chih-hung kuo

Annnnnnd, inhale. This is the gorgeous work of Taiwanese artist Chih-Hung Kuo. As you can see, I had to include those close-ups… the brushstrokes, lines, color choices… annnnnnd, exhale. Now, mountains are not exactly a rare subject, but this artist statement {found on Aki Gallery’s site} about his latest body of work, titled “The Study of Landscape”, does a deep dive into the ideas behind these paintings… or studies of paintings… or mountain studies… or paintings of mountains.

{via Miss Moss}

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  1. Victoria du Toit /// 04.15.2018 /// 11:13pm

    I love, love, love this work! The paint-brushwork is both emotive and restrained…it’s a delight to look at! I love the loose ‘unfinished’ quality- it’s dreamlike, Thank you!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2018 /// 7:35am

    me too!