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guest post stay-cation

I’ll be taking a little break this summer… not from here {I’ll still be here every day}, but I will be taking a tiny vacay from guest posting, just until September, so I wanted to say:

Ok. I have to admit, it’s really hard to stop!

I’m slightly addicted to my ART GOES HERE posts on Victoria Smith’s lovely site, I’ve already started pinning minimal rooms to “hang” art in come fall – oh, and if you have any spaces you think I should use, let me know!

And, I absolutely love doing the affordable ART ROUNDUPS on Emily Henderson’s amazing blog, I’ve heard from so many of you that you’ve bought pieces because of that series, and I cannot tell you how much that thrills me!!! But…

… after an insanely busy year {moving, renovating, two books, traveling for GIRL CRUSH, curating two shows, not to mention my graphic design business} I’ve decided to really slooooooooow things down for the summer. I have a little boy who needs me to jump into lakes with him – how can I say no to that! So, Victoria and Emily {and your amazing readers!}, thank you so so so much for letting me be part of your world! I’ll miss you like crazy, and see you all in September  xo

{artwork: 1. Plates by Little Owl Design 2. Paintings by Maz Dixon}

i’m jealous of gabriella cetrulo

Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Gabriella Cetrulo draws and paints… and occasionally she does both on white, circular ceramics that you can hang on your wall! LOVE! Now, normally I would not be a fan of having a pigeon on my head, but Gabriella actually makes it look like a pretty good thing! Speaking of good things, I hope we all have a weekend that looks a little somethin’ like this:

We all scream for ice cream! YAY! See ya on Monday.

{Thanks so much to my very sweet friend Amber Mahoney for sending me a link to Gabriella’s work}

i’m jealous of trey speegle’s SHOP!

New York based artist Trey Speegle is having a sale! He’s got an online shop set up called The RePOP Shop, and it looks GOOD! For example, you could scoop one of these prints for $50…

What?! Yes! $50!!! Or how about some paint-by-number plates? Yep, he’s got those too…

Gorgeous! And if that’s not fabulous enough, you can buy one of these original “paint cans” from his most recent solo show

Love! And if you want something in which the paint is actually out of the can, how about one of these original paint-by-number collages…

So good, right?! And there’s plenty more where that came from. Go and have a look… and then let me know what you got so that I can be jealous of you too!

ps. THIS JUST IN!!! Trey just emailed me and said that he’d like to offer you guys 20% OFF on the site, until May 20th! Yay! Thanks Trey! Use this code at checkout: Friends520

jealous of my give-away winner…

Congratulations Kari! Four, lovely side plates from Alyson Fox’s White Noise collection are on their way to you… hm, sounds like a perfect time to go buy some cake! Thanks to everyone who entered {I wish I could send everyone some of this gorgeous stuff}, and thanks so much to Ink Dish for doing the give-away with us.

psst… a GIRL CRUSH give-away!

Hi again! Ok, quick, before I hop on the plane to Austin, how about a give-away to make ALL of you feel like you’re at Alyson Fox’s tea party too? Ok, great! The lovely people at Ink Dish are giving away one set of side plates {4 plates in total} from Alyson’s White Noise collection! Gah! I love this collection oh so much! If you do too, just leave a comment here, and I’ll draw one lucky name when I get back on Monday morning.  Good luck!

i’m jealous of little owl design

So, by now you probably all know how I feel about beautifully mundane subject matter, right? So when I find a project description that reads as follows: “This work is about finding the beauty in things that perhaps one might over-look” … yep, I’m in! All of these plate clusters are from a series, titled Altered Perspectives, by Little Owl Design – aka Bruce Wayland and Marcello de Simone. They are collaborating artists from the Netherlands with “interests are in Art History, Fine Arts, Fashion, Design, Culinary World, Horticulture & Travel.” Well, that couldn’t be more clear!

i’m jealous of heidi bjørgan

Ok. I tried to find out what these vessels are all about {why the strap?}… but I couldn’t find a thing. Honestly, it doesn’t change that fact that I love them all, very, very much. They are the work of  Norway based ceramics artist Heidi Bjørgan. Sigh. The colors, the woodland creatures strapped securely into place. Crazy good.

i’m jealous of samantha robinson

Ok. I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Australian artist Samantha Robinson‘s fabulous porcelain creations {clearly I have a thing for those watermelon bowls!!!} or her gorgeous, creativity-filled studio… Gah!

i’m jealous of ange-line tetrault

Oh, the work of Toronto based designer/artist Ange-line Tetrault. First things first, this is what she makes at her day job:

Ange-line is a product designer at Imm Living, and creates all of the lovely things above. I originally found those teacups {which I totally need, by the way} on UncommonGoods, but when I made my way back to her site, I was so excited to discover this very cool personal art project:

Yep. A tiny white house, with a hot pink window that you can peek into, where a looping video shows Ange-line trying to decide what to wear. While she does that, you get to dress her up in all sorts of little outfits of your choosing! The project is titled Ritual of Identity, and here’s the gist:

“... the object is my clothes and the subject is myself. Everyday I get dressed and everyday it’s a long process of me trying on many outfits before I finally get the right look. Some days a certain outfit feels like me and other days the same outfit feels like someone else. What’s the rational behind this? Is it all about the persona I feel like projecting that day? Can people tell the persona I’m projecting based on what I’m wearing, or I look the same no matter what I wear? “

i’m jealous of caroline slotte

Whoa. Delicate, layered, ceramic dioramas? Yes, I think so! I have no idea how Finnish artist Caroline Slotte does this to found dish ware, but I’m so glad that she does it! All of these works are from her series, titled Rose Border Multiple. So amazing… and even more amazing when you see the close-ups:

And I reiterate… whoa.