sophie treppendahl

Well, I just found my new weekend wardrobe! These lovely oil paintings on paper are the work of American artist Sophie Treppendahl. They’re part of a series titled, “Clothes I Like Owned by People I Like”. I like them too! These jeans, shirts, and hats are hanging with a bunch of their stripy, patterned friends in Sophie’s solo show at Studio Allston Hotel in Boston, opening in August.

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  1. margaret /// 07.14.2018 /// 12:07pm

    These give me all the warm, nostalgic fuzzies inside. i am in love with this series!

  2. Oren /// 08.02.2018 /// 8:33pm

    I absolutely love this series. It’s so fresh and spontaneous, yet so thematically coherent. I absolutely agree with Margaret. These paintings really transport you to a warm and nostalgic place.