medium /// art or craft?

i’m jealous of “foliage”


Hand. Soap.

Hilarious. Beautiful. Kinda creepy. I wish I thought of it.

I want need this. I would never actually use them though. I wouldn’t want to ruin them. They’re like those little rose soaps my grandmother used to put out for guests… but in more of a severed hand kind of way. If you want need them too, you can find them on by an artist who goes by the name of “Foliage“.

i’m jealous of “poodlebreath”


Here we are again, at the line between art and craft. This subject always hurts my head. What makes something art vs craft? Intent? Venue? Scale? Price? Marketing? Ouch, there’s that headache again. I met this artist, a.k.a etsy name “Poodlebreath“, at a craft show. When I saw her work I was so inspired & so jealous. As far as I’m concerned this beautiful ceramic wall hanging should be hanging on an art gallery wall for lots of money, instead of sitting on a craft table for NOT lots of money.

i’m jealous of anila rubiku


I’m either very consistent in my taste, or I’m becoming a broken record. Here is another lovely piece  “containing the signs of everydayness”. This is how Albanian born, now based in Milan, artist Anila Rubiku has described her work. It’s similar to the piece by Lisa Solomon that I posted a few weeks ago. I love them both and am wondering why I ignored my mother when she tried to teach me to sew. Damn it.

i’m jealous of lisa solomon



Domestic imagery pulls me in every time – simple & sweet at first glance, but below the surface there always seems to be a hint of something dirty going on… or is that just me? Anyway, add a bit of a traditionally domestic technique (ie embroidery), like Lisa Solomon has in both of these pieces, and I’m sold.

~watercolour, acrylic and embroidery thread on duralar

i’m jealous of magda sayeg


If Art met Craft, through online dating or something, ended up falling in love and getting married, this would be their baby. Knitted graffiti. Seriously, how awesome is this? A bus cozy. You’ve had a way to keep your tea warm for years and now, finally, your local abandoned eyesore can have the same privilege, thanks to Magda Sayeg and her crew at Knitta Please.

i’m jealous of wendy walgate


That’s it, first thing Monday morning I’m signing up for a ceramics class.

I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Wendy Walgate’s beautiful 3D pieces or the fact that she’s got her own studio in Toronto’s historic/artsy Distillery District where she can focus on her work full time. She’s probably in there right now making another turquoise baby head…

[You can also see more of her work at the Ferrin Gallery]

i’m jealous of jim houser


Nothin’ like a good old fashioned hooked rug. Mix in a little typography and I am totally hooked, pardon the pun. I love this piece by Jim Houser. The rest of his work doesn’t really look like this (still really great), but this was the one that made me wish I hadn’t put away my rug hooking tools when I was 11 ~ hmmm, they’ve got to be around here somewhere…

i’m jealous of kate o’connor


There were a whole bunch of these weird and wonderful hankies that Kate O’Connor had showing at Katharine Mulherin Gallery on Queen West in Toronto last fall. I always love it when crafty techniques are used to make fine art. Well, almost always… there are a few exceptions to that rule, but I’m too polite to link to any of them.

i’m jealous of rachel denny


I’m a big fan of deer heads, and a lover of cable knit so this piece pretty much does it for me. Is it craft, is it art? Who cares, I love it and I wish I had made it. Nicely done Rachel Denny.

i ♥ felt food


If I could curate an entire show of only felt food I totally would.  I think they are hilarious, weird, and beautifully hand crafted. Sadly, all of these objects are on priced anywhere from $8 to $24 because they’re considered craft, not art. Show them in a white walled gallery with shiny wood floors, add some much needed intent by calling the show something like “Comfort Food – A Nation Consumed” and mark my words, they’d be selling like hotcakes for a lot more than $8. It probably couldn’t hurt to adjust the scale a bit too… just ask Claes Oldenburg.