andrea d’aquino … and a giveaway!

Thanks so much to EVERYONE that entered to win this gorgeous book… if I didn’t draw your name, you can always buy a copy of this beauty right here. BUT, if your name is Frances Soosman, there’s a copy coming to you! More giveaways coming soon xo


Oh my word! This book is AMAZING!!! I talked to New York based artist Andrea D’Aquino on my podcast earlier this year when she was still working on “Once Upon A Piece of Paper”. Well, it’s officially out in the world and it is SO GOOD. Brilliant words of wisdom, tips and tricks for making, and actual step-by-step demos. Oh, and there’s more… a second book filled with paper for you to USE for your own collages. Seriously. So good.

Hm, and as luck would have it, I have one to give away to one of you! Leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Monday October  10th. Good luck! {ps. Anyone can enter! Thanks to Quarto Publishing for making this happen xo}

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  1. John /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:28am

    What a fantastic book! It would be great resource for my school.

  2. Sara /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:18am

    This book looks amazing! So inspiring and creative – I’d love to win a copy!

  3. Leticia /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:08am

    Beautiful book, I’d love to have one!

  4. Olivier /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:13am

    Seems so easy to do, but it only “seems”…

  5. Katie E /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:14am

    I’ve had my eye on this book…I’d love to own it!

  6. Tina Hutching /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:51am

    Will be inspiration to start being creative

  7. Beth /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:53am

    Looks so good! Throwing my hat into the ring…

  8. Erin /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:09am

    I love it!

  9. Asti /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:09am

    Love this! I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at collage making lately. This would definitely give me the extra push to start. 🙂

  10. Kelly O'Keefe /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:20am

    That fish! What a good looking book!

  11. simone /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:25am


  12. Marina R /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:26am

    Love the idea of this book, so interesting to teach this to people.
    I remember in school, many many years ago we has a photography teacher give collage as a project to do on top of our photographs.
    I also remember many of the students not taking it very seriously and gluing random images on top of on another.
    A book like this with a break down and explanation is very helpful for situations like that.

  13. Beth McBride /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:30am

    Looks super helpful and fun! Lots of good ideas to get the juices flowing. Would love to own it!!

  14. Jackie /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:43am

    My scissor hand is itching to try the ideas in this book!

  15. Jill /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:03am

    oh my. love love love (to paraphrase an artist I pay attention to)

  16. Katelyn C /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:08am

    I’ve recently been wanting to start collage work! This book looks so amazing and inspiring!

  17. Tracy Dickson /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:40am

    What a fun book! I would love to have one to share with my daughters.

  18. Maria Holmerin Nord /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:37am

    I have a bookshelf crammed with all sorts of papers, just waiting to get started :). Thanks for the draw, and hoping the lucky winner will be me :). Best wishes for the weekend everyone!

  19. Lori /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:39am

    Looks so good!

  20. Elyce /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:50am

    Looks great! I’d love to learn more about collage, I’ve never used it in my work!

  21. Jessica /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:57am

    Yes, PLEASE!! I’m in need of some inspiration!

  22. Roisin White /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:01am

    Looks amazing, would love to own this!

  23. Melissa Smallridge /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:02am

    This book would be a wonderful teaching resource.

  24. Sarah /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:02am

    A book about working with paper full of colorful inspiration? Take my money!

  25. Kelly Ketner /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:03am

    Oh my! This looks amazing! I would love to win this! It would look so great sitting on my table with your Collage book and Creative Block!

  26. Stacy T. /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:05am

    What a great looking book! I am in SO much need of inspiration right now, and collages have been on my mind lately! This is kismet!

  27. Chris Coplin /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:05am

    Great post

  28. Barbara McCarthy /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:16am

    Love this!

  29. Beca /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:17am

    I would love this!! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Alli Short /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:18am

    This looks marvelous!! Would love to have this to use!!

  31. Emily Jane Long /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:18am

    This book looks like an absolute beauty. Would love to own a copy!

  32. Victoria /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:20am

    Fingers crossed!

  33. Kayla /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:23am

    As an amateur collage artist I would love the tips and tricks from this book!

  34. Sophie N /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:24am

    This looks beautiful. So many books, so little time!

