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european cultural academy : venice june 2018!

Oh my goodness, one month from today I will be in Venice Italy, about to kick off the first day of the Contemporary Art Course at the European Cultural Centre! There are a handful of spots left, so if you’ve been thinking about it {especially anyone in Europe who can just hop on a train to get there} now is your chance!

Last year I went during the Art Biennale, but I’m so excited to experience the Architecture Biennale this time. Are you assuming it’s just a bunch of models of buildings? That’s what I thought too, but that is not the case at all. Here’s proof from past years:

Stunning! And FYI that bottom most image will be our classroom {Palazzo Mora}. One of the instructors last year was architect, James Taylor-Foster {co-curator of the 2017 Nordic Pavilion} who explained what the Architecture Biennale is truly all about… and it took my breath away. Conceptual / Aspirational thoughts about our planet, the environment, design, community, and how people live together in this crazy world of ours. So much of this inspiration can be applied to the way you think about your artwork … also, we’ll be in Venice!

Here is a peek at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and the Murano School of Glass, Abatte Scuola di Vetro … both of which we’ll be visiting during the week:

… and Murano:

Ahhh! I’m so excited!!! Now, I’m a planner so I like to know exactly what I’ll be doing every moment of every day, so I thought I’d share the schedule with you:

ps. the team at the ECA have offered a special something to Jealous Curator readers: a promo-code for €100 off of the tuition! Enter BIENNALE2018 when you apply online.


Morning: Meeting with curator of Time-Space-Existence, Palazzo Mora.

Afternoon: Visit to Peggy Guggenheim museum.


Morning: Design in Venice, curatorial point of view and case study (lecture).

Afternoon: Visit to Murano School of Glass, Abatte Scuola di Vetro.


Morning: Finding your way in creative industry (THIS IS MY CLASS!)
Afternoon: Galleries. The changing business model. (lecture and visit to a gallery)


Morning: Exhibition planning: from idea to reality (lecture).
Afternoon: Visit to Venice Design exhibition, private tour with curators.


Morning: Venice Biennale: history and organization (lecture).
Afternoon: How to develop successful personal projects in art industry (workshop) (ME AGAIN)
Evening: Certificate ceremony and prosecco. Boat tour around Venice.


Optional visit to the Biennale or pre-selected collateral events.


Right!? It’s going to be AMAZING!  Gallery visits, private behind-the-scene tours with curators, boat rides around Venice, pasta / gelato / coffee / and a lot of Prosecco! If it’s good enough for Audrey and Salvador, it’s good enough for me! Hope to see you there ~ Danielle

andy mister

Brace yourself… these are DRAWINGS. DRAWINGS. Carbon pencil, charcoal, and acrylic on paper on panel. What?! This is the insane work of New York based artist Andy Mister. And, if that’s not amazing enough, they’re big… some of them up to almost 4′ high. Now, just in case you still don’t believe me when I tell you that these are DRAWINGS, here’s a little #wip proof from Andy’s Instagram feed:


greg breda

Ahhh, I can almost smell the those lovely purple blooms. These two paintings are from a series titled “First Love” by LA based painter Greg Breda. Yep, I can smell the flowers AND feel the love. Beautiful.

{Found via Band of Vices Gallery}

preta wolzak

Gasp! These powerful portraits are from a series, by Amsterdam based artist Preta Wolzak, titled “Ma Petite Inuit”. Embroidery thread, leather, suede, and yarn living in perfect harmony for this very beautiful purpose:

“Homage to the people who are the first to deal with climate change, tourism and mining for resources.” 


denise stewart-sanabria

Mmmm, nothing says Monday like a bunch ‘o Moon Pies! This is the work {oil on canvas} of Tennessee based painter Denise Stewart-Sanabria. Yes, it was the mint green pretzels that pulled me in, but the insanely detailed toile wallpaper finished the job. Beautiful, weird, hyperreal deliciousness. Happy Monday.

