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i’m jealous of chloe fleury

Whoa. The cut and folded paper illustration work of French- born, San Francisco based, artist Chloe Fleury is, well, gorgeous! Her work for the cover of Anthology’s latest issue is amazing {look at those tiny paper lamps!}, I love those bunny heads, and her 3D San Francisco neighborhood posters… um, and now I totally want an orange popsicle sold to me from a little pink paper truck! If you live in the Bay Area you can literally be part of  the world of Chloe Fleury… her show, titled Color Me Happy – The World of Chloe Fleury, is opening at La Boutique next Friday, April 27th,  from 6 – 8pm {RSVP here}. Here’s a sweet little video to prepare you for Chloe’s lovely, bright, papery world:

Cute! And on that cheery note, happy weekend! See you on Monday!

i’m jealous of rinee shah

Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing by Rinee Shah

Um, I love this! Food from Seinfeld…

Yes, yes it is.

{…currently showing until March 10th at Pot + Pantry, in the Mission, San Francisco}

GIRL CRUSH… in seattle! {may 19th}

When you hear the name Dottie Angel, I’m quite sure you immediately think of the faceless, crafty goddess who resides at Mossy Shed, and looks a little something like this, yes?

Well, I am so excited for you to meet the woman {with a face} behind Dottie Angel… the insanely talented, Seattle based artist, Tif Fussell:

Tif and I have planned an AMAZING, collaborative, creative tea party for Seattle! The theme… “assembling”, and I’ll tell you why. Twelve of us are going to “assemble” at the very lovely “Assemble Gallery & Studio“, where we will “assemble” a collaborative, mixed media collage {using vintage papers, thread, text, images, buttons… whatever Tif and I can dig out of our studios, really}. After spending the morning talking artist blocks & inspirations, we’ll have plenty of ideas to work into our piece! Now, the most exciting part… our finished, “assembled” piece will hang as a group show at Assemble Gallery! Seriously. When the show comes down a few weeks later, the collage will be snipped into individual pieces, and you can each take one home for your very own studio wall. Here’s a quick look at an example that Tif put together:

Ah, so lovely! Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be eating stacks of sweet little cupcakes while we do this?! Yes, yes we will. If you’d like to join us on Saturday May 19th, in Seattle at Assemble Gallery & Studio, just click here to register. YAY!

{Thank you so much to Tif, and Andie & Emily at Assemble… and to Seattle blogger/writer/photographer Melanie B. for getting this whole Seattle Girl Crush rolling on Twitter! I think she has it almost sold out, so sign up soon!)

i’m jealous of an old feather factory

Yep. An old feather factory turned into a gallery, and several artist studios {psst… that are for rent!}. The Active Space is in Bushwick Brooklyn, and looks like this:

Oh, it’s like a huge blank canvas! I desperately want an artist to paint a giant feather mural all over the exterior… wouldn’t that be cool!? Maybe in gold!!! Anyway, this post is about them {not my feathery mural ideas} so let me get back to the point! It’s a space with one large showing gallery, and several individual artist studios {free heat included in the rent – you can’t beat that!}. Here is a layout of the space, two examples of the rooms, and some jealousy-inducing work from a few of the ‘Active Space‘ artists:

{1. Lauren Clay 2. Sebastian Vallejo 3. Matt Nichols }

They are having a grand re-opening this Friday night, February 24th from 7 – 10pm, and you should go!  They’ll be featuring the work of street artist Criminy Johnson:

Have an amazing time on Friday night… and tell them about my gold feather mural idea! Thanks ; )

i’m jealous of sara escamilla {and bsda!}

I love these delicate, washy paintings by LA based artist Sara Escamilla. I also love that they are currently for sale on Buy Some Damn Art! Yes, Buy Some Damn Art! It’s a new online gallery concept brought to you by the lovely Kate Singleton of Art Hound. Every Tuesday at noon she’ll feature six new pieces… original, reasonably priced, fabulous pieces! Her mandate… to bridge the gap between prints and far-too-expensive originals for a new generation of art buyers. Hey – that’s you!

{Sign up for the mailing list, and you’ll get previews of the upcoming pieces delivered right to your inbox… and hurry, because BSDA is only two weeks old, and things are selling fast!}

i’m jealous of emma coulter

I don’t write about abstract art that often, but yowza… these compositions, those colors! And, if they look this good on screen, just imagine what they must look like in person! Well, if you live in Berlin you won’t have to imagine much longer… Emma Coulter, a UK born, Australian artist, currently living and working in Berlin has a show opening this Saturday evening. It’s titled Viscerality, and you should go.

