nomi stricker

Oh my. Paintings that live right on the border of landscape and abstract. This is the dreamy work of Canadian artist Nomi Stricker. Lively brushstrokes and lovely colors have me dreaming of the ocean… right? Well, that’s what I see anyway. Here’s Nomi’s description of her recent work:

“My recent paintings depict curious and improbable spaces. Places and sites I have visited on my travels, in my daily experiences, and in my subconscious dreams contribute to these fictions. Memories, imaginings, and source photographs are fused, morphing into fantastical abstract landscapes.”

Cotton-candy waves crashing on the rocks… if you ask me.

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  1. Carla /// 04.14.2017 /// 2:58am

    Interesting contrasts going on here! I love this work, very captivating.