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mapping memories


Oh, washi tape… I love it so much, so when Sara Barnes of Speckled Canary {she was the woman behind the Collage Scrap Exchange that I wrote about last year} asked if I wanted to take part in this creative challenge, called “Mapping Memories”, I said ‘YES’! She has teamed up with a Canadian shop called Omiyage that are alllll about washi tape, and here’s what they want you to do. Create pieces of art, based on personal memories, completely out of pretty, cut or torn, washi tape! Ok, if you want to draw here or there, or add a tiny found image you can, but try to collage the whole thing out of tape!  Here’s the deal:

“Memories are a powerful thing. Sometimes, they’re so clear that we can recall how something looked, smelled, or even tasted. Speckled Canary’s latest project celebrates this phenomena and invites you to recollect memories with washi tape!

Lovely. If you want to play along, just sign up by August 16th. It’s $15 for a starter kit of washi tape, but if you already have your own stash {that would be me!} it’s $3. At the end of all of this, there will be a big interactive map of everyone’s memories from around the world, including yours… oh, and there will even be some prizes from Omiyage and Speckled Canary! Can. Not. Wait. Have fun exploring all of your colorful memories! All details re: submitting your work etc can be found at Speckled Canary. *All images above from Omiyage’s blog.

collage scrap exchange!

The only thing better than a pile of weird images & random bits of pretty paper is gathering up those little scraps, popping them in an envelope, and mailing them to another artist that you’ve never met! Oh, this is so fun… I’m totally going to do it, and you should too! Sara from the illustration blog, Brown Paper Bag has teamed up with Papirmass to put on this very clever & creative art contest… here’s how it works:

1.  Sign up to participate in the Col­lage Scrap Exchange until November 15 (click Sign up to sign up!)

2. After Novem­ber 15, they’ll match up col­lage partners

3. You’ll pack­age your scraps and mail ‘em via snail mail to your partner (this is a world wide project!)

4. Once you receive your partner’s package, make a col­lage (or collages) using both of your scraps! Theme: New Landscapes

5. Turn in your fin­ished art­work before the Feb­ru­ary 15, 2015 deadline

You can win a prize package worth over $250! {$125 cash prize // 2 free subscriptions for Papir­mass // Get your work published in an issue of Papirmass}

So many fabulous people are participating, including one of my favorite collage artists, Anthony Zinonos, so sign up today… I just did {those are some of my scraps above!} Oh, and if you have any questions please email the organizers at to find out more. Thanks!

jealous at ugallery

It was that jumpy girl in the meadow that sealed the deal when UGallery asked me to be one of their guest curators… then I found the coral nail polish it ALL came together! I chose just over 30 pieces for my little collection, and these are a few of my faves… cactus and a giant watermelon? Yep, these really are GOOD THINGS. You can find the full collection right here…

{ps. all of it’s for sale…fyi, in case you’re in the market for a giant watermelon}

1) Valerie Chiang 2) Nicole Newsted 3) Mark Yaggie 4) Nicole Newsted 5) Bryan Jerabek

i’m jealous of eleonor bostrom

Gah!!!! I love pink flowers, AND coffee… hm, I can’t sew, but I’ll learn! Yep, if I plan it just right I could have these weird little ceramic dogs in every corner of my house! They are the work of Berlin / Stockholm based artist Eleonor Boström. I discovered her through Sara Barnes and the lovely show, titled Lost Dogs, that Sara currently has up in her online gallery, eyra.  Here’s a little taste of what you’ll find:

That shadow!!! LOVE.

{psst… The shadow dogs are $70, and the bowl dogs are $250. For other bits, visit Eleonor’s etsy shop}

i’m jealous of twin-niwt

Ok, before the love, I have to start by saying that tumblr ain’t my favorite thing in the world. It just seems to be a giant sea of images that rarely link back to the artist who made the work. That drives me nuts!

Anywho, I digress.

