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i’m still jealous of ashley goldberg

Oh boy. I wrote about Portland based artist/illustrator Ashley Goldberg about three years ago… and here we are again! Little houses, little birds, and little beards {and little birds with little beards, of course!}. I have to admit though, my main reason for writing this post was so that I could show this painting. I have always loved this painting:

Sigh. Awesome.

{ps. Ashley is yet another artist who will be featured in my upcoming book… Q. Who’s crazy excited?! A. Yep, it’s me!}

i’m jealous of jason polan

Never been to the MoMA? No problem… New York based artist Jason Polan drew “every piece of art that was visible to the public at the museum from January 19 to January 31, 2005″ in a project, turned book, titled “The Every Piece Of Art in The Museum Of Modern Art Book” …and then he did it again in 2012. Here’s a little sampling:

Phewf. So amazing. I feel tired and inspired all at the same time… just like a long day at the MoMA!

i’m jealous of geoff mcfetridge

Oh boy. I love these simple illustrations by LA based artist/illustrator Geoff McFetridge. All of these drawings were part of a project he did for Nike, called Nike Dunks. This is just one project from his very full portfolio. He has an amazing roster of corporate clients {MTV, Pepsi, Gap, Vans etc.}, and a very long list of gallery shows for his personal work… and so I reiterate ~ oh boy.

i’m still insanely jealous of wes anderson

Sigh. Oh Wes, you’re a creative genius with insane attention to detail… and that is why I love you.

In Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, one of the main characters {Suzy}, loves books… and stole a half a dozen of them from the library. Of course, what Wes Anderson film would be complete without every single little thing being designed/thought about… so yes, here are the covers of Suzy’s books that he commissioned six illustrators to design {Oh, and if the cover designs weren’t enough, he also created a short film and animations to go along with each of them. Swoon!}

That last screengrab is my favorite one in the bunch! ♥

{There is a really good article, here, that gives a bunch of background on this part of Moonrise Kingdom.}

i’m jealous of aiko fukawa

Awwww! These illustrations by Japanese artist Aiko Fukawa are just the sweetest. Come on… that squirrel in his little rainbow shirt? Crazy cute! Those garlands are fantastic too, and do not get me started on that drum playing donkey.

I’m off to Portland for GIRL CRUSH with Lisa Golightly, and I’ll be back with a full report early next week! Happy weekend : )

{via the art cake}

i’m jealous of chloe fleury

Whoa. The cut and folded paper illustration work of French- born, San Francisco based, artist Chloe Fleury is, well, gorgeous! Her work for the cover of Anthology’s latest issue is amazing {look at those tiny paper lamps!}, I love those bunny heads, and her 3D San Francisco neighborhood posters… um, and now I totally want an orange popsicle sold to me from a little pink paper truck! If you live in the Bay Area you can literally be part of  the world of Chloe Fleury… her show, titled Color Me Happy – The World of Chloe Fleury, is opening at La Boutique next Friday, April 27th,  from 6 – 8pm {RSVP here}. Here’s a sweet little video to prepare you for Chloe’s lovely, bright, papery world:

Cute! And on that cheery note, happy weekend! See you on Monday!

i’m jealous of rinee shah

Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing by Rinee Shah

Um, I love this! Food from Seinfeld…

Yes, yes it is.

{…currently showing until March 10th at Pot + Pantry, in the Mission, San Francisco}

i’m jealous of amy sullivan

Hm, Alice in Wonderland yesterday, and Little Red Riding Hood today… apparently, I’m working in as many bizarre children’s stories as I possibly can this week. Colorado based artist/illustrator Amy Sullivan has totally hooked me/creeped me out with her lovely/creepy fairy tale series. Poor little Red… eaten alive. So sad. But wait, I know what will cheer you up… sasquatches, rainbows, and a big stack of Eames chairs:

♥ Yep… I feel better. You?

ps. I just started a new series on sfgirlbybay today! It’s called “Art Goes Here” {a little virtual art hanging for your Wednesday morning!}

i’m jealous of andrea d’aquino

I love all of this collage work by American artist Andrea D’Aquino – but that final image… yowza. It makes me want to get into my studio and stay there until my loved ones start to get concerned ~ paint . doodle . snip . snip . glue . repeat . paint . doodle . snip . snip . glue . repeat . paint . doodle . snip . snip . glue . repeat…

an ode to morran

I am a huge fan of Swedish artist Camilla Engman, and so of course, I’m a huge fan of her little sidekick… her dog Morran! Morran has been a huge part of Camilla’s life, and career… have you seen Camilla’s Suitcase Series book? Morran is a major feature! I found out about an hour ago that Morran passed away a few days ago. I don’t know Camilla, or Morran, but I’m crying as I write this. I have two little dogs myself, one of which we almost lost just over a year ago, and the sadness was overwhelming. And so today, I want to share this amazing project that Camilla started in the fall – a book filled with art… Morran art to be exact! She has asked people from all over the world to contribute pieces {these are just a few of my favorites}, and the results are fantastic! It’s going to be a lovely book.

Camilla, I’m sending you lots of love, and Morran… may you run for hours on rainbows xo

{1. Kirsten Houthooft 2. Alicja Nikodem 3. Lien Geeroms 4. Sara Olmos 5. Emmanuelle Eschembrenner 6. Suana Verelst 7. Darja Charapova 8. Marta Monteiro 9. Petra Wester Norgren 10. Christine Roussey}