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There is one moment, in the first few seconds, when you look at a piece of art and know that you love it. It’s the moment when, if you’re an artist yourself, you look at it and feel a rush of uplifting inspiration… and total soul-crushing jealousy all at the same time. It’s when you walk away thinking, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.” ~ The Jealous Curator, est. 2009

The Jealous Curator launched in February 2009, as a place for me to show artwork that “made me jealous”… in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way. I was literally getting stopped in my tracks every time I saw work that I loved. It was awful. But now, almost five years later, that “jealousy” has turned magically, wonderfully, and thankfully into inspiration… but it’s too late to change my logo ; ). In all seriousness though, I’ve realized that jealousy can actually be turned completely on it’s head, and used as fuel to get back into the studio. It can only stop you if you let it. That’s when the magic transformation from jealousy to inspiration starts to happen… thank goodness.

As I move forward with the site, I’ve realized that what I’m most interested in is, of course gorgeous contemporary art, but I’m also absolutely fascinated with the self-doubt part – the insecurities, inner-critics, creative blocks, and of course the jealousy that all of us have to deal with at some point. This lead to GIRL CRUSH, a series of workshops that I launched in 2012, all across the USA. It was also the idea behind my very first book {what?!}, titled CREATIVE BLOCK, that is being released by Chronicle Books in early 2014.


Bio {and other bits}:

I have a BFA in Visual Arts {painting, printmaking, and art history}, and a post-grad in Design. I’ve worked as a designer and Creative Director for 14 years, but have never stopped loving and creating art. After decades of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking “Damn, I wish I thought of that”, I decided to say it out loud, and The Jealous Curator was born. I write daily posts showcasing artwork from around the world, and I’m currently writing two books that will be published by Chronicle Books in 2014. I am also thrilled to have had the opportunity to write magazine articles for Frankie, and Anthology. I have curated shows in Washington DC, Vancouver Canada, Chattanooga TN, with an upcoming project at LA’s Fig House. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking at Alt Summit for the past three years, and recently gave a guest lecture at the University of Tennessee. I am a contributor to sfgirlbybay and Style by Emily Henderson, and have written posts for West Elm, Etsy, Design Crush, Yellowtrace, Move Lifestyle, eBay, Escape Into Life, EcoFabulous, and several others.

The Jealous Curator has been featured by Sunset Magazine, Frankie Magazine, InsideOut Magazine, Flow Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, Apartment Therapy, and Glamour Paris.

© The Jealous Curator 2013

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  1. Daryl /// 05.12.2010 /// 7:48am


    I came across your blog last week. There is some great stuff on there. I thought I would pass a link on to my website. I am not so big on self promotion but I figured my work might fit with your style. Maybe not.

    The Crinoline Flowers are a pretty popular series.



  2. The Jealous Curator /// 05.12.2010 /// 8:21pm

    hi daryl,
    great work! i actually really love your ‘women’ series. keep your eye out for a post next week : )

  3. Jessica /// 06.09.2010 /// 11:16am

    I absolutely adore this blog

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 06.09.2010 /// 2:06pm

    *blush blush*
    thanks so much : )

  5. Elisabeth /// 06.14.2010 /// 2:36pm

    I am jealous of your blog and of your wonderful eye for art! I hope you don’t mind if I post about you on my blog about art and a lot of other stuff.

    And I know exactly what you mean about getting inspired and jealous at the same time. Ugh!


  6. The Jealous Curator /// 06.14.2010 /// 6:33pm

    Do I mind? Absolutely not… post away!
    Thanks so much for the sweet words Elisabeth : )

  7. Maggie /// 07.07.2010 /// 10:50am

    I love this blog — in fact, sometimes I consider myself the jealous blogger! ;) I enjoy the concept and execution, not to mention your personal style. If you’re interested I’d love to have a guest post from you on my blog!


  8. The Jealous Curator /// 07.07.2010 /// 4:24pm

    i’d love to! thanks for asking : )
    i’ll send you an email…

  9. meghan /// 07.18.2010 /// 4:19am

    hello – love your blog – i would like to mention my friend amanda fullerton – she’s from dartmouth nova scotia canada and makes headpieces (which i wore at my wedding) but also has a beautiful party site on etsy – check her out!





  10. The Jealous Curator /// 07.18.2010 /// 9:37am

    thanks meghan – i’ll check her out : )

  11. Barbara /// 07.18.2010 /// 3:25pm

    If you are going to be super jealous of any one person, it has to be Su
    Blackwell. She is totally amazing!!! http://www.sublackwell.co.uk

  12. The Jealous Curator /// 07.18.2010 /// 7:41pm

    wow. there’s tomorrow’s post! thanks barbara : )

  13. Lisa /// 08.18.2010 /// 1:08pm

    I love your blog and your picks! I had to blog about some of your recent ones… thanks for finding all these cool artists!

  14. The Jealous Curator /// 08.18.2010 /// 6:17pm

    thank you!

  15. Rachael Ashe /// 09.10.2010 /// 2:05pm

    Your blog has become a huge source of inspiration because you seem to find lots of work that makes me jealous too. :)

    I’m a photographer and I make altered books. I’ve had two bodies of work on the go for the last year.

    Imaginary Girl: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goddess_spiral/sets/72157622093998329/

    Altered Books: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goddess_spiral/sets/72157622315983371/

    Keep up the wonderful blogging that you do.


  16. The Jealous Curator /// 09.11.2010 /// 1:40pm

    thanks rachael : )

  17. nana & juju /// 09.23.2010 /// 7:28pm

    We love this site and feel very jaloux… so we guess it is working!

  18. The Jealous Curator /// 09.23.2010 /// 9:05pm


  19. Walter Helena Photography /// 10.13.2010 /// 5:24pm

    Lovely curation! What a great space you’ve created here….

    (And might I suggest a browse of my work?)



  20. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2010 /// 9:29pm

    will do! thanks : )

  21. William Irving Singer /// 10.17.2010 /// 8:47am

    Wonderous blog….
    Should check some of this kids work…………………..

  22. Shirley /// 10.18.2010 /// 6:16pm

    Wow, there’s so much to be jealous of! Absolutely adore your aesthetic. Thank you!

  23. the jealous curator /// 10.18.2010 /// 7:41pm

    Thank you!

  24. Meansheets /// 11.01.2010 /// 11:28am

    Can you be jealous of dead artists, too?


  25. the jealous curator /// 11.01.2010 /// 11:59am


  26. rebecca adams /// 11.14.2010 /// 1:20pm

    fancy site!! i love it. i thought you might enjoy some of my work as well…



  27. the jealous curator /// 11.14.2010 /// 3:37pm

    thanks rebecca : )
    i’ll go and check out your site right now…

  28. Oren /// 11.21.2010 /// 5:49am

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    I like your blog in a lot of ways, I really do. You have impeccable taste and your writing is erudite and charming, for the most part. And I understand the “jealous” thing for the hook that it is. But I have to be up-front with you, this is a break-up letter. I won’t be reading your blog anymore. It’s coming off my RSS feed. You see, jealousy is such a negative feeling. It’s such a heavily charged word, pregnant with both failure and an inability to come to terms with one’s own shortcomings. It’s also filled with the potentially evil desire to see the subjects of one’s envy fail as well. It’s a form of evil eye, really, and I’m disturbed by it. I understand that maybe you’re not literally jealous. But the word repeated over and over has become more burdensome every day. So this is goodbye. Thank you for all the colorful and well designed memories. I wish this could have ended differently between us.


  29. the jealous curator /// 11.21.2010 /// 8:28am

    Dear Oren,
    Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Clearly the jealousy that you’re talking about is a very different one than I’m referring to. I once heard someone say that if you keep your jealousy of things/people a secret it can become a toxic poison that eats you alive (which i totally agree with), but the moment you say it out loud it becomes admiration… so that’s why I’m saying it out loud. And honestly, this way of viewing it as been amazing for my own art work. Instead of seeing new work and wishing that my work looked like that, I can truly appreciate it, share it with all of you, and move forward with my own work knowing that every piece of art is different and “jealousy-worthy” to someone.
    Thanks for reading as long as you did. Sorry if the word is too much for you.
    The Jealous Curator
    ps. The jealousy thing isn’t an intended “hook”… it was really how I felt before I started the blog. My own work was being totally crippled and I was tired of it. I wanted to turn the jealousy on it’s head, and somehow make it work for me in a positive way… and now it does. Just wanted you, and anyone else that happens to be reading this, to know.

  30. Joey /// 11.24.2010 /// 11:09pm

    Great curating. I’m jealous of all the artists that have graced the pages of your blog. I’m bookmarking you and would be delighted if you took a moment to peruse my work for consideration. http://www.joeybates.com or http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenbeatle/
    Keep up the great work.

  31. the jealous curator /// 11.25.2010 /// 7:51am

    thanks joey : )
    i’ll go and have a look at your site(s)
    thank you!

  32. Kristina Karkov /// 11.29.2010 /// 5:01am

    I just have to say that this is a wonderfull space – love your finds :o)
    I’m jealous too….great artists.

  33. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2010 /// 8:05am

    thank you so much kristina… that made my day : )

  34. Rob /// 12.10.2010 /// 11:36am


    I just stumbled upon your blog and have to say I’ve very impressed. Extremely well written. Hope you keep it going. Check out my work and let me know what you think.


  35. Marija /// 12.28.2010 /// 11:52am

    I love the fact that you are not an elitist type of curator and that fine art, design and crafts all come together here with the lines between them blurred. You see only art.

  36. the jealous curator /// 12.28.2010 /// 7:38pm

    thank you so much marija!
    that’s one of the nicest comments i’ve ever received – it totally made my day. xo

  37. sisterplanet /// 01.02.2011 /// 4:39pm

    I more than love your blog! I just found it, and it’s already in my favorites!
    You’ll be part of my daily reading now!

    Thank you!

  38. the jealous curator /// 01.02.2011 /// 5:11pm

    wow! thank you xx

  39. Sara /// 01.25.2011 /// 4:35pm

    I don’t know how to email you..
    by Kirsten Lepore
    via swissmiss

  40. the jealous curator /// 01.25.2011 /// 7:53pm

    this will work! thanks
    ps. there’s an email icon in the top right of my site … looks like a little envelope.

  41. Jessica /// 02.08.2011 /// 5:40am

    I completely agree with your 2011 note on jealousy. As an artist, your blog is very cathartic for me because I often look at other people’s work and feel inadequate about my own. But just voicing it really does transform my jealousy into admiration, not to mention inspiration and validation. Thank you for what you do here :)

  42. the jealous curator /// 02.08.2011 /// 8:19am

    thanks so much jessica… i really appreciate hearing that! i would never want anyone to come away from this place feeling anything but inspired.
    : )

  43. jordan /// 02.09.2011 /// 12:09pm

    Hi I really like this blog. Just thought I would pass my website along.



  44. the jealous curator /// 02.09.2011 /// 2:30pm

    thanks jordan : )

  45. Michelle from GBH /// 02.14.2011 /// 6:44pm

    Love your blog Danielle, Louise from GBH passed it on!

    Not sure if this is your style, but my sister’s friend makes these amazing (Icelandic) landscapes from food!

    I’m in love….

  46. the jealous curator /// 02.14.2011 /// 7:44pm

    thanks michelle! that’s so funny… i’ve actually seen those photos before! just a few days ago actually… weird! thanks for passing on the link!
    d ; )

  47. Thomas C. Chung /// 03.15.2011 /// 6:03pm

    Hey there “Jealous Curator”,

    What a great blog you have here!! =D
    I stopped by after a friend recommended it to me………….so it’s needless to say, I’m damn impressed by your level of taste.

    Keep it going ~

    *thomas c. chung*

  48. the jealous curator /// 03.15.2011 /// 6:25pm

    thank you so much thomas… those are some very nice words! : )

  49. VelocityJohn /// 03.16.2011 /// 8:55am

    Just discovered your blog, love it, am jealous of your eye, and posted a link to you on our facebook site. Keep up the great work! John

  50. Cathy /// 03.16.2011 /// 11:30am

    I am so truly inspired and jealous–your site delivers all that and more! It goes directly on my menu bar, top billing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  51. the jealous curator /// 03.16.2011 /// 1:07pm

    oh my gosh! such nice words on a wednesday morning!!! thank you so much xo

  52. Suhita /// 03.21.2011 /// 2:00pm

    Am posting a couple of urls to my etsy shop where I sell prints of my drawings and my flickr site. I sketch on-site aim to capture the essence of the moment
    Etsy: http://www.sketchaway.etsy.com/
    Flickr: flickr.com/sketchaway

  53. jesse treece /// 03.22.2011 /// 4:55am

    Hi, I really enjoy the blog and thought you might be interested in seeing some of my collage work. I use vintage books and magazines to creative surreal and absurd landscapes http://www.collageartbyjesse.tumblr.com

    Also have started a collaborative collage book project that is being passed from artist to artist http://www.icecreamkingdoms.tumblr.com



  54. gregor /// 03.29.2011 /// 1:09am

    not here for self-promotion, just to let you know i’m jealous at the jealous curator!… real cool selection of beautiful and high quality art.

    a true bookmark!

    my compliments.

    Gregor Wintgens, Amsterdam

  55. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2011 /// 6:48am

    thanks so much gregor – really.

  56. Molly /// 04.06.2011 /// 2:21pm

    Hi there! so…..my friend just sort of told me about you and your site is pretty amazing and I love all the things you’ve posted….so many neat artists out there. He’s kind of pushing me to show you my work so…..um….look what I made! (haha)

  57. Nella /// 04.07.2011 /// 2:19am

    I’ve been following you since a long time… and I must confess I’m jealous of you… your taste, your selection, your background. I really love your job/blog!!!

  58. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2011 /// 7:13am

    thanks nella! very sweet words : )

  59. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2011 /// 7:14am

    molly – thanks… i’m going to check out your site right now! : )

  60. rosana spritzer /// 04.08.2011 /// 2:15am

    Olá,adorei o site ,parabéns!

  61. rosana spritzer /// 04.08.2011 /// 2:17am

    Aproveito para mostrar meu trabalho com esculturas em cewrâmica aqui no Brasil,este é meu site

  62. Rodrigo Andrian /// 04.09.2011 /// 3:40am

    Hello! Sensational idea of your blog.

    Rodrigo Andrian.

  63. Entelepentele /// 04.10.2011 /// 11:22am

    amazing place.
    I’ll back here.

  64. pierre botardo /// 04.12.2011 /// 7:50am


    I think your blog is very interesting. It definitely gives things a more personal feeling to each post you do. Being “jealous”. Haha…I’m always telling myself “I wish I thought of that” when I see art that moves me.

    Anyway, I figured I’d give your blog a shot as well. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!



  65. Mark /// 04.14.2011 /// 1:57pm

    Hi, from West Wales U.K.
    I enjoyed your piece on Marla after just viewing ‘my kid could do that’ for the first time, It is a shame that they never got to the truth of the matter but either way, as long as the child’s right to be a child isn’t invaded again, then who really gives a damn.
    Thanks for an entertaining piece, and I hope you have a little time to view my meagre efforts.

    Many Thanks

  66. Mark /// 04.14.2011 /// 1:58pm

    oops sorry


    Other art and stuff
    I am also a member of an arts group we set up in Llandeilo called Frank Art.
    We are a group of like minded individuals that set a task every 2 weeks to produce a piece of art based on a theme set by each member in turn.
    Click on the link to follow… Hope you enjoy..


  67. MJ Lindo /// 04.15.2011 /// 7:56pm

    I love the Idea of this website! Please take a look at my work :) I am Bay area artist and would love to collaborate with your site. Thanks!!!

  68. MJ Lindo /// 04.15.2011 /// 7:57pm


  69. Dimitris Polychroniadis /// 04.27.2011 /// 12:24pm

    I am jealous this is not my Blog! Congratulations for the fantastic work. It’s all very well thought and with a beautiful selection of projects.
    I will take my chances to submit a project I ‘ve just uploaded that I call ‘Superheroes’. It tries to establish a humorous conversation between ‘Superheroes’ of modern art & design, with Pop Superheroes like Superman and Lady Gaga. Would be delighted if you wanted to publish it: http://www.behance.net/gallery/SUPERHEROES/1278865

    Keep up the great work!


  70. Rosie /// 04.28.2011 /// 2:17am

    Hey there Jealous Curator,
    I love your blog too :-) – I’ve had a quick goosey gander and feel amused and inspired all at the same time! I’m curious to know….where are you based?

    I’m a curator with budding plans to work with the Jealous Gallery very soon. I’ll drop you details of the show if cool? And I’ll revisit your blog again soon!

    Thanks for a refreshing 15 mins,
    The Countryside Curator x

  71. the jealous curator /// 04.28.2011 /// 6:53am

    hi rosie… yes! keep me posted on your show with the jealous gallery… i’m jealous! ; )

  72. Sheila /// 05.02.2011 /// 9:12am

    How are you?

    I’m a Brazilian girl who likes A LOT to draw and paint many different worlds coming from my imagination.
    Maybe you can see some here http://www.shee.com.br

    I would love if you could share some of these worlds
    Thanks a lot!

  73. Wendel /// 05.05.2011 /// 5:58am

    I’m really really jealous of the jealous curator! This blog is absolutely fab. As a just starting blogger your blog is a real inspiration.

  74. the jealous curator /// 05.05.2011 /// 7:08am

    thank you! ps. your blog looks fantastic!

  75. barbara oettinger /// 05.12.2011 /// 8:01am

    hi!! your blog is incredible, congrats!!!

  76. Jillian Ludwig /// 05.15.2011 /// 12:10pm

    great blog!! I thought I would send along my website … just in case.
    I specifically wanted you to check out the series “fam farm” and/or “une obsession tranquille”
    thanks for your time!!!!!

  77. the jealous curator /// 05.16.2011 /// 1:19pm

    beautiful drawings jillian!

  78. Monica /// 05.17.2011 /// 6:53am

    Hello beautiful blog. shearing minds.here my last colors

    here my videos

    good trip

  79. Jette Tosti /// 05.17.2011 /// 12:21pm

    I absolutely love the concept “I’m jealous of …” – damn, I wish I thought of that when I started my blog!!! All the best – even though I’m jealous ;0).



  80. the jealous curator /// 05.17.2011 /// 8:06pm

    your blog is lovely!

  81. Miriam O' Connor /// 05.20.2011 /// 11:12pm

    Hello there.

    Superb blog – wow!

    Would you be jealous of these ‘Attention Seekers’?


  82. steven riddle /// 05.31.2011 /// 10:03pm

    Radiant Fields, featuring work by Benjamin Edmiston (Brooklyn), Edward Max Fendley (DC) Steven Riddle (Baltimore). Recently opened at NUDASAHNK in Baltimore, May 28th the show runs until June 25th. We all had a great time installing the exhibition and hanging out at the opining enjoying some ice cold Natty Boh. Please check out the opining and Installation photos over at the NUDASANK’S blog. Any support you have to offer would be much appreciated.

    Steven Riddle.

  83. the jealous curator /// 05.31.2011 /// 10:21pm

    i’ll go check it out – thanks steven (and congrats on the show!)

  84. Amy Wilson Faville /// 06.06.2011 /// 9:47pm

    Joining in late… I just saw this post now. The title of your blog, and the subheading, are the very reason I was drawn to it (as are many of my artist friends). I know that feeling so well: I love this– and I hate it that I didn’t think of it myself! Just want to say that I have that very feeling about your blog, and I give the url to my painting students. Yours is the art blog I check in with most frequently. Yes, I’m jealous– and proud of it!

  85. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2011 /// 10:35pm

    thank you amy. really. that means so much coming from you (because, as you know, your beautiful work makes me crazy jealous!)

  86. allison /// 06.10.2011 /// 8:37am

    Holy smokes, I am in love with your blog. I’ve been following it for nearly a year, and lately can’t wait to check it daily to see what amazing-ness you have discovered. As an art educator, it’s refreshing, and btw… the jealous word is perfectly fine for me. I am happy-jealous about lots of wonderful things. Thanks so much, and good luck with the art making!

  87. the jealous curator /// 06.10.2011 /// 1:32pm

    allison, i kid you not, that made my day… and probably my whole weekend! thank you so much for your sweet words! xo

  88. Jeremy Freedman /// 06.15.2011 /// 1:51pm


  89. Jenny /// 06.19.2011 /// 6:37pm

    Hi! I absolutely love your site. I love it when I find new blogs that I can bookmark and check when I need inspiration (which is daily). It is awesome that you find art that you love, and are jealous of, and then share it with the world. I thought I would pass on my link in case you are interested.


  90. the jealous curator /// 06.20.2011 /// 4:18pm

    thanks jenny! your work is lovely : )

  91. Debbie /// 07.13.2011 /// 2:09pm

    Join me in being extra jealous of the art by angela singer http://www.angelasinger.com/ (im also jealous of the meaning behind) i try to make something similar but it just looks like it but not it (sobs)

  92. the jealous curator /// 07.13.2011 /// 2:30pm

    love! thanks for the link debbie!

  93. Susannah /// 07.17.2011 /// 3:14am

    Hi TJC,

    I hope you don’t mind, but I posted about you in my blog http://sb-a.blogspot.com/ :)
    I just can’t get over how exactly you described that jealousy feeling of other people’s art/design – basing a blog on jealousy is a very interesting idea and I think it’s really working for you :)
    All the best,

  94. Naz /// 08.09.2011 /// 5:20am

    Love this blog. Love your taste. very inspiring. thank you.

  95. the jealous curator /// 08.09.2011 /// 6:55am

    thank you so much naz : )

  96. Greg /// 08.09.2011 /// 1:24pm

    Thanks for the steady influx of inspiring images – love your blog and FB page!

  97. the jealous curator /// 08.09.2011 /// 7:32pm

    thank you greg!

  98. Rob /// 08.13.2011 /// 5:18pm

    Thanks to you I’ve discovered the ceramic work of Michelle Summers which I now completely am inspired by (I skipped jealousy and went straight to the top!).

    It’s weird, being an artist and having to deal with all the ups and downs of personal creativity and then see so much great art (thank you internet!) and somehow keep leaping and swimming upstream (happily!). I wouldn’t have it any other way except with periodic retreats, hermitages and down time in the studio with no jealous curators serving up tasty dishes! ;-)

  99. Lauri /// 08.18.2011 /// 4:44pm

    Wow! I’m jealous of you. I want to be you.
    Glad to have discovered your site. Thanks.

  100. the jealous curator /// 08.18.2011 /// 11:32pm

    wow right back! thanks so much lauri : )

  101. harem6 /// 08.27.2011 /// 3:40am

    We’ve just discovered your blog… Wow ! It’s such a unique space filled with all sort of ” worlds ” that definitely make us think about that word ( jealous ) exactly the same way you do. It doesn’t make us fall and think about how small we are, but it gives us wings and makes us want to make more, knowing that it’s possible. Looking at all these artists, so different from one another, creates a powerful feeling that we’d never want to lose.
    Great job ! We’ll come back here.

  102. the jealous curator /// 08.27.2011 /// 6:38am

    thank you… really, thank you! i’m so glad you understand the “jealous” i’m talking about : )

  103. kim /// 08.31.2011 /// 10:06am

    i don’t know what’s taken me so long to get my butt over here– i adore your guest posts on sfgirlbybay.
    finally clicked through today- jeeesh i’ve been missing out! why i am i perpetually late to the party??
    thanks for the awesome.


  104. alexx /// 09.12.2011 /// 9:40am

    Your blog is so amazing. It’s always full of such a diverse and interesting assortment of great work. it really is a great surprise every post (and never a disappointment)

    We just launched a great project that you may like!
    I’ll be producing one thousand porcelain bottles in collaboration with ten illustrators. Here’s our first edition of one hundred bottles with illustrations by Nolan Pelletier: http://rcboisjoli.blogspot.com/2011/09/bottled-project-release-one.html

    Thanks for the great blog, amazing!

