emily filler


Silkscreen, paper collage and paint on paper. Gah!!! These gorgeous, color-saturated, flower-filled pieces are the work of Canadian artist Emily Filler. They’re already beautiful, but when you hear the story behind them, they’re even more lovely:

“The images photographs of flowers from my father’s garden that I arranged in bouquets from his vase collection.  My father is a very serious gardener and photographer, and being surrounded by flowers had a big impact on me growing up.”

Yes, clearly! {Emily must have one very proud Papa}. Happy first day of spring to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere… here’s to more flowers, less snow!

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  1. ann wood /// 03.20.2017 /// 7:55am

    Love. These are striking.

  2. Maria Ho /// 03.20.2017 /// 8:57am

    So clever. And so beautiful! Perfect for the spring equinox :)!

  3. Julie /// 03.20.2017 /// 10:50pm


  4. Kelly O'Keefe /// 03.21.2017 /// 6:27am

    The way the art is hung in the gallery photo is just so perfect and effective. These are wonderful!

  5. kim /// 03.22.2017 /// 5:04am

    LOVE the flowers! For sale anywhere?