stephanie patton

Yep, these words are MATTRESSES. I know, right? I saw the work of American artist Stephanie Patton when I was in New Orleans this past summer, and immediately fell in love {turns out she is from a family of mattress makers so she comes by it honestly!}. Not only are these big cozy words amazing on their own, her artist statement warms my heart too:

“Humor plays an important role in my work. I often use it as a device to bring attention to more critical issues. Over the course of my artistic career I have found that creating humorous objects often breaks down barriers and allows for the beginning of an open and genuine dialog between my art, the audience and myself. In this way, humor transforms my personal experience into something universal.

Issues and elements that remain constant in my work are an exploration of mental and physical health, themes of healing, comfort and self-preservation. As a multi-media artist I use materials and processes that personally speak to my conceptual concerns and often allude to various emotional states.”

Stephanie is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans.

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