  105. the jealous curator /// 09.12.2011 /// 11:26am

    very cool! thanks so much for the link alexx!

  106. seelvana /// 09.15.2011 /// 6:10am


    i’m watching the reasons of your jealousy!


  107. Carmen /// 09.18.2011 /// 12:34pm

    So I just this very moment experienced the very feeling of total inspiration and and “crushing jealousy,” when I came across Takashi Iwasaki. Specifically the embroidery work.
    When I found this artist, I blurted out to my husband, “god I can only dream of being this good! It’s just mind boggling.”
    He said, “Well, I’m not the best at my job…”
    I said,”Well, I think it’s healthy[to be jealous].”
    Then I read your bit about the toxicity of jealousy. I couldn’t agree more that jealousy is dealt with best by letting it free and saying it out loud. That’s what being an artist is. At, least to me. Being true about all of your emotions, and letting them free. Even if it isn’t the most appealing thing to do. I thinking admitting jealousy is rather brave.
    I look at the work of Takashi Iwasaki, it makes my brain go nuts. This kind of jealousy makes me dream bigger than I could ever dream on my own. I love your blog for that very reason. I stop by everyday. It feeds me so much inspiration. Well, I could ramble on forever about how much this blog means to me…
    Really, I just want to say thank you for being jealous!

  108. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2011 /// 2:59pm

    wow carmen! thank you so much for your very kind words about the blog, and for so openly sharing your reaction to takashi’s work… funny enough i actually have a post about his work in my drafts folder ready to roll later this week! great minds think alike ; )

  109. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2011 /// 3:01pm

    ps. carmen… love your knit chain necklace! gorgeous work!!!

  110. tronganhgallery /// 09.19.2011 /// 12:16am

    we would like to promotion our artists to you!
    they are so young and love paint so much… Can you have a look at this site : tronganhgallery.webs.com / and tell me how about you feeling?
    thanks and best regards,

  111. the jealous curator /// 09.19.2011 /// 6:45am

    thanks! i’ll go check it out : )

  112. Carmen /// 09.19.2011 /// 8:38am

    I feel like such a sap! I got a little carried away with my post…*blush*
    I’m really excited to see the post for Takashi! I stopped by here to see if you had posted anything in the past, and got totally carried away. :)


    p.s. I’m so flattered that you like my necklace. Maybe I should make more…

  113. the jealous curator /// 09.19.2011 /// 10:01pm

    yes! you should!!

  114. Niyati /// 09.20.2011 /// 8:26pm

    Hi TJC!

    Your blog is sooooo amazing. And it is exactly how I feel too. It makes me almost sorry I work with textiles (for now)… there is so much to explore… each artist opens doors of perception.. and not only am I jealous too, I wish I could walk those ways and try their mediums. I came back to making textile art after a long hiatus, and seeing your blog and the amazing things that people create makes me certain I’m doing the right thing.

    Also, I know you must be super busy, but could you take a look at my ‘art for wear’ label? It’s called Origei. We (my mom and I) make unusual stockings and scarves. I’m new at selling online, and would really appreciate feedback from you. I trust your judgement so!

    Thanks a lot,

  115. John Westmark /// 09.21.2011 /// 10:22am

    Love your site! Thanks for the inspiration.

  116. the jealous curator /// 09.21.2011 /// 3:05pm

    thanks so much john!

  117. kmaniko /// 10.12.2011 /// 12:35pm

    Just came across your blog while doing a project for art class, and found it so interesting! I love that you take a negative emotion and turn it into admiration and positive advertising. It’s just great, because lots people (women especially) are plagued by jealousy in their everyday lives, with the media, and men telling us how to be/what to look like. I just wanted to share an artist with you: http://autumnskyemorrison.com/
    She’s really great, and thought you might appreciate her work.
    Thanks for blogging (:
    peace and love.

  118. the jealous curator /// 10.12.2011 /// 1:17pm

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of your sweet words : )
    Thanks for the link… so funny, my brother actually just sent me her portfolio a few weeks ago! Weird.

  119. Sheila /// 10.20.2011 /// 8:54pm

    I just stumbled upon a new artist and popped over to see if you’d featured her yet…and you haven’t! So check out http://www.kristiinalahde.com. What this woman does with found paper blows my mind. I have such a soft spot for art which uses found materials…I guess that’s why I’m drawn to quilting. :)

    Also, I just have to say…I’m jealous of The Jealous Curator. ;) I stop by every day for a healthy dose of admiration and inspiration. Thanks so much for such a wonderful blog!

  120. the jealous curator /// 10.20.2011 /// 9:40pm

    wow! amazing work… thank you sheila!!! (and thank you for such lovely words about my blog… you made my day!)

  121. Ryan Phillips /// 10.28.2011 /// 9:02am

    Hi Danielle, just read about you in my favorite mag Sunset. Great blog, very inspiring indeed! Just thought I would you give you one more “jealousy” to share with your friends ;-) http://www.purephoto.com



  122. art chick /// 10.28.2011 /// 1:35pm

    I stumbledd on your site for the very first time and I can totally relate to what you mean!! Yes, so many artworks have caught my breath away and “wished” I could have or should have thought of that before.

    It’s not the true green monster jealousy, rather it’s more of an admiration…I love it when works of art makes my heart stop beating for a split second.

    Keep up the great work. Don’t pay any attention to “negative attitudes.” Life is too precious to deal with negativity.

  123. the jealous curator /// 10.28.2011 /// 3:10pm

    thanks nyla xo

  124. Charlene SErdan /// 10.29.2011 /// 10:22am

    What a beautiful space you’ve created! I plan to return often.


  125. JORGE /// 10.30.2011 /// 5:09am


    Just to show you my handmade collage, to see if you like them to be featured in your blog.

    You can see them here (in Personal Projects): http://www.lacascaraamarga.com

    That’s all. Thanks a lot for your time and have a nice day.

  126. the jealous curator /// 10.30.2011 /// 8:10am

    thanks jorge… i’ll go have a look right now!

  127. Anna /// 11.07.2011 /// 12:23am


    I like your blog and was hoping for a mention in case you like my stuff.
    Greatings from Amsterdam.

  128. Charie Baker /// 11.14.2011 /// 7:40pm

    How exciting to find your website. I saw your article in the November issue of “Sunset” magazine. My husband finally was able to pursue his dream after he retired from Disneyland about 5 years ago. We’ve run out of walls and now have an off-site storage to store all his originals (over 100). Have no idea how to reach art lovers and buyers. Hopefully, you’ll love his art as much as I do!


    Charie Baker, the loving wife & art lover

  129. Ruth /// 11.16.2011 /// 4:58pm

    Love the blog . . sooo inspiring!

  130. the jealous curator /// 11.16.2011 /// 4:59pm

    thanks ruth : )

  131. Ruth /// 11.16.2011 /// 4:59pm


  132. the jealous curator /// 11.19.2011 /// 3:01pm

    taken care of! i’ll email you : )

  133. Cass /// 11.23.2011 /// 12:20am

    Love your site. Fan for a long time.

    I only wish you were jealous of me.

    Great Work!

  134. Roxy Heinz /// 11.29.2011 /// 1:17pm

    Ran across an article on you in the November issue of Sunset Magazine, I immediately went to your blog and…I was jealous! What a fabulous idea and it really inspires me to see all these other wonderful artists out there! Please take a look at my website and hopefully oneday I’ll see myself on your blog! Take care.

  135. Roxy Heinz /// 11.29.2011 /// 3:57pm


  136. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2011 /// 7:30pm

    Thanks Roxy! : )

  137. Meike /// 12.05.2011 /// 1:49pm

    Someone sent me this link. I love your sensibility. I am including a link of my candles that carry fables, the scent conjured from a moment in the story (http://www.manifestdestinylin.com).

    Keep up the bloggage!


  138. Lucas Moreira /// 12.07.2011 /// 6:03am

    Hello! We are some independent artists from Brazil and we would like very much to have our work featured in your site, hope you can help us!

    Here is our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QibDFlOfh4g

    Melosomo is a combination of sounds and visual manipulation created by Lucas Moreira and Matheus Bazzo, a single scenario of simultaneous feelings and imaginary landscapes.


  139. Anne /// 12.07.2011 /// 1:06pm

    This is a treasure trove! I love it!
    At the risk of sounding tacky, I thought I might introduce you to some of my cousin’s artwork
    Keep up the good work!

  140. the jealous curator /// 12.07.2011 /// 3:00pm

    thanks anne! not tacky at all… i’ll go check it out right now! : )

  141. Dayna /// 12.07.2011 /// 9:22pm

    Just wondering if you’d like to see some fashion as Art for a Giveaway and/or Review on your blog?

  142. Anne /// 12.07.2011 /// 11:39pm

    Ok, one more! Holy Cow!
    Made my day!

  143. the jealous curator /// 12.08.2011 /// 7:45am

    oh yes – love his work!

  144. the jealous curator /// 12.08.2011 /// 7:46am

    Sure – if it’s right for my readers! : )
    Send me an email about what you’re thinking! contact (at) thejealouscurator (dot) com

  145. Melissa Loop /// 12.13.2011 /// 10:02am

    Your site is such a great resource for inspiration!

  146. the jealous curator /// 12.13.2011 /// 11:22am

    thanks melissa!
    ps. i love your waterslides!

  147. Luciano Botta /// 12.27.2011 /// 11:16am

    I am an Italian contemporary artist, I make collages and acrylics as well, that you can see on my website. I would be honoured if you could be jealous of my artwork, so let me know if you need more information about my activity, more material, for example, to know it better.

    Luciano Botta

  148. Gumgee /// 12.27.2011 /// 3:34pm

    Love your site and will pass along to others. Take a look at my work and let me know if it can help your mood.

  149. Victor /// 01.02.2012 /// 1:54pm


    I’ve been following your blog since I discovered it through art hound and I love the content you post. Keep up the great work.

    I was hoping you would have the time to check out my newest illustrations that can be found here: http://victororozcojr.tumblr.com/post/15199600471/feel-my-new-illustrations

    Thank you and take care.

  150. Derrick Hickman /// 01.16.2012 /// 6:31am

    beautiful blog. adding it to my list. i am a text based artist and was thrilled to see you appreciate it to. started a new project called the word portrait project. check it out. it might interest you.
    keep up the great work.

  151. Tiffanie /// 01.19.2012 /// 7:59am

    I have seen the words “Jealous Curator” around the blogosphere, etc. for a while now, and I am DELIGHTED (and jealous) to finally have seen what you are doing here! I love your blog. I have some “computer time” scheduled today, so I am going to look at and read as much as a can.

    Even the comments list here is filled with wonderful links. It’s too much! I’m jealous! Can’t wait to pour over!

  152. Akua /// 01.25.2012 /// 8:43am

    I really like what you’re doing on this blog. I’ve just come across it today and will be returning!

  153. Nicholas Bohac /// 01.27.2012 /// 9:49am

    I just saw this site and love it. Definitely bookmarking this right now. Thanks for all the hard work you do!

  154. Lauren Hall /// 02.10.2012 /// 12:43pm

    Hey found you through The Hairpin and so happy I did! I wish I made this site. Maaaybe you wish you made these sculptures?

  155. My Favorite Website | sarina diakos /// 02.13.2012 /// 6:47am

    […] been visiting the Jealous Curator for quite some time now and always find great art to browse and get inspired by.  Whether […]

  156. Nalani /// 02.15.2012 /// 12:28pm

    Really inspiring. The work you pick seems to all be good and interesting because its all work that honestly inspires you, there’s no pretense in the blog. Thanks.

  157. the jealous curator /// 02.15.2012 /// 12:33pm

    thank you! so much! : )

  158. Marina /// 02.16.2012 /// 2:28am

    Just found your blog, via Pinterest – thanks for sucking up hours of my time! Are you a Vancouverite like me? I’m sure you’re always on the prowl for new jealousy fodder, so thought I would post a link to see if you liked my stuff. I’m near enough to stalk!

  159. Jenn Woodward /// 02.18.2012 /// 11:52am

    Just discovered your blog and am so happy I did! You’ve revealed some great artists here & I’m excited to spend too much time looking through your posts. ;)

  160. Heidi /// 02.20.2012 /// 4:24am

    I am jealous of Mary’s Granddaughter, whom I found randomly. I wonder if you would be, too? Love that I found you also.

  161. Jenn /// 02.22.2012 /// 1:00pm

    Hi, just came across your blog from a pinterest link. I love it! Thanks a lot—now I’m going to be even less productive at work!

  162. donna /// 02.23.2012 /// 12:30am

    Hi there
    My friend has the most amazing project going at the moment called The Abandoned Boudoir.

    I think there might be some Australian things you might love on there and the project is seeking funding and housing to go to USA and Europe. Check http://www.theabandonedboudoir.com

    or http://www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/4995/description/0/0
    Thanks for your blog – it rocks!

  163. the jealous curator /// 02.23.2012 /// 10:09am

    thanks donna – i’ll go check it out! : )

  164. Isabella Paterson /// 02.28.2012 /// 7:33am

    Hi !

    Thank you for sharing your tastes, your website is the best place on the internet. I totally relate to your feelings. In art, jalousy is not a negative emotion, it’s only hidden admiration.

    Here’s a link I’d like to share with you : http://www.awful-drawings.com . It’s full of hilarious and insightful illustrations.

    Take care and keep up the good work.


  165. Carabella /// 02.28.2012 /// 10:27am

    Dear Jealous,

    When I found your blog, I spent a whole day absorbing it until there was no more to consume. You have great taste!

    I hope maybe my drawing are to your liking :)


    Thank you,

  166. the jealous curator /// 02.28.2012 /// 9:02pm

    thank you so much carabella! i’m going to check out your portfolio as we speak :)

  167. Iain Irving /// 03.03.2012 /// 2:53pm

    Nice to see your hypothetical curations, I do this myself, the essence of curating , maybe

  168. the jealous curator /// 03.03.2012 /// 4:58pm

    What an interesting PhD topic Iain! I’d love to hear where you end up after your studies!

  169. Erika /// 03.14.2012 /// 4:44am

    Hi, I just came across your blog and fell in love. Inspiration, admiration and joy that there is so much beauty and talent manifesting itself in this wonderful world, all in one place!

    Keep it up!
    And thank you :)

  170. Carlie /// 03.17.2012 /// 11:47pm

    Truly enjoy your perspective and the wide range of innovative mediums, artists, and styles you bring light to. Definitely bookmarked and part of my daily morning internet check.

  171. Elaina /// 03.21.2012 /// 10:59am

    Your site is glorious! It’s fast becoming my favorite place to check daily. Keep up the excellent work. :)

  172. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2012 /// 11:21am

    oh, thank you so much elaina! ; )

  173. Vanessa /// 03.30.2012 /// 11:54am

    I love and am jealous of your blog and I want you to be jealous of me!

  174. Kendra /// 03.30.2012 /// 8:17pm

    A wonderful, refreshing blog full of incredible artists. Thanks for taking the time to curate it :)

  175. the jealous curator /// 03.30.2012 /// 9:33pm

    well thank you for taking the time to visit kendra! : )

  176. Luna /// 04.03.2012 /// 7:24am

    I’ve learnt so much about the Arts from your blog than trying to catch up with magazines, newspapers and spreading the word. I understand ‘the jealous’ part completely.

  177. the jealous curator /// 04.03.2012 /// 8:36am

    thanks so much luna… what a lovely comment to start my day with! xo

  178. Louise /// 04.04.2012 /// 5:34pm

    I absolutely love your blog. I find the use of the word jealous interesting. English has always been a language that morphs and evolves and at the same time I admit to feeling a little differently about your choice of words. It is a fabulous choice in that it sparks interest and is the marketer’s prerogative to do so, however, I do feel that one of the strengths of the English language is that it offers such a rich choice of words to use to convey our meaning with stark clarity such that it seems a shame to try to say otherwise. Perhaps far better to understand that the juxtaposition of meaning is meant to startle and I am certainly thrilled to see your result.

    Ps. I looked up the definition again myself prior to writing this entry to confirm current usage, and when I look up the definition in the dictionary I don’t see your positive definition. I do see that the definition offered is a feeling of “resentment” or even ” anger” . Admiration is just that admiration.

  179. the jealous curator /// 04.04.2012 /// 6:20pm

    true enough louise… but when i started ‘the jealous curator’ back in 2009 i did have feelings of resentment and anger, so the name was pretty bang on. as the years have passed i’ve learned a life-changing lesson about morphing that jealousy into admiration (which feels amazing!)… but it’s a little late to change the name ; )

  180. Nivin /// 04.07.2012 /// 7:30am

    Hi! Thank you for an amazing blog, just absolutely love it! I follow you and girlbybay regularly and is always inspired by you. Just wanted to give you a recommendation of a fine art artist that I think you would like and would suit your blog, I think…and hope!: http://www.jwanyosef.com/worksTotal.html


  181. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2012 /// 8:03am

    thank you so much nivin! (for the link and for the very kind words about the blog!) xo

  182. Stacie /// 04.10.2012 /// 1:51pm

    Hey Lovely lady, I adore this site. Now that I have snooped around your space check out mine? http://www.schatzart.com
    Thanks for your time and for supporting the arts

  183. the jealous curator /// 04.10.2012 /// 2:43pm

    thanks so much stacie! i’ll go have a look : )

  184. Nicholas Bohac /// 04.13.2012 /// 9:56am

    I’m still loving this blog a few months after discovery. You feature some really beautiful and inspiring work here.

    If you ever have a moment, I have a website at http://www.nicholasbohac.com


  185. the jealous curator /// 04.13.2012 /// 10:19am

    thanks nicholas! i’ll go and check it out : )

  186. Rachel Brumer /// 04.26.2012 /// 7:43pm

    Wonderful collection of art to ponder. Please have a look at my website and consider my work for inclusion.


  187. Amy /// 05.03.2012 /// 11:56am

    Wonderful blog! I refer people to it all the time and have a link to it up on my site as well. Thanks for the great work you do!

  188. lama khatib daniel /// 05.06.2012 /// 7:33am

    hi there,
    I came across your blog when one of my facebook friend posted your link on her wall, and I’m hooked eversince!
    I’m an ex-advertising person as well, I’m a designer at heart and I do freelance now, logos, illustration and I paint and exhibit from time to time..
    I can say that I’m jealous (in a good way) of all your posts, you have a great taste in art. and I was wondering if you’d like to have a look at my work, and maybe feature me in your blog!
    here is the thing, I’d like to feature the sketches, they are my new babies that I’m so proud of them,
    “the sunny girls”
    this idea started as a doodle I did when I was on the phone with someone..a girl wearing big shades and lots of lines and flowers coming out of her head..
    then we traveled to Greece for summer and on one of the Greek islands I found lots of stones, and wherever I go I hear about artists who come here for summer, then when they see these lovely stones they draw on them, then they leave them behind when they travel back home..
    I did the same, I drew on the stones then I left some with friends we met there, and I brought some back home, but also, when I came back home, I have developed this girl, into drawings with pencil & ink on A3 papers, and I can see my self doing so much more on the concept..
    please view the artworks in this link
    what do you think?
    and if you want you can “like” my page in FB “lama khatib daniel’s art page”

  189. the jealous curator /// 05.06.2012 /// 8:30am

    hi lama – thank you so much for sending me your work! what a great idea (leaving drawings on stones). you’re sunny girls are lovely, but they’re not exactly my taste… but lovely none-the-less! have you reached out to any illustration blogs? they look very illustrative to me. good luck with your work!! : )

  190. fabiana trosman /// 05.06.2012 /// 5:04pm

    I’m jealous of the the jealous curator!
    the site is brilliant! congrats ;-)

  191. the jealous curator /// 05.06.2012 /// 8:01pm

    thank you! (i’m pretty jealous of you too… love your bags!!) : )

  192. Yulia /// 05.09.2012 /// 7:40am

    hi jealous curator !

    I’ve stumbled upon your blog – and i love it! I know how you feel – I’m an artist myself (digital illustration, graphic design & of course painting), when i see a nice piece of art I usually think “I can do better than that” or “this doodle costs how much???!!” – but you know, it’s the idea that counts, and whoever thought of it first – wins.

    oh, and I loove Andy Warhol :)

    You might find some interesting art/ideas from my pinterest board http://pinterest.com/giraffesnstuff/art/

    and i’m sure you’d enjoy this book

    …and if you’re still not tired reading my comment:



  193. Artollo /// 05.13.2012 /// 2:35pm

    Hello Jealous Curator,
    I’ve been browsing thru your blog for about an hour now and I enjoyed the artwork here! My name is Juri Romanov and I am an artist too, and I was wondering if you can take a look at my work.
    I specify in abstract art and kids art and it will be an honor If I have some of my artwork in your blog.
    Thank you,

  194. Lisa Zador /// 05.14.2012 /// 2:00pm

    I think the word jealous is absolutely perfect and not negative in the least. I guess not everyone has a sense of humor.

  195. Saylor /// 05.21.2012 /// 4:39pm

    I am jealous of the Jealous Curator! (am also a big Shaun Kardinal fan…)

  196. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2012 /// 4:40pm

    thank you so much saylor… and yes, i can seriously not get enough of shaun kardinal!

  197. Ruth /// 05.21.2012 /// 8:06pm

    Love your blog. There is real energy here!

  198. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2012 /// 8:20pm

    thank you so much ruth! : )

  199. Jillian /// 05.31.2012 /// 1:39pm

    Hi Jealous Curator,

    Love you blog.

    We are a new blog and would love to be able to feature you and your creative workspace on our site. If you would be interested please just email us at TheCreativeStir@aol.com and we will send you the simple interview questions and a little more about what we are looking for.

    Thank so much!

  200. Michael /// 06.01.2012 /// 10:09am

    Hello Curator,

    I admire the aesthetic quality of your blog… you have a innate ability to find interesting and completing work. I have discovered and shared many new artists with friends, colleagues, and students from visiting your blog. Thanks.

  201. the jealous curator /// 06.01.2012 /// 10:31am

    thank you so much michael! : )

  202. Diane /// 06.05.2012 /// 9:46pm

    Hi there! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and recently I just got a job at an art gallery-cum-retail space, and I was just wondering if you would be ‘jealous’ of the artist’s work :)


  203. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2012 /// 6:23am

    congratulations diane! and thanks for the link… i’ll go have a look : )

  204. Tom /// 06.06.2012 /// 6:30am

    I’m hooked on Jealous.

    I came across your blog a month ago, and love pretty much everything you post! You’ve got a great thing going here. Not only are the works you display inspirational, but YOU are inspiring, and I really dig that.
    I’m a design professional myself with a love for painting & collage. I’ve got works you might like, but this is not a plug for myself; I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site.
    Gotta admit, there is one thing I am jealous of: your Girl Crush Tea Parties. What? No Guy Crush Tea Parties? (Ok, that does sound weird.) But seriously, is there any chance males can join the club? If no, you won’t hurt my feelings. I understand the bond and connections girls share when they gather and converse. I just wish you offered a coed event too. I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes?

  205. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2012 /// 6:39am

    ha! that’s a really good idea tom! it kinda just morphed into “girl” crush because so many of my readers are women… they were the ones commenting when I first brought this up way back when. BUT you’re right, the boys are allowed to come too! so far it’s all women that have signed up, and i’ve been a bit curious to see what the dynamic would be if there were a few guys in the mix. everything is full for 2012, but i’ll make a point of doing a few “co-ed” tea parties in 2013 … deal? ; )

  206. dsinla /// 06.08.2012 /// 3:06pm

    love your site and thought you might like to share this with your readers:
    I just read this :
    Metro Art is announcing new opportunities for artists as part of Phase 2 of the Metro Expo Line.(in Los Angeles)


  207. Fiona /// 06.13.2012 /// 4:51am

    Just stumbled upon your blog. It’s awesome. And I thought that jealousy was just me, so relieving to see so many people living in such jealous admiration;-) I not only suffer from a similar pang of (jealous) feeling when I see art works, but the problem where I’ll have an idea, and think about it for so long and so deep that the work is often finished before I even begin… I might just live vicariously through others’ work! Lol.

