jeremiah jenkins


“Everything Must Go” … eventually, yes, I suppose so. This beautiful, nostalgic, and kind of funny series of collaged ceramics {love!} are the work of San Francisco based artist¬†Jeremiah Jenkins. Are they fragile? …

“This is a series of commemorative plates, made from broken commemorative plates. Each one is a fragile idea, breaking and gilding highlights the beauty within that fragility.”

Yes. Very. Jeremiah has a show on right now, until February 25th, at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco. Go, and then email me and tell me how fantastic these pieces are in person! Thank you.

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  1. Nikkie /// 02.18.2017 /// 12:06pm

    oh my gosh. i have many commemorative plates ready for salvation army or ebay, but maybe i should reassemble them like this! very interesting medium and so clever! thanks!

  2. /// 02.26.2017 /// 9:35am

    This work blows my mind! So many layers of meanings! LOVE IT!