  35. annick /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:26am

    this book is like going into the candystore…..mmmmmmm big smile on your face, looking around, want to have it ALL !

  36. Sonya /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:28am

    Beautiful book! Your IG feed is so inspiring! I also follow Andrea on Instagram, lovely accounts, both of you!

  37. Tina /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:32am

    Incredible work!

  38. Indre Puodziukynaite /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:32am

    This book looks amazing!!! I’ve been wanting to collage but it’s so intimidating. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  39. Ashley Opperman /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:34am

    I foresee a collage party in my future!!

  40. Stephanie Matthews Santana /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:38am

    Hey hey! The book looks amazing, would love to have this as a reference for a project I’m working on!

  41. Jodie Hale /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:39am

    Collage is hard but this little primer looks like it will help simplify the process.

  42. Jodie Hale /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:40am

    Collage is hard but this little primer looks like it can simplify the process.

  43. Monica Jordan /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:41am

    I would love to win this book!!

  44. mati rose /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:42am

    Yes please!! I need a collage pick me up! x

  45. Caroline Létourneau /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:43am

    This book looks so inspiring…nothing better to create a new series of collages!

  46. Jade Carver /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:44am

    Looks like so much fun!!! I have wanted to learn more about collage for a long time!

  47. Cassia cogger /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:45am

    This looks so great!!! I just came home from teaching my mixed media class some collage techniques and would love this for my own personal and teaching use!!! Such beauty!

  48. Marissa Finazzo /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:47am

    I’ve been clipping magazines and filing them by category in a binder haha. This book will understand me. Such a great way to see another perspective of collage and art-making in general!
    Love your podcast as well

  49. Melody /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:50am

    This looks great!

  50. Maria Bee /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:59am

    Ooh, looks so inspiring! Thank you for hosting a giveaway!

  51. Jessica C /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:59am

    Pick me!

  52. Tommie larsen /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:01am

    Looks like a fun book

  53. Suzanne Hurley /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:03am

    Looks awesome! Just what I’m starting to work on

  54. Hilary Frye /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:05am

    Very cool! I’d love to have this book and play with the funky paper!

  55. Gee Gee Collins /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:08am

    Hi there!! Thanks for introducing me to this book!! I have been revisiting collages lately and this is just what I need to get the gears rolling. Hand is raised!!

  56. Marissa Raglin /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:12am

    Pick me pick me! Collaging here I come!


  57. Jane Caro /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:13am

    Following you on Instagram has given me a new found love for collage–and I want to start working on creating some of my own!! This seems like a great way to launch my efforts Fingers crossed, I would love to win a copy

  58. Kim Whitman /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:18am

    Oooh would love to win this! Thank you for the chance!!

  59. Anna Rolin /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:18am

    I am loving these collage pieces!

  60. Eunjin Lily Cho /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:21am

    Oh myyyy ive been wanting a magical book like this for so long.
    Pick me~~

  61. Hilda /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:22am

    What a wonderful book! Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  62. Mary Wallace /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:26am

    Ooooh! I juswt love collage. This book looks BRILLIANT! Please…. 🙂

  63. Amber /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:32am

    Hooray for Andrea! And hooray for collage!

  64. Cecile Cloutier /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:36am

    This book looks amazing. I’ve been making a lot lately, but want make better quality ones.

  65. María /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:37am

    I love it! Looooove yo have one!

  66. Dominique Norville /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:38am

    I would love to own this book! It looks so clear and fun to follow along with the directions. Every new book brings new inspiration.

  67. Jo /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:39am

    This looks super amazing !!!! Love all the cool artists you introduce us to:)… and would love to win this!!

  68. Laila /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:39am

    Oooh fingers crossed! This looks a fab book!

  69. Anna /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:42am

    I’ve been making collages for about two years now, but am always looking for cool books like for advice and inspiration.

  70. Linnea /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:52am

    This looks amazing! I’d love one!

  71. Nicole Reddington /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:53am

    I’d love to be the lucky winner!!

  72. Nora Byrne /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:56am

    Thanks for the recommendation; and all the visual treats you regularly provide! I love these art activity books – I have one for drawing that got me into blind contours; now to play with stencils and listen to that podcast ep on repeat….

