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i’m jealous of YOUR instagrams!

This really is happening, and YOU could be part of it! Yep, if you’re slightly addicted to documenting your life with Instagram, your photos could be included in this new book by Chronicle Books! Seriously!!! For more information on this super-duper fun project click here, and to upload your super-duper amazing images click here… oh, and since I’m totally lame, and don’t actually have a phone worthy of Instagram, please find inspiration in a few people that make me jealous with their lovely, day-in-the-life, Instagram shots:

Victoria Smith {sfgirlbybay}

Lisa Congdon… and her feet {lisacongdon}

Tif Fussell {dottie angel}

Ok, now it’s over to you! Good luck… let me know if your shots get in – happy weekend!

i’m jealous of hollie chastain… again

Yes, I need someone to massage my head too… I am totally overwhelmed by how much I love these book cover collages by American artist Hollie Chastain. I wrote about her ages ago, but when I came across a few of these new pieces, clearly I had no choice but to write another post! LOVE

{ps. I am so thrilled to say that Hollie is one of the artists that will be featured in my book, and you better believe that these book covers will be in there… YAY!}

i’m still insanely jealous of wes anderson

Sigh. Oh Wes, you’re a creative genius with insane attention to detail… and that is why I love you.

In Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, one of the main characters {Suzy}, loves books… and stole a half a dozen of them from the library. Of course, what Wes Anderson film would be complete without every single little thing being designed/thought about… so yes, here are the covers of Suzy’s books that he commissioned six illustrators to design {Oh, and if the cover designs weren’t enough, he also created a short film and animations to go along with each of them. Swoon!}

That last screengrab is my favorite one in the bunch! ♥

{There is a really good article, here, that gives a bunch of background on this part of Moonrise Kingdom.}

jealous at chronicle

When I was in San Francisco, for GIRL CRUSH with Lisa Congdon, I also had a chance to visit with the crew at Chronicle Books. I’d met one of their editors {the lovely Kate Woodrow to be exact!} in January at Alt Summit. She came to my panel on the first day, and the next day I went to hear her speak… on a panel that just happened to be called, From Blog to Book. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

Yep, it’s true… The Jealous Curator is going from blog to book! Seriously. I am working on a book that will be published by Chronicle?! I have to tell you, this is at the very top of my life list, and I am beyond thrilled that I get to cross it off! I can’t believe that I’m going to be along side all of these gorgeous art books on Chronicle’s shelves – I own half of them, and have written about the others. I can’t tell you exactly what my book is about just yet, but as we move the process, I’ll tell you as much as I can {ooh, mysterious!}

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to Chronicle for believing in me, and even more so… thanks to all of you for actually reading every day. If someone had told me this was going to happen, three years ago when I started my blog, I wouldn’t have believed it. I feel very, very blessed.

Ok… I guess I better start writing! Wish me luck!

{1. Little Paper Planes 2. Obsessive Consumption 3. Stencil 201 4. The Exquisite Book 5. Paper Cutting 6. 100 GIRLS ON CHEAP PAPER}

i’m jealous of old rocks

Gah! I saw one of these on Pinterest yesterday, and I desperately wanted to know who the artist was… but I’m not sure that I’ll ever know. A few clicks on that pin, and I found this entire treasure trove of vintage geological illustrations! They are part of a collection on Vintage Printable, under the category of Gems and Minerals. Pages and pages from old textbooks, that are now part of the public domain. All of you collage artists out there know what that means… yep, you can use these images for whatever you like! Time to get the scissors out people.

