mando marie

One of my favorite artists, especially when it comes to murals, is American artist Mando Marie… and starting TODAY, I’ll be spending the next ten days painting five murals around Vancouver for the Vancouver Mural Festival {and freaking out just the tiniest of bits}. Clearly I had to zip by Mando’s site for a little inspiration… but then I found these new paper pieces and suddenly I had an entirely new plan for today’s post! How gorgeous are these? They were hung in a show, titled “One Trick”, at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco earlier this year. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re made up of discarded “mistakes” from other works {but don’t quote me on that}. Either way, LOVE.

ps. While my podcast is on summer hiatus, you should go listen to Mando and I chatting in episode no.100 … it’s a good one!