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i’m jealous of anders arhøj

Um… I WANT A TINY, CERAMIC, GLAZE-COVERED PIGGY BANK FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Do you think it’s too late to get this request in to Santa? These amazing little ceramic banks are the work of Copenhagen based artist Anders Arhøj, and I absolutely love them! Now, I realize that today is Christmas Eve, and not Hallowe’en, but how could I not show you these lovely little ceramic ghosts, that Anders made in collaboration with Louise Gaarmann:


{ghosts found via miss.moss}

i’m jealous of amanda smith… again

This is the work of one of my favorite ceramic artists ever… Amanda Smith. If you’re not familiar with her usual work, have a look at this post I wrote about her in my Girl Crush series on sfgirlbybay (go now, and then come right back!)

Great, yes!? Ok, so this is a new body of work by Amanda, that she is selling in her very affordable Etsy shop, called CLAY  MATTER:

Love, love, love! It’s like little characters from her ceramic slab narratives have ventured off on their own… so sweet/very weird! I wrote about her in 2009 , and she is one of the artists featured in my book {are you picking up on how much I love her work?} But wait, there’s more… ceramic rings? Yes. Ceramic rings:

{ps. everything in this post is between $25 – $62… seriously!}

i’m jealous of ann agee

This is the stunning ceramic work of Brooklyn based artist Ann Agee. All of these pieces are from a series titled “Rules of the Pattern”… yep, I would definitely follow these rules, if I wound up doing work like this!

{via Poppytalk on Pinterest}

i’m jealous of nathalie choux

Oh my word… I am totally overwhelmed by the weird cuteness of Nathalie Choux’s ceramics! I love their moody eyes, and greyscale color palette {with the perfect pop of red, of course!} I need all of them. Hm, and while I’m being greedy, I’ll take these strange, rosy little friends as well:

{via the art cake}

i’m jealous of charlotte mei

That’s it… from now on, I’m choosing my breakfast plate based on the mood I wake up in:

I’m hoping that ‘happy toast’ wins out most mornings! London based artist/illustrator Charlotte Mei has a portfolio full of drawings and illustrations, but it was her ceramics that got me. Grumpy, surprised, & sad plates… and of course, my favorite, some happy toast. ♥

{via Booooooom}

i’m jealous of pamela sunday

Atoms, and spikes, and hives, oh my! The ceramic work of Brooklyn based artist Pamela Sunday is killing me. I want to pick them up, touch them, and most importantly… own all of them! She is inspired by nature and science, and I am inspired by her ~ sigh ~ such beautiful work.

i’m jealous of pae white

Gasp! Porcelain popcorn, with gold glaze. Um… YES!!! I absolutely love these sculptures by LA based artist Pae White. Oh, and her installation, titled Ashen Roses, is insanely beautiful too:

Amazing, right?! Ah, but that popcorn… I cannot get over that popcorn!! Here, have one more look:

Love! And on that deliciously golden note, happy weekend!

i’m inspired

Not my usual kind of post {never fear, I’ll be jealous again in a few hours}, but I just wanted to show you what I found today… I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling slightly uninspired, the best medicine is always a bit of a treasure hunt! There are three amazing thrift shops in my neighborhood, that rarely disappoint. I found a little yellow deer, and an aqua swan… yep, it was a ceramic gold mine! Feeling inspired… why, yes I am! And all for under five bucks! What do you do when you need a bit of a creative pick-me-up? Ceramic animals for you too?!

i’m jealous of mel robson

Floral forks, pigeons, and  a bunch of weapons. Yep, I absolutely love the delicate/unconventional work of Australian ceramics artist Mel Robson. I want to use that gorgeous, flowery cutlery to eat my dinner, while I dine with that little army man – but no guns at the table please… or pigeons.

{via Design*Sponge}

bunny love ♥

Happy weekend everyone! I’m going to be spending it with my family, knee-deep in chocolate that was delivered by the Easter Bunny. Keep your eyes open for him though… clearly, he’s a master of disguise:

See you on Monday! xo

{1. Lissy Laricchia 2. Andrea Zuill 3. Ann Marshall 4. Joost Van Brug 5. Langdon Graves 6. Debra Broz 7. Denise Nestor 8. Bayley Collins}