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psst… a GIRL CRUSH give-away!

Hi again! Ok, quick, before I hop on the plane to Austin, how about a give-away to make ALL of you feel like you’re at Alyson Fox’s tea party too? Ok, great! The lovely people at Ink Dish are giving away one set of side plates {4 plates in total} from Alyson’s White Noise collection! Gah! I love this collection oh so much! If you do too, just leave a comment here, and I’ll draw one lucky name when I get back on Monday morning.  Good luck!

i’m jealous of little owl design

So, by now you probably all know how I feel about beautifully mundane subject matter, right? So when I find a project description that reads as follows: “This work is about finding the beauty in things that perhaps one might over-look” … yep, I’m in! All of these plate clusters are from a series, titled Altered Perspectives, by Little Owl Design – aka Bruce Wayland and Marcello de Simone. They are collaborating artists from the Netherlands with “interests are in Art History, Fine Arts, Fashion, Design, Culinary World, Horticulture & Travel.” Well, that couldn’t be more clear!

i’m jealous of heidi bjørgan

Ok. I tried to find out what these vessels are all about {why the strap?}… but I couldn’t find a thing. Honestly, it doesn’t change that fact that I love them all, very, very much. They are the work of  Norway based ceramics artist Heidi Bjørgan. Sigh. The colors, the woodland creatures strapped securely into place. Crazy good.

i’m jealous of samantha robinson

Ok. I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Australian artist Samantha Robinson‘s fabulous porcelain creations {clearly I have a thing for those watermelon bowls!!!} or her gorgeous, creativity-filled studio… Gah!

i’m jealous of ange-line tetrault

Oh, the work of Toronto based designer/artist Ange-line Tetrault. First things first, this is what she makes at her day job:

Ange-line is a product designer at Imm Living, and creates all of the lovely things above. I originally found those teacups {which I totally need, by the way} on UncommonGoods, but when I made my way back to her site, I was so excited to discover this very cool personal art project:

Yep. A tiny white house, with a hot pink window that you can peek into, where a looping video shows Ange-line trying to decide what to wear. While she does that, you get to dress her up in all sorts of little outfits of your choosing! The project is titled Ritual of Identity, and here’s the gist:

“... the object is my clothes and the subject is myself. Everyday I get dressed and everyday it’s a long process of me trying on many outfits before I finally get the right look. Some days a certain outfit feels like me and other days the same outfit feels like someone else. What’s the rational behind this? Is it all about the persona I feel like projecting that day? Can people tell the persona I’m projecting based on what I’m wearing, or I look the same no matter what I wear? “

i’m jealous of caroline slotte

Whoa. Delicate, layered, ceramic dioramas? Yes, I think so! I have no idea how Finnish artist Caroline Slotte does this to found dish ware, but I’m so glad that she does it! All of these works are from her series, titled Rose Border Multiple. So amazing… and even more amazing when you see the close-ups:

And I reiterate… whoa.

i’m jealous of nuala o’donovan

Whoa. Crazy, beautiful, organic ceramic pieces by Nuala O’Donovan, an artist based in Cork, Ireland. I am imagining that these photos do not do her work justice. I would love the chance to have a closer look, and actually hold one of these stunning objects in my hot little hands… very, very carefully, of course. Here is Nuala’s artist statement about this work, and her process:

“My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from nature. Each element of the pattern is individually made, the form is constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern.”

i’m jealous of anders arhøj

Um… I WANT A TINY, CERAMIC, GLAZE-COVERED PIGGY BANK FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Do you think it’s too late to get this request in to Santa? These amazing little ceramic banks are the work of Copenhagen based artist Anders Arhøj, and I absolutely love them! Now, I realize that today is Christmas Eve, and not Hallowe’en, but how could I not show you these lovely little ceramic ghosts, that Anders made in collaboration with Louise Gaarmann:


{ghosts found via miss.moss}

i’m jealous of amanda smith… again

This is the work of one of my favorite ceramic artists ever… Amanda Smith. If you’re not familiar with her usual work, have a look at this post I wrote about her in my Girl Crush series on sfgirlbybay (go now, and then come right back!)

Great, yes!? Ok, so this is a new body of work by Amanda, that she is selling in her very affordable Etsy shop, called CLAY  MATTER:

Love, love, love! It’s like little characters from her ceramic slab narratives have ventured off on their own… so sweet/very weird! I wrote about her in 2009 , and she is one of the artists featured in my book {are you picking up on how much I love her work?} But wait, there’s more… ceramic rings? Yes. Ceramic rings:

{ps. everything in this post is between $25 – $62… seriously!}

i’m jealous of ann agee

This is the stunning ceramic work of Brooklyn based artist Ann Agee. All of these pieces are from a series titled “Rules of the Pattern”… yep, I would definitely follow these rules, if I wound up doing work like this!

{via Poppytalk on Pinterest}