  208. the jealous curator /// 06.13.2012 /// 6:32am

    i have that same problem! i ended up forcing myself to do a ‘painting per week’ project for 12 weeks – it really helped! i got a bunch of little 4″ x 4″ canvases and before the week was out, a painting (or collage, or drawing) had to be finished. try it! (and let me know how it goes!)

  209. Fiona /// 06.16.2012 /// 1:56am

    That’s a great idea! I’ll give it a go and get back to you! (stressed out-the pressure is on! Lol;-)

  210. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2012 /// 7:24am

    ha! go for it! and if they’re bad that’s ok… lots of mine were bad, but a couple of them were surprisingly good. they were great idea starters for bigger pieces that i really like. go for it… embrace the suckage! ; )

  211. Alisha Erin /// 06.16.2012 /// 7:31pm

    I’m hoping to go to grad school soon and coming to your blog always gives me that little bit of extra fuel I need to hit the studio after those long days at work. I totallyyyy understand that mix of deep respect, surprise, and jealousy It can be so inspiring, though! Luckily, most of the people I’m “jealous” of are my best buddies and it’s just another way they motivate me to be better.

  212. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2012 /// 7:52pm

    that’s the best kind of jealousy… the kind that motivates you, and gets you excited to be in the studio! good luck with grad school : )

  213. jim bachor /// 06.26.2012 /// 6:39pm

    wow – if i can swear – holy fuck, you have quite an eye – beautiful stuff, over and over again. i’m jealous and a bit depressed. keep up the great work. sigh…

  214. the jealous curator /// 06.26.2012 /// 7:19pm

    ha! thank you … but don’t be depressed! i wish i made mosaics like you!

  215. Nicole /// 07.05.2012 /// 9:42am

    Hey Jealous Curator –

    Love your site and thought you might want to check out Ibrahim A Ahmed iii’s work… http://www.IbrahimAhmed.com

    Also if you get a chance please check out mine http://www.NicoleHelen.com

    Thanks! Best of luck in the future.

  216. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2012 /// 9:53am

    thanks for the links nicole! best of luck to you too : )

  217. Susan O /// 07.11.2012 /// 4:35pm

    Hi JC,

    Check out this artists work. John Zoller
    I first fell in love with his Color & Learn series and now I love his Painting Drawing Series.
    Cool Blog !
    Peace SO

  218. the jealous curator /// 07.11.2012 /// 4:55pm

    thanks susan : )

  219. ALESSANDRA /// 07.13.2012 /// 9:32am

    I really love your blog, thank you for doing it.

    maybe you will be jealous of the vanessa palomba’s job:




  220. Elise Victoria Louise /// 07.16.2012 /// 7:13am

    Hello Jealous Curator!

    I just recently found your blog and I love it!

    I am a recent grad too and I am trying a ‘photo per week’ over the summer to help motivate myself for a new show I am working on.

    If you have the chance take a look at http://www.elisewindsor.com

    all best,

  221. the jealous curator /// 07.16.2012 /// 8:13am

    ooh, i love one-a-day projects!!! they’re perfect for getting those creative juices flowing… and your work is fantastic! thanks for the link elise : )

  222. M. Sharon Baker /// 08.06.2012 /// 4:36pm

    Hello again.

    I’m extremely jealous of Sue Benner’s nests and thought you might want to take a peak.

    I’d love to buy prints of her quilts or even postcards….


  223. Dana /// 08.09.2012 /// 11:46am

    Curious – how do you find all of the wonderful artists that you post about? im a recent art grad – and honestly, i havent been excited about art in a long time – not until i found this blog.

    thanks for that!

  224. the jealous curator /// 08.09.2012 /// 11:48am

    thanks so much dana – that’s an amazing compliment! i find the artists online, via shows i go to, and honestly… a whole bunch of submissions show up in my inbox every day. i’m really lucky : )

  225. Lorette C. Luzajic /// 08.10.2012 /// 10:49am

    I absolutely love this blog. You have helped me discover new ways of seeing and such a range of creativity!

    I invite you to look at my art and photography in hopes that you may wish to showcase my work. I primarily explore visual art with my camera and through mixed media collage paintings.

    This link is to my Flickr “Greatest Hits” page.


    My work has been featured in Life Imitating Art Magazine, CrossCurrents Magazine, the Toronto Quarterly, Syncopated Chaos, Sublime Rush, Art Nectar, Touched By Fire, and more. I have recently exhibited at the Pilot Gallery in Toronto, the Toronto Public Library, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

    My creative statement as an artist and writer is as follows:

    “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery—celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: ‘It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.’”-Jim Jarmusch

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you require any further information, do not hesitate to ask. You may enjoy the information about my books and my visual artwork on my website, http://www.ideafountain.ca.

    Lorette C. Luzajic

  226. John /// 08.11.2012 /// 2:29am

    Hi TJC,
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
    I like your blog, well done.
    I am an artist, check out my new series Painting Drawing.

  227. Jo /// 08.11.2012 /// 3:14pm

    I bet you hear it all the time, but i am jealous of your curating.

    Would love to know what you think of my work! ranges from textiles to stationary to illustration. http://www.jofaulkner.com
    All the Best!

  228. John /// 08.14.2012 /// 4:15am

    Love the site!

    Also keen on your review, like many…

    My personal work: http://www.johnpusateri.com

    Work of Auckland Print Studio (stone lithography in New Zealand): http://www.aucklandprintstudio.com


  229. the jealous curator /// 08.14.2012 /// 7:11am

    thanks so much john! i’ll go have a look right now! : )

  230. rob strati /// 08.14.2012 /// 5:40pm

    wanted to share a recent project with you…the Elevationists:


  231. the jealous curator /// 08.14.2012 /// 7:00pm

    cool! thanks rob : )

  232. Alejandra /// 08.14.2012 /// 8:15pm

    I love the concept, of jealouscurator, I love your web site, it is an inspiration for me, Congrats
    Would love to know what you think of my work

  233. Anna /// 08.15.2012 /// 1:08am


    I think your site is wonderful, so much love!

    I was hoping you would like to take a look at my collages, would love to know what you think…

    Thank you,


  234. Jasper /// 08.16.2012 /// 4:02am

    Just wanted to make you jealous:


  235. Maia Oprea /// 08.17.2012 /// 11:33pm


    Thank you for your blog !

  236. Theresa /// 08.19.2012 /// 3:55pm

    I stumbled across your blog through Pinterest and I’m hooked onto it! I just subscribed!

  237. the jealous curator /// 08.19.2012 /// 4:36pm

    yay! thanks theresa : )

  238. Wendy /// 08.20.2012 /// 9:04pm

    Love your blog… I’m not much of a reader of blogs because there are JUST. SO. MANY of them… but I really appreciate yours, and and glad I’m not the only one who feels that fine line between inspired and jealousy :)

  239. Wendy /// 08.20.2012 /// 9:05pm

    whoops! butter fingers… sorry for the double *and*!

  240. the jealous curator /// 08.20.2012 /// 11:14pm

    well, for a lovely comment like that, i’ll totally take a double and! ; ) thanks so much wendy!!

  241. Rafa /// 08.23.2012 /// 5:53am

    Hello dear the jealous curator!

    Your blog is so great!! and your work as a curator too!! Congratulation!!

    I would like to know if you could be jealous of me?? :-)

    here my blog: http://rafareve.blogspot.com

    Get nice time!!



  242. Stasia /// 08.23.2012 /// 10:12am

    Thank you for having such a beautifully curated spot on the web – I’m jealous of you! :) What an inspiration. I’ll continue to watch what you share with the rest of us.

  243. Nicole sinay /// 08.26.2012 /// 4:38am

    You nailed the art jealousy thing perfectly :) thanx & I’m jealous of your blog idea

  244. hilija /// 09.06.2012 /// 8:17am

    I love art and I love your blog too. Thanks for share your treasures.
    I hope you will develop an app for iphone :)
    Good luck!


  245. Dana /// 09.09.2012 /// 8:55am

    Hi! I posted here about a month ago (I was the jaded art grad). Instead of lamenting the state of art though, I decided to make a blog (yes, I had some inspiration).

    Would love if you had the time to check it out –


    Thanks so much!

  246. the jealous curator /// 09.09.2012 /// 9:49am

    yay! congratulations… stick with it, and it might just change your life (i’m speaking from experience!)

  247. Ann /// 09.12.2012 /// 12:31pm

    Hi Jealous Curator,

    I love your blog!

    I am the art director at Studio By The Tracks, a non-profit in Birmingham, AL where we teach art to students who are primarily autistic. From looking over your blog, I think you might find our student work interesting. I hope you will check out our website or *friend* us on the Facebook. :)




  248. JEALOUS GUY | Konsthopp /// 09.16.2012 /// 7:19am

    […] — The Jealous Curator […]

  249. Erin /// 09.20.2012 /// 8:04am

    Just came across your blog a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. As an artist I totally understand the “jealousy” you feel when viewing other artists’ works. As a registrar and curator I also see and appreciate how you present and curate the jealousy. Good job, am now following on twitter and put your blog in my reader!

  250. the jealous curator /// 09.20.2012 /// 1:25pm

    thanks so much erin! : )

  251. Faustine /// 09.20.2012 /// 7:54pm


    I love your blog! What are your sources? How do you find all those great artists?!

    If you have a moment, please go check my website: http://www.faustinebadrichani.com. I feel you are going to like it ;-)


  252. Aga /// 09.24.2012 /// 7:12am

    Dear Jealous Curator,
    you are fabulous curator with very strong style and idea of things you like!
    Maybe when you have free minutes you can tell me your opinion about my work.


    I will appreciate it a lot!
    Thank you

  253. Trish (aka littlebrownwren) /// 09.26.2012 /// 12:13pm

    Have enjoyed browsing your finds & love being led to artists who are new to me!

    With that being said, I ran across some work that fascinated me to the point that I spent over an hour going through her Flickr photostream. The artist’s name is Fiona Watson, & she has two Flickr accounts – the one that immediately drew me in is under the name “fiona watson art”, link here ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/fiona-watson-art/
    Her main account is under the name “wildgoosechase”, link here ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildgoosechase/

    I think you’ll like her work as much as I did ;-) Or maybe you’re already aware of it, but I didn’t find Ms. Watson on a search of this site.

    And thanks for introducing me to so many artists I never would’ve found on my own! Keep all the good stuff coming.

    Trish W.

  254. the jealous curator /// 09.26.2012 /// 3:26pm

    thanks so much for your sweet words and the links! i’m going to check them out right now : )

  255. Petra /// 09.27.2012 /// 12:24pm

    I landed on your blog via Pinterest (Photo with work by Sarah Gee). Love your original tone of voice in the way you present yourself as a curator: a jealous one. :-)

    Wonder if this might do the trick: http://www.hansup.be
    Everything your see there is created with only 10 basic cubic forms. Possibilities with people.
    Check out the prints: http://www.hansup.be/category/prints/


  256. the jealous curator /// 09.28.2012 /// 7:10am

    thanks petra! : )

  257. Buj /// 10.02.2012 /// 6:03pm

    Hello, I came across your blog couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It is very inspiring. A lot of great work.

    I was hoping you would have the time to check out my newest work “Needleprint” that can be found here:

    Thank you,

  258. Melissa Foss /// 10.03.2012 /// 5:19am

    Want to get jealous of some Buenos Aires urban art??

    Check out the trailer for our documentary on urban art and activism in the streets of this fascinating city!


  259. scott woodard /// 10.05.2012 /// 6:36pm

    I suspect you might be jealous of Perry House.


  260. yuyu /// 10.19.2012 /// 5:32am

    Can I submit my work to you?

  261. the jealous curator /// 10.19.2012 /// 8:19am

    please do!

  262. Chiara /// 10.23.2012 /// 2:54am

    Here is my website. Take a look. Hope you like my works.
    Ciao Ciao

  263. Stefanie /// 10.31.2012 /// 4:15am

    I wish you were also jealous of me…

  264. Amy Harrity /// 11.01.2012 /// 7:58am

    Would love for you to take a look at my work! http://www.amyharrity.com


  265. Jennifer /// 11.06.2012 /// 10:38am

    I just came across this blog yesterday. You seem to have the exact same taste on art as I do. I love love love this blog!

  266. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2012 /// 10:43am

    thank you jennifer! : )

  267. Kellyn /// 11.28.2012 /// 11:23am

    It’s quite possible that I fell in love with this blog from the first post I saw. Thank the Tumblr gods I found you. Seriously, I’m jealous I didn’t think of this!

    Awesome. I love discovering new artists. Thanks so much! (I totally just added this site to my bookmark bar.)

  268. the jealous curator /// 11.28.2012 /// 12:45pm

    wow – thank you so much kellyn! xo

  269. Rose /// 11.28.2012 /// 6:01pm

    hello! i am a fellow blogger and LOVE your site! can you email me back? thanks! – rose

  270. the jealous curator /// 11.28.2012 /// 6:39pm


  271. marjorie /// 11.29.2012 /// 8:33am

    Just love. So much.
    Thank you for this blog. It’s a jewel!!

  272. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2012 /// 12:14pm


  273. sara trickett /// 12.05.2012 /// 12:37am


    Just wanted to say hello from South Africa- I love your blog and wanted to tell you about http://www.itswhatiminto.com you might find it interesting as we cover local art and design as well as interiors and fashion. I also do guest posts on Poppytalk.


  274. the jealous curator /// 12.05.2012 /// 9:43am

    very cool! thanks sara, i’ve got it bookmarked : )

  275. Nat Coalson /// 12.07.2012 /// 1:42am

    Hello from England!

    Thanks for all you do with your blog – I love seeing the work of the artists you feature and enjoy your writing. I’ve found loads of inspiration from your blog.

    I’d also like to share my work with you; I work mainly in photography and mixed media. I love abstraction … and find truly abstract photography challenging and rewarding.

    I invite you to visit http://www.NatCoalson.com and would love you hear your thoughts, especially with regard to my abstract work.


  276. the jealous curator /// 12.07.2012 /// 8:17am

    i’ll go check right now! : )

  277. Charles /// 12.10.2012 /// 4:40am


    Really love the blog and the idea of it,
    and I am definitely familiar with that inspiring yet pretty painful jealousy you are talking about!

    We are a french collective called A.S.A.P! using pretty much every media we can to do what we do, and I hope you’ll enjoy!


  278. jimmy /// 12.12.2012 /// 12:55pm

    Hi! I love your blog so much!

    My collaborator Adi and I have been working on a series of motivational PSAs that I think would be rad for the jealous curator and all its readers. We just released the third PSA, Be Cool, this week. But also make sure to check out the first two, Darkness and Loops.


    JIMMYnADI are a creative duo living, dreaming and hustling in Los Angeles. These Motivational Public Service Announcements are made for creative minded people to help keep everyone motivated to keep going, have a clear mind, and to constantly do your best.

    We hope you love them.



  279. Sandra /// 12.12.2012 /// 1:07pm

    Hi there! I stumbled across your blog by randomly browsing through tons of other blogs and sites and now – I may be a little bit in love…
    You feature such amazing artists and it’s all so very inspiring!
    Keep up the good work – I really, really enjoy your little corner of the internet!

  280. the jealous curator /// 12.12.2012 /// 4:09pm

    thanks so much sandra! : )

  281. hari krishna /// 12.17.2012 /// 1:40am

    hello jealous curator

    a perfect name for your blog. and amazing stuff you post. found you via boooooooom (not sure about the number of o’s in there). been hooked ever since.

    here’s a link to one of the projects i’ve been working on the side – http://juvenilebuttrockets.tumblr.com/

    do check it out please. and let me know what you think.


  282. Katie /// 12.27.2012 /// 5:43am

    As a fellow designer, I COMPLETELY relate to that feeling… there is no other way to describe it; it is both soul-crushing and inspirational. You’ve nailed it, and that is why I love your blog!

  283. the jealous curator /// 12.27.2012 /// 12:33pm

    thanks katie : )

  284. Ally Burguieres /// 12.27.2012 /// 3:12pm

    Hi JC!!

    I just discovered your blog and am HOOKED. I also noticed others have been posting links to work they think might entice your eye and satisfy your readers! I’d love to know your thoughts on my Notebook Series. They are large-scale canvases (some as tall as 6 feet) that I paint to look like sketches on looseleaf paper. I show my work here in New Orleans and always have people say, “I wish I had thought of that!!” It’s such a simple concept, and I did not anticipate the universal appeal and effect the paintings evoke from visitors to my shop. I’m thrilled that it inspires a sense of nostalgia and recognition in people of all backgrounds and ages. Please see examples at the link:


    Thanks so much!!! I also invented the Wish Dog (www.WishDogandFriends.com). Funny little critters that blow smoke from their mouths while manifesting your wishes.

    Thank you for all the work you do to inspire, enrich, and curate!!

    Love xoxo

  285. Aubrey Laret /// 12.29.2012 /// 10:21am

    Hi there Jealous Curator,

    Like you I have spent my professional life in commercial design as an Art Director and latterly as a Creative Director. Over the last few years I have been producing my own images.

    My work loosely splits in to two streams. Digitally created work and Photography (not always created with a camera and found here http://cargocollective.com/aubreylaret ).

    Your blog is fascinating and a regular stop off point for me on my art travels around the web.

    Thank you

  286. Anna /// 01.01.2013 /// 6:27am

    Hello Jealous Curator,
    I love your blog and I would like to subscribe. How do I do it?
    (When I press ‘subscribe’ this comes up : This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below????). Sorry if I sound silly : ) THank you

  287. Marcia /// 01.01.2013 /// 9:20am

    BIG FAN…but I, like Anna, can not seem to subscribe and I am not sure why. any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much…..

  288. the jealous curator /// 01.01.2013 /// 9:49am

    hm! so weird… ok, i’ll have my programmer look into it! thanks for letting me know!

  289. the jealous curator /// 01.01.2013 /// 9:51am

    ok, it works for me… which browser are you both on? maybe that’s where the trouble lies?

  290. Brenna /// 01.04.2013 /// 9:16am

    Hi Jealous Curator,

    I absolutely love your blog! It is so inspiring, and indeed constantly makes me wish I had thought of stuff first:) If you have a moment, please check out my website to see the series I just completed–they seem right up your alley. They’re 6 graphite portraits with embroidery inspired by vintage photos of my female relatives (they are on the ‘current works’ page of the site). Thanks again for the incredible blog!

  291. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2013 /// 9:52am

    ooh! very cool. i just pinned “elsa” to my pinboard! : )

  292. Tracy /// 01.06.2013 /// 2:56pm

    Jealousy is a negative emotion? It is also negative to comment negatively on the internet. Your site is great! And I too feel that same “negative emotion” when I see work I love. “Why is that not in my head?” & ” I need to work more” Have a great day, so glad I happened upon you site!

  293. Mel /// 01.07.2013 /// 8:52am

    Hi J-C!

    I have a friend who has talked about “Angry Artist Syndrome”, which is essentially the same thing as being a “jealous curator”. I’ve never described my feelings as such; perhaps my enthusiasm for all of the amazing art out there crushes any jealousy or anger I may have for not thinking of it first. There is ALWAYS the inspiration that comes from seeing all of this incredible art, and it has made me a better artist. Who knows – maybe someday someone will be “jealous” of my artwork! :D

    Thanks so much for showcasing all of this incredible talent for us! And about your amazing blog – I wish I had thought of it first. ;)

  294. the jealous curator /// 01.07.2013 /// 8:56am

    thanks mel! when i started 4 years ago, i really was jealous (not in an angry way, more in a sad way). now however, i’ve learned that there truly is a place for anyone that wants to make art. yes, you’ll come across work that you wish you did… but now that’s fuel to get back into the studio!! : )

  295. chrysa koukoura /// 01.07.2013 /// 9:48am

    i love your blog. its awesome. one of my first stops for inspiration.
    I’m an illustrator based in London working in fine line pen on paper. Please take a quick peek at my work and if you like, feel free to post :-)

    Happy new year!


  296. the jealous curator /// 01.07.2013 /// 2:41pm

    thanks chrysa – i’ll go check it out : )

  297. Eszter Burghardt /// 01.09.2013 /// 10:59pm


    Since you last posted about my work, I’ve been doing this….Here is an update of my new work… enjoy !



  298. the jealous curator /// 01.10.2013 /// 8:25am

    yes! michelle told me you were up to something new… it looks amazing!

  299. Alice /// 01.14.2013 /// 3:09am

    Hi, I love your selection.
    Have a look to my photo if you have a bit of time to waste..here is my blog: http://sbalzi.tumblr.com

  300. Lea /// 01.18.2013 /// 7:44am

    I come to your site often and this last time I was searching for Mary Jane Ansell’s work. Nothing came up so I wasn’t sure if you’ve seen her portraits. Super gorgeous and realistic with kind of a dark moody feeling about them.


  301. the jealous curator /// 01.18.2013 /// 8:11am

    wow! gorgeous! thanks for the link lea : )

  302. Lea /// 01.24.2013 /// 6:42pm

    You are very welcome! I thought she was right up your alley :D

  303. Lea /// 01.24.2013 /// 7:30pm

    I just remembered another artist I wanted to name drop. Nora Ann Francis Martin-Hall. She’s a genius. I swear she was a flapper in a past life :)

  304. saliha yılmaz /// 01.25.2013 /// 5:03am

    good afternoon,

    this web site has my work, I prefer art works


    maybe you will publish your web site? moreover I am express thanks for your this web site…

    best regards


  305. Eva Lewarne /// 01.29.2013 /// 7:27am

    Jealous or not?

  306. the jealous curator /// 01.29.2013 /// 7:48am

    ha! thanks eva… i’ll go look at your portfolio : ) thanks for reaching out!

  307. Shanna /// 01.31.2013 /// 9:07am

    Hi! like your blog! I was having a hard time with the email button on here. Can you send me your email? :)

  308. Ivory /// 01.31.2013 /// 12:15pm

    I really love your blog and your taste about the art.

    I wanna share my website.
    check it out when you available :)


    Hope you like it♥

  309. the jealous curator /// 01.31.2013 /// 2:03pm

    hm? weird! it’s contact@thejealouscurator.com : )

  310. Jealous of Jealous « carelesspainter /// 02.05.2013 /// 7:56am

    […] jealous of the Jealous Curator, a blog about artwork that she loves and wishes she had done herself. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF […]

  311. Blog des Monats: the jealous curator — Frau Ding Dongs Leben. /// 02.06.2013 /// 1:35am

    […] der “about me” page steht dazu folgendes: There is one moment, in the first few seconds, when you look at a piece of […]

  312. Stasia /// 02.11.2013 /// 10:50am

    Thanks for always keeping us so inspired and hungry to be better at what we do. I love the art you choose to feature, and wanted to tender my website for you to check out, if you’d like. :)


    I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and am always looking forward to what you find next! Have a beautiful day –


  313. Sylvia /// 02.11.2013 /// 1:00pm

    I just stopped by your blog “for a minute” and now find I’ve been here all morning! Really nice selection and variety. I’ll tear myself away now but I’ll be checking back regularly.

    If you are interested in letterpress, I’d love it if you took a look at my work…



  314. the jealous curator /// 02.11.2013 /// 1:09pm

    wow! stasia, and sylvia… lovely work! thanks so much for sending your links!

  315. Chelsea Ward /// 02.22.2013 /// 7:51am

    Congratulations on so many years with this blog! I wish I had known about your blog when I was still at school…it would have helped with all the raging jealousy and those moments when I lacked any bit of inspiration.

