kc christmas

Art AND cake? I’m in! This is the brand new collage work of American artist/illustrator KC Christmas, and you know what, I’m just gonna say it… I get to take a tiny bit of credit {maybe 2%ish} for these hilarious, delicious, whimsical pieces. Here’s why:

“For this week’s #thejealouscurator challenge, where could I go if I had the choice? I would go to an art museum made of cake. Think about it! What sweeter way to enjoy art than with friends and some cake?” ~ KC on Instagram #afyecamp

YES! I love it when a seemingly carefree assignment leads to an entirely new body of work! And good news, she finally put some of these collages into her Etsy shop – go get yourself some artsy dessert.

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  1. julie /// 08.02.2017 /// 11:50pm


  2. Nikkie /// 08.05.2017 /// 9:46am

    jealous curator does have the BEST comments on art stuffs!

    and i’m looking in the fridge for that left over piece of cake!