elisa sheehan

Egg. Shells. Whoa. This truly delicate piece is the work of American artist Elisa Sheehan, and while this beauty is probably more appropriate as an Easter post, I’m going to declare my love for Elisa’s “Kintsugi Eggshells” on Valentine’s Day… love, love, oh so much love! 

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  1. Kristi Kohut /// 02.16.2019 /// 5:41am

    Oh my goodness! Literally had to catch my breath her work is so beautiful!! And then to realize they are eggshells?!!! So incredible.

  2. Candy Le Sueur /// 02.16.2019 /// 6:38am

    These are absolutely wonderful. I can’t stop looking at them – the delicacy and the amount of work that goes into them. Agreed, just love.

  3. Adele Dallas Orr /// 02.16.2019 /// 6:52am

    Stunning works of art

  4. Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week - Knitted Bliss /// 03.01.2019 /// 3:01am

    […] Aren’t these completely stunning?! These are painted eggshells, painted with watercolours and gold – I wish I could see this exhibit in person, it looks so beautiful. Pinterest link is here, and more details about the artist and the installation can be found here. […]