    Admittedly, I’m still a jealous artist but I’m a happier one too now that I found my little illustration niche. But there’s always room for more jealously of all the amazing artists you post here!

    (probably not the art you normally like but I wanted to share anyways: http://www.sketchynotions.com)

  316. Kim Morrow Russell /// 02.26.2013 /// 4:33am

    I’d love to be featured in your blog or contribute to one of your shows! I am an artist living at WOODEN NICKEL HOUSE in New Hampshire. My work was featured in sunapeenews.com: MAGICAL REALISM: THE ART OF KIM MORROW RUSSELL and I’ve sold at THE AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM IN NYC and I am represented by VESSELS AND JEWELS in New London New Hampshire.

  317. Kim Morrow Russell /// 02.26.2013 /// 4:34am

    I forgot to post my blog! Here it is: kimberlyrussellart.blogspot.com

  318. the jealous curator /// 02.26.2013 /// 8:14am

    thanks kim! i’ll go check it out this afternoon : )

  319. Michael Waraksa /// 03.04.2013 /// 9:59am

    I enjoy your posts via facebook and blog.You have a great eye! For what it’s worth you can check out my work at http://www.michaelwaraksa.tumblr.com and http://www.michaelwaraksa.com/section/190666_Recent_Uncomissioned_Work.html


  320. kim buchheit /// 03.05.2013 /// 9:33am

    hi… i just found your great blog and subscribed to you on FB. love your eye and your honesty :) looks like you have more than enough on your plate, but if you have time to check out my fabric designs (and/or wool work), i would be most grateful. i’d love to have my work featured on your site or in your book if there is a place for it. many thanks… kim

  321. Jason Wright /// 03.09.2013 /// 6:22am

    Great blog. Great eye. American contemporary painter here.



  322. Caleb Taylor /// 03.14.2013 /// 6:45am

    Dear Jealous Curator,
    Thank you for providing your readers with thoughtful posts that keep us all informed about the work others are making. Your blog introduces me to “hidden gems” one at a time. The recent Richard Vergez post was outstanding.

    I’m excited to share my recent work with you, so when you have a chance, please check out my website. Also, I’m part of a curatorial collaboration in Kansas City, MO called Plug Projects that I think might interest you. Thank you…Caleb


  323. the jealous curator /// 03.15.2013 /// 10:59am

    thanks so much caleb! (and your work is fantastic!!!)

  324. james cooper /// 03.18.2013 /// 2:20pm

    hi from Bermuda

  325. the jealous curator /// 03.18.2013 /// 3:53pm

    hi :)

  326. rawaa /// 03.25.2013 /// 6:39pm

    cheers from Saudi Arabia..
    you should come check out the cool artist from my part of the world, im sure youll love us!!

  327. the jealous curator /// 03.25.2013 /// 9:09pm

    oh i’m sure i would! send me some links if you’ve got them! : )

  328. Alyson Provax /// 04.02.2013 /// 3:46pm

    I love your blog! I found you through the great series you do over at SF Girl By Bay. Always an inspiration for ideas of how to hang work up in a space. (I’m a printmaker who’s always rearranging things at home!)

  329. the jealous curator /// 04.02.2013 /// 4:17pm

    oh thanks so much alyson (and your work is fantastic!)

  330. Brian R. Jobe /// 04.03.2013 /// 2:22pm

    This is a great blog! You should check out the paintings, drawings, and stitching of Carri Jobe… you’d really like her style…


  331. anne corr /// 04.08.2013 /// 12:11pm

    I’m jealous of the jealous curator! Brilliance and wit. Loud applause.

  332. carrie tovar /// 04.16.2013 /// 2:01pm

    I absolutely love your blog which i just discovered today. Thank you for all of the inspiration and the soul-crushing jealousy.

  333. Mary Gaspar /// 04.20.2013 /// 6:11am

    Your blog is fantastic! I stumbled upon it through Emily Henderson (who I love) and I am so happy to find you! I definitely understand the jealous/love while browsing the artists you have featured. It’s seeing other’s amazing work that pushes me in new directions. I will be a daily reader! Also super interested in The Fig House! I lived in Los Feliz for 5 years and would love to contribute to this amazing project! Find my work on Etsy here…
    and here’s ma blog too;) http://www.marygasparart.com
    Thank you and have a brilliant weekend!

  334. Shannon Cunningham /// 04.24.2013 /// 2:56pm

    I’m so happy I came upon this blog! I love your concept and am excited to follow you. You are so approachable and I love that in a person :)
    A friend sent me a link to the Emily Henderson Blog about The Fig House. I think every artist dreams of having a 10,000 sq. ft space to fill with art. What fun!!!
    I would love to share my work with you. It is a process I having been developing over the last three years. I am able to do this process on any photo of any size. The Africa Series will be featured soon by Bono’s organization ONE! I am proud of the work and I hope you enjoy.
    Blessings to you in all you do and have a great evening!

  335. Peter /// 04.26.2013 /// 2:17am

    Thought you might like this:



  336. Laura /// 04.30.2013 /// 12:33pm

    Hello, I came across your site recently and enjoyed perusing! I wanted to send along my link: http://www.laurabellstudio.com/


  337. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2013 /// 6:49pm

    thanks laura! your work is so cool!

  338. Jeff Claassen /// 05.01.2013 /// 9:16am

    I just discovered your site through booooooom.com and think it’s brilliant! You’ve obviously struck a chord with the “jealous” thing. As soon as I read the tagline in your banner I was like, “I’M NOT ALONE.” At one time I “retired” from painting for about six months after seeing the work of an artist who’s work I thought was amazing. The thought process was, “If this guy is making stuff like this why should I even bother.” Luckily, the “retirement” ended when I realized I had to draw/paint to survive. After doing it for so long it had become a necessity, like breathing. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. That was years ago and now I’ve been living off my art since 2004. Anyway…
    I wanted to tell you about a project I just launched on Kickstarter. It’s called “The Puzzle Painting” and came about as a response to living off the sales of art to survive. I love painting BIG things, but they are sometimes difficult to sell, so I’ve been painting a lot of smaller pieces for the last couple of years. This “Puzzle Painting” idea fulfills my selfish need/desire to paint BIG, but keeping the work accessible by selling pieces of it. If you have a minute please take a look at it:

    Thanks for your time and the awesome blog!
    – Jeff

  339. the jealous curator /// 05.01.2013 /// 12:09pm

    oh, thanks so much jeff! no. you are definitely not alone!!! ; )
    your project sounds fantastic – thanks so much for sending me the link!

  340. Natalia /// 05.01.2013 /// 7:50pm


    LOVE your blog! and I feel the same way as Daryl!

    Thanks and be well,


  341. Carolyn /// 05.08.2013 /// 8:11am

    Good morning, dear Ms. Curator!

    I’ve set your blog as my homepage so that every morning I wake up to your beauty du jour. It is a lovely way to start the day. Thank you.

    Thought you might like this: http://www.kariejanehandmade.com

    Thanks again for promoting beauty and spreading the love.



  342. the jealous curator /// 05.08.2013 /// 2:13pm

    oh, thanks so much carolyn!!! (and thanks for the link – great stuff!)

  343. jess /// 05.08.2013 /// 8:58pm

    not sure if you have heard of: Australian Artist Rona Green, her work is stunning: http://www.ronagreen.com
    Thank you, i really like your blog/website!

  344. the jealous curator /// 05.09.2013 /// 8:19am

    hi jess! thanks for rona’s link – it’s great stuff! and thanks for your sweet words about the site : )

  345. Abby /// 05.11.2013 /// 8:07pm

    hello there,

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful sorce of inspiration on all of my insecure days, which are more frequent then I’d like to admit. I’d just like to pass along a good friend of mine’s work :

    Math Monahan (come on, his name is Math!)


  346. the jealous curator /// 05.12.2013 /// 8:05am

    oh thanks abby – and we all have those insecure day… more frequently than any of us would like to admit! and thanks for the link to math’s work (SUCH a cool name!)

  347. Liz /// 05.13.2013 /// 9:15am

    FANTASTIC BLOG!! Words can’t describe how inspired I am right now.

  348. the jealous curator /// 05.13.2013 /// 11:05am

    oh! thanks so much liz : )

  349. Painting Sunny, Dani P. /// 05.13.2013 /// 12:23pm

    So happy to have discovered a new blog to add to my blog-obsession-list and with a unique outlook. I posted today with one inspired by your blog, and curated my own little mini-list. Thanks for the great posts!

  350. ABSTRACTUS /// 05.13.2013 /// 2:34pm

    Hello Danielle
    I am Ximena Steevens, and with Mauricio Velez are the artist duet known as Abstractus since 2002, when we decided to condense all of our material and conceptual experimentation and research (personal and aesthetic) within a concept, to reflect the truth in ways that help to find freedom from the turbulent world around us. Ours, has been an evolutionary process of shared exploration throughout Europe, North and Latin America.

    Our work draws from the use of collective thoughts and interpretations from life’s distinctive array of facets, comprised by emotional crossing motivated by our relationship and distinct aesthetic experiences. (We are husband and wife since 2000).

    For us art is more than a form of intellectual entertainment represented in a desired object, but the most advanced form of language that invites our reason and instinct to become a substance that fills the void of a clear reality that is asphyxiating us but we avoid to observe.

    “Present human existence as a paradoxical fact is the core of Abstractus work. Trough art, we question the alienation that we all love so much, while unsustainable future is under construction by careless insiders in this impassive chaos.”

    Abstractus’ work raises the possibility of an isolated reality in the paradox of objects and the mental properties of subjects that are limited by their own truth full of trickery. Our work is an existential ratification, a palpable object filled with texture, form and color, to be placed explicitly face to face with humanity and its immediate surroundings.

    We make use of all types of combinations, mixed techniques, installations and photographs to confront the spectator with a puzzle with each one of our art pieces. Our own mixed technique is based on the combination of materials, photography, photo installation and image manipulation, and right is the mature result of more than ten years of shared study and exploration. Nowadays we can affirm that there are lots of Abstractus’ pieces in many different places in the world, and our CV includes more than 30 exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Brussels, and Amsterdam among others.

    I’d like to invite you to visit ABSTRACTUS collective website and/or Facebook page.
    Hope you find Abstractus’ art interesting.



    Looking forward hearing from you,

    Best Regards

    Ximena Steevens

    ABSTRACTUS (Steevens & Velez)

  351. the jealous curator /// 05.13.2013 /// 3:18pm

    i saw that on twitter! thank you so much! : )

  352. Amy Sacksteder /// 05.22.2013 /// 5:38am

    Hi Danielle,
    I wanted to thank you for what is really a fantastic repository of contemporary artwork. You featured my friend Jillian (Ludwig) Dickson’s fantastic work a little while back (she has gorgeous new drawings!) and I am in the process of contacting one of the commenters above about a possible curatorial project, so you also help to keep artists abreast and in touch with one another.

    I would like to share my own work with you. The most recent work is in the top three albums.

    Thanks so much and congrats on your forthcoming books!

  353. the jealous curator /// 05.22.2013 /// 6:56am

    thanks amy! i’ll go check out your work – thanks for sending it my way : )

  354. Hortense /// 05.23.2013 /// 12:47pm

    Hello, I discovered your blog through Artsy Forager, Your selection is really fantastic and so surprising! With my partner we thought perhaps you might be interested by our photographic works that take place exclusively underwater.

    Here is the link of our website: http://forlane6studio.com/

    Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for giving emerging artist the possibility to showcase there work!

  355. Hortense /// 05.30.2013 /// 12:25pm

    Hello again, I would just like to specify our work is composed of ephemeral sculptures and installations of transformed daily objects documented underwater photography. Not really marine life imagery…

    Anyway thought it was worth mentionning.


  356. the jealous curator /// 05.30.2013 /// 2:56pm

    totally got that! ; )

  357. Elizabeth /// 06.01.2013 /// 8:52pm

    Wonderful curations- I am continually inspired by your blog and the beautiful artwork you feature. So, thank you!

    I’m a newbie to the online world of art but here are some of my collages:


    Continue to inspire :)

  358. Brian /// 06.02.2013 /// 12:08pm

    Hello. I love your blog and use it regularly in teaching the concept of a consistent body of work to my high school AP Studio Art class. The last time I showed the site to them, my students asked if I’d ever been featured. I said no. They said why. I said there are millions artists out there. They said, it’s a blog, just submit your stuff. I said, can I do that? They said, duh. So, here goes nothing. Thanks.
    site: http://www.brianharmonart.com/fear
    accompanying blog: http://www.thefearofforgetting.blogspot.com/2011_02_01_archive.html

  359. Rachel /// 06.02.2013 /// 1:26pm

    I’ve checked your blog daily for the past two years – it is wonderful, a real treat during the day. I’ve always thought my work would fit in well and wanted to pass along a recent performative/photographic project of mine. The photos are all titled “Make Due and Mend” and feature a hand knit body covering that I knit over the course of a year.

    They can be found on my website


  360. the jealous curator /// 06.02.2013 /// 8:16pm

    ha! oh, kids today! ; )
    thank you so much for sending the link (love your black and white work!). i’ve bookmarked and plan to look closer later this week. thanks so much brian, and tell your students i say hi! : )

  361. magdalena marcenaro /// 06.03.2013 /// 7:01am




  362. Rebecca /// 06.04.2013 /// 9:27pm

    Just wanted to submit a link to a series of mine : )
    An A to Z of Absent School Girls




  363. Linda Colletta /// 06.05.2013 /// 6:34am

    I have a serious crush on all of your crushes.
    You have an amazing eye.
    I’ve learned about so many wonderful artists from your blog.
    Thanks so much.

  364. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2013 /// 7:05am

    hi rebecca! gorgeous, and creepy! love it! :)

  365. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2013 /// 7:06am

    thank you so much linda! that made my day : )

  366. Linda Colletta /// 06.05.2013 /// 8:53am

    My pleasure!
    Would you do me the honor of checking out my work?
    I would die & go to heaven for your thoughts and dare I say (if you think it worthy) a feature?!?!? yikes. just throwing that out there.

  367. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2013 /// 3:00pm

    of course! on my over right now : )

  368. Raúl Lázaro /// 06.06.2013 /// 6:47am

    Hi from Spain!

    I´m jealous of you, such an amazing blog, congrats.
    I love seeing the work of the artists and this blog has been in my favourites since long time ago.
    I´m a visual artist Madrid based mainly focused in works with paper and collages.
    Please take a quick peek at my work and if you like:


    raúl lázaro

  369. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2013 /// 7:17am

    ooh! so good! thanks for the link raul!

  370. justine /// 06.07.2013 /// 4:10am

    Your creation are damn WONDERFUL!
    I’m from Belgium and I love it!
    Is it possible to buy or not?
    Thank you and I wish you all the success you deserve

    Kind regards,


  371. the jealous curator /// 06.07.2013 /// 8:50am

    hi justine!
    i don’t currently sell any of the work on my site, but i am just dipping my toe into the world of art buying, so if you need help getting pointed in the right direction, i can definitely help! : )

  372. Roxana /// 06.14.2013 /// 8:16am

    Hey! I’m a big fan of your site, I’d love it if you could check out some of my work – http://roxanaparsa.tumblr.com/tagged/film

  373. the jealous curator /// 06.14.2013 /// 9:58am

    i’m my way there, right now : )

  374. Maria Filipe Castro /// 06.21.2013 /// 12:57pm

    I find your blog very inspiring, fresh and refined. I feel really jealous of you…
    I want you to be jealous of me to!
    So I’m sending you a link to my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MFFabulousCreations.
    Check my “Banana bracelet”.
    I hope you find motifs to feel that mortal sin! :)
    Kind regards! Maria Filipe

  375. Dani @ Painting Sunny /// 06.24.2013 /// 4:28pm

    Blogs or other media that highlight notable fine artists are more rare than they should be – so I nominated your blog for a Very Inspiring Blogger award (here: http://paintingsunny.com/2013/06/24/very-inspiring-blogger-award-nominations-my-first-time-nominating-peeps/) XOXO, Dani @ Painting Sunny

  376. the jealous curator /// 06.24.2013 /// 11:10pm

    oh! how sweet! thank you so much Dani – that totally made my day!

  377. Helexa /// 07.01.2013 /// 8:37am

    Hello from Belgrade, Serbia!
    I love, love your blog, and I have been regular guest here over a year.
    I was wondering if you will be interesting in check out some of my work http://www.behance.net/helexa


  378. tigrazza /// 07.03.2013 /// 1:31am

    Hello there!

    Long time lurker and fan of you blog here!
    I’ve just found an artist I thought you could like (simple illustrations, bright colours… and she uses pastel coloured Bics too! ), hope you’ll like it!


  379. the jealous curator /// 07.03.2013 /// 6:09am

    lovely! thank you : )

  380. David /// 07.07.2013 /// 8:54pm

    I have been an avid fan of your website, having followed it for a long time now. I recently came across an artist that I felt you might appreciate.

    here is a link to there stuff.



  381. the jealous curator /// 07.08.2013 /// 5:10am

    cool! thanks david : )

  382. Peggy /// 07.10.2013 /// 2:25am

    My names Peggy, I run a paper craft and design business called Peggy Rose Pink which sells handmade paper creations. I am a big fan of your website!

    I have recently uploaded a tutorial on my blog showcasing how to make mini paper roses and I thought I would share it with you so your lovely readers can see how to make roses too!

    The link to the tutorial is http://peggypinkblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/how-to-mini-paper-roses.html

    Hope you guys like it :).

    Kind regards,


  383. the jealous curator /// 07.10.2013 /// 7:45am

    thanks so much peggy! they’re so pretty!!!

  384. Alyssa /// 07.11.2013 /// 6:06am

    I really love the work you post about. The sensibilities of each artist is really refined without being stuffy. I wondered if you had any interest in posting about my work. http://www.alyssadennis.com
    Hope to hear from you and will look forward to reading and looking more.
    All the best,

  385. the jealous curator /// 07.11.2013 /// 7:17am

    stunning! thanks for the link alyssa : )

  386. Rachel /// 07.15.2013 /// 9:39pm


    I just discovered your website through Emily Henderson’s blog! Love, love, love it! It’s going to take awhile to get through all of your posts!

    I have a recommendation for you: my friend Jaime Rovenstine’s work is beautiful. Check it out at jaimerovenstine.com.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  387. William Lee /// 07.16.2013 /// 6:26am

    Thank you so much for creating such an inspiring blog, it really help me get though my degree and im please to say i have now graduated! hooray!

    You might be interested in my work? maybe not?

    but i’d love it if you could have a look if your not to busy?


    My two graduate projects are –
    Eco Systems – Developing a tile systems that works of living wall systems to controls and restricts plant growth to create pattern.

    Seeded Concrete – A NEW material I developed in my second year at university, a developed concrete that can actually support plant life. You can cast objects like normal concrete and once watered, imbedded seeds are able to grow. Also 100%biodegradable.

    I know you love new design concepts. So if you write a post i would be over the moon. but if not i hope you enjoy.

    Many thanks,
    William Lee ‘the surface designer’

  388. the jealous curator /// 07.16.2013 /// 7:09am

    cool! thanks william – and thanks rachel (jaime’s work is lovely!)

  389. Douglas Cross /// 07.19.2013 /// 11:12am

    This is an amazing site! So much talent, so little time! I could hang out on this site for hours!

    I have a salvaged surfboard sculpture series “Ocean Arrowhead.” Please feel free to visit my page if you have a moment: http://www.facebook.com/OceanArrowhead

    Am I worthy?

    Thank you,

  390. Chris Fitzgerald /// 07.29.2013 /// 4:13pm

    45 minutes has gone by since I landed here through Artstomer. Really great collection, and indeed, jealousy inducing.
    Wanted to pass along a link to the Flat World series of photos.


    Thanks for looking and excited to keep up with your curating.

  391. the jealous curator /// 07.29.2013 /// 5:30pm

    thanks chris! heading over to your site right now ; )

  392. Als /// 08.07.2013 /// 3:04pm

    Another recommendation! I was looking at Richard Renaldi’s website as I love the concept and photography of his Touching Strangers project. And then I saw his Elderly Gay & Lesbian archive project and my jealousy really kicked in – it is so beautifully done. Here’s the link, I hope you enjoy them too! http://www.renaldi.com/archive/#num=content-658&id=album-20

    You have made a wonderful blog. I love dipping in to it as I’m not in the art world and its a moreish place to visit that always feels like just what I was needing. Thank you!

  393. Markus F. Staab /// 08.13.2013 /// 9:18am

    Hi there jealous curater,

    I would like to send you a press release about a beautiful project I just did.
    all the best from Germany, Markus

  394. the jealous curator /// 08.13.2013 /// 9:23am

    ok! send it to contact@thejealouscurator.com : )

  395. malissa /// 08.13.2013 /// 1:46pm

    Your blog is awesome!
    I’m so totally honored and grateful (and surprised!) to be a part of things on here today :)
    Thank you so much and best to you,

  396. the jealous curator /// 08.13.2013 /// 4:00pm

    oh thanks malissa… so glad you saw the post! your work is gorgeous! : )

  397. Kim johnson /// 08.26.2013 /// 6:41pm

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    I just found your website and I must say it is pretty spectacular. I feel the same way as you do. Being an artist myself, I am always thinking, “why didn’t I think of that”! I love so many different forms of art and your curated collections are wonderful. When will you be in TN next? I just moved to the state and would love to see one of your shows or talks.

    Kim Johnson

  398. the jealous curator /// 08.26.2013 /// 8:49pm

    oh thanks so much kim! no plans for TN at the moment, but i loved chattanooga so hopefully i’ll be back someday! enjoy your new home : )

  399. elizabeth /// 09.04.2013 /// 9:56pm

    i love this blog! i can relate to this so well. i am painter who gets inspired | jealous when i see beautiful work.

    i have an undergrad degree in fine arts and a grad degree in digital art | design. even though i work in a creative field, there is nothing like painting and drawing for yourself and no one else.

    thank you for this blog!!

  400. the jealous curator /// 09.04.2013 /// 10:07pm

    thank YOU elizabeth : )

  401. Shari Weschler Rubeck /// 09.05.2013 /// 1:56pm

    LOVE LOVE THIS SITE & YOUR HONEST WORDS!! So true!! Thank you!

  402. the jealous curator /// 09.05.2013 /// 3:52pm

    thank YOU! : )

  403. Mandy /// 09.06.2013 /// 11:07am

    Hi hi :D

    I saw that you curated this month’s artworks over at Darger HQ!
    Thank you soooooooo so much for letting me discover all these new artists.

    My faves were absolutely “Pink Favorite” by Launa Bacon & “Candy Blot Test #1″ by Thomas C. Chung!!! :)

    Love love,

    – Mandy.

  404. tigrazza /// 09.07.2013 /// 4:50am

    Hi there, me again!
    Did you already see these supercute works?


    If not, I think you’ll love them :>
    Thank you, have a good day!

  405. the jealous curator /// 09.07.2013 /// 6:06am

    yes i did… very sweet!

  406. Robert /// 09.16.2013 /// 2:34am

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    we (theCORNER magazine) love your inspiring work and would like to show you our work too. We have made it two our second Issue of our Magazine and have a lot of great written stuff.


    May we can work together in some point, that would be wonderfull for our really young online art-magazine.


