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i’m jealous of claire loder

Oh my word. I love every single one of these ceramic faces… who knew that beady eyes, big foreheads, and thin lips could be so beautiful? Well, British artist Claire Loder, that’s who!

i’m jealous of rebecca wilson

Blow me. Oh sorry, I’m not being rude, that’s actually the title of this fabulous series by Edinburgh based ceramics artist Rebecca Wilson. Here, in Rebecca’s words, are what this lovely work is all about:

A collection of slipcast and stained porcelain figurative ‘bottles’ is complimented by a number that are cast in solid glass in cool, calm colours to highlight the redundancy of their primary function. These objects have become marginalised from their intended purpose as decanters of sickly scents, and now stand redundant in function, but rich in purpose as covetable ‘collectibles’. The non-functional glass and porcelain pieces are finished off with delicately knitted atomiser bulbs salvaged from vintage perfume bottles. The patina comes from of years of being squeezed by greasy fingers and the disfigured and perished rubber interiors further allude to the now redundant function.

{via Junkculture}

i’m jealous of nomilk today

Beautiful, geometric sculptures that I want to hang on my wall… or on my shirt. These little pieces of art are brooches made from bits of colorful polymer clay by an Athens based artist/Agricultural Biotechnology student named Eva. Yes. I said Agricultural Biotechnology student.  Apparently, when she doesn’t feel like studying, she’s busy filling her Etsy shop, nomilk today, with all sorts of wearable art to make me jealous … make sure you check out the earrings, necklaces, and rings too! Love.

{via Pikaland}

i’m jealous of laura mckibbon

Ok, that’s it, you’re all invited over for fancy cake on fancy plates… but I call dibs on that gun! Hm, on second thought, let’s just use our hands, and I’ll hang these gorgeous ceramic pieces, by Vancouver based artist Laura McKibbon, on the wall where they belong. Yes – that’s a much better, although somewhat messier, plan.

i’m jealous of soasig chamaillard

If pop culture got up on Sunday morning and decided to go to church, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this! Yep, French artist Soasig Chamaillard has filled the pews with a few very recognizable pop icons including My Little Mary, Super Mary and of course, my favorite, Hello Mary.

ps. I thought I should add this statement from the artist, just as an FYI… “I don’t use Holy Marie as my subject to shock a catholic public. I like to play with icons, like a [child] with his toys, to try to understand the world which surrounds me.”

{via Junkculture}

i’m jealous of debra broz

Bunnies with misplaced ears, two-headed lambs, and a, um… bunateal?  Seriously, would you expect anything less from me heading into Easter weekend?  All of these strange little ceramic misfits are from Oddities, a series by Austin based artist Debra Broz. Oh boy, I sure hope I get a basket full of these on Sunday morning… ok, and maybe just a little bit of chocolate. Happy weekend everyone! xo

{via Junkculture}

i’m jealous of angela rossi

Oh yes! I would happily serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert on any of these weird little miss-matched animal portrait plates by LA based artist Angela Rossi. Don’t worry… I won’t serve venison.

i’m jealous of ruan hoffmann

Dishware or art? I’m going with ‘art’, because even though it would be hilarious to serve a piece of chocolate cake on that guy’s forehead, I just don’t think I could bring myself to do something like that to the beautiful work of Pretoria based artist Ruan Hoffmann. No – I think I’ll just hang these on the wall, and skip dessert tonight thank you very much.

{Thanks to Louis for sending Ruan’s work my way!}

i’m jealous of lynda draper

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year… therefore, I would really, really, really like one of these! You’re going to have to pop down to Australia to pick it up though. Just park the sleigh when you hit Sydney and drop into the ceramics studio of Lynda Draper. I’m not fussy, so any of these ridiculously lovely/whimsical animal pieces will do {although I do have a fondness for that owl!}

Thank you… fly safe!

{Oh, and speaking of statuesque animals, pop on over to sfgirlbybay today… the house that jealousy built now has a trophy room!}

i’m jealous of robin van valkenburgh

These lovely slip cast sculptures by Robin Van Valkenburgh look like a ceramic ode to a very bizarre dream… a dream that I’m assuming was the result of getting cozy with a tub of marshmallow fluff ice cream and a copy of Alice in Wonderland moments before falling asleep. Hm, maybe I’ll give that a try and see what happens… let’s just hope that I don’t hear “Danny the baby lamb” whisper my name in a tiny little voice *shudder*