“an artrepreneur’s fempire”

Brace yourself, because you’re in for a hilarious, inspiring, glittery, curse-filled adventure! New Orleans based artist, artrepreneur, and fabulous woman Ashley Longshore is my guest today. She makes, well, everything! From paintings to bedazzled large-scale lipstick tubes. Personally, I think her next art/product should be a flowery pink perfume {with glitter floating in it, obviously} called “#fuckyeah ~ exuding confidence and pure joy since 1976”. I’d buy it by the barrel! You can listen to our conversation right up there under those fabulous lips, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a few of my favorites from her “painting” section – from Jesus to Lil Wayne, Mona to Frida:

Love! Even more love when you see the scale… that’s Frida now living in the home of one of Ashley’s collectors. Stun. Ning.

Ok, I think Ashley is all of us in this photo and video. If and when the New York Times writes a glowing review of you / your work… sobbing:

Yep. Alllll of that.

Next. Cake sculptures. A big one to jump out of, and one that I truly lived:

Ok, fine, I didn’t know what bukkake was, BUT I DO NOW. Clearly I’m going to need that sheet cake sculpture… she literally did make me google bukkake {but I don’t think she was sorry!}.

Ahhh, the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman. I had a lot of favorite moments in this interview, but the way she went from being invited to show one piece, to taking over the entire space? Yeah, Ashley Longshore is officially my spirit animal. Here’s a peek into just some of the fabulousness of that show, and the opening night in New York:

Gah!!! Ah-mazing. And yes, that’s Blake Lively lovin’ everything Ashley creates, AND one of the windows on 5th Avenue. Arrived? Yes, I do believe so.

But wait, there’s more! Ashley’s book, a memoir titled “You Don’t Look Fat, You Look Crazy”:


And finally, after all of the insanity that is Ashley’s life at the moment, she will be retreating back into her studio to recharge and MAKE MORE STUFF:

Hell, yes! I hope you’ve come away from this episode feeling absolutely inspired and empowered… I sure have! Make work, know your worth, sell your art and REPEAT. Thanks so much to Ashley for taking time out of her exciting, crazy busy life to do the podcast; thanks to Saatchi Art and Thrive Mastermind for supporting the episode; and as always, huge thanks to you for listening – there will be more art for your ear next weekend. xo

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heather day

Images don’t do these large-scale, juicy beauties justice… but luckily you can see them in person! If you’re in San Francisco, you should go to this. Yep, American painter Heather Day has a new show, titled “Keep Still”, opening at Hashimoto Contemporary tomorrow night, Saturday May 5th from 6-9pm… and Heather will be there too! You’re gonna go, right!?

cinta vidal

I want to spend an afternoon in one of these worlds! These paintings are the work of Spanish artist Cinta Vidal. All of these beauties just came down from the walls at Art Projects Gallery in Hong Kong, in her most recent solo show, titled “On White”. Here is the show description from the gallery’s site:

In this new series, Cinta Vidal paints with oil on wood panels featuring her multi-dimensional “un-gravity” constructions that explore the relationship between external realities and our internal natures. She views her work metaphorically as a “maze of life” within which we all inhabit and navigate with the notion of the impossibility of completely understanding everything around us.

Ah, the maze of life. Beautiful.

linda lopez

“Dust furries with chunky gold dandruff”. Need I say more? Ok… I cannot begin to explain how happy these objects (and that description!) make me. These weird n wonderful ceramic pieces are the work of American artist Linda Lopez. Her color choices, those lovely shapes, and oh, the chunky gold nuggets… a recipe for fantastic-ness. Also, that crazy neon pineapple… LOVE!

{You can find/purchase her work via Mindy Soloman Gallery, Miami}

andrea alonge

Oooh, I wish I could get up and close and personal with all of that fancy fringe, cozy cotton, and stripy silk… I think there might be sequins in there too! This “technology-meets-handmade” installation is the work of American artist Andrea Alonge. It is titled, “For A Limited Time”, and this is Andrea’s description of the 2015 project:

“Our interconnected devices lend themselves to constant communication, and at the same time, they allow us to access the virtual world of the Internet, a non-place in which we can exist concurrently with physical reality.”

Truth. {Thanks to Melanie Biehle for pointing me over to Andrea’s work}