  407. Thomas /// 09.16.2013 /// 4:14am

    You should really check out my friend Sunny’s “Unwoven Light” installations. If you ever met her you’d quickly see why her name is Sunny– warm and inviting …just like her art. :)

    Def check out the video!:

  408. the jealous curator /// 09.16.2013 /// 7:09am

    YES!! i’ve seen her work – so beautiful! the only reason i haven’t written about it, is that everyone else just wrote about it! : ) she’s bookmarked though and i’ll totally show her work over here too : )

  409. the jealous curator /// 09.16.2013 /// 7:13am

    thanks robert – i’ll check it out! congratulations on issue 2

  410. Unnur Yrr Helgadottir /// 09.18.2013 /// 5:34am

    Hi!!! I love your blog and follow it almost religiously. It´s so fun to discover people out there that have a great eye for art. Thanks for all the inspiration :)

    Since I´m at it just though I´de send you my “info” to look at if you ever get bored. Icelandic/Swedish art…..;) Taking my first big steps from being a graphic designer to entering the “Art” world.


    Best Regards!

  411. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2013 /// 6:34am

    thanks unnur – i’ll go check it out right now : )

  412. Lyle /// 09.19.2013 /// 11:13am

    Howdy. I found your blog by accident, I like it. Heres my art if you feel like taking a look. Thanks, L. http://www.lyleschultzart.com

  413. the jealous curator /// 09.19.2013 /// 1:10pm

    cool – thanks lyle! : )

  414. Jen /// 09.21.2013 /// 12:40pm

    Love your blog! Been following it for over a year and keep on recommending it to all my artist friends.
    If you get a chance to check out my website Omaitz.com, like to know if you would be interested in writing about the work. My installations do not get featured on blogs– it would be an honor! Keep up the awesome curating!

    Best Regards,


  415. the jealous curator /// 09.22.2013 /// 9:00am

    oh thanks so much jen! i have your paintings bookmarked already (they’re fantastic!), and your installations are gorgeous too… i think the reason your installations haven’t been featured on blogs is just the documentation. can you get someone to take more photos of them? you can tell they’re amazing, but if the photos were cleaner/crisper they’d be super easy to feature! : )

  416. Missy Dahl /// 09.25.2013 /// 9:09am

    Hello! Your eye is amazing, I have taken so much inspiration from so many of your artist choices! I would looooove if you would be willing to look at my work. I have an illustration shop at etsy,com/shop/dahlmissy and a fine art website at missydahl.com

    Thank you sooooo much for being here and posting so often!

  417. the jealous curator /// 09.25.2013 /// 9:59am

    lovely! thanks so much for the links … BOOKMARKED! :)

  418. Ashley Jackson /// 09.25.2013 /// 5:58pm

    Hello, hello!

    My dear friend, Mary Gaspar, told me about your site in regards to my own creative flow…..she thought you’d enjoy taking a look at my hand-embroidery work that I first learned 4 years ago and enjoy making my own patterns.
    Very basic as of yet, and I am starting to incorporate more fabrics and ink into the ideas…..

    All the best to you! LOVE your site!
    Thank you for promoting all the amazing work that is out in this world.


  419. the jealous curator /// 09.25.2013 /// 8:03pm

    oh mary is so sweet! such an amazing supporter of this blog (which i super duper appreciate!). speaking of sweet, your work is so cute! love that little sheriff badge :)

  420. DELF COLLECTIVE /// 09.27.2013 /// 12:47am


    Time-lapse of a full wall drawing animated & musically inspired.

  421. Shari Weschler Rubeck /// 10.01.2013 /// 6:39am

    Hi again!

    Still loving your site, posts & mission! After reading thru many of these fun interactions, I realized that I had not invited you to view my work. Another very amazing site that I have recently become involved with is Artistic Moods. You would love – if not already in love. :) Anyway, I would be honored to have you visit my world.



    Have a TREMENDOUS day!!


  422. the jealous curator /// 10.01.2013 /// 8:59am

    cool! thanks shari – i’ll go check it out : ) you have a TREMENDOUS day too!

  423. Thomas /// 10.02.2013 /// 3:50am


    Nice site… you have a great eye! I would love to know your opinion of what I think is the best work of my life… (my work is in major museums worldwide) If you have 5 minutes the video does a pretty good job of describing and getting you close enough to see the work. (large scale photographic abstractions on the Infinite).

    See very poetic gallery video here:



    Thomas Brummett


    Press Release:

    Thomas Brummett / Recent Photographs
    Of Earth and Heaven: Selections from the Series Infinities

    September 21st to October 26th 2013
    Reception for the artist September 21st 3pm to 6pm

    Schmidt/Dean Gallery
    1719 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    See the video of the exhibition with interviews here http://youtu.be/Khx2ItTwaTA ( this is a great poetic work in itself…)

    Installation shots here:

    Thomas Brummett is exhibiting “Of Earth and Heaven, Selections from the Series “Infinities” at the Schmidt Dean Gallery in Philadelphia.
    These complex and layered photographs combine stars, snow, mold grown in the studio, magnolia blossoms, and custom “light projections”
    that manipulate circles of confusion to render images made from of the cosmos and earth. Known for his painterly photographic depictions of nature, Tom is becoming decidedly more abstract with this impressive new body of work.

  424. Joey Salamon /// 10.02.2013 /// 1:00pm

    I stumbled upon your blog around a month ago and it quickly became one that I check quite frequently. I just relaunched my website a few days ago with a bunch of revamped images and if you have time I’d love for you to check them out to see if they could be featured.

    Keep posting and keep inspiring! :)



  425. the jealous curator /// 10.02.2013 /// 1:10pm

    cool! thanks joey : ) on my way to check it out!

  426. Frances /// 10.03.2013 /// 6:10am

    You are splendid! I enjoy your blog daily!
    I don’t know if you take submissions but I’d love to be considered for your site. Find my work at http://www.whereisfrances.com

    Thank you for taking time to compile this site. It is always inspiring !!

  427. the jealous curator /// 10.03.2013 /// 8:12am

    your work is fantastic frances!!!

  428. Brian /// 10.10.2013 /// 11:35am


    You HAVE to check this artist out. I just came across her and thought of your blog immediately. She does meticuloulsy embroidered leaves. Simply unbelievbly awesome. (I don’t know her, so I’m not just promoting a friend.)

  429. the jealous curator /// 10.10.2013 /// 12:18pm

    yowza! those are fantastic! thanks for the tip, brian! : )

  430. Louise Owens /// 10.12.2013 /// 1:56am

    Dear Jealous Curator,
    I love reading your blog. I especially love the cross-stich collages, glass trees and Marta Spendowska’s work. Thanks so much.

  431. the jealous curator /// 10.12.2013 /// 6:47am

    thank YOU louise : ) … i love those ones too!

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  433. Sharon Kelly /// 10.15.2013 /// 4:26am

    “uplifting inspiration… & total soul crushing jealousy”

    OMG! I LOVE YOU You are totally brilliant (& weirdly reading my thoughts)

    I just found your blog today & I am addicted
    Looking forward to more more more!!!!!

    Sharon Kelly

  434. the jealous curator /// 10.15.2013 /// 6:07am

    yay! glad you found me sharon : )

  435. Sofia Borges /// 10.15.2013 /// 10:16pm

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    I just love your eye. This is a project we are working on with Nick Cave that might make you jealous :)


    The more exposure we can get the more likely we can make it happen.

    Thanks for all your do,

  436. Night Diver Press /// 10.22.2013 /// 12:12pm

    Hey Jealous Curator. I’m Pete. My partner, Lena, and I have a print/illustration team in SF called Night Diver Press. Just the two of us. We make screen prints and t-shirts but we really specialize in small editions of books. We’re almost finished with a series of 5 called Heavens + Humans. Lena does the illustrations then I screen print and bind them. All by hand.

    Anyway we’ve made a small prototype edition and just started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund making a complete edition of 25 sets. If you’re interested we’d like to know if/how you could help us promote it and what you’d need from us.

    Thanks so much for your time and please let us know your thoughts.



  437. the jealous curator /// 10.22.2013 /// 3:30pm

    oh! i’ll go have a look – thanks so much for the head’s up, and congrats on your project!

  438. Madiha /// 10.23.2013 /// 2:58pm

    Your blog is awesome! I saw it mentioned somewhere and I couldn’t help but go through most of your installation posts. If you have some time you should check out my work. http://www.madihasiraj.com. Thanks for your time and keep on posting!

  439. frances /// 10.23.2013 /// 3:48pm

    posted two new series to whereisfrances.com…..if you have a moment please have a look.

  440. the jealous curator /// 10.23.2013 /// 6:23pm

    thanks frances! these are great! still in my drafts folder!!! sorry – it’s been a crazy week or two around here : )

  441. frances /// 10.25.2013 /// 6:03am

    just pre-ordered your book on amazon!!! can’t wait!

  442. the jealous curator /// 10.25.2013 /// 6:40am

    yay! thanks!

  443. Mara Magyarosi /// 10.27.2013 /// 6:01pm


    I’m an artist, photographer, and art educator and I LOVE your blog. I completely understand where your jealousy comes from – I feel like my jealousy of other artists comes from a similar place. My kids in my class always laugh because I’m constantly telling them that they need to look at more artists, now I will be steering them towards your blog as evidence.

    I have my own inspiration blog on tumblr as well if you want to see the artists that make me (and my 15 year olds, haha) jealous. maramagyarosi.tumblr.com

    Thank you for what you do!

  444. the jealous curator /// 10.27.2013 /// 9:00pm

    oh, thanks so much mara! yes, send those 15 year olds over here!!! :)

  445. Daiva Mitchell /// 10.28.2013 /// 5:55am

    I just came across your blog and love it! It’s so great to be introduced to new artists and their amazing work. I am jealous of thejealouscurator! I would love you to look at the art work of my best friend. I am totally jealous of her ability to make the coolest contemporary art! She would also love to expand her clientele and we’ve both agreed that California is the place to go. Check her out at http://www.meredithbingham.com and let me know what you think.

  446. the jealous curator /// 10.28.2013 /// 8:16am

    thanks so much daiva! i’ll go and check her out right now : )

  447. asif shwartz yassour /// 10.29.2013 /// 3:07am

    hello you jealous curator!
    i have so much fum in your blog! Really cool idea!
    im an artist from israel, lieving in berlin, After seeing some knitted work you put here, I thought you might also find interest in my work …
    You are very, very welcome to visit my website!
    Keep up the excellent work! Many thanks and a lovely day!

  448. Louisa /// 10.30.2013 /// 9:06am

    just came across your blog from a friend of mine –
    it’s awesome – keep it up – fabulous concept! – Louisa.

  449. the jealous curator /// 10.30.2013 /// 9:59am

    thanks louisa! : )

  450. Anne Tirey /// 10.31.2013 /// 6:38pm

    I see in your space the love of enjoying being inspired and not as much sharing of your own work. I like to talk off-topic, which is where I go to see the world: all over and in crevices. Although you are focused and devine, I see my views have company! Thank you for your fresh and true work – let’s look around! I was surprised to find myself in a similar but differently- organized area. Thank you.

  451. alex feliciano /// 11.04.2013 /// 7:00am

    Hello, I can’t say enough, your collection inspires me weekly, thank you.

  452. alex feliciano /// 11.04.2013 /// 7:02am

    If you have a second, please check out Sketchbook friday at http://scaryfriends.com/blog.

  453. Victoria /// 11.04.2013 /// 11:31am

    thank you for all the inspiration, now I´m jealous too, great blog!

  454. Adam Stockman /// 11.04.2013 /// 7:16pm

    Thanks for your site, and congrats on the book, it’s wonderful after all your work to have this tangible object to come out with.

  455. the jealous curator /// 11.04.2013 /// 7:41pm

    yes! that’s how i feel too… when your work happens online, it sure feels good to actually hold something in your hands! thanks adam : )

  456. Nicole Shaver /// 11.06.2013 /// 11:56am

    Hello jealous curator!
    I am very jealous of your site. Please check out my work here http://www.nicolejshaver.com if you have a minute!!!

  457. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2013 /// 7:26pm

    will do! thanks nicole :)

  458. Valeriya Volkova /// 11.11.2013 /// 10:40am

    Hello, I absolutely love all the work you feature! So inspiring! If you have a moment, I’d be honored if you checked out my work at http://www.valtastic.com :)
    Thank you!

  459. the jealous curator /// 11.11.2013 /// 9:26pm

    i certainly will… clicking NOW! ; )

  460. Erin Prais-Hintz /// 11.13.2013 /// 9:17am

    I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog a few years ago, but I never miss a post! I love the art that you have exposed me to and it truly is worth every bit of envy! I am an artisan jewelry designer. Yes, I have had my art jewelry in exhibitions and most notably of late two pieces selected for the Showcase 500 Art Jewelry Necklaces publication by Lark, but I wanted to share with you a local artist in our artists cooperative that I am a part of. His name is Alexander Landerman. His website features a beautifully produced video showing timelapse of how he makes one of his letterpress and charcoal works of art. I am smitten with the detail in his work! I think you might be too! I hope you will check it out: http://alexanderlanderman.com/

  461. the jealous curator /// 11.13.2013 /// 10:58am

    wow. gorgeous!!! thanks so much for the link erin (and for never missing a post!) :)

  462. michael ward /// 11.15.2013 /// 11:02pm

    Love your site, and the fact that you actually read the comments. If you’re feeling the need to curate, take a look at my work here: http://www.tmichaelward.com/michaelwardartist.htm, Thanks!

  463. Megan Bonser /// 11.19.2013 /// 3:01am

    Hi! Firstly, I’d like to say how inspiring your curation skills are – I’m a big fan of your website and love your taste! I am an Art student hoping to go into gallery/online curation and would love the opportunity to gain some more experience in the area. Do you work alone in the upkeep of our website? I would love to be able to help! Either way please feel free to check out my blogs…I also upkeep Pinterest, Flickr & Saatchi Online accounts.
    Thank-you so much!

  464. Alice Zhang /// 11.19.2013 /// 7:43am

    Hey! I love the works and artists that you feature on your site! I am a Montreal based artist/illustrator and would love to have the opportunity to be featured on your site. :)
    Here’s the link: http://www.alicezhang.ca
    Keep up the great work!


  465. Naomi McCavitt /// 11.20.2013 /// 10:40am

    Hi there! I love the blog and never missed a post. I would love to be included if you think the work fits. Thanks for all the amazing work you have turned me on to. Best, Naomi McCavitt http://www.naomimccavitt.com

  466. Ms Brightside /// 11.23.2013 /// 10:24am

    hey, I recently found your blog and fell in love with the caption! Really that is the feeling I feel I’m wandering in art galleries most of the time. I do make some art works sometimes but I think I lack creativity so I thought I better just learn and enjoy the arts rather than making it haha:)

    I started an arts blog a month ago, even though I can’t find time to post a lot of stuff now, hopefully I’ll be working on it to make it better and better in coming days.
    Loved your blog, hope I also have an amazing blog like this with lots of amazing followers who enjoy the same interests with me!

  467. the jealous curator /// 11.23.2013 /// 1:37pm

    do it! it’s so rewarding, and amazing to create a group of like-minded people so that you can all enjoy the work together! good luck!

  468. Lindsay Arnold /// 12.01.2013 /// 6:51am

    Your posts have been a bright point in my facebook feed for over a year now. I love your celebration of the artist while admitting the jealousy. If only everyone would do that!

    Keep posting so this artist in the middle of nowhere can keep enjoying!

    All the best

  469. the jealous curator /// 12.01.2013 /// 9:46am

    oh thanks lindsay! i sure will… no plans of EVER stopping : )

  470. Rachel Griel /// 12.02.2013 /// 8:46am

    Hello! A friend of mine just introduced me to this blog, and after seeing your post about Stephanie K. Clark, I hoped that you would enjoy my artwork as well, which also explores the use of embroidery in art, but in a very different way. I’d be flattered if you’d take the time to look!


  471. Evan Orlando /// 12.02.2013 /// 5:20pm

    Hello! I love your blog! I just found it today via Art Hound. I’m an artist from Portland, Oregon and I’m currently working on a series of “dumpster abstractions”- painted woodcarvings inspired by the rust, scratches and peeling paint I find and photograph around town. I’d love it if you’d take a look at my website- I just spent 6 hours updating it just for you! Thanks so much, I hope I made you jealous! -Evan Orlando


  472. Evan Orlando /// 12.02.2013 /// 5:27pm

    ooops- forgot to mention that you can find my dumpster abstractions under the “woodcuts” tab on my website. Thanks for looking! -Evan http://www.SteelToedFox.com

  473. the jealous curator /// 12.02.2013 /// 6:43pm

    cool! i’ll pop over and have a look! thanks evan : )

  474. frances /// 12.06.2013 /// 5:10am

    wanted you to be the first to know that i have new work up on my site….new series called MISTYPOLOGIES….. .would love to hear your thoughts if you have time. hope all is well

  475. the jealous curator /// 12.06.2013 /// 7:59am

    oooh! cool, and really weird! in a good way! : )

  476. Chris /// 12.06.2013 /// 9:04am

    hy ,cool site!! would you want to see my pieces? I’m an artist italy based.. maybe you’ll like my works ! ;-) Bye Chris

  477. Philip Arambula /// 12.09.2013 /// 12:05pm

    Hey there,

    I was on your site and noticed that you used WordPress as your platform. I thought I’d reach out and invite you to use our free advanced content delivery WordPress plugin that reduces bandwidth costs. In addition to reduced bandwidth costs your site will also experience improved image serving based on your end users geographical location like a traditional CDN. This Swarm plugin also comes with a free advanced video player and only takes a few minutes to install.

    Although we are a type of CDN you can run our plugin concurrently with your CDN (or any host) and we actually encourage it. For example, we have many sites running us on top of MaxCDN, Cloudflare, Cloudfront and others for maximum efficiency.

    I was hoping we could discuss further and you’d allow me to send you our special private invitation (bypass link). As an early adopter you’ll bypass the Professional Paid Plan that we’re working on implementing.


  478. Laurel /// 12.10.2013 /// 6:33pm

    Something different…

  479. Roy Plum /// 12.14.2013 /// 6:53am

    beautiful inspiring collection.gorgeous created designs here!Many thanks for sharing.

  480. Lora Northway /// 12.14.2013 /// 12:56pm

    Hi! ive followed and enjoyed your blog for years and have even sourced artists to show at our gallery in canada! so thank you and keep it up! here’s a glimpse at the painting i do: http://thinpaperyfeeling.blogspot.ca/

  481. the jealous curator /// 12.14.2013 /// 3:34pm

    lovely! is your gallery in thunder bay? that’s where my husband grew up! : )

  482. Lora Northway /// 12.15.2013 /// 4:23pm

    youre kidding! yes! whats his name if i may ask :P i hope you guys get time to visit once and a while

  483. Big Announcement /// 01.01.2014 /// 1:17pm

    […] with some of the most innovative and creative women I have ever met at a Crush event put on by Danielle Krysa, a shaker in the art world (watch out, she’s doing unreal things).  It was empowering to be […]

  484. Kim Johnson /// 01.04.2014 /// 1:39pm

    Hi Jealous Curator!

    I just wanted to say I LOVE the Fig House artwork! The different rooms and their well thought-out galleries are really a wonderful inspiration. I only wish I could take a trip out to see it in person! I also wanted to send you a link to my website. My work is very modern and organic. I hope you enjoy!

    Have a great 2014 and I will look forward to seeing what you choose this year!



    Kim Johnson

  485. clara bonet /// 01.05.2014 /// 11:01am

    hello!! a friend of mine sent to me you creative and inspirate web, wow it’s not easy found interesting art web nowadays.. there’s so many.. but this is one to keep it as reference! I let my work looking fordward to appear on day ;)
    Best wishes from ibiza**


  486. Aissa Tyley /// 01.05.2014 /// 11:44am


    I totally admire your dedication to your blog. It is constantly updated and full of new inspiration. The kids at school love to use it for research purposes and to find new ideas. An absolutely precious resource.

    Thank you so much!!

    x x

  487. the jealous curator /// 01.06.2014 /// 9:30am

    oh thank you so much, aissa!

  488. Molly Mitchell /// 01.08.2014 /// 9:44am

    Hello, My name is Molly and I am an artist working with adornment on and off of the body. I work with objects found on the street and collected materials such as shoe heels and rubber. Here is a link to my website.


    There is so much amazing work on your blog! Thank you for the inspiration/jealousy :) It is wonderful to have a resource like this to get excited about new work. Thank you!

  489. Tracey /// 01.08.2014 /// 4:36pm

    Hi Danielle- I simply loooooove your site.
    I’m hoping that you can help me as I finally have enough money to purchase from one of your featured artists BUT !!!!!! I can’t seem to find her or remember her name !
    She does sculpture with crochet/knitting over animal forms (and I believe that you have a piece of hers). The one I remember (and hope is still available) is a pale-ish blue wolf with a lemon in its mouth.
    I REALLY need to learn to bookmark this stuff . Thanks so much, Tracey

  490. the jealous curator /// 01.08.2014 /// 10:40pm

    rachel denny!!!! yes, she (and her work) is amazing!!! if the wolf with lemon isn’t available, you can contact her to do a commissioned piece (that’s what i did to get my hot pink deer head!) … http://racheldenny.com/contact.html
    good luck! let me know what you get : )

  491. Erin /// 01.09.2014 /// 9:42am

    Hey there Danielle!!

    Holy freaking moly!!!! This is such a great site for inspiration!!! Thanks for curating such a beautiful collection of work!!! It is so varied but all so so nice!! I can’t wait for your book to come out!!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for a nice nice site!!

    I’m leaving my work here: http://eringuido.tumblr.com/

    But, it is probably not as finished and refined as the stuff you publish, but I’m still working ;)

    Happy New Year!


  492. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2014 /// 9:52am

    hey erin! your work is great… especially love the text work (i pinned a few!). do you sell those anywhere? etsy?

  493. maja /// 01.09.2014 /// 10:17am

    hi, danielle, happy new year!

    i’ve been keeping up with your blog and facebook for the past few months and thought i’d finally be in touch. there are a few artists — cig harvey and paulette tavormina, to name two — that i think might really be up your alley. you may already know about both of them (how do you keep everyone in your head?!) but i want to be sure. you can find both of them on our website..alongside several other greats.

    thanks for sharing your great eye!

    very best,


  494. Erin /// 01.09.2014 /// 10:32am

    Oh man, thanks so much Danielle!! Funny that you ask…a couple friends asked for prints, so I’m in the process of printing some on nice paper! I’m happy to send you one!! :) I have been thinking about setting up an etsy site, but I don’t have one yet!

    PS Maja….great suggestions!

  495. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2014 /// 12:52pm

    good for you! go for it! let me know when you have an etsy shop and i’ll be your first customer :)

  496. Nicole /// 01.09.2014 /// 5:37pm

    Hello! I recently found this blog and I’ve been having a blast looking through it. I love the huge range of art that you feature and can only imagine the hours you’ve put into it. Thank you for dedicating so much time to creating a beautiful little corner of the Internet for all to enjoy.

    I wanted to share with you my recently-launched Kickstarter campaign, a project where I’ll draw the dreams of those who support it. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/673271658/the-dream-complex-if-youve-dreamt-it-i-will-draw-i

    I’m not sure if you feature stuff like this, and no worries if you don’t. It would be great if you just took a look and tell people about it. Thanks for your time! :)

    Have a great day,

  497. zuccaazzurra /// 01.10.2014 /// 8:04am

    There is only one word to shout out: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….your blog makes me feel really happy…

    ps: I know someone from Ottawa, Michelè Provost, maybe you can check her out…she has definitely artworks worth showing in your blog….have a great day and happy belated 2014…thanks again…

  498. Jenni Freidman /// 01.10.2014 /// 8:33am

    LOVELY!!! I am so thrilled to have found your blog. I want to eat all of this work. Totally yummy and stunning, you have a GREAT eye! Thank you so much for scouring the planet and posting this amazing work. I can’t wait to show all my students!!!

    With gratitude,

    Jenni Freidman

  499. maja /// 01.10.2014 /// 9:04am

    thanks, erin! cig’s work seems very in line with yours!