  73. Michelle Flook /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:57am

    This looks so fun! I would give this to my mega-awesome collage-covered notebook-making friend for inspiration!

  74. Amber P /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:58am

    Collage makes me so happy. I need to do it more often.

  75. Sally Reynolds /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:00am

    Oh yum, that sure looks good!

  76. pececito /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:05am

    This book looks amazing! I need it!! I was a fan of collage back in my teens, now I long for it.

  77. dineke /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:08am

    I think I kinda need this book…

  78. Christine Gordon /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:11am

    This book l think would inspire !!

  79. Jennifer /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:15am

    I can tell from these glimpses that this book is full of instructional and visual goodness! Need to get my hands on a copy

  80. Carol /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:16am

    I have a big stash of paper that is waiting for a burst of inspiration!

  81. Martha Cyrus /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:19am

    You had me at making mistakes!!

  82. Jasper /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:19am

    I’m committing to keep some creative time set aside each day. This looks like just the sort of book I need to add to my collection to stay motivated.

  83. Juliette /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:20am

    One can never have enough books on collage, I would love to get my hands on this one! Thank you for the recommendation and for the chance to win this book. Fingers crossed! Warm greetings from the Netherlands.

  84. kristina /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:23am

    this would be wonderful to share and explore with my 8yr old crafty daughter!

  85. Mirthe Blussé /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:26am

    Once upon a time
    A girl was awaiting her birthday
    And all she could wish for
    Was hidden between the papers of this book!


  86. Johanne Visby /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:38am

    I enjoy tour page and would love ro win the book, although i live in Denmark.
    johanne avisby

  87. Ruth Morata (Ruth Enprocés) /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:40am

    Fresh inspiration in my hands, ummmm… smells nice!

  88. Sarah /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:41am

    Thank you for sharing this book with us, Danielle. I would love to draw inspiration from it!!

  89. Keala /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:46am

    This book looks amazing! It could be just what I need to get out of this creative rut I’ve been in.

  90. Andy /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:46am

    Sounds like a good one

  91. christina vanderelst /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:48am

    I have so many supplies, this book could help me use them up.

  92. Pam /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:50am

    This looks amazing!

  93. Hannah /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:51am

    this book looks amazing! 😮

  94. Elisavet Petrides /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:53am

    Book is a book is a book is a book

  95. Jo Robson /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:54am

    Looks gorgeous!

  96. Molly /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:59am

    This book looks amazing, thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  97. Bec /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:09pm

    Oh my, amazing!! Love it!!!

  98. Lisa /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:09pm

    Oh, this book looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Glenda /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:09pm

    Collage has always intrigued me. I am fascinated by images of collages but never given it a go. I would love to win this book. Looks like it would be a great guide of ‘how to’.

  100. D. McCoy /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:14pm

    I would LOVE to win this book. Besides it’s my birthday on the 9th.

  101. Leah beggs /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:23pm

    Love it!

  102. Coleen English-Thomas /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:23pm

    Yay!! Collage and giveaways!! Two of my favourite things 🙂

  103. Mariette Leufkens /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:23pm

    LOVE it, WANT it, NEED it, NOW

  104. velvet ginger /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:30pm

    Ohhhh ! I’m already in love with book ! It seems such a “must-have” ! Thanks for the give away dear ! I’d love to discovery it ! I’m sure it will stimulate m’y brain so much ans help explore more and more !

  105. Rosie Schinners /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:31pm

    Looks absolutely beautiful!! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  106. Maria Ponce /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:34pm

    Its beautiful! I love it!!
    I love to win to learn new possibilities in the collage!

  107. Holly /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:43pm

    What a lovely book! Thanks for introducing it 🙂

  108. Christine /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:50pm

    Love the concept of this book as I love paper. Would help me to get creative juices flowing and learn something new. Yes please

  109. Cheryl Hansen /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:50pm

    Guess we are all coo-cuu for collage. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  110. Megan Mays /// 10.07.2016 /// 12:56pm

    I love collage and this book looks like so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

  111. Deepti /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:14pm

    This book looks absolutely lovely! I have been flirting with collage, and I would love for this book to help me take a plunge into the deep end. It would be so great to have it! Visual art is endlessly inspiring

  112. Sophie N /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:29pm

    What a beautiful book! Definetly looks like a source of really good creative unblocks

  113. Lisa Marie Bell /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:42pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this, and all that you do, Danielle! I spend my mid-afternoon snack time perusing all the loveliness you bring to us and it’s the best little treat each day. I’ve just recently started working in/ with paper again, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for resources to help get the flow moving once more. Fingers crossed!