When Sandrine Kerfante sent me a link to her beautiful site, twin-niwt I started letting go of my tumblr rage, because I was seeing double… and I liked it! Sandrine has collected such a gorgeous group of everything twin-like. ♥ ♥ These are just a few of my favorites {I was tempted to copy and paste everything she had on there, but… well, that would be crazy, right?}

1) Sonia Szóstak 2) unknown  3) unknown via fromthewings 4) Ariko Inaoka 5) Anne Malmberg 6) Budi Cc-line 7) Kristina Petrosiute 8 ) unknown  9) Clayton Cubitt 10) Julie Cerise {*thanks to sandrine, and everyone else that jumped in to fill in the blanks on a few of these!}

guest post stay-cation

I’ll be taking a little break this summer… not from here {I’ll still be here every day}, but I will be taking a tiny vacay from guest posting, just until September, so I wanted to say:

Ok. I have to admit, it’s really hard to stop!

I’m slightly addicted to my ART GOES HERE posts on Victoria Smith’s lovely site, I’ve already started pinning minimal rooms to “hang” art in come fall – oh, and if you have any spaces you think I should use, let me know!

And, I absolutely love doing the affordable ART ROUNDUPS on Emily Henderson’s amazing blog, I’ve heard from so many of you that you’ve bought pieces because of that series, and I cannot tell you how much that thrills me!!! But…

… after an insanely busy year {moving, renovating, two books, traveling for GIRL CRUSH, curating two shows, not to mention my graphic design business} I’ve decided to really slooooooooow things down for the summer. I have a little boy who needs me to jump into lakes with him – how can I say no to that! So, Victoria and Emily {and your amazing readers!}, thank you so so so much for letting me be part of your world! I’ll miss you like crazy, and see you all in September  xo

{artwork: 1. Plates by Little Owl Design 2. Paintings by Maz Dixon}

i’m jealous of jaime derringer

Whoa. I was already jealous of Jaime Derringer for being the founder of the amazingly fantastic blog, Design Milk, and that should really be enough, but then I found a bunch of her drawings… gorgeous, elaborate, knotty, brain-bending, squiggly drawings! LOVE! I don’t know about you, but no matter what kind of pen I use, my drawings do not look like this. Weird. {ps. I just have to say, out loud, how much that white ink on black paper is killing me!!! That’s all.}

yvr > slc

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year again! I’m off to Salt Lake City today, for Altitude Design Summit {affectionately known as Alt}. I’ve got my stripes, a bit of glitter, and a whole stack o’ business cards! I’ve spoken at Alt the past two years, and this year I’ll be on a panel called “Building Offline Events” – Friday at 10:30am. I’m thrilled to be sharing the stage with three amazing ladies: Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso/Go Mighty/Mom2.0 , Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange , and Stacey Ferguson of Justice Fergie/Blogalicious. My part of it will be covering a few helpful tips and tricks that I’ve learned hosting GIRL CRUSH over the past year. ie., make sure you have vegan options for breakfast, when the host artist is vegan {Right, Lisa?}!!!

Anyway, I’ll be on twitter, instagram, and Facebook while I’m gone, and back here with regular posts on Monday. If you don’t hear from me, I’m probably covered in glitter and trapped in a photobooth! Don’t worry – I’ll be ok in there.

{Photo by Janette Crawford ~ my roomie from 2011, and roomie again this year!}

i’m jealous of garage gallery

Garage Gallery started as just that… a garage in LA where art was shown, shared, and sold affordably:

They had some amazing artists hang their work! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from various shows:

Love! {1) Ming Ong  2) Aaron McConomy  3) Alika Cooper}

Now, Garage Gallery has gone online, stretching their community from a neighborhood in LA, to the world!!!

Lovely… and boy oh boy, do they have some great artists in their roster. Again, a few of my faves:

Yep, this is definitely a garage I could hang out in all day long! Go check it out… right now! ; )

{The pieces above are the work of 1) Emily Barletta 2) Emma Lawrenson  3) Paz Lopez  4) Elliot Beaumont}


Ok… it’s time, but I just quickly want to say, thank you all so much for your lovely comments! It warms my heart to hear all of your very sweet messages… granted, you’re probably just trying to win this fabulous prize, but I’m going to take all of your compliments anyway! ; )

So, I’m sitting at my favorite cafe, and I just asked the baristas to pick a number between 1 and 398….

Susan! (… the Susan with lslkmiller in her email address) you’ve got 9 gorgeous prints, and one gnome on a wiener dog messenger bag coming your way! Ok. It’s official… now I’m totally jealous of you! (I’ll email you for your address etc). Thanks so much to everyone that entered – I wish I had 398 things to give away xo