  500. Marni /// 01.10.2014 /// 8:06pm

    Stumbled upon your blog and really love it. It’s inspiring.

  501. stef /// 01.11.2014 /// 7:39am

    you have a great blog. i’m totally using you as inspiration for my own. keep up the great work!

  502. Barbara White /// 01.12.2014 /// 12:39pm

    You are awesome, totally awesome. I admire you and all that you create AND, I have a wonderful friend, somewhat like yourself (artist, self doubting genius) who lives in Oakland, CA and would love to share her work with you to check out. I tell Adele, that she is my muse; that her artistic genius inspires me – – as does yours. Adele Crawford is her name, her website is http://www.adelecrawford.com and I know you will enjoy her creative genius AND perhaps begin that Girl Crush in Oakland. Keep up your creative genius and stop the self doubt!

  503. the jealous curator /// 01.13.2014 /// 9:24am

    oh thanks so much barbara! i’ll go check her out… thank you! : )

  504. Bethany /// 01.14.2014 /// 12:43pm

    LOVE this blog and now I am jealous. Wish I had more time to check it out and be inspired. I will have to mark it and come back and visit when I have more time. Great work/collection!

  505. Nikki Kanter /// 01.14.2014 /// 1:14pm

    As someone who works in the fine arts but is not an artist, I completely understand that feeling of “I wish I thought of that!”

  506. Rachel Henriques /// 01.15.2014 /// 5:45pm

    I really enjoy your blog at every update. Its so interesting and well balanced in terms of your choices. Thanks for being an additional voice out there for us artists. Your support is needed. We all make our work regardless of the audience and its so inspiring when others see it and encourage us to continue. Heres a link to a series of lithograph’s I just recently completed at Litho Shop in Baltimore MD. They are called ‘Cracker bags’ & I’m very excited about them and hope you enjoy them too! Thanks for taking a peek…..http://lithoshop.tumblr.com/

    Warm regards, Rachel H.

  507. Yuki /// 01.16.2014 /// 11:54pm

    KONICHIWA from Japan!
    I love your website! I run/have a blog (http://arthub-jp.com) which is about overseas art works, design, illustrations and inspirations to share for Japanese people.
    I would love to post about your site! It’s just cool!
    and I’m very enjoying your website from Japan! Lovely!

  508. Marijke Gussenhoven /// 01.17.2014 /// 1:02am

    I like to come back to your website more often. I also know right away when I love a piece of art
    at first sight. Thank you for now!
    Marijke Gussenhoven, Netherlands

  509. Ginger fox /// 01.20.2014 /// 8:41am

    Finch is a Textile artist you have to see if you haven’t already!
    Love love love and very jealous of you and your artist

  510. seb jarnot /// 01.21.2014 /// 5:56am

    nice blog and great pieces of art!!
    Maybe you could be interested in my work :

    keep up the great work
    greetings from France

  511. Laura /// 01.23.2014 /// 3:31pm

    I’ve been following (jealously) along with you for years! Especially in moments of utter frustration after graduating art school and feeling lost, your site has continued to be such a great source of inspiration! I don’t often shamelessly share links of my work but I thought you’d like a recent illustration project I did for my design studio. You can check it out here: http://wedesignstudios.com/work/business_cards_02/
    and the original patterns and illustrations here: http://cargocollective.com/lauraworrick

    Either way, keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause it makes me happy :)

  512. the jealous curator /// 01.23.2014 /// 4:26pm

    oh thanks laura… glad i could be there (i had lots of those moments after graduating from art school too!)
    ps. those cards are gorgeous!!

  513. Nikki May /// 01.25.2014 /// 9:08pm

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the work you post and have been following your blog for years… I wanted to share my own work and think you might like some of my drawings and encaustic pieces. I’d love for you to take a look! http://www.nikkimay.com


  514. the jealous curator /// 01.26.2014 /// 12:04pm

    thanks so much nikki! i’ll go look : )

  515. Elizabeth Doyle /// 01.29.2014 /// 1:22pm

    Hello there!!

    I recently redesigned my website (it’s almost done!!) and it would mean so much to me if you could take a look! http://www.elizabethdoylecreative.com/ and my etsy has some other recent work! https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheVimAntiquarian

    Thank you so much!

    Your blog has given me countless hours of entertainment and inspiration! Thank you for sharing :)

    -Elizabeth :)

  516. Caitlin Pow /// 01.29.2014 /// 6:15pm


    I just wanted to recommend an old friend of mine for you to take a peek at his artwork. It is imaginative, detailed, trippy and creepy at times – everything you want in fine art, yes?



  517. the jealous curator /// 01.29.2014 /// 10:04pm

    thanks caitlin and elizabeth.. i’ll pop over and look! : )

  518. Carolyn O'Neill /// 02.06.2014 /// 4:27pm

    Hi Jealous Curator,

    I have just started following you on social media and would really appreciate you taking a look at my work http://www.carolynoneill.com.au. I am an Australian abstract expressionist artist.

    Thank you,

    Carolyn 8-)

  519. mati /// 02.07.2014 /// 7:03am

    Hi – How can I subscribe to your blog?
    Thank you

  520. Mike /// 02.07.2014 /// 5:42pm

    Hi Danielle,

    I’ve been finding awesome new inspiration through your blog for a few years now, so I thought I’d finally bite the bullet and share my own site to see what you think. Stay jealous!




  521. riccardo attanasio /// 02.10.2014 /// 4:03am

    Hey…Hello! I really like the concept of jealous curator…Would you like to curate some of my works if you are jealous enough?
    It would be fun having a curator with this name! Thanks to be playful with life!

    My websites:

    and more

  522. Alex Waggoner /// 02.10.2014 /// 7:25pm

    Hi Danielle,
    Love your blog and thought I would drop you a link to my website. I am painter in Raleigh, North Carolina.


    Thanks so much for posting awesome inspiring work!

  523. Sarah /// 02.11.2014 /// 12:57pm

    Hi I love your blog!
    I recently discovered the work of Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya and thought you might like his stuff. He makes these really adorable, whimsical sculptures of different creatures that are sculpted from wood but are very delicate looking, almost as if they are made from porcelain. Just wanted to share it with you. :)


  524. Kristi Kohut /// 02.11.2014 /// 3:10pm

    Your blog is AMAZING! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Would be so thrilled if you wouldn’t mind checking out my work sometime ;)


  525. the jealous curator /// 02.11.2014 /// 6:08pm

    ooh, lovely! thanks so much sarah and kristi!

  526. Alison /// 02.12.2014 /// 2:55pm

    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now, I figure it’s about time I point you to one of my good friends… He’s been working insanely hard since graduating from Pratt and his newest work on his blog really shows it. Hope you enjoy!

    Zack Lank: http://zacharylank.com/#/untitle-4/

    Thanks for your time,

  527. the jealous curator /// 02.12.2014 /// 8:28pm

    thanks so much alison! what a talent!

  528. Heather /// 02.12.2014 /// 10:45pm

    Oh thank god!
    You’re still here.
    I am late to the party (been living on a strawberry farm in Africa) and for a second there I thought maybe this was a blog of the past. But here you are! Glorious!

  529. the jealous curator /// 02.13.2014 /// 9:15am

    i’m not going anywhere any time soon ;)

  530. Eric Rogers /// 02.17.2014 /// 7:28am

    What a great idea for a blog. I wish I had thought of it :) Just wanted to say I think you’re doing awesome work and to encourage you to keep it up! If you have time, check out my new art blog: http://beautifulsurface.com. It’s relatively new but I’m proud of it. Take care.


  531. the jealous curator /// 02.17.2014 /// 7:51am

    thanks so much eric… and your site is gorgeous! lots of great picks – enjoy the ride {it’s pretty addictive!} ;)

  532. Mina /// 02.20.2014 /// 7:12am

    I want to first congratulate you on all of your success, I have been enjoying your features for years now and you are getting better, bigger and brighter. I support your choice to not go to school for this and instead, get the real world, hands on knowledge – I think that that’s what makes you unbiased and more open minded.

    My name is Mina and I make Fine Art Photography – I am a transplant from Europe and found solace in art and photography after moving to NYC, it has been both my catharsis, therapy and kept me connected to myself. My portfolio includes a series of vivid, colorful and lighthearted pieces. Saturated hues, scratches, textures, and blurred motion combine to add a certain charm and nostalgia to each print.

    I think (hope) you and your readers would appreciate my work, you can view more of my work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/minagraphy

    I hope you have a relaxed week! :)

  533. the jealous curator /// 02.20.2014 /// 9:00am

    ah! so lovely mina… they make me want to go on vacation right this very minute! thank you so much for all of the lovely words about TJC. this comment made my day!

  534. Lindsay Stripling /// 02.24.2014 /// 10:11pm

    Hello TJC!

    I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing blog, I look forward to checking in to discover new emerging artists to inspire me every week.

    When you get a second I would love it if you took a look at my work: http://www.lindsaystripling.com

    I live in SF so I hope to see you March 5th! Congrats on the book!


  535. Cheryl Hicks /// 02.27.2014 /// 5:34am

    I always enjoy experiencing your fabulous finds! I recently started a blog to document a project I am working on titled, “I Just Don’t Read Like I Used To,” in which I cut up books to create mixed media portraits and other images. I would be thrilled if you take at my site.

  536. Sam Malpass /// 02.27.2014 /// 1:05pm

    TJC, L O V E your site! What a killer place to catch some inspiration (and feel the jealousy)! I’m sure you have artists lined up- but- if could find the time to scope my work I promise you will not be disappointed. I would love to add to the creativity and uniqueness of your site! I appreciate your time :) CHEERS, Badway http://www.badwaycreative.com

  537. the jealous curator /// 02.27.2014 /// 9:56pm

    thanks sam! i’m popping over to look right now! : )

  538. Fun Friday Links: Overcoming Creative Block, Deskcamping, and the Era of Open Innovation - via @Mindjet's Conspire #ideasquad /// 02.28.2014 /// 5:00pm

    […] similar in spirit and sufficiently different in execution, in whichDanielle Krysa, better-known as The Jealous Curator, asks artists from around the world working in various media to crack open the vault of their […]

  539. Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block and Handle Criticism. | Framework Marketing Group....blog thoughts by Randal Dobbs /// 02.28.2014 /// 6:19pm

    […] similar in spirit and sufficiently different in execution, in whichDanielle Krysa, better-known as The Jealous Curator, asks artists from around the world working in various media to crack open the vault of their […]

  540. David Woodward /// 03.02.2014 /// 1:09pm

    Hey! Have been following your blog for a while – always such an inspirational selection of works. Also loving Creative Block, congrats!

    Just wanted to share my work with you – in particular I think you’d enjoy my collages, which can be found in the first two albums of my site! http://www.davidwoodward.ca

    Looking forward to many posts to come!


  541. the jealous curator /// 03.02.2014 /// 2:35pm

    gorgeous! thanks so much for the link david ps. you’re up today!

  542. Keith MacLelland /// 03.05.2014 /// 7:20pm

    Thank you TJC for maintaining and sharing such an visually rich and diverse collection artists. Among others, I am particularly drawn to your posts of work by Meghan Stratman, photos and sculptures of Marcela Cárdenas, photography by Autumn de Wilde, as well as the collaged paintings by Elizabeth Amento, Amy Alice Thompson, and Jose Romussi.

    Your quote “stopped in my tracks” resinated with me. While scrolling though your curatorial selections that’s the exact feeling I got when I stumbled onto these artists. Thanks!

    You may find my own work speaks to your sensibilities as well.

    Heroic singing cowboys of the 1950’s are the cultural source of my work. The contemporary hero cowboys I am creating are street and eco-conscious, built from everyday discards – scratch tickets, cracker boxes, juice cartons, business cards, candy wrappers, and junk mail. The color palette is dominated by primary colors, echoing the innocence and purity of the singing cowboy while speaking to today’s technologically amped–up audience. As a nod to the costuming of the 50’s era icon, the works are often embellished with brightly colored pieces and elements such as rhinestones, glitter and silver studs – an equally contemporary fashion consciousness.


    Thank you again Danielle, and thank’s for looking!

    Cheers – Keith

  543. the jealous curator /// 03.07.2014 /// 12:49am

    cool! thanks so much keith! i’m popping over to have a look. thanks so much for reaching out (and for your very kind words!)

  544. Maca /// 03.11.2014 /// 1:30am

    Wonderful blog? Do you accept by e-mail works of young artist? :D And what is the way to send you some photos? :D

  545. the jealous curator /// 03.11.2014 /// 6:56am

    i do indeed… but i prefer a link to a site. my poor inbox can’t take all of the photos that show up there :) please send a link to contact@thejealouscurator.com

  546. Vicki /// 03.12.2014 /// 7:51am

    Hi Danielle – a friend introduced me to your blog yesterday. I love the concept of turning jealousy into inspiration! Also looking forward to reading Creative Block – we can all use some help in that direction! I’ve recently started my own art blog that includes my paintings and little stories about the circumstance/process behind them. Definitely a work in progress, but I’m hoping others can relate to their life in some way or become inspired. Feel free it check it out – vickiworldart.com.

    Thanks! Vicki

  547. the jealous curator /// 03.12.2014 /// 8:06am

    oh thanks vicki – glad you found your way over here! and good for you for getting your blog going… it has been life changing for me! good luck! : )

  548. Gail Folwell /// 03.17.2014 /// 7:38am

    I’m Gail Folwell, a sculptor with a Design and Fine Art background. ‘Handle The Art’, from Folwell Studios is brand new. These are solid bronze, with a silver/grey patina, pulls and knobs. I believe that sculpture should be touched and I hope that art collections will grace the walls and halls of new and seasoned collectors everywhere. I hope you’re “jealous….in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way”! I’d love you forever if I got a mention in your blog! Design and Fine Arts have finally broken all the boundaries and having lived on both sides of that fence, it’s exciting. Designed products are the new canvas for conceptual and affecting works of Art. More people are starting to understand that it’s not just about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel. ‘Handle The Art’ was a personal collection created for our own home. The hardware garnered much attention, as did the house, winning multiple AIA awards. I’m recognized for contemporary, figurative bronze sculpture. My art is in the Denver Art Museum and I’ve done monumental public works for cities across the country, among them, Vail, CO, Frisco, TX, Universities in Ohio, Alabama, private collections and galleries, Claggett/Rey in Vail, I Wolk/Maisonry in the Napa Valley, Hunter Kirkland in Santa Fe and Walker Fine Arts in Denver. I’d love to know your thoughts!

  549. Brynn Higgins-Stirrup /// 03.17.2014 /// 12:12pm

    Beautiful and warm blog that I enjoy perusing with a cup of tea whenever I have the time. I am not sure if my work will fit as its a bit darker in theme but I thought perhaps you might enjoy the simplicity of my embossment drawings or my mono prints. My site is http://www.brynnhigginsstirrup.com I hope you have the time to take a quick look at the work. Thank you and happy monday! – Brynn

  550. Joseph Barbaccia /// 03.19.2014 /// 5:56am

    You have a quality site.
    Here, add some more.
    Polymer clay illustration.

  551. Nonney O /// 03.23.2014 /// 5:52pm

    Wanted to give you a shout out. Love your book!! I bought it first, then found your site. I’ve dared never to admit the jealously I experienced when I saw other’s art that I admired- lord, the burning in my chest. (I guess I never even realized it myself!) But over the last years, I am working on “not being that person!” I decided that I rather be inspirational than confrontational! I rather not spread negative energy to the world and for my own wellbeing ! I must say – it takes my breath away about how much talent is out there and how much you’ve highlighted. So thank you !! I find when I’m happiest with myself and others when I’m living my truest self! I have always said the biggest compliment I can give an artist is that “You made me think in a different way! “

  552. the jealous curator /// 03.24.2014 /// 12:35am

    oh i’m so glad you find me nonney, and love your perspective on appreciating other artists work! that truly is a huge compliment to any artist!

  553. Jason Rondinelli /// 03.24.2014 /// 5:58am

    Hi Danielle, I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m writing you to find out of you know of a good curating 101 book to recommend to a visual artist who doesn’t have an eye as sharp as yours. I’d like to know more about the topic and need some basic concrete guidance. Thank you for your time and for your wonderful work! – Jason

  554. the jealous curator /// 03.24.2014 /// 6:54am

    hey jason! thanks so much! hm. a book. i have no idea! i’ve always just gone by gut instinct (which i’m sure you can do too!) but if i come across anything i’ll let you know : )

  555. Naya Bricher /// 03.24.2014 /// 9:16pm

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank you for creating such a calming space of encouraging art jealousy.
    I’m eager to read your book!

    I wanted to share my work: http://www.nayabricher.com

    All the best,

  556. Playing with Blocks | wendylanebailey.com /// 03.25.2014 /// 9:06pm

    […] the void comes Danielle Krysa’s (AKA the Jealous Curator) new book Creative Block. She interviews fifty visual artists about […]

  557. amanda shirlow /// 03.26.2014 /// 3:37pm

    I adore this blog, came across it today and you have featured some fabulous artwork :) i would love for you to check out my miniature work, would be great for it to be published on such a beautiful website :D
    heres a link to my portfolio and society6 http://cargocollective.com/amandashirlow/Microscopic-Worlds

  558. Zoe VK /// 03.29.2014 /// 4:29am


    I pine after so many of the artists you feature here and thought I might just leave you my website for your consideration.

    I wish you great happiness!

    — ZVK

  559. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2014 /// 7:44am

    thanks zoe :) i’ll go take a look!

  560. M Z /// 04.01.2014 /// 1:10am

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    can you please have a look at http://idailluster.net/kuenstler/majla-zeneli#1

    Hopefully it will attract your attention positively!
    Kind regards!

  561. m /// 04.01.2014 /// 6:15am

    hello, i like very much your blog, you post a lot of great stuff, thank you for sharing.
    here is a link with some drawings, hope you`ll like it.
    have a lovely day.

  562. Lela Wulsin /// 04.01.2014 /// 8:56pm


    I love reading all of these comments of others who have also been inspired by your blog (not to mention the material and descriptions that are posted on the curated blog!) I am a soon-to-be-college graduate attempting to continue to live this blissful life where my only job is to work on my art. A friend of mine (and fellow student) was recently published on your blog and she so inspired me (and encouraged me) that I figured I might as well send you my work as well. I hope you enjoy it!

  563. Εξομολογήσεις καλλιτεχνών για την διαχείριση του τέλματος – Νόστιμον Ήμαρ /// 04.02.2014 /// 5:56am

    […] Projects from 50 Successful Artists, στο οποίο ο  Danielle Krysa,  γνωστός ως The Jealous Curator, ζητά από καλλιτέχνες από όλο τον κόσμο να ανοίξουν το […]

  564. Jeanne Heifetz /// 04.02.2014 /// 6:01pm

    Dear Danielle,
    (This email is for you, not a blog comment.)
    It was wonderful to meet you tonight, and the panel was terrific. Here are some of the sites I mentioned that I’d tried to send you recently via FB:
    Here are the embroidered eggs, seedpods, etc.: http://esthertraugot.com/section/354833_Eggs.html
    Do you know Kate Williamson’s book/series, A Year in Japan? It’s a watercolor diary: http://www.katetwilliamson.com/japan.htm
    I think you did see those wild Dutch embroidered portraits of scientists and their animal subjects : http://www.textileartist.org/petra-van-der-steen-contemplative-occupation/
    Okay, that’s it for now.
    All the best,

  565. the jealous curator /// 04.03.2014 /// 8:46pm

    thank you jeanne!! xo and yes, so wonderful to actually meet you in person!

  566. Matt Panuska /// 04.04.2014 /// 9:34am

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    My name is Matt Panuska, and I am an artist and Illustrator. I’m also a big fan of the blog and a regular reader. The plethora of photos and detail shots is something that is missing from most art blogs, and it’s something I’m always looking for. I just wanted to say hello and share my work with you. Attached is a link to my work, and perhaps you could take a look at it. Hopefully you like it, and thank you for your time!


  567. Gary Justis /// 04.06.2014 /// 10:00am

    I am sharing your site with our students and colleagues. As soon as the jealousy I felt from looking at your site subsided, I came to my senses and wanted to share images…maybe you will find them interesting, or perhaps as an interesting screen-saver (?)

    You do a lovely job on this site and I am grateful having discovered it.
    For the photos mentioned, please visit: http://www.mannekenpress.com/
    and follow my name.

    thank you!

  568. Chris Waind /// 04.07.2014 /// 4:45pm

    Dear Danielle,

    Huge fan of the site, and hopefully I will be able to see you in person in Vancouver soon when you do your talk. I thought you would like to take a look at my butterflies I create:


    Please carry on the fantastic work.

    Regards, Chris.

  569. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2014 /// 7:34pm

    oh! they’re gorgeous! looking forward to meeting you too chris!

  570. Adelaide /// 04.08.2014 /// 9:57am

    Hi Danielle,

    I started following your blog a few weeks ago and I love it :) I also appreciate how frequently you post! I love looking at pretty things, its such a nice break from my mundane office cubicle :P

    I wanted to share with you a link to an artist that I really love. Take a look here: http://www.artbysteve.squarespace.com/flyingcars/

    He has a range of subject matter. I like some of his architecture pieces, and I love his landscapes, but I just think these flying cars are adorable.

    Anyway, I know you are bombarded my links to websites all the time, but that’s what you love, right? Discovering new art :)


  571. the jealous curator /// 04.08.2014 /// 4:30pm

    so fun! thanks for the link (and very sweet words!), adelaide! : )

  572. John C Miller /// 04.09.2014 /// 11:51am

    Finally found another source of inspiration! Thanks for this great blog! How you have come to this blog is pretty much where I am at right now with my own work. Almost a standstill yet I create and trash works constantly in my mind. I would be honored if you could take a look at my work when you get a chance. It goes in several directions, but enough said.
    my ballerina, sleep, and heart series good places to start.
    thank you in advance and thank you again for putting together such a great site and source of inspiration!!
    John C Miller

  573. Ruth Chase Fine Art /// 04.10.2014 /// 6:13pm

    A student sent me a link to your site. LOVE Love love.

  574. Ruth Chase Fine Art /// 04.10.2014 /// 6:17pm

    One more. At first I was going to ask you to look at my work, then I thought, I bet she has a lot of creative readers. So I started clicking on your readers. YEP, lots of creativity hanging out here.

  575. Name your blog like a PRO | A Little Typical /// 04.13.2014 /// 12:46pm

    […] The Jealous Curator […]

  576. Barbara Levine /// 04.15.2014 /// 2:34pm

    Awhile ago you featured my prints from vintage photos – Project B – and I am still getting people saying they found me from your blog! As a thank you, I want to send you my new pocket size book, CAMERA ERA. email your mailing address: blevine@projectb.com or contact via my site. Really, thanks again, barbara

  577. Jeanne Heifetz /// 04.16.2014 /// 8:56pm

    On your radar? http://anntoebbe.com/home.html

  578. the jealous curator /// 04.17.2014 /// 6:51am

    good one! thanks (again) jeanne! ;)

  579. Ann Co /// 04.17.2014 /// 7:59am

    Hello!! I love your blog, if I’m ever feeling eh.. I always look through your blog to find inspiration. I just ordered your new book and can not wait to get it. Thank you for doing what do :D. If you are not too busy I would honored if your viewed my portfolios online. I am a abstract painter and fine art photographer.

    Happy Creating,


  580. the jealous curator /// 04.17.2014 /// 9:59am

    thanks so much, ann! i hope you like the book! i’ll pop over and look at your portfolio : )

  581. Suzanne Broekman /// 04.19.2014 /// 7:02am

    Dear Danielle,

    I’m following TJC blog for quite a while and I thought this easter-weekend: Let’s give it a try. I wonder what you think of my illustrations. I make pen drawing and it would be amazing if you can take a look at it.

