evelyn tannus

Ceramics and tattoos as far as the eye can see! This is the fun and beautiful work of Brazilian artist Evelyn Tannus. Other than that, I don’t know anything else about her… BUT, I do know her gorgeous work is available in her shop. I also know that I might need at least one of those arms and a couple of hands. Happy weekend.

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  1. Axl /// 11.24.2017 /// 8:04am

    These are expressive and fantastic; classical yet rebellious.

  2. Anna /// 11.24.2017 /// 9:03am

    Her work is so original. I want an arm too!

  3. Gabrielle /// 11.29.2017 /// 7:12am

    Love the hands. Are they for sale?

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2017 /// 7:35am

    yes, there’s a link in the post : )

  5. Evelyn Tannus /// 01.04.2018 /// 9:44am

    My website is not allowed to sell outside Brazil. But you can buy my ceramics sending me an email to atelie.evelyntannus@gmail.com – Most of the pieces are unique and handmade. Payment is by paypal, so easy, so simple. I ship worldwide.

  6. Evelyn Tannus /// 01.04.2018 /// 9:45am

    Thank you, “the jealous curator”, i loved your post!