  114. Jeane Svihus /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:43pm

    I’m inspired to get out paper, scissors, glue, paint… right now from just seeing the few pages shown of Andrea’s book. If I don’t “win” Andrea’s book, I will be ordering it!

  115. Amanda Barney /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:44pm

    A book and a stack of paper, what’s not to love?

  116. Pamela Simos /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:58pm

    I’m so happy this book is finally out. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it since I first read about it on JC and saw the great illustrations. Congratulations.

  117. Cindy McDonough /// 10.07.2016 /// 1:58pm

    Permission to make mistakes? All I make are are mistakes. I’m in!

  118. Fabio /// 10.07.2016 /// 2:01pm


  119. Carole /// 10.07.2016 /// 2:08pm

    This looks awesome! I just made my first collage in a long time and enjoyed it so much. Here’s to many more!

  120. selena /// 10.07.2016 /// 2:21pm

    want – no, need this book.

  121. Laura Putre /// 10.07.2016 /// 2:36pm

    I want.

  122. linda Dunn /// 10.07.2016 /// 2:43pm

    Lust in my heart. Thank you for publicizing such a great little book. Always helps to see again the lessons you keep forgetting.

  123. Marian Richardson /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:05pm

    yes, yes, yes, please!

  124. Shelley Davies /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:08pm

    I’m such a huge fan of Andrea’s colourful, spontaneous, delightful work, and wish her all the very best with this gorgeous book. Spread the collage love, Andrea!!

  125. Jen /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:21pm

    Love, love, love Andrea’s work. Thanks for the giveaway, Danielle!

  126. Lynda /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:29pm

    looks amazing…

  127. Christine /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:30pm

    I am a mixed-media collage artist and I teach classes for Eldercollege. This book looks like it would be an excellent resource and confidence builder for my students.

  128. Teresa /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:37pm

    What a great idea for a book!

  129. Alex /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:37pm

    Looks like an amazing book – a definite necessity!

  130. Katie gilmour /// 10.07.2016 /// 3:59pm

    I am crazy about collage, I want this book✂️✂️✂️ !!! I, too, am an art teacher…always want more books to share!

  131. Kate I /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:24pm

    Love her work! This book sounds amazing!

  132. Regina Alexandra /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:26pm

    Just put this on my Amazon wish list yesterday, before even seeing this post, because I happened to listen to your podcast with Andrea yesterday!!!!

  133. Laura /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:27pm

    Such a great idea! I’ve just rage-quitted from a job that made me unhappy to persue more creative interests. Perfect timing!

  134. Valerie Arntzen /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:31pm

    Cut cut paste paste use the paper make no waste

  135. Elissa Nesheim /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:35pm

    What a beautiful book! So excited for the giveaway!

  136. Meta /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:37pm

    This would be an amazing resource for the collage station in my high school art classroom! My students would LOVE IT…And I could borrow it on weekends 😉

  137. Annmarie /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:37pm

    I do collages with my elementary art students often, but just started experimenting with collage in my own art! This is a beautiful book!

  138. Charmaine /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:40pm

    Fantastic! I would adore this book!!

  139. Kristen /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:53pm

    Oooooh! What a delicious looking book! Can’t wait to dig in!

  140. Alice /// 10.07.2016 /// 4:58pm

    Looks fabulous! Would love a copy and to introduce more collage into my artwork!

  141. Lisa /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:05pm

    Once upon a me wanna!

  142. Stephanie Bolduc /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:20pm

    Looove this! Already on my amazon wishlist.

  143. Betty Wisse /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:25pm

    Wow, looks like a fabulous book, thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of it.