    Congratulations on your second book. And that is on the shelves om MoMa! I’ll look forward reading it. Your artists-choices feel very fresh in the contemporary art scene to me.

    Best wishes and have a nice easter,
    Suzanne (The Netherlands)

  582. Anastasiya /// 04.20.2014 /// 4:00am

    I love our web site!! It is realy wonderful page with great artists!
    I would very glad if you view my web site. I am a mixed media artist. I use natural material for my art

    My best wishes,
    Warm Regards

  583. Beatriz Guzman Velasquez /// 04.20.2014 /// 11:57am

    Hi TJC,
    I was introduced to your webpage through pinterest and now I have been constantly going to your webpage for inspiration.
    I hope you have time to look through my art and give me feedback.

    Thanks for daily inspiration.

  584. the jealous curator /// 04.20.2014 /// 1:25pm

    just sent you an email :)

  585. Fatharani Fadhilah /// 04.20.2014 /// 11:45pm

    Hi Danielle!
    My name is Dilla, a student from Indonesia who’s currently studying a Communication at the American University of Rome, Italy. I’m currently working on an art and illustration magazine for my thesis project. I have read your book “Creative Block” and I think it’s wonderfully inspiring! I really love the art, the interviews, and the “unblock creative! challenges! So I decided to write the book review for my magazine :) I also interviewed some of the artists you featured such as Holly Farrell, Arian Behzadi, Trey Speegle, and Alyson Fox and it’s very interesting to know what each artist think about the book! I would like to ask you more about it, where should I send it to?

    Also, I’m a beginner illustrator, perhaps you can take a look some of my works on http://www.kreavi.com/ffdilla :)

    Thank you Danielle!

    Kindest greetings from the Eternal City,


  586. the jealous curator /// 04.21.2014 /// 6:25am

    wow! thanks dilla : ) you can email at: contact@thejealouscurator.com

  587. Jessica /// 04.23.2014 /// 4:16pm

    Hi, TJC. I am a long time fan of your curated site and thought you might be interested in this person’s work:
    Melissa Wilkinson
    I am a painting student of her’s and she is amazing!

    Thank you for sharing art with us all!


  588. the jealous curator /// 04.23.2014 /// 9:50pm

    cool! thanks so much for the link jessica : )

  589. Camille Caggiano /// 04.28.2014 /// 11:03am

    Love the creativity you share and thank you for many inspiring words for all! Curators are also creative, ya know! (Y)

  590. Lindsay Stripling /// 04.29.2014 /// 1:40pm

    Hey Danielle,
    I hope you are having a good day. I am a huge fan of your site, I love all the inspiration it brings. I know you are a very busy lady, but if you get a chance I would love it if you took a look at my paintings. Thank you so much!

  591. the jealous curator /// 04.29.2014 /// 2:21pm

    thanks lindsay! popping over there now : )

  592. Tanja Maria Ernst /// 04.30.2014 /// 7:02am

    Hey Danielle,

    from time to time I take a walk in the world wide web – in search of inspriring blogs – especially in the field of arts. (I’m a German based painter myself…) A few weeks ago I came across your work – and – WOW – I really love your idea and your high quality collection!!!! Great idea!! I wondered if it would be ok to you if i write about your work on my blog? … And – of course – it would be great if you might want to take a closer look at my work… :-)

    All the best to you and thanks for loads of creative input!
    Best wishes!

  593. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2014 /// 8:02am

    thanks tanja : ) yes, i’d love it if you wrote about the blog. thank you! (popping over to see your work now)

  594. Lauri Lynnxe Murphy /// 05.01.2014 /// 12:23am

    Hi Danielle,

    Just wanted to catch you up on my most recent body of work from a show last month in Denver…drawings/collages made out of snake skin and wasps nests and copper…


    There’s an installation that went with these at: http://www.laurilynnxemurphy.com/whatremains#!what-remains/c1d3u

    Now back to browsing loveliness on here, you always find the best stuff!


  595. Erica /// 05.01.2014 /// 6:45am

    Thanks for keeping the blog, it has been a fun discovery for today!


  596. Jeanne Heifetz /// 05.01.2014 /// 4:39pm

    I’m in Eugene, OR, where I gave an artist’s talk today, and one of the questions was, “What do you do when you get into a rut or get stuck?” Did I have book for them! I told them all about Creative Block and gave them a little bit of the art-school history you had shared in NYC (this was at a college). I’ll let them know you’ll be in Portland very soon.

  597. the jealous curator /// 05.01.2014 /// 6:26pm

    oh that’s fantastic!!! thanks so much jeanne! (again!) ; )

  598. Heather Marie Scholl /// 05.02.2014 /// 4:36am

    What a well curated blog you have!

    I am a fashion designer and artist committed to critically exploring the intersections of fashion, art, and feminism through a unique combination of concept driven and hand crafted items. I’ve recently shown my first series of fine art pieces, Little Thoughts: Embroidered Self Portraits. I would love to see them among the mix at The Jealous Curator.

    Thanks for looking and for inspiring so many!


  599. Katherine /// 05.02.2014 /// 12:14pm

    I’m supposed to be promoting an art show and I’ve been combing through your blog for over an hour. After this comment I’m off to look into GREAT.LY.

    Here’s an artist you might like- http://www.morgandyer.com

    Thanks for all you do, and have a great weekend!

  600. the jealous curator /// 05.03.2014 /// 5:46pm

    thanks so much katherine! (for the sweet words, and for the link to morgan’s work!)

  601. Chie /// 05.06.2014 /// 3:22pm

    Hi the Jealous Curator,

    Hello, I’m Chie who is an artist. My friend told me this blog and really impressed & loved your choices of works. Then, could you check my works when you have time? There are many fun works. I hope you love them!


    Thank you very much for your time!



  602. Sylvia Gil-Stearns /// 05.09.2014 /// 4:22am

    Featured your beautiful book on my young little blog today.

    Love it.


  603. the jealous curator /// 05.09.2014 /// 7:15am

    oh! thank you so much sylvia! : )

  604. Jeanne Heifetz /// 05.09.2014 /// 5:19pm

    It just occurred to me that you might not have seen the AMAZING work of Keun Young Park, who disassembles and reassembles photos into the most ethereal images: http://www.keunyoungpark.com/

  605. the jealous curator /// 05.09.2014 /// 10:25pm

    whoa. good one! thanks jeanne!

  606. Benjamin Adelmann /// 05.14.2014 /// 1:14am

    Dear Jealous Curator,

    I found your blog because you featured a friend of mine in the past. I thought to submit to you informally here, as I see others have done the same. I had a nice long session scrolling through your picks, and very much enjoyed it. I did a show called “Collisions” that portrayed paradigm shifts as experienced personally through moving abroad from Los Angeles to Tokyo. My website shows a selection of these paintings as the first four in the gallery page. I really appreciate your consideration! I did notice that my style is a bit different than what you usually post, so it may not be something that goes with your site, and if so I totally understand.

    Keep up the awesome online curation!

    Benjamin Adelmann

  607. Mary Goldthwaite-Gagne /// 05.15.2014 /// 5:41am

    HI there,

    I just wanted to pass along the work of a friend of mine, because as a longtime follower of your blog I think you would really love her work:



  608. Xavier Wynn /// 05.15.2014 /// 10:42am


    I wanted to submit some artwork for your blog. My wife and I have collaborated on a series of wicked sick found object sculptures over the past year. They are explorations in identity and personality; surrealist portraits inspired by medical imagery (those awesome Body Slices that used to be displayed at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago) and created using found objects that my wife and I have collected since forever (memories, bits, treasures, trash and love). We wanted to create something that explored personality and character in a unique way that expressed something very personal for us yet still let other people find something for themselves as well.

    You can see the work at http://www.emnxw.com (along with other potentially brain imploding art – beware).

    We are really proud of these pieces. They are personal, beautiful, odd, original and tell special stories.

    Thank you very much for your time and sharing the wonderful work you have found.

    have a great day

    Xavier Wynn

  609. Polly M. Law /// 05.15.2014 /// 2:29pm

    You do good work,
    I think I do good work,
    Maybe you will also.
    Here it is,
    What the heck.
    Thank you.

  610. Kelly Cook /// 05.16.2014 /// 5:31pm

    First of all- thank you thank you! This blog brings me back from the blahs and the can’t-dos and the mundane and really pushes me to create. It is like nothing I have seen and I appreciate it so much. Thank. You.

    Secondly- the most lovely woman I know just “retired” from teaching Art to pursue her work full time. She has work that I am 100% jealous of, and I think you will adore her and her story. Where I am a blabber mouth, I don’t think she would ever toot her own horn, so I just wanted to toot it for her. She also let’s her little girls paint on her work and incorporates it in to enormous, dreamy paintings.

    I hope her work resonates, and thank you again. Can’t wait to get your book and keep finding reasons to create.


  611. the jealous curator /// 05.17.2014 /// 4:11pm

    oh, thanks so much kelly… that totally made my day!
    that’s so exciting for your friend!! good for her! i’ll pop over to her site and have a look : )

  612. Maryann Hendriks /// 05.21.2014 /// 4:36am

    Just joined Pinterest, found you there first. Way cool! Perusing your blog now. Way too much jam.

    See that you are getting a number of these daily; here we go again.


    Cheers, Maryann

  613. Leonard Mcgrath /// 05.22.2014 /// 9:58am

    Timothy,Any chance we do not need the ISC supplicant with Windows 7? One can only hope….I’ve installed, tested and read a bit about Windows 7. The beta does offer roughly %10 improvement in performance. And it is more compatible with 3rd party software.However, I am kind of taken aback by the fact that MS releases this new OS only 2 years after Vista.Thanks,Stan

  614. Emily Burns /// 05.23.2014 /// 2:32pm

    Adore this blog! Absolutely fabulous finds. If you like, take a peek at my recent paintings at http://www.emilyburns.com!



  615. Claire Cundiff /// 05.24.2014 /// 6:06pm

    Wow. It is such a delight to find someone with such a great eye for art. I had to close my gallery of 97 local artists at the end of last year and miss the breathtaking variety of art on my walls. It did give me the chance to play with my own work, so there is always a silver lining. I so look forward to seeing more incredible work, thanks to you. If I’m not being too forward, I’d like to introduce you to my own work, encaustics, oil pencil and pastel on slate tiles. I love how the human form and stone go hand in hand. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you!

  616. Jacqueline /// 05.27.2014 /// 12:41am

    I love love love your blog, the way your write, what you say, your whole way. You inspire me! Thank you xx

  617. Brenna Daugherty /// 05.31.2014 /// 6:34pm

    I believe my first comment on here was made a couple years ago during college. I’m back to let you know that your eye for beautiful work has inspired me all the way through school and beyond. I still seek your blog when I’m feeling unsure of where I should go next with my work and I always leave excited with my absolute love for art rekindled. Thanks so much for that. I see you get this often, but if you’d like to take a peek at my illustration work, I’d be beyond honored (it involves cats, flowers, vintage lingerie and swirly hair, yay!) and P.S. congrats on your book!!

  618. the jealous curator /// 06.01.2014 /// 2:22pm

    congratulations!!! how exciting! can’t wait to pop over and a look… on my way right now! : )

  619. Jeanne Heifetz /// 06.01.2014 /// 5:35pm

    Danielle, do you know the drawings of Joan Linder? I’m guessing you’ll like these:

  620. Tyler Bohm /// 06.04.2014 /// 11:41am

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog and eye for intriguing work. It’s stayed right at the top of my Feedly page. I’ve also included my website if you’d be interested in taking a look at my work (they’re game-like Plexiglass pieces). Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  621. the jealous curator /// 06.04.2014 /// 10:37pm

    thanks so much tyler! i’ll pop over and look : )

  622. Rafik El Hariri /// 06.05.2014 /// 10:19am

    I did not know I could submit for a post here .. :) I hope I’ll have the honors
    much love !

  623. Benjamin Kelley /// 06.07.2014 /// 2:01pm

    This is a great blog! I’d just like to introduce you to my work.


  624. Angela /// 06.10.2014 /// 1:34am

    Hi there
    I love your blog- you have gorgeous work on here. I regularly use this as inspiration for my students at work (I’m an artist educator). As a UK artist/designer/maker I have recently started making work again to sell (mainly for children) and would love it if you would take a look. I’m influenced by nature, traditional nursery rhyme and stories and my imagination!
    Thanks so much :)

  625. Angela /// 06.10.2014 /// 2:13am

    Meant to add my website :) http://www.maryshousedesigns.com

  626. Layce Boswell /// 06.12.2014 /// 9:21am


    My name is Layce Boswell, and I absolutely love your blog! I have found some great artists and inspiration on your blog. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my online portfolio (listed above); it would mean a lot to me :)


  627. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2014 /// 10:12am

    heading over there now – thanks layce : )

  628. Ruby Silvious /// 06.16.2014 /// 9:40am

    Hello – I came across your blog a week ago and I have to admit I’ve been feeling jealous with you ever since. It’s been a great source for inspiration and I look forward to seeing the featured artist every morning. It’s as addictive as my morning tea!

    Thank you!

  629. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2014 /// 7:10pm

    oh thanks so much, ruby! xo

  630. Fulvia /// 06.19.2014 /// 12:39am

    Wonderful blog! beautiful art…love the blog’s name!


  631. Savannah Schroll Guz /// 06.22.2014 /// 5:48am

    What a fantastic blog!! So much inspiration here!

  632. anastasia /// 06.22.2014 /// 9:22pm

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have since been totally captivated and inspired by its content! So glad to have found you.

    a link to my own work, if the mood strikes you : http://anastasiaplatoff.weebly.com/

  633. Lesley /// 06.29.2014 /// 10:36pm

    Congratulations on your success with the book! I love seeing your posts on my FB feed; I have found quite a few new “art crushes” through you! Thanks!

    If you could take a peek at my website I would be thrilled. I make very small architectural paintings.

    Thanks again!


  634. Crispy /// 07.08.2014 /// 7:29pm

    Hi there, this is not a post to ask you to look at my site or anything, to be honest I just stumbled on this site today and seriously…. it is amazing! What a fantastic idea, I know I am going to spend hours on here! I just wanted to say thanks for you work!

  635. DeShaun /// 07.10.2014 /// 11:51am

    Hey there, it’s so great to see that you are still keeping up with the comments after all this time! Maybe I can spark some inspiration/jealousy with my abstract project on my page :)

    Really glad to have stumbled upon your page. Found you via Crated’s twitter.

  636. the jealous curator /// 07.10.2014 /// 8:41pm

    thanks deshaun … i’ll go take a look : )

  637. sam nejati /// 07.11.2014 /// 6:23am

    Good Day,

    It It’s Been quite sometimes the It see the artwork on your site. From what I Have seen and sofar taste wise, I think you might want to take look at some my work.Its something I assume you might like

    KInd Regards

  638. the jealous curator /// 07.11.2014 /// 7:01am

    thanks sam : )

  639. Jeanne Heifetz /// 07.12.2014 /// 10:52pm

    Oh, oh, oh, I can’t wait for you to see the work of Ruth Marten — incredible, subtle, mischievous and mysterious drawn interventions on found botanical/zoological/historical illustrations. You may have to view in full screen to see what she’s done — she blends her own work so seamlessly with the original. http://www.ruthmarten.com

  640. OMA /// 07.16.2014 /// 7:26am

    This website is mostly a walk-through for all of the data you needed about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll positively discover it.

  641. Scott Sawtell /// 07.17.2014 /// 7:35am

    I just wanted to say that your blog is wonderful. Also, I read with sadness the Facebook post about the teacher who had a negative effect on your painting and congratulate you on picking up the brush again. As an art teacher, I often hear of destructive comments being made to students and it is terrible every time. Everything you do adds to the world and you have done way more for people than that “teacher” ever could. Huzzah!

  642. Steves Bouvier /// 07.19.2014 /// 3:29am

    Bonjour TJC,

    Thank you for reading this.

    I would like to introduce myself, I am Steves Bouvier and I work with photography.

    I have paired with Jose Campos to produce a small exhibition titled -PORTRAITS-.

    We have booked the Shipton street gallery (E27RZ) in London for the month of August 2014.

    The opening soirée is on the 7th of August from 7-9pm and we would love to have your
    feed back on our work and your help to pass the word.

    Please have a look of the work we are producing at these address:

    Jose : http://www.josecampos.co.uk
    Steves : http://www.stevesbouvier.com/My_previous_Work.html

    Thanks again.


  643. Charlotte /// 07.21.2014 /// 3:02pm

    Hi TJC,

    Thanks so much for keeping up such a well-curated blog. I check it daily for inspiration and a general kick-in-the-pants reminder to keep working on my own stuff.


    Thanks again,

  644. Sirikul Pattachote /// 07.21.2014 /// 4:52pm

    Hi TJC,

    I love your blog so much. Every thing you wrote and post on your blog are very inspiring. If you have sometimes, Please take a look at my work in my website. http://www.sirikulpattachote I would love to hear your feedback and please check out my ongoing solo show here. http://www.thelodgegallery.com/sirikul-pattachote/


  645. ana m. postigo becerra /// 07.25.2014 /// 8:36am


  646. ana m. postigo becerra /// 07.25.2014 /// 8:39am


  647. Sara /// 07.25.2014 /// 12:44pm

    Dear Daniella,
    I wish to tell you a bit about insecurity and a real good source for a ‘writers’ block…. Since you write about it and have a great sensibility for what can drive you to keep going on creating work, i thought I would share my latest experience with you (and your blog readers)….

    Last week I was at a retirementhome for an exposition of my lastest work. You should know that I’m not someone who finds it easy to expose my work. I’m a pretty closed person and find it hard to send my work into the world, so this was quite a step for me.
    But, that said, at the moment I had put my work on the walls I thought that it was all hanging nicely, at my satisfaction and feeling quite content.
    Following I shared this on my facebook account etc.

    Untill…. this thursday, when the director of the retirement home came to me to make ‘his’ comment about my work. This is what he told me;
    He had received some messages from inhabitants of the retirement home that they found my work a bit too intense, they felt unsafe with it and thought it was a bit scary even. There had been feelings that connected to the the ones people felt about the whole plaincrash situation in Ukrain (in Holland, where I live, this is quite intense at the moment). He really didn’t want the inhabitants of his retirementhome to feel unsafe (me neither of course), so he kindly asked me to remove some of the works that caused the feeling of unsafeness.

    Yeah…. Maybe you can understand that that gave me some conflicitng feelings. On one hand i felt pretty humiliated that he asked me te remove some work, a bit angry too, but on the other hand it’s also a compliment that obviously the work gave people something to think about and, not less important, feel someting! The last comment I make is, of course, rational, not emotional.

    A pretty good base for insecurity end a ‘writer block’, isn’t it? Especially when the base isn’t so solid to begin with….

    Welll, this is what I just wanted to share with you. Thank you for ‘listening’ and thank you very much for your nice blog and inspirering shared artwork!
    Greets from the Netherlands!

  648. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2014 /// 7:29pm

    Wow. Good for you… so impressed that you could see the positive part of that experience, and rightly so! Clearly your work made an impact! Now you just need to find a gallery that can handle “unsafe” work : )

  649. Iris Weaver /// 07.28.2014 /// 10:18am

    Another local artist told me you might like you look at my work…I love your website!

  650. s. arden hill /// 07.28.2014 /// 9:53pm

    I am such a big fan of your blog… that I’m the jealous of the jealous curator curator….. hahah…. I was hoping you could look at my links. maybe you’ll like them, maybe you’ll love them.

    thank you,

    love from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    s. arden hill

  651. Helen H. Wu /// 08.02.2014 /// 12:37pm

    Hi TJC,
    Thank you for sharing the arts and artists! So many inspiring posts! Absolutely fabulous! Love this blog! I’m a freelance illustrator, painter and graphic designer. If you like, take a peek at my recent paintings at http://helenhwu.com/illustration.html


    Hugs from Atlanta, GA

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  653. Vakseen /// 08.05.2014 /// 1:06am

    Thank you for everything you do. I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog. I’ve been following you for a few months and I’ve definitely been inspired by some of your posts. I’d love to return the favor and share my gift with you http://www.vakseen.com/site/artwork. Thank you again for your time, in every way possible.

  654. Angela /// 08.06.2014 /// 2:13pm

    Hi TJC!

    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago from SF Girl by the Bay, and I have to say, I absolutely adore it! I love the concept behind it; I admit, I definitely do identify with artist jealousy. In fact, I think it has been a lot of the absolutely paralyzing artistic block I’ve been experiencing for the last two years or so. I have been trying to climb out of it recently, but it is a challenge. Finding your blog and reading your about section is definitely inspiring; it’s hard to turn the jealousy into inspiration, but I think it can be done.

    Anywho, reading your blog made me think of my friend Hilary, who I have most certainly experienced artistic jealousy over! I thought you might want to check out her work; she makes fabric dolls, acrylic/screenprinted paintings, and screenprints. Here are a couple links to her works:


    Hope you are having a good one!

  655. Soraya Abidin /// 08.06.2014 /// 11:59pm

    Hi TJC,
    How do you submit artwork to your site gallery. Is there a process or do you simply give a web address for your viewing?
    Soraya x
    Sydney Australia

  656. the jealous curator /// 08.07.2014 /// 5:31am

    hi! you can just email me a link at contact@thejealouscurator.com – thanks!

  657. Maria /// 08.07.2014 /// 10:46am

    Hello TJC! I completely adore your blog. I’m starting a BFA in photography at SFAI and I want to grow out of what I’ve been comfortably making the last few years and your blog inspires me to do that! Hopefully one day you’ll be jealous of my art work as well ;)

    Good luck on everything!

  658. Sarah Shaw /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:53am

    Hi there, Great site, great blog.
    This self promotion thing is difficult but hey ho…this is my site. Ive just been selected for the Threadneedle Prize and am going to be on tv in the autumn of this year…hope you like my work, have loved the work you have featured so worth a try. All the best with your jealous curating :)

  659. Jeanne Heifetz /// 08.12.2014 /// 7:27pm

    Thinking you might like Julia Kuhl: http://www.froschportmann.com/JK1c.html — hope all is very well with you! Just told a Toronto artist friend about your event there.

  660. Valarie Matusik /// 08.13.2014 /// 1:18pm

    What kind of research do you do to come to these conclusions? Thanks for sharing!

  661. XOCHI SOLIS | HER NEW TRIBE | hernewtribe.com /// 08.13.2014 /// 8:07pm

    […] just a few short weeks a new book comes out by the awe inspiring Danielle Krysa of Jealous Currator.  Xochi Solis is just one of the artists that I love that will be […]

  662. Jeanne Heifetz /// 08.16.2014 /// 2:23am

    Have you seen these woven portraits? Spooky, but I think you might like them . . . http://davidsamuelstern.com/wovenportraits

  663. the jealous curator /// 08.17.2014 /// 12:12pm

    so so good, jeanne! thanks!

  664. Sarah Murphy /// 08.22.2014 /// 8:51am

    I’m raising my hand on behalf of my two super talented, humble, +
    non-promoting friends.

    David Hollier

    Lynda Bostrom

    They make me jealous all the time.
    (In the good way)

  665. Hernâni /// 08.31.2014 /// 3:47pm

    Hello there!
    thank you for sharing a lot of great artists! loved the paintings of jennifer tyers. Cheers!

  666. Hernâni /// 08.31.2014 /// 3:49pm

    ups* wrote my online portfolio wrong!.. http://hernanireisbaptista.com

  667. the jealous curator /// 08.31.2014 /// 10:09pm

    got it! thank you :)

  668. C. Feign Jr. /// 09.02.2014 /// 7:59am

    Hello TJC, we are a small group of (similarly jealous) curators based in Los Angeles – we have a show coming up we’d love to tell you about by sending you a press release and jpegs – is this possible?
    The artists’ name is Kim Kei and her work is amazing – http://kim-kei.tumblr.com/studio
    Thanks, CFJ

  669. C. Feign Jr. /// 09.02.2014 /// 8:00am

    Please disregard last message, just saw the contact email in a previous post. Love the site.

