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i’m jealous of amanda marie {SALE!}

Oh, how I love Amanda Marie’s work… and if you do too, then you better act fast! Until the end of April {ie tomorrow} all of her pieces that are 18″x24″, that were previously priced at $425, are now on for $250. $250!! I know. You’d be crazy not to go and get one this very instant.

Um, what are you still doing here? Go on… GO!

i’m jealous of amanda marie’s new show


If you live in Denver, or anywhere even kinda close to Denver, you have to go to Amanda Marie‘s new show that opens tonight {November 20th} at the Andenken Gallery. I’ve posted 4 pieces, just to give you a little taste, but there are 40 paintings in the show so it should be quite something to see.  Her work totally reminds me of vintage storybooks… with an edge. Nothin’ like a bit of spray paint, a few scribbles and a one-eyed fox to add some much needed grit to a run-of-the-mill fairytale.

i’m jealous of amanda marie… again


Some of my favourite posts are a few months back and a few pages deep. In the event that you’re not reading every single post I’ve ever made (I don’t know why you wouldn’t!) I thought I’d bring one of them up to the front again. Amanda Marie was one of my first posts and I still can’t stop thinking about her work. Strange, dreamlike, vintage storybook imagery created with spray paint and screen prints. Gotta love it.

i’m jealous of amanda marie


So inspired & oh so jealous.

I realize that I keep saying this, but yet again I couldn’t decide which of Colorado artist Amanda Marie‘s pieces I should post… there were way too many good ones to pick from! Her work is an amazing combination of vintage storybook imagery and what I can only assume to be some really, really, really weird dreams.

mando marie

And for scale…

Oh, YES! Years ago, as in within the first month of launching ‘The Jealous Curator” I wrote about Mando Marie (aka Amanda Marie in 2009). To say I was obsessed with her work back then would be a massive understatement. Over the years I tried finding her again but her site was gone and I wasn’t sure if she’d stopped making art… thankfully that is not the case! I just discovered that she has a new solo show, titled “Can It Be?” that is currently showing at The Marcy Project, 275 South 2nd Street Brooklyn (co-curated by Darren Johnston of Marcy, and Hyland Mather of Andeken Gallery, Amsterdam). If you’re in New York, please go… these large scale mixed media pieces (acrylic, aerosol, and sewing pattern on canvas) still take my breath away, 8 years later.

ps. I’m trying to book her for the 100th episode of the podcast! … #fullcirclemoment 


See Spot run.

See Dick jump.

See Jane get a solo show in New York.

Vintage storybook imagery from ‘the good old days’ has become a very popular subject for a lot of artists. I love it too, but now there is so much work that looks exactly the same, your eye almost skips right over it… Yep, seen it. Moving along. What’s impressive though, is when an artist can take this very established, cliche, over-used visual vocabulary and truly make it their own. That’s how I chose the five artists featured in ‘Uphill Both Ways‘. All of them have found a way to make what is old, new again… each in a very unique way.


Amanda Marie:


Jennifer Khoshbin:


Wendy Walgate:


Dave Barnes:


Valerie Thai: