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i’m still jealous of rune guneriussen

Sigh. The photographic installations of Rune Guneriussen. I wrote about him just a little over two years ago {my how time flies when you’re jealous!}, and he’s been very busy since then. Lamps, and books, and tables all finding new, temporary homes in the wilderness… just long enough for Rune to photograph them – and then just as magically as they appeared, they’re gone again. I wish he’d leave them there for a little while! I’d love to be out for a hike and come upon, well, any of these amazing groupings! Oh, and did I mention scale:

Yep… BIG and beautiful! This work is currently being shown at Rhein Galerie Bonn {exhibition shown above}, until November 10th 2012.

i’m jealous of faig ahmed

Whoa. An embroidered “carpet”, on a wall, partly finished, and then stretched across the room. This insane installation is the work of  Faig Ahmed. He is a master of textiles, and clearly has a thing for carpets… and I have a thing for his work! Not only has he created this beautiful embroidery installation, but there’s also this:

A wooden wave, covered in a woolen, handmade carpet. Whoa… x 2. Oh, and also, this:

A ’stretched’ handmade carpet. Whoa… x 3. And on that crazy beautiful note, I hope you all have a lovely weekend ~ see you on Monday!

{first installation via the artful desperado, other images found on Faig’s portfolio site}

i’m jealous of liesbet bussche

Have you guys already seen this on the interweb? I just found it yesterday, and yowza… that is some fabulous accessorizing! Liesbet Bussche is making the streets pretty one giant piece of jewelry at a time… and I love all of it! What an amazing, creative idea – and executed soooo beautifully. Yep, I’m insanely jealous. Oh, and also, I want that huge anchor charm. The end.

{via Beautiful/Decay}

i’m jealous of jim lambie

Tape. In elaborate, perfect patterns. On the floor… which is where I currently am. Yep, I’m in complete awe of these insane installations by Scottish artist Jim Lambie. I can’t even imagine the patience something like this would take. Whoa. Ok, so maybe I’ll just stay down on the ground until I catch my breath – see you on Monday! Happy weekend : )

i’m jealous of paula rebsom

Oh, this is such a sad, beautiful, inspiring project, titled “If We Lived Here” by Portland based artist Paula Rebsom. Usually my posts are quite short, but I had to give you the full {although, slightly shortened} story. Here’s where Paula’s story begins:

Thirty-one years ago, when my mother was 3 months pregnant with me, a harsh winter forced my parents off the farm that has been in our family for over 50 years. The 1,300-acre farm is tucked away in the little Badlands of North Dakota and only accessible by 9 miles of scoria road. After my parents’ left the farm they moved to nearby Dickinson, the land was rented to neighbors and the home was rented out to a couple that left the home in such disarray it was no longer safe for human occupancy. That is when the barn swallows, rabbits, raccoons and mice began to settle into their new home… Last February, after my grandmother gave my parents power of attorney over the property, they burned down the farmhouse, barns and chicken coup for liability concerns … This past September I returned to North Dakