anne bentley

If I told you these were casting storyboards for the next Wes Anderson film, I bet you’d believe me… ok, they’re not, but they should be! These pieces are all from the “people” section in the portfolio of Boston based artist/illustrator Anne Bentley. She uses traditional painting and drawing with digital techniques, resulting in a slew of characters that I’d love to meet … or at least eavesdrop on at a cafe. Happy weekend! {Found via Thrive Art Studio’s Instagram}

ps. If you happen to be in Toronto this weekend, come to the opening of my latest show, “That Night In Toronto”, 4-7pm at Mayberry Fine Art, across from the AGO.

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  1. bruna /// 07.07.2017 /// 11:33am

    OMG. Soooo Happy!

  2. Kim johnson /// 07.10.2017 /// 2:17am

    I love the portraits!!! Beautiful! Also, I wish I was back home….I’d love to see your art exhibit!