September 17, 2011 ~ October 08, 2011
Opening:  Saturday September 17, 5pm to 9pm
Kunstraum Tapir, Weser Str. 11, Berlin, Friedrichshain
Open times: Wednesday, Sept 21, Sept28, Oct 5, 4pm to 8pm / or by appt.
contact or 0162 -1560185

i’m jealous of an enormous amount of tiny art

If you live anywhere even kinda close to Portsmouth, New  Hampshire I know what you should do tonight! It’s the opening of The Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta. Yes, that’s right, there will be an enormous amount {50 artists are participating} of tiny original art {10″x10″ or smaller}. The line-up of artists is insane… insane I tell you!!! I managed to control myself and only show a few of my favorites pieces, but I could have easily shown work from all 50 artists! Seriously. Ok, so back to planning your Friday night for you: Tonight, September 2nd from 5 ~ 8pm… but if you can’t make it to the opening, don’t worry, the show will be up until October 2nd. Have an enormously fun, yet tiny, time!

{A few of my favorite pieces by: 1. Shannon Rankin 2. Jennifer Davis 3. Stacey Durand 4. Amanda Blake 5. Sarajo Frieden 6. Leah Giberson}

i’m jealous of jaime c. knight

Oh my delicate, golden, feathery goodness! I absolutely love this work by American artist Jaime C. Knight… and possibly Lena Wolff. I know that they had a collaborative show, titled In the Beginning, last December at Lake Gallery in San Francisco, but I’m not sure if these pieces were done by both of them, or if these are Jaime’s solo works*. Either way, I truly do love them {…and all of their delicate, golden, feathery goodness!}

*Just got a comment from Jaime, and sure enough, these are her pieces! Thanks Jaime : )

i’m jealous of your shirt from submiT

That’s right… I said your shirt! Yep, all you have to do is get a ticket to the  submiT event in Vancouver on Thursday August 18th, 7pm at Performance Works on Granville Island, and you’ll be all set. Here’s the deal – there are ten very cool, limited edition t-shirts featuring artwork by a killer line-up of artists* for sale, and the money will go toward primary education in Ethiopia through imagine1day. Great art, great cause! Now, what do these very cool t-shirts look like? Well, you’ll have to go to the party to find out, and…

I’ve got a pair of tickets! Who wants ‘em?
Answer this question:
Who’s your favorite unconventional artist, and why?
Tweet your answer, and be sure to include @submiTvancouver and @jealouscurator so that we know you’re talking to us! The winner of two tickets to submiT Vancouver {value at total of $60} will be drawn at random from all entries on Wednesday, August 17 at 10pm. submiT Vancouver will announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck!

*{The work shown above is from five of the featured artists… but not the art work that will be on the shirts, of course! In order: 1. Ben Skinner 2. Jessica Bell 3. George Vergette 4. Fiona Ackerman 5. Sarah Gee}

be jealous in brooklyn tonight

If I was in Brooklyn tonight, I would be at Curbs & Stoops Active Space {566 Johnson Ave}. In fact, I would be there right at 7pm because that’s when their latest show, Goodbye Space Shuttle, opens. Here’s what it’s all about:

To those born near or after the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969, the Space Shuttle Program epitomized the ascendant glory of U.S. manned space exploration. Now, thirty years after the launch of the first space shuttle, we react with ambivalence to the retirement of these artifacts of 20th century technology. Ending manned space exploration represents a silent admission of the United States’ lessening world status and ambition. It echoes the seismic shift in potential that seems to have been brought on by concurrent economic, environmental, and geo-political crises. This confluence of disasters points to another meaning of Goodbye Space Shuttle, which is: no rescue. What new visions can alter the trajectory of this overcrowded rock?
In retrospect, the abandonment of the shuttle program may prove to be as large a milestone as its first launch. It thus seems appropriate to dedicate an exhibition to the moment. Artists participating in this late summer homage include:
Taylor Baldwin, John Bianchi, Matthew Capezzuto, Jane Corrigan, Bill Donovan, Jen Durbin, Sue Havens, Alexis Knowlton, Andy Lane, Beth Livensperger, Sakura Maku, Brian Maller, Vasken Mardikian, Jason Mones, Wilfredo Ortega, Jen Schwarting, John Silvis, Lee Vanderpool, Peonia Vázquez-D’Amico, Letha Wilson

{The work shown above is titled “Payless” and is by Jason Mones. The show runs from Friday July 29th until August 19th}