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i’m jealous of armelle caron

Paris, Berlin, and New York… completely dissected into little bits, and then neatly organized according to shape and size by French artist Armelle Caron. Ah, oui.

{via CMYBacon}

i’m jealous of frédéric bonnin & cécile figuette

My first instinct is to run out and buy fancy frames for all of these amazing pieces… except that I probably wouldn’t be able to find any that were big enough. These are actually large scale wall treatments by Frédéric Bonnin and Cécile Figuette, owners of Minakani, a Paris based design studio that specializes in creating patterns for textiles used in fashion and home furnishings. Two years ago they created these custom wall treatments, saving you the trouble of ever having to buy another frame… why bother, when your entire wall could be a huge piece of art!

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je suis jaloux de ma + chr

Ahh, Paris… home to croissants, fancy poodles and Ma + Chr, a design studio created by Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize. So, where should I begin with my list of things to be jealous of? I already mentioned that they live in Paris, right? Right, ok, then, moving on. Well, how about the fact that they cover the spectrum when it comes to creative endeavors… print, textiles, mixed media, web, interior design! Basically, if it’s creative, they do it. Oh, and of course, those cats! I love those cats with their giant, vintage lady eyes! Yep, je suis très jaloux.

i’m jealous of the one night stand…

Ok, let me clarify that. I’m jealous of the one night stand at the Ole Miss Motel… hm, that didn’t sound much better. Ok, I’ll try one more time. I’m jealous of an art show, that just happened in Oxford Mississippi, titled The One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel:

There. My reputation has been saved, and now you know about a very cool little art show that has taken place in a few motel rooms, for a few hours, every fall for the past four years. I’m totally jealous of this idea… so truly brilliant if you’re a curator without a gallery. Hey, who needs a commitment like that when you can just have a one night stand, right!?

{I love the posters for this event! These are from the past three years… I couldn’t find this year’s version. Maybe it’s still back at the motel?}

i’m jealous of these… students?!

Sweet jiminy… my student work did not look like this! But then again, I didn’t attend Beckmans College of Design in Sweden. Maybe if I had, I would be sitting in my cozy/crazy knit chair {Anni Arnefjord}, a stylish donkey head mounted on my wall {Hanna Billqvist}, while I read by the light of either my very sweet tent table lamp {Fredrik Andersson}, or my insanely cool pendant slide lamp {Joel Sandelius}. Alas, Beckmans was not my alma mater, so the only Swedish design that I own is from a little shop down the street. It’s called IKEA… have you heard of it?

{Thanks to Design for Mankind for featuring Anni Arnefjord’s chair… which led me straight to Beckmans’ site, and all of this other amazing work! Thanks Erin!}

i’m jealous of lonny

I’m in the middle of redecorating my office… literally {there is a drop cloth on the floor as we speak}. You’d think that would mean that I have a clear plan, but since I’m starting with a pretty clean slate, the possibilities are endless! Enter Lonny. The newest issue of this lovely online magazine just hit the virtual stands, and it’s full of great ideas. So, I started clicking, and clicking, and clicking, until I wound up on the “work spaces” and “book shelves” sections of their site. Perfect. I’m redecorating a work space, with book shelves ~ this will be great. Ooh, I love the first one with that Warhol print, and what appears to be a Rachel Denny trophy in the fireplace… oh, but that black wall in number five is gorgeous… and don’t even get me started on that chair in number four. You see? This is my problem. Too many amazing / inspiring things out there to confuse me! Help me Lonny. Help me. I can’t look at this drop cloth much longer.

{…well, I may be a little lost on my office plans, but at least I know what I’m doing in the basement! That’s right, spin the bottle and a whole bunch of wood paneling in the house that jealousy built over at sfgirlbybay today!}

i’m jealous of abigail ahern

Yes, yes, a million times YES! I am going to need all of these fabulous, vintagey {not a word, but still applicable}, ceramic animal lamps by UK designer Abigail Ahern. Ok, I may not currently have a room that would suit them, but I’m willing to completely redecorate in order to make that poodle work! You can visit her beautiful atelier for all of your pelican, greyhound, poodle lamp needs… oh, and don’t even get me started on her wallpaper!

{via sfgirlbybay}

i’m jealous of these… well, magazine bits!

So, on the last day of my ode to magazines week, I’ve decided not to feature a magazine. I know… crazy! Instead I’m going to make day 5 all about the art that exists because of magazines. A little snip-snip of the scissors, a bit of glue, maybe a splash of paint, and voilà… these old LIFE magazines, sexy/glossy fashion magazines, and good old National Geographics are transformed into something entirely new. From one kind of art form, into another. Sigh. So, so inspiring. In fact, maybe I’ll go and grab my scissors right now! Oh, but I promise I won’t cut up any of the publications I featured this week… well, not yet anyway.

{1. One of the forefathers of pop culture collage, Richard Hamilton 2. Ciara Phelan 3. Chad Kouri 4. Natalie Perkins 5. Stina Persson 6. Joe Ryckebosch 7. Jesse Draxler 8. Abigail Reynolds… ok well, this final piece actually uses book pages, not magazine pages… but, hey, it’s my blog, so I’m putting it in anyway!}

i’m jealous of anthology magazine

Ode to magazines week: day three…

Oooh, this is a good one! So, I know that more and more magazines are taking their articles and layouts online, which is great, but there is also something really nice about holding a printed piece in your hands… especially when it looks like this! Anthology is a gorgeous new quarterly lifestyle magazine that hits the shelves this fall. And if their beautifully illustrated cover, gorgeous layouts of inspirational interiors, and conversations with some very interesting people {ie blogger extraordinaire, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge} is not enough to make you jealous, they’ve also created a lovely two minute stop-motion video, titled Print Is Not Dead, to go along with the launch, and here’s why:

“I wanted there to be a dual message: one announcing our magazine and another showing how print and paper are important in our lives. I drafted the concept of a woman going through her day and how paper (specifically a magazine) is a big, but subtle part of her daily experience. Even though I knew it was going to be a ton of work, I also wanted much of the set and the props to be made from paper.” ~ Meg Mateo Ilasco, Creative Director

{… oh, and thanks to Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, I can send you off to read her exclusive  interview with Anthology’s Creative Director Meg Mateo Ilasco… enjoy!}

*psst… if the video isn’t showing up, click here to see it.

i’m jealous of rue magazine

Day two of magazine week…

I’ve been following the launch of rue magazine on twitter all summer, and as of last week, it’s finally on the stands… well, the virtual stands. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about a magazine that existed entirely online {I do love ink on paper}, but last Thursday I sipped my coffee and “flipped” through the first issue of rue, and it was good. Very good! I suppose it only makes sense that it’s an online publication, seeing how the co-founders {Crystal Gentilello, and Anne Sage} met each other through blogging. Their love for interior design and writing connected them, and logically led here… lovely  layouts, great design advice, and interviews with interesting people from the coolest cities in the world. Good luck team rue! I can’t wait to “flip” through the next issue!

{…the pages shown above are from an article featuring the San Francisco home of the super stylish Victoria Smith. I’ve been writing guest posts on her blog, sfgirlbybay, about an imaginary home that I’m decorating with beautiful things… hmm, turns out that it’s not so imaginary! I think Victoria might actually live in “the house that jealousy built“!}