  144. Didem /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:44pm

    Working and creating with hands…nothing can fullfill this need i suppose even taking photos…thank you the jealous curator, i would love to create more with this book, create more and create with others too…

  145. Naomi /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:45pm

    Oh love love love! And want! Excited this is out in the world!

  146. Khyati /// 10.07.2016 /// 5:55pm

    Thank you for your inspiring peeks into the world of arts. In need of a creative injection.

  147. Ali W. /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:04pm

    Collage is everything and I literally can throw nothing away!

  148. DD /// 10.07.2016 /// 6:53pm


  149. Crystal /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:25pm

    Adorable. Perfect. I’d use this book with people who wish to embark upon art therapy.

  150. Faith /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:27pm

    Oh this does look lovely! Fingers crossed.


  151. Georgia /// 10.07.2016 /// 7:39pm

    Love it!

  152. Arielle /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:01pm

    I love the look of this – such a cute book!

  153. Rosie Sayers /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:02pm

    This looks amazing!! Fingers tightly crossed.

  154. Lois /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:18pm

    I’m such a fan of Andrea’s. She makes collage/illustration look so easy, (BUT WE KNOW IT IS NOT!)

  155. Katie Taft /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:30pm

    I love Andrea D’Aquino and would love to share these ideas with my elementary school students.

  156. Frances Soosman /// 10.07.2016 /// 9:49pm

    I just bought a huge stack of old tomes to start my life as a collage-ist. This petite volume could be the just the spark ⚡️I need to finally get cutting

  157. Cate Laidler /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:11pm

    Me please – I’ll put it to such good use 🙂

  158. Fabiola Medina /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:43pm

    This book looks really fun and inspiring! I wish I could have it

  159. Nancy Sawyer /// 10.07.2016 /// 10:58pm

    This book looks fantastic!

  160. verónica /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:31pm

    I am the luckiest and that’s why I am going to have this book!! :)))

  161. Marijke Klompmaker /// 10.07.2016 /// 11:47pm

    I would LOVE to win a book like that. Learning new things, experimenting with paper, paint, glue… thanks fot giving away this book!

  162. Claire Mort /// 10.08.2016 /// 12:36am

    Me me me me me xxxx am back in my studio thanks to your books xxxx

  163. Korien Sander /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:14am

    Would love to win the book!

  164. Michelle /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:14am

    At the beginning of my artist journey this would be a fantastic resource…so that’s my hat in the ring 🙂

  165. J French /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:18am

    this would be a nice present for my daughter at uni !

  166. Sheryl Pond /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:19am

    Pick me pick me! I am taking a design course with Roz Stendahl and i need to make a collage.!!!!

  167. kate meade /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:32am

    This book looks so fabulous! would so love win! 🙂

  168. Emma Canlin /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:32am

    Lovely looking book, would be a wonderful asset while at uni :)!

  169. Alison /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:43am

    What a gorgeous little volume! So cheering and inspiring!

  170. Carrie /// 10.08.2016 /// 1:52am

    I’ve just recently started experimenting with collage again after a LONG, LONG break and I’m having such a good time. Also – my glue smells really good.

  171. Ella /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:09am

    What a wonderful looking book, something to inspire a fun return to art making after many drought years

  172. Annette /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:14am

    Oh I would love, love, love this book!!! I really would.

  173. Lore /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:20am

    It’s a work of art on it’s own! Would love to use it 🙂

  174. Daria /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:22am

    This book looks fabulous! Good job, Andrea!
    I’d be happy to win one 😉

  175. Sara /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:28am

    Such a visual treat!

  176. Marieke /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:29am

    Oh wow, this book looks amazing! I would love to win it to help me get back on track.

  177. Kathy S /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:30am

    I love working with paper, and would very much like this book as instruction and inspiration.

  178. Erin Day /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:50am

    Would love this as a resource for my A Level students!

  179. Alexis Morgan /// 10.08.2016 /// 2:55am

    Andrea’s work (as well as yours) is gorgeous and I’m excited to see the book 🙂

  180. Eva Koppen /// 10.08.2016 /// 3:00am

    I would love to beat my creatingblock with this book!

  181. Jani Hayes /// 10.08.2016 /// 3:19am

    I need a book like this to kick me into gear!

