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audun grimstad

Gasp! Perfect folding / flowing fabric, and abstract shapes filled with vibrant candy-colored gradients. This is the breathtaking work of Norwegian artist Audun Grimstad. All of these oil paintings {um yes, OIL PAINTINGS} are part of his most recent series:

” … “Body Cage” plays with elements of fashion design — ornate garments, lush spaces, bold colours — to create abstract arrangements that explore issues of feeling trapped inside the facades we construct around our identities. The paintings hint at narratives about the human condition, where the opposites hope and regret is central.”


daisy patton

Doesn’t that last piece make you want to call your BFF? Or paint? Or paint with your BFF? This is the work of American artist Daisy Patton. Watching her career flourish over the last few years has been so inspiring… she pushes her work every time she steps up to one of those giant panels. More detail, different color combinations, new techniques, and images that all have their own stories behind why she chose them. And guess what? I’m with Daisy right now! Yes, we’re in Aspen together for BIG PICTURE, BABY {a beautiful show that I curated that happens to be opening TONIGHT at Skye Gallery}. We’re putting on our snow boots and mittens, and heading out at 6pm… hope to see you there!

emily moore

I’m flying to Aspen today for a show that opens tomorrow night {see Monday’s post}, and oh my goodness, this gorgeous work is definitely setting the mood. These are just a few recent pieces {acrylic, gesso, graphite, enamel on panel} by Scottish artist Emily Moore. Mountains, chalets, and snowy vistas fill her dreamy 2018 portfolio. I’ve written about her twice already {1, 2}, and yes, I can confidently predict that I’ll do it again and again and again.

Emily’s work is available via Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh.

ronald jackson

Gasp! This is the large-scale, absolutely breathtaking work of American artist Ronald Jackson… and yes, that’s Ashley Longshore peeking up behind two of his pieces. I was just scrolling through Instagram {as you do} and saw her post about her latest, and very smart, art acquisition – !!! – Clearly, I dropped everything and wrote about him immediately. Beautifully painted patterns, masks, and those eyes… those eyes that stare into your soul. Not only is his work fascinating, so is his story. Let’s jump in right here:

… In 2001, halfway through his military career, Jackson had an epiphany that inspired him to consider a post-military career as an artist and painter. However, he realized that he needed much development, and that there was little to no opportunity to attend art school while serving abroad. He therefore read, researched and studied all he could in order to experience significant growth as he worked towards improving his skill; while at the same time, managing multiple military deployments and frequent training exercises.

Um yes, I have to get him on the podcast.

longshore . patton . watson . hildebrand . krysa


I’m proud of every show I curate, but this one? Well, it’s a doozie. Somehow, I managed to bring a few of my most favorite artists together into one show. Add to that a beautiful gallery in downtown Aspen during the holidays and hello, we’ve got a winner. There are five artists in BIG PICTURE, BABY … American artists Ashley Longshore and Daisy Patton, and three Canadians – Janna Watson, Meghan Hildebrand, and myself, Danielle Krysa. Yes, I curated myself into the show because it was just too exciting not to. Here’s my curatorial statement:

“At first glance, it may seem like the artists in this show don’t have much in common (well, other than ‘going big or going home’ that is), but when you look a little closer there are actually quite a few similarities that connect them. From vivid color palettes and dizzying patterns, to bizarre narratives and intricate details… and, of course the fact all of five of these artists step up to the canvas with a fearless approach to art making. “Big Picture, Baby” will be bringing larger than life portraits, bold paint strokes, and even a few big laughs to Skye Gallery this winter.” ~ Danielle Krysa, Curator/Artist

I will be in Aspen this THURSDAY night, December 13th from 6-9pm, for the artists’ reception party. If you’re in town, please join us for some big bold beautifulness, and if you aren’t in Aspen at the moment, you can also reach out to Skye Gallery to inquire about available work {each artist has included three BIG pieces}. Happy Monday.

ps. the show got a really great write-up in the Aspen Times over the weekend.

amy rice

Clearly I had to include the closeup of that final piece … the worm! I can almost smell freshly dug soil and a warm summer breeze in this latest body of work {acrylic, enamel, ink, and in some cases, cut paper too} by American artist Amy Rice. Her new show, titled “Root Down”, opens TOMORROW: December 1, 12-5 pm at Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis. Here are a few of their words about this show:

“Amy Rice’s artwork presents wildlife at its fullest. Her affection for the outdoors manifests itself in vibrant reds, yellows, purples, blues and greens – from rolling fields of flowers ready to be gathered to isolated flora depicted stem, root, and all. Having studied the anatomy of flowers and invested time into growing her own, Rice’s work is both a study and celebration of her wild subjects.”

Sigh. I’m not sure I’m ready for December just yet.

michael reeder

The first time I saw the work of LA based artist Michael Reeder was the day before I set out to paint my first mural. Someone pulled out their phone and said, “Did you see what Michael Reeder just did in Montreal?… let’s say my confidence may have been shaken a tiny bit! Anyway, he does all sorts of amazing things – paintings, murals, installations, etc. If you’re in New York check out his latest show, titled “DeadRinger”, that opens this Saturday, Dec 1, 6-8pm, at Hashimoto Contemporary in New York {210 Rivington St}… and maybe don’t look at his murals 24hrs before you do one for the first time. Just sayin’.

charlotte mary pack

I don’t know if I should gasp or sigh… maybe a bit of both. These lovely pieces are by UK artist Charlotte Mary Pack. In 2013 she graduated with a first class honors degree in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins, and now she makes this wild ‘n whimsical work. Here’s why:

“Growing up on a farm and traveling widely across Africa are fundamental experiences that have instilled her affection for the natural environment. The combination of both Charlotte’s love for all creatures great and small, and clay, steers her work to explore different ways to draw attention to the declining wildlife and natural world.  An artist with integrity, Charlotte donates 15 per cent of profits to support wildlife conservation efforts around the globe.”

Yes! Love, love, love!

kellie orr

She had me at ‘metallic unicorn head balloon’. This is the work of Australian born, Vancouver based painter Kellie Orr. Obviously I had to include process shots so that you’d believe me when I said, “YOU GUYS… THESE ARE OIL PAINTINGS!” Sigh. Gorgeous.

kathryn macnaughton

Acrylic and oil on canvas. Yes, they’re paintings, and no, they’re not digital. Crazy. This is the latest work from Canadian artist Kathryn MacNaughton. I wrote about her in 2010 {whoa}, and I loved what she was doing back then, but this latest work… well, it made me gasp out loud. She is a brilliant artist who constantly pushes her work to new and wonderful places. Clearly.

This body of Kathryn’s work is available via Bau-Xi Gallery {Toronto and Vancouver}