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i’m jealous of briar mark

Yep, I could have done this on my Mac too… but I didn’t, and neither did Auckland based artist & designer Briar Mark. She hand-stitched it all. Hilarious, and an excellent statement on craft vs. technology. LOVE! Speaking of love, check out this time lapse video of her hard at work…

{via Jeannie Jeannie}

i’m jealous of julie cockburn

Ok. Yes. More faceless portraits. Clearly I can’t control myself, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants… and my heart wants people with rainbow-hued embroidery on their faces, and vintage photos that have been snipped to bits and put back together into amazing kaleidoscope-ish configurations. London based artist Julie Cockburn, and her amazing portfolio, have everything my heart is looking for… and then some!

i’m jealous of sarah walton

Sigh. I absolutely love these pieces by UK based artist Sarah Walton… her squiggly embroidery, those floopy hounds, and a whole bunch of crazy/vintage floral patterns. Um, I have nothing else to say, as I am currently experiencing some kind of jealousy overload.

i’m jealous of random loveliness

I find all sorts of amazing bits & pieces in my travels around the internet. I usually post them to my “random lovely things” board on Pinterest, but today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you… a lovely/random way to kick off the weekend, yes? I didn’t fully realize {ok, I had a hunch}, that I seem to have a thing for neons & neutrals…

… ahhh, finished off with an amazing piece by Banksy. Ok, everything in this post makes me want to make stuff… good thing it’s the weekend! See you on Monday : )

{1. inaluxe 2. Emma Dajska 3. Jack Potter 4. Feathers {I can’t find the artist? Help!}  5. Shaun Kardinal 6. Ritsuko Ozeki 7. Chris Henley 8. Keith P. Rein 9. Leah Durant 10. Banksy}

i’m jealous of nike schroeder

Berlin based artist Nike Schroeder has me swooning over her series, Fundamental Reports. Her images are inspired by vintage photographs {usually from the 1940s & 50s} that she finds in thrift shops… and then, the embroidery begins! Anyone that can draw with thread is a-okay in my books {… and all of those loose strands – love!}. If you happen to be in Hamburg, you can pop by Urban Outfitters to see this work on display until July, 2012.

Oh, and also, there is this:


i’m jealous of evelin kasikov

Stitched portraits, CMYK experiments, bold typography! Whoa… the graphic designer, and the artsy embroidery-lover, in me are both madly in love! London based designer/artist Evelin Kasikov blends these two disciplines perfectly! She has been commissioned to do works for WIRED, The New York Times, Kate Spade and many others. Yep, madly in love, and totally jealous! Oh, and you have to see her artist profile for the Kate Spade project:

Madly. In. Love.

i’m jealous of jose romussi

I’ll be the first to admit, it was these embroidered, vintage dancers that totally drew me into the portfolio of Chilean mixed media artist Jose Romussi:

So gorgeous, right! That was going to be my post, but then I kept digging, and I found these:

Yes! Indeed.

{via Candy Ping Pong}

i’m jealous of shaun kardinal… again

Sweet jiminy… I absolutely love the vintage postcard/geometric embroidery mixed media work of Seattle based artist Shaun Kardinal. I wrote about him in the fall of 2010, but he’s been busy since then! So many amazing new pieces have been added to his already envy-worthy portfolio. And then of course, there’s this:

A big neon pink D, on an old mountain covered postcard?! D for Danielle… do you see why I NEED this?!

GIRL CRUSH… in seattle! {may 19th}

When you hear the name Dottie Angel, I’m quite sure you immediately think of the faceless, crafty goddess who resides at Mossy Shed, and looks a little something like this, yes?

Well, I am so excited for you to meet the woman {with a face} behind Dottie Angel… the insanely talented, Seattle based artist, Tif Fussell:

Tif and I have planned an AMAZING, collaborative, creative tea party for Seattle! The theme… “assembling”, and I’ll tell you why. Twelve of us are going to “assemble” at the very lovely “Assemble Gallery & Studio“, where we will “assemble” a collaborative, mixed media collage {using vintage papers, thread, text, images, buttons… whatever Tif and I can dig out of our studios, really}. After spending the morning talking artist blocks & inspirations, we’ll have plenty of ideas to work into our piece! Now, the most exciting part… our finished, “assembled” piece will hang as a group show at Assemble Gallery! Seriously. When the show comes down a few weeks later, the collage will be snipped into individual pieces, and you can each take one home for your very own studio wall. Here’s a quick look at an example that Tif put together:

Ah, so lovely! Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be eating stacks of sweet little cupcakes while we do this?! Yes, yes we will. If you’d like to join us on Saturday May 19th, in Seattle at Assemble Gallery & Studio, just click here to register. YAY!

{Thank you so much to Tif, and Andie & Emily at Assemble… and to Seattle blogger/writer/photographer Melanie B. for getting this whole Seattle Girl Crush rolling on Twitter! I think she has it almost sold out, so sign up soon!)

i’m jealous of hagar van heummen

Hello. My name is Danielle, and I’m an embroidery-aholic. Ok. Yes, it’s true, I have been on a major embroidery kick lately. And clearly I have no self control, because when I found the lovely work of Amsterdam based artist Hagar van Heummen {and her girls in weird, triangular, red hats} I couldn’t stop myself from writing about them. Love, love, love!!!

I’ll stop tomorrow. Maybe.