{Thanks to American artist Shannon Rankin for pinning one of these to her ‘rocks’ board… love!}

an ode to morran

I am a huge fan of Swedish artist Camilla Engman, and so of course, I’m a huge fan of her little sidekick… her dog Morran! Morran has been a huge part of Camilla’s life, and career… have you seen Camilla’s Suitcase Series book? Morran is a major feature! I found out about an hour ago that Morran passed away a few days ago. I don’t know Camilla, or Morran, but I’m crying as I write this. I have two little dogs myself, one of which we almost lost just over a year ago, and the sadness was overwhelming. And so today, I want to share this amazing project that Camilla started in the fall – a book filled with art… Morran art to be exact! She has asked people from all over the world to contribute pieces {these are just a few of my favorites}, and the results are fantastic! It’s going to be a lovely book.

Camilla, I’m sending you lots of love, and Morran… may you run for hours on rainbows xo

{1. Kirsten Houthooft 2. Alicja Nikodem 3. Lien Geeroms 4. Sara Olmos 5. Emmanuelle Eschembrenner 6. Suana Verelst 7. Darja Charapova 8. Marta Monteiro 9. Petra Wester Norgren 10. Christine Roussey}

i’m jealous of alyson fox’s book

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday! Yes, it’s the beautiful new book featuring the photographs of Austin based artist Alyson Fox. Now, to be totally honest, I didn’t even know that Alyson did photography work, as she’s best known for her beautifully bizarre drawings {which I absolutely love!}. Well, I’ve officially added this book, titled “A Shade of Red”, to the list of reasons to be jealous of Alyson Fox. She took portraits of 100 women, with basically nothing in common, except that they were all wearing the same shade of red lipstick. There is a quote at the beginning of the book that gave me shivers… and made me want to get myself a tube of bright red lipstick:

It was shortly after the British Red Cross arrived, though it may have no connection, that a very large quantity of lipstick arrived…Women lay in bed with no sheets and no nightie but with scarlet red lips, you saw them wandering about with nothing but a blanket over their shoulders, but with scarlet red lips….That lipstick started to give them back their humanity.
~ Colonel Gonin (commenting on the liberation of the Bergen-Belson concentration camp)

Thank you so much Alyson… this is an amazing addition to my collection of art books! xo

{The book was published by Chronicle Books, and be purchased here.}

i’m still jealous of gary taxali

Oh, Gary Taxali sigh, if only I still lived in Toronto. Well, for those of you who do, I’m jealous of you! Why? Tomorrow night, Wednesday September 21st, the very talented, Toronto based artist, Gary Taxali will be signing two of his new books, I Love You, OK? {shown above} and Mono Taxali, at The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Be there from 6 – 9pm… oh, and while you’re in my old neighborhood, pop over to The Grange and have a spring roll for me! Mmm.

i’m jealous of this lovely/sad exhibition

Ok, all of you moms out there… get ready to cry. These images are part of a show called Threads of Feeling that just ended in March, at The Foundling Museum in London. Here’s the story:

During the late 18th century women who, for whatever reason, couldn’t care for their babies could bring them to The London Foundling Hospital. The idea was that the hospital would care for the babies until the mothers were ready to come back and get their children – sadly, many of them never did. However, in hopes that these women would be able to return one day, they put a system in place. No names were recorded, instead each mother left a piece of fabric that was unique in some way. Part of the fabric was left in the baby’s file, and the other piece was taken by the mother. This would prove which baby was hers when, and if, she returned. Over 16,000 children were left there between 1741 and 1760. These beautiful, and unbelievably sad, images are from the hospital’s records during that time… are you crying yet? Yep, me too.

{There is a fantastic article in The Guardian if you’d like to learn more… oh, and also cry more.}

i’m jealous of masha krasnova-shabaeva

Oh, how I wish I could step into the pages of this wordless book, by Rotterdam based artist Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva… although, the gas masks are a little disconcerting. Oh well, I could deal with that. I think it would be worth it to wander through magnified gardens, ride giant bumper cars in a city square, and spend sunny afternoons poolside with sea lions. Hmm, and maybe after a dip in that pool I’ll grab my crayons and get started on those fantastic coloring book pages. See… who needs words? This story really just writes itself!

{Thank you to my nameless friend at Junkculture for knowing that I’d love Masha’s work… xo}