kaylee dalton

Encaustic monotypes on paper… PLUS a whole bunch of layers of mixed media goodness on top of that! This is the work of American artist Kaylee Dalton, and this is her description of why she does what she does:

“My work is a whimsical interpretation of the garden landscape. A focus on the fascinating consistency of new plant growth and the expressive characteristics natural forms exude. Abstracting the intricacies of leaves, blooms and the unseen world beneath the soil of roots and earthly formations. Building up layers of encaustic, while embedding watermedia painted papers and textiles, I strive for strong textural differences reflective of the various surfaces found in nature.”

Nailed it. Happy Monday.

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  1. Katja /// 03.12.2018 /// 10:17am

    …beautiful. I love…so inspiring.
    Greetings from Berlin!

  2. Amy Tingle /// 03.17.2018 /// 6:35am

    NAILED it is right. Damn. These are so so good.