Chinese ancient classic – Yin and Yang.

Lovely… I’m feeling more at peace already.

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  1. hilde /// 07.14.2016 /// 8:43am

    I wish patience was The virtue I was blessed with …as Jacques Brel said: creation is 10% of inspiration,90% of transpiration. But Alena must have reached a higher level, a state of mind I can only dream of.

  2. Sofie Pihl /// 07.16.2016 /// 5:38am

    Wow, these pieces are stunning! Fells like you could look at them forever, forgetting all about time and space…

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