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i’m jealous of jesús perea

Chunks of wood, and chunks of people. Ah, the collage work of Madrid based artist Jesús Perea. Love. And with that, I wish you a happy, creative, adventure-filled weekend! See you on Monday.

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i’m jealous of loretta lux

This is the lovely, and slightly disturbing, work of German artist Loretta Lux. Photographs? Paintings? Both? Well, Loretta is a photographer, but she studied painting at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich… perhaps that’s why her photographs look like this! Some of these pieces take up to a year to complete, as she begins with a photograph but then digitally manipulates it by striping away the background and then dropping her subjects into these muted, dream-like environments. So pretty, and eery, and lovely, and strange… hey Wes Anderson, I think Loretta just cast your next five films!

ps. She photographs boys too, but there was just something about the girls… love love love!

{via The Lacquerie}

i’m jealous of laurent chéhère

Gasp! I love these, very, very, very much. All of these dreamy images are from a series, titled “Flying Houses”, by French photographer Laurent Chéhère. {If you happened to be in Paris last fall, you might have seen them on display at Galerie Paris-Beijing – I wish I had been in Paris to see these last fall!} Laurent is an award-winning advertising photographer, who left it all behind to travel the world and pursue his personal work – pulling up roots, and flying off to see the world… hm.

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i’m STILL jealous of tracciamenti

Whoa ~I’m feeling dizzy from the jealousy overload. Ok so, this is the third time that I’ve written about Italian artist TRACCIAMENTI. I love all of her work, but her dress series… well, it kinda kills me. That first one with the rainbow? Neon yellow on black? And that final one above???… LOVE! Oh dear, I might have to sit down for a minute.

{Happy weekend to you all… and if you live in Vancouver, I hope I’ll see you at Gather Pop-up in Gastown!}

i’m jealous of matthew divito

Whoa, dude… so trippy. Boston based motion graphics artists Matthew DiVito just, like, totally blew my mind on a Monday morning.

i’m jealous of hsiao-ron cheng

Ok, who’s kinda freaked out by this scary cuteness? Me too… but it’s still my favorite kind of cuteness, and clearly Taipei based artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng has mastered it! She uses a combination of pencil, oil paint, mixed media and digital techniques to create these beautiful/weird little scenes… hm, I sure hope that girl’s scarf is going to double as a parachute! Well, at least she’s got a better chance than the bunny girl who just got eaten by a T-Rex. Ouch.

i’m jealous of jennis li cheng tien

I’m not sure how she does this {photoshop, watercolor, both?} but I like it! Berlin based artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien has a portfolio full of installations, interventions, and sculpture… and then there are these three pieces. Ghostly images married perfectly with the most cheerful color palette a girl could hope for. Gorgeous.

i’m jealous of stéphane massa-bidal

Vintage landscapes & big, bold numbers… yep, the graphic designer in me is completely smitten (♥) with the work of French artist/graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Honestly, he had me at “5”

i’m jealous of philipp schaerer

I just got back from a few days of camping, and I’m thinking that instead of a tent, I should have stayed in one of these… except, of course, that they don’t actually exist. How did Swiss architect/artist Philipp Schaerer create this work? Well, “They are not a photograph; instead, they were newly designed and constructed from scratch by means of image synthesis and digital image editing.” Yeah, I still have no idea how you’d go about doing that. I do, however, know that I love them… and they all look more comfortable than a tent!