  670. Jaime /// 09.02.2014 /// 10:09am

    Just love the incorporation of plants on the recent post. I am inspired to leave you a link to this work as there are some botanical subjects involved. Inspired by what you do for viewers and sharing all you do :-)


  671. ida /// 09.03.2014 /// 8:08pm

    I don’t want to post… just wanted to say to you privately that i read the article on you in the Opus newsletter …and your experience at UVic was excruciatingly similar to mine.

  672. the jealous curator /// 09.04.2014 /// 10:39am

    i’m sorry to hear that ida… but i can’t tell you how many people have told me that exact same thing. not a great consolation, but at least we know we’re not alone! thanks for leaving the message – i totally appreciate it

  673. Heidi Drupsteen /// 09.04.2014 /// 5:48pm

    Hello TJC,

    I have enjoyed your site very much over the years!
    I’d like you to invite you to view my daughter’s website- she has used her method of papercutting to help her cope with chronic depression and anxiety. What she does to relax and calm herself would drive many people crazy! She has started to enter her work in local artshows in our area. angeladrupsteen.com

    Many thanks, Heidi

  674. the jealous curator /// 09.04.2014 /// 9:28pm

    that’s amazingly inspiring… thanks heidi! i’ll pop over and have a look :)

  675. Mark Curto /// 09.10.2014 /// 8:59am


    I would like to submit my contemporary artwork to your blog. Your site is so inspiring and my artwork can really compliment your content.

    Everything you need to know is at http://www.markcurto.com. And if it’s not there just shoot me an email or call me at 973-946-8997. Unless I’m teaching my 2 year old her abc’s, I’m always available to talk!

    Thank you,

  676. Jacqueline Kott-Wolle /// 09.13.2014 /// 9:18pm

    Hi – I just landed on your site! It’s amazing…I thought I’d give it a shot and send you the link to my new website. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see something you like! Best, Jackie


  677. Mirim Seo /// 09.14.2014 /// 11:12am

    Hi, I would like to submit my works to your blog.
    Your blog is amazing and give me a lot of inspiration.

    I have two projects to submit.

    If you have more questions, feel free to email me.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!

  678. tolla duke sloane /// 09.15.2014 /// 12:04am

    Hello JC
    I’ve been following your blog and Twitter feed for a while. Always inspiring, so thank you :-)
    We are based in Singapore and run the only Asian gallery of galleries and art consultancy. We would love to invite you to do a Guest Blog. My email is tolladuke@gmail.com. Our website is http://www.theartling.com
    Hope we can do this
    All the best, Tolla
    Curator & Art Consultant
    @giveart on Twitter

  679. Christopher Palbicki /// 09.17.2014 /// 1:56pm

    Hi JC,

    This might sound like an obvious question, but do you accept submissions from artists and if so, do you have a specific step-by-step process?

    Thanks very much for everything you’re doing to promote the creative work of others!!


  680. the jealous curator /// 09.17.2014 /// 3:18pm

    hi christopher – yes i do. you can just email me a link to your website … contact@thejealouscurator.com (thank you!)

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  683. Andres diez /// 09.29.2014 /// 10:00am

    Hi, i think what you are doing is fantastic and i have to say “why didn’t i think of it”. I am an Art Director at an advertising agency and after 16 years, i want to start work in my own stuff and perhaps live off of it.

    If you want to take a look at my work, here is a link: cargocollective.com/andresdiez.

    Hope you like it and any comments are more than welcome.

    Saludos AD

  684. Fran Belkin /// 10.07.2014 /// 5:59am

    I’m an artist too who is inspired by my jealousy! My iPhone has brought me photos of everything I love and can save for inspiration. Please send me your blog.

  685. Artollo Art Prints /// 10.07.2014 /// 7:03am

    We just love your blog♥

  686. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2014 /// 9:13am

    thanks! :)

  687. Lori Field /// 10.17.2014 /// 2:21pm

    your jealousy is inspiring!

  688. the jealous curator /// 10.17.2014 /// 4:12pm

    oh good! that’s the idea :)

  689. Friday Finds: Paints, prints, & more | prairiesque /// 11.07.2014 /// 9:40am

    […]  I can’t promise you won’t still be a little jealous.  Oh, just go ahead and read what she says herself!) […]

  690. Grégory C. Brunet /// 11.07.2014 /// 10:24am

    Hi! I’m a painter based in Montréal, Canada! Really digging your blog! Have a look at my website if you have a minute!

  691. Lisa Marie /// 11.12.2014 /// 10:24am

    I have been following your inspiring blog for years and I cannot express enough praise to you and the artists you feature. Your work is very much appreciated by myself and a world of other creatives that visit regularly. Thank you so kindly.

  692. Naomi Schlinke /// 11.14.2014 /// 11:39am

    I’ve just found this blog, how interesting! Along with a 1000 other requests, I add mine to give a look at my work! :-)

  693. Coco Huang /// 11.16.2014 /// 6:11pm


    This is a great place to find inspirations and to see talented artists out there with their work. I am a visual artist and I love mixed media and colours. Here is my portfolio if you would like to take a look: http://cohuang.tumblr.com

    :) cheers

  694. Doris Trejo /// 11.17.2014 /// 1:10pm

    I hope you have the chance to see my work in analog photography.

    From El Salvador, Central America : )

  695. Symone Walker /// 11.19.2014 /// 8:13am

    Your blog alone is a “damn, I wish I thought of that!” it is lovely in every way! It also makes me happy that you are a firm believer and advocate for female artists and image makers. If you find some time at all, please take a look at my work. I’d be honored. http://www.fwmadephotography.com

  696. Alessandro Carboni /// 11.20.2014 /// 9:56am

    Thanks for sharing all the inspiring and beautiful artwork, it’s a pleasure to follow you on Facebook.

  697. Katherine Dunn /// 11.22.2014 /// 11:42am

    Well, I confess to have envy when I see things online too, and well, it can lead to inspiration too-but sometimes I fall into a few moments of pathetic self-beating..which is then helped by creating, so I guess either way, it is good! You can visit my world of art/writing/farm if you wish, maybe someone will say, “I wished I’d thoughtof that!” http://www.katherinedunn.us

  698. Jeanne Heifetz /// 11.22.2014 /// 1:50pm

    I thought you might like these tiny driftwood houses: kirstyelson.co.uk/wp/?portfolio=2013
    Congratulations on everything that’s been happening with books and shows!
    All the best,

  699. the jealous curator /// 11.22.2014 /// 3:19pm

    thanks jeanne! xo

  700. Alessandro Carboni /// 11.26.2014 /// 11:01am

    Forgot, if you have a minute you can have a look at my website:





  701. GRAFFMATT /// 11.28.2014 /// 3:34am

    Wow, I found a good source of inspirationon your website! I’m a french artist and I appreciate what you do for the artists. Keep up the good work!


  702. Sabrina Brett /// 12.01.2014 /// 12:00pm

    Happy December!

    Just wanted to say thank you for creating a beautiful space to discover contemporary art! It’s delightful to explore your blog!!

    A few mixed media works you might enjoy: http://sabrinabrett.blogspot.com/search/label/Mixed%20Media%20Painting

    All the Best!

  703. the jealous curator /// 12.01.2014 /// 1:53pm

    thanks so much, sabrina :)

  704. georgia chranioti /// 12.04.2014 /// 10:06am

    I still can’t believe I found you. I actually screamed out loud when I read the first lines of the info. I have spent all day searching artists,ideas,projects,sites to feel this jealousy on purpose this time and find a way to deal with it. I wrote this comment only to say that I am so jealous of you and I thank you for that :)

  705. Gonzalo Garcia Callegari /// 12.05.2014 /// 10:23am

    Hi Danielle,

    I was on a trip last week to SF, and on a bookstore in Haight St. I came across “Creative Block”. I immediately bought it, because as an artist myself, I can relate so much to the stuff published there. Thanks for sharing so much!! I’ll now dig on your blog!!

    Check my web: http://www.garciacallegari.com

    All the best,


  706. Tiffany Schmierer /// 12.08.2014 /// 12:44pm

    I am really enjoying your blog, and I’m looking forward to the going to the show at the Bedford Gallery. What a great group of artists! Thanks for sharing!

    I make ceramic sculpture and would love for you to take a look. tiffanyschmierer.com

    take care,


  707. the jealous curator /// 12.09.2014 /// 9:40am

    thanks tiffany :) popping over to your site now!

  708. Tessa O'Brien /// 12.09.2014 /// 10:14am

    Hi Danielle,
    Thanks so much for the work that you do promoting artists! You do a fantastic job curating, and have created a beautiful site. I always keep an eye on the blog and your instagram for inspiration!
    I am a painter in Maine, and have a new series of colorful little paintings that I turned into a 2015 calendar- take a peek if you are so inclined!


    Thanks so much, and keep up the amazing work!

    Tessa O’Brien

  709. the jealous curator /// 12.10.2014 /// 6:35am

    thanks tessa! i’ll go over and have a look :)

  710. Nancy Benton /// 12.10.2014 /// 9:28pm


    Still loving your site. Also really enjoying your book The Creative Block. I’m working on a new series called A Very Brief Period in Time. If you have a moment, take a look. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Nancy Benton

  711. Mackenzie Reynolds /// 12.11.2014 /// 9:18pm

    I absolutely love your site! I visit it every day during my lunch break. I have been so inspired by all the wonderful artists and I am super thankful that you are collecting and sharing all different types of art. I am currently working on a series call “For what it’s worth” that uses vintage photographs. Not to toot my own horn but I think you may find some of my work interesting. I would love to see a curated post of all diffent types of artist who use, repurposed and deconstructed found imagery related to family albums and snapshots. ( Even if it didn’t include my work :). . . )


    Keep up the good work and I will catch ya during my next lunch break.

  712. Shawna /// 12.12.2014 /// 8:13pm

    Thanks for feeding our eyes and reassuring our doubting minds. For this, we as artists say a deep thank you! You have given me a new appreciation and now love for collage. Though I haven’t done very much of it, I am wholly captivated and amused by those who can. Keep on keeping on, Sister!

    You’re welcome to take a teeny peek at my work when you get a chance:


  713. the jealous curator /// 12.12.2014 /// 8:31pm

    oh, thank you so much shawna… that made my day! :)

  714. Chriz Highnon /// 12.14.2014 /// 3:17am

    water – wine -bread – falafel:
    see the first four pictures on this board:

  715. Emily Lewis /// 12.15.2014 /// 4:44pm

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve been looking at it for years and it’s always nice to see something new and refreshing when I feel like I’m in a rut. It’s also exciting when I see you post artwork by artists I know!


  716. Krista Odom /// 12.26.2014 /// 3:41pm

    Thank you for all the inspiration over the past few years, I have long admired your aesthetic and curation.
    Here is a link to my website, I’ve finally gotten a few of my own works onto it. I hope you enjoy!

  717. Simon Kangiser /// 12.27.2014 /// 9:37am

    I am so pleased to read your blog after a friend turned me on to it:) I have been using Instagram (@simonarri) to showcase my work mainly and I never thought about blog features for promoting. I had the hardest time approaching galleries and talking about my work. After gaining followers on Instagram, I realized what I wanted a lot from my art is for strangers to like it. I love showing my friends, but somehow I felt they were required to say it was good. I didn’t realize this before pushing myself to put my art out there, and it gave me more confidence in speaking with galleries. I’m currently in 3 shows and one of them was from a New York gallery liking my feed. Please have a look at my site:) I am concentrating on making the doughnut dioramas right now.
    Thanks so much,

  718. Christina Chung /// 01.05.2015 /// 4:29pm

    Hello! Just wanted to drop by and say that I absolutely love this blog. I also recently have learned to turn jealousy into being able to be inspired. So great to find a blog that embodies just that! I am an illustrator and would love it if you could check out my work: http://www.christina-chung.com

    Hope your new year is turning out great so far!!

  719. Kristen Rutledge /// 01.10.2015 /// 4:03pm


    A friend just turned me onto your blog. She has been involved in the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA for about a year now. She suggested my sending you to my etsy site to show you some of my art work. I am just getting started showing my greeting cards and all print sizes of my artwork. What do you think?


  720. the jealous curator /// 01.10.2015 /// 5:43pm

    i’ll pop over and take a look kristen – thank you! :)

  721. Kerry Irvine /// 01.12.2015 /// 10:14am

    Love, love, love your blog!


  722. J. S. /// 01.14.2015 /// 1:11am

    Hi Jealous Creator,

    Just launched today, a new and simple archived system of my automatic drawings are now live. Hope you like them.


  723. Michael Hermesh /// 01.14.2015 /// 8:46pm

    Hi attended your talk in summerland -quite enjoyed it. Thankyou Michael

  724. the jealous curator /// 01.15.2015 /// 8:23am

    oh, thanks so much michael – it was a fun evening :)

  725. Sophie Tivona /// 01.18.2015 /// 7:23pm

    Hey there!

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and finally got up the courage to send you a link to my work. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the great inspiration!



  726. the jealous curator /// 01.19.2015 /// 12:04am

    so great sophie… i love those “springs!” (and the sausages, of course!) :)

  727. Brian Harmon /// 01.19.2015 /// 5:19am

    Super simplified, super tiny, melty bead versions of iconic album covers. Enjoy.

  728. Amy Reber /// 01.20.2015 /// 9:33pm

    Can’t. stop. drawing. Surface design obsessed! Thank you for taking a peak!

  729. pyanek /// 01.25.2015 /// 9:17pm

    Hi Jealous Curator :)

    This video is part of what will hopefully be a series of macro photography of everyday objects (among other things), scored by myself. Hope you like it!


  730. Jyo /// 01.28.2015 /// 9:13am

    Hello Jealous Curator. Your blog is simply awesome – I am so glad I found it. I love art and design, but I am not an artist – so I didn’t really feel jealous, just happy & inspired looking at all this curated art. :) I usually do an art or design inspired post every Wednesday on my blog, and this week I featured you! Let me know if you are open to doing a guest post sometime. Much love & light!

  731. Wednesday Sparkle #18: Animated Art – Pumpernickel Pixie /// 01.28.2015 /// 9:14am

    […] – All the images are from the website ‘The Jealous Curator‘. If you love art, do check out her blog, I promise you won’t be disappointed! I spent […]

  732. Penelope /// 02.01.2015 /// 2:52pm

    Dear Jealous Curator
    I want to thank you for having such a great eye and generous heart.
    I’ve just seen the wonderful artist Arnaut Van Albada on your site. Such nutty joyful, and weirdly sombre paintings.
    So then I fell down your rabbit hole, looking looking looking. What a treasure trove!
    If I may be so bold…you may like to take a sly peak at my site


  733. Anna Tsvell /// 02.01.2015 /// 2:59pm

    Hello Jealous Curator! )
    I`m Anna & I`m an independent artist-illustrator. on behalf of the many artists whom you supported I want to say thank you ! you`r doing a very-very important job.
    It`s hard to be an independent artist as you know. As for me, my dream is to work & to make people happier , to inspire them . But I don`t know how to promote myself at this moment – to tell the truth I even don`t know how to do it, I just draw & draw & draw…
    So I would be mooore than grateful if you can help me somehow, if I deserve it of course !
    Here is my link : http://annatsvellgallery.tumblr.com/ .

    Thank you for your attention!
    All my best wishes, Anna

  734. Ron Schwartz /// 02.05.2015 /// 2:45pm

    Hi. What a great site. My mom, somehow, with her still limited internet savvy, posted a link on my facebook wall. After perusing many pages I immediately felt compelled to get in touch and share my work. See if it scratches any itches for you.

    My art ‘pseudonym’ is Toblerusse and it is what I use for my domain as well. I call my style abstract architecture and have a heavy M.C. Escher influence. In a sense, looking as his work makes me jealous the same way you describe in your site profile.

    I’ve recently started on a long project involving Air Jordan shoes. I plan to do 23 paintings for this series and my rough estimate is that it will take about a year longer. I’ve completed 4 so far. And I’ve been derailed by some other (fun) pet/animal related painting projects in the past few weeks.

    Long story short, I’d love it if you checked out my work and love it even more if you liked them enough to feature some.


    Ron/Toblerusse – http://www.toblerusse.com

  735. George Peters /// 02.06.2015 /// 10:05am

    I absolutely love your jealous admiration blog! It’s the treasure box find of the day. All artists need to take time off occasionally to see what’s going on in other studios. It’s inspiration that drives the creative brain. Thank you so much for your searches, discoveries and shares.

    I started a blog on a whim a while back inspired by artists who make small things. My artist partner and I had our tool shed burn and after the insurance company paid for repairs we redesigned it into a small ‘play’ gallery… started having shows of both our miniature works and other artists and friends. It eventually turned into a blog featuring the art of the small. I loved that process of looking into a world that I had wandered into as a child with a fascination for small things. You can visit it at http://www.minigalleryo.blogspot.com

    Our works are large scale public art projects, installation sculptures and large flying kite works so it was a refreshing jump into the looking glass.

    Again, lots and lots of appreciation of your “Damn… why didn’t I think of that!” blog. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that as well. It’s all brain and heart food.

  736. Joseph Vorgity /// 02.07.2015 /// 4:08pm

    I saw the article about you in Sunset Magazine.
    I am watercolor painter and woodblock printmaker.
    I also have a small business called ‘Hyacinth Press’ where I produce and sell hand pulled woodblock printed greeting cards. Please check out my work. Thanks.
    Instagram: hyacinth_press

  737. Cathy Tuato'o Ross /// 02.09.2015 /// 2:34pm

    I keep coming across images on Pinterest that link back to you, and I share your jealousy/desire/feelings of utter indulgence when consuming them. I am a New Zealand artist, with no personal website but I have sent a link to my gallery. I would love to send you some more images to look at – there are a few more on Pinterest too if you search my name – although I spend much more time in the studio than on the computer. Best, Cathy

  738. Stine Munk /// 02.09.2015 /// 7:54pm

    Hi Jealous Curator (who is no longer jealous :))

    Thank you for all your work and inspiring people to take the step of promoting ones artwork. You are doing a great job and I love your picks.

    I myself is a collage artist like you and hope that you will have a look at my website or check out my instagram: stilhedistuen

    Have an amazing day!
    Best, Stine Munk

  739. Melissa Arendt /// 02.12.2015 /// 8:29am

    Hello TJC,
    I just bought your book, “Collage” at a little shop in San Francisco. After reading the book, I decided to check out your blog….ummmmm, soooooo good!!! I’m sure you’re a busy lady but if you’d like more work to check out here is my website… http://www.melissaarendt.com

    Keep up the great curation!
    Melissa Arendt

  740. the jealous curator /// 02.12.2015 /// 3:26pm

    hi melissa … that is crazy. i already have your work in my drafts folder as we speak. weird!

  741. Denis Schäfer /// 02.16.2015 /// 10:18am

    Hallo TJC,
    there is so much great stuff on this side! I would be happy, if you could took a moment to check my work for consideration. I do collages in a classical manner, with a sharp blade, scissors and glue. One big focus is the exploration of architecture and the urban, utopian space.


    Many thanks from Berlin,

  742. Savannah Barrington /// 02.18.2015 /// 2:47pm

    Hi TJC,

    I have followed and constantly obsessed over your blog for over a year now. Its wonderful and it has inspired me. I basically want to do what you do. I am currently a Junior in the Art History program at Oklahoma State University and am looking for a summer internship, with that said I would LOVE to intern with you! I would greatly appreciate an email response to discuss that possibility.

    Thank you so much for your time and awaiting your response!

  743. Brit /// 02.19.2015 /// 10:42am

    Hi!!! :)

    I just wanted to say thank you for making your blog!!! I love reading it and I love seeing inspiring art on Instagram and Facebook everyday!!!

    I definitely struggle with the same issues… I had to just start drawing without anything on my mind in order not to think of something I saw that I loved so much… It’s great to be inspired, but sometimes you just love it so much you end up painting it hahah :)
    I am not sure if you’d be interested in taking a peak at my shop, I know you have plenty of artist, but maybe! :)

    Thank you again for all of the wonderful posts!!!

  744. Patricia Larocque /// 02.21.2015 /// 2:27am

    Hi TJC,

    I’m an embroidery artist currently based in Lyon, France. I follow you on Instagram and also visit the site, it’s great! If you have time you should check out my website:

    instagram is @ffembroidery

    Thank you :)


  745. Carolyn McCarthy /// 02.23.2015 /// 9:02am

    Thanks for six years of beauty and inspiration. Have you seen Jessica Todd Harper’s photography? Stunning. I don’t remember seeing her work on TJC. I just saw her new book and thought you might like it. http://www.jessicatoddharper.com

    Thanks again for being a champion of art.

  746. Cara Bray /// 02.26.2015 /// 9:03am


    We just wanted to let you know about the new addition to our hand drawn map series by illustrator Jenni Sparks. After many months of hard work, our Paris map is complete! Take a look here http://www.evermade.com/product/hand-drawn-map-of-paris/

    Best wishes,


  747. the jealous curator /// 02.26.2015 /// 9:12am

    whoa! that’s insane! thanks for the link

  748. Christiaan Kastrop /// 02.27.2015 /// 10:30pm

    Hi Jealous Curator,

    Following your “I wish I though of that”-feeling to the bone and having seen many great works and artists on your site (..even contacting Mark Bradley-Shoup to sell through our site in Belgium because of your post) I almost feel obligated to send you this link to a dear friend of mine Liesje Reyskens from Belgium, http://www.liesjereyskens.com. Her work and way of creating settings has always been a treat for me to look at. For the real experience download her free app “Liesje Reyskens” and bring some of her pictures to life. If you are intrested I can send you some picture cards of hers. Have a great weekend! C

  749. Erin MacKeen /// 03.11.2015 /// 8:39am

    Hi Jealous Curator, needless to say, I’m a big fan ;) We met in person at a talk you gave in Toronto last year and I’ve been meaning to contact you ever since! I’ve recently taken the leap into a full-time art practice, which is both thrilling and terrifying! You’ve been an inspiring touchstone throughout the process. I’d love you to take a gander at my paintings, hopefully they resonate with you :) I’ve recently been accepted as a maker on Great.ly and am just working to set up my shop with the new wood block pieces. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    All the best, Erin

  750. Eugene Efuni /// 03.16.2015 /// 8:26pm


    Elena Vizerskaya is one of the best photo artists today. Her photo art is stunning, imaginative and very diverse.

    Currently, we started an IndieGoGo campaign to support two of her new very unique projects. These projects are quite unusual and we would be glad to start sharing some very interesting details about them.

    We hope that you will check out her art and this campaign and will write about it if you like it. This is worth taking a look at. And we need art community’s support.

    Thank you for your attention.

    All the best,
    Eugene Efuni

  751. Jennifer /// 03.20.2015 /// 1:35pm


    Just came across your blog today and suddenly realized, I can certainly relate to being a jealous curator too! I love the idea of your blog and your honesty. Can’t wait to look through everything and be inspired.


  752. Blake /// 03.22.2015 /// 12:14pm

    I like the art you feature. Mine is on http://www.blakemconroy.com
    I was wondering what you think.

  753. Katryn Beaty /// 03.24.2015 /// 1:29pm

    Hello! I am a visual artist from Brazil and I came across your ig on instagram and that’s how I found the blog! I absolutely loved it!
    I would like to share my work with you…I paint most of my works with my hands and I choose very feminine themes..
    Best regards!!


  754. Jorge Alegría /// 03.26.2015 /// 9:49pm

    Hello! I have been enjoying your site for well over a year now. I always look forward to your posts and makes every week a little brighter! Thank you! Keep up the great work! -ja