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i’m jealous of robert lansden

Oh my. Drawings. Crazy beautiful, meticulous drawings by New Orleans artist Robert Lansden. I didn’t know that a person could do this with graphite, ballpoint pen, and/or gouache… I thought that’s what Spirograph™ was for! {Am I aging myself with that reference? Probably.} Not only are his tiny little perfect lines beautiful, his colors & compositions are stunning. I thought I had my post when I found all of these mesmerizing circles… and then I stumbled onto these:

Drawings, people. Drawings.

{I found Robert when I sent out Facebook/Twitter posts saying that I had no one to be jealous of. Well, thanks to Erik Barthels, now I’m jealous of Robert… and to the other 82 [!!!] of you that sent in suggestions, THANK YOU! I’ll be thinking ‘damn, I wish I thought of that’ for the next two months!}

i’m jealous of holly wales

Holly Wales: Most likely to make me jealous using only felt-tip markers and white paper!

Oh I love this piece, titled “Class of” by London based artist/illustrator Holly Wales. This puts the doodles in my year book to shame! … hm… I’m pretty sure I dated the guy with the horns. Aaaaanyway. Oh, and look what she does with colored markers:

Vintage motel signs, hand-drawn with brightly-hued, juicy felt-tip markers… ♥

{ps. all of these drawings can be purchased as prints, right here.}

i’m jealous of masako miki’s new show

Sigh… the work of California based artist Masako Miki. I love her work, and wrote about her back in 2011, so when it came time for me to start looking for artists to show at The Fig House in LA this coming summer, I hopped right over to her site… and found all of this new work! I love it all, but those red ink drawings on paper are kinda killing me. Oh, and yes, I’m thrilled to announce that Masako is in fact one of the confirmed artists for Fig House – YAY!!!

{She has a show called “Helplessness in Hopefulness”, that is currently at K. Imperial Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco. The show is still up until this Saturday, June 1… so get over there if you can!}

i’m jealous of becky cooper … & manhattan

I love this. I love it so much, that instead of me fumbling to describe it, I’m going to copy and paste the description of this lovely project, titled Mapping Manhattan, by native New Yorker, Becky Cooper. Ready?

“Armed with hundreds of blank maps she had painstakingly printed by hand, Becky Cooper walked Manhattan from end to end. Along her journey she met police officers, homeless people, fashion models, and senior citizens who had lived in Manhattan all their lives. She asked the strangers to “map their Manhattan” and to mail the personalized maps back to her. Soon, her P.O. box was filled with a cartography of intimate narratives: past loves, lost homes, childhood memories, comical moments, and surprising confessions. A beautifully illustrated, PostSecret-style tribute to New York, Mapping Manhattan includes 75 maps from both anonymous mapmakers and notable New Yorkers, including Man on Wire aerialist Philippe Petit, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov, Tony award-winning actor Harvey Fierstein, and many more.”

So, so, so good! Here are a few of my favorites:

Awww! Isn’t that last one so sweet? ♥  You want to make one now, don’t you? No problem! You can download the map right here! Now all you have to do is draw/paint/write your love {or hate} story with Manhattan, and send it to Happy mapping, and happy weekend to you :)

{ps. If you want to buy this book, you can find it in bookstores everywhere, or online at: ABRAMS, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. Oh, and there’s a great article about it in The New York Times}

i’m jealous of vincent serritella

So, you know how “affordable art” is a hot topic these days? Well, how does FREE sound?! American artist Vincent Serritella is a fantastic painter, but he also happens to be knee-deep in a project that he calls “free daily drawings“… in which, you guessed it, he does daily drawings for free, and here’s why:

“After reading the sales at art auction houses, it got me thinking: art should not only be available to the wealthy, but available for anyone. Hence, this year I’m creating 365 drawings and giving every one of them away.”

There are soooo many good ones to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick! These were the two that I was after… but alas, I was not even close to quick enough!

*POP!* {the sound of my dreams popping when I didn’t get the “BLOW POP” drawing}

i’m jealous of dominique fortin

The first three words that pop into my mind – strange, childhood, dreamy/nightmarey. Ok, that was technically four words, but I couldn’t just leave it at dreamy… these scare me just a tiny bit. And I like it.  This is the beautifully bizarre work of Montreal based artist Dominique Fortin. Ok, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… a finished face, and an unfinished everything else is pure magic to me… and don’t even get me started on those fire breathing dogs on paint brush stilts. M.A.G.I.C.

{ps. I featured more of Dominique’s work in my ART GOES HERE post, that just went up today, over at sfgirlbybay}

hoppy easter 2013

I couldn’t resist! A few bunnies for you, by Japanese artist/illustrator Aiko Fukawa, on Easter! Have a lovely long weekend … I’ll be back tomorrow … full of chocolate.

i’m jealous of marie gardeski

Look what I found yesterday! Delicate, and wonderfully weird, drawings by American artist Marie Gardeski. Giraffes eating what I assume is coral, a monolithic head named ‘Ethel’… oh, oh! … and my favorite title in the bunch, “keep it down back there” {can you guess which one that is? yep, the camel with the kid humps, of course!} ♥

i’m jealous of alexandra levasseur

Sigh… it’s pretty amazing what can be done with acrylic and colored pencil… well, I suppose I should say, it’s amazing what Montreal based artist Alexandra Levasseur can do with acrylic and colored pencil. Love, love, love {Flowered underpants, random flames, and a fur coat… oh yes.}

i’m jealous of inaki aliste lizarralde

Quick! It’s a Friday pop culture POP QUIZ! Who do these apartments belong to?

Well? Did you watch enough TV a decade ago to know?

If you guessed Chandler & Joey, and Monica & Rachel for drawing number one, you’re right! And, cozy New York apartment number two… yep, this was the home of Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Number three… Jerry Seinfeld, of course! So funny, and oh so unbelievably accurate. These are the drawings of Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, and yes, now I want to spend my weekend watching reruns! On that note, happy weekend, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow morning for “brunch” : )

{via Trendland}