  182. Kathy Hoyer /// 10.08.2016 /// 3:40am

    FOOD FOR THE SOUL! It looks so inspiring!

  183. Sherrill Harvey /// 10.08.2016 /// 3:48am

    I’ve been collecting interesting scraps of paper for years, without knowing what to do with them. Seeing your book has inspired me to think about using them to create a collage, so winning a copy would be fabulous!

  184. Leanne MacDonell /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:02am

    Wow, what a fun book! Love the title. This will make an excellent reference and resource for ideas and inspiration. A must have for any artists’ collection.

  185. Anika /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:07am

    Many thanks for the chance to win – This book looks like hours of fun and inspiration!

  186. Nikki Gardner /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:14am

    I’d love to have this book in my collection! Thanks for the chance!!

  187. Janine G /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:23am

    Gorgeous! Would love to use this with the kids I teach 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  188. K Plummer /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:25am

    The book looks lovely. How kind of you to be giving one. Hope I am the lucky one.

  189. K Plummer /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:26am

    How kind of you to be giving a copy to some lucky person. I hope it’s me.

  190. Kelley /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:27am

    Awesome! Would be great for my community arts classes!

  191. Jaqui /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:36am

    I love Andrea’s Alice in Wonderland book and wait to see this book in person!!

  192. Susan /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:47am

    I love that collage artists are making and sharing and supporting Thanks! You and Andrea are truly an inspiration! Xox

  193. Mary Kate Ross /// 10.08.2016 /// 4:48am

    Once Upon A Piece of Paper looks like the exact beginning I’m searching for…’.pretty please…..*wink wink.
    I promise I’ll collage my buns off.

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    Thank you Thank you !

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  204. Shuyi /// 10.08.2016 /// 5:45am

    Oh my goodness! This book seems like the epitome of heaven for any collage artists. Hope I can get to win it! I’m still an amateur artist with a lot to learn, and I’m sure this book will inspire and help me (as well as my fellow collage artist friends) a lot 🙂

    Thank you and Quarto Publishing for this generous giveaway! (All the best to all of the commenters!)

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  228. Elly kalfus /// 10.08.2016 /// 7:54am

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  238. Wendy Anderson /// 10.08.2016 /// 8:57am


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    Look closely at nature for proof
    Any book that inspires the artist to enjoy and employ it is
    A treasure

  240. Beth K Flannery /// 10.08.2016 /// 9:08am

    It’s wonderful to see how many people are inspired by your efforts–keep up the good work! I’ve been putting together pieces based on photocopies of my old candy wrappers; every time I’m ready to throw them out some random mistake shows its head and we’re off again. It’s so true that the parts we like the least are the most fruitful if we are fearless enough to keep working with them: seeing the beauty in other people’s mistakes helps me keep the faith.

  241. Irene Doolittle /// 10.08.2016 /// 9:08am

    This book looks like the best thing to boost my creativity! : )

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  243. Nikke /// 10.08.2016 /// 9:36am

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    If I were so fortunate to win, it would go right next to my “Alice in Wonderland”book by her
    in a special place for all to see and use in my teaching studio.

  248. Rebecca Giesking /// 10.08.2016 /// 10:16am

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    We suddenly had a free saturday afternoon and my girls suggested ‘knutselen’ (crafting). I told them i would like to try collage and there we went… it was so much fun! We even had a show and opening speeches! Please send us the book so we can keep this great tradition alive!!

  288. Amelia McSweeny /// 10.09.2016 /// 4:56am

    Wow! All those people before me. As a nurse, my collage making is on the side; I specialize in feline and Hawaiian themes. All I can say is… Pick me! Pick me! But if you don’t, I may have to buy the book anyway!

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  308. Cristina DiLucia /// 10.10.2016 /// 3:21am

    What a great giveaway! My son is a budding artist and favors collages so when I saw this email I thought it was almost like it was meant to be. I hope it’s not too late to enter, I know the drawing is today; We just had a brush with the hurricane Matthew (in Florida) so I was a few days behind with checking emails otherwise I would have entered much sooner. Good luck to all entries!

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  318. rebecca trawick /// 10.10.2016 /// 10:11am

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