myriam dion

Gasp! This is new work by Canadian artist Myriam Dion. I’ve written about her before, and I’ll do it again! In fact, I’m including her story and work in my upcoming book… how can I not?! Working slowly and carefully, Myriam meticulously transforms heavy front page headlines into delicate lace. Beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, here is one of her quotes from the book:

“I conceive my work like a gift of my time. I wish to give that tranquillity to viewers, that they can use this time to contemplate with attention and let themselves sink in the act of observation.” ~ Myriam Dion, 2017

comments (3)

  1. bruna /// 01.11.2018 /// 7:45am

    gasp for sure!

  2. lauren /// 01.11.2018 /// 1:09pm

    wow these are stunning.

  3. Pat /// 01.13.2018 /// 8:59am

    So beautiful and striking – really some of the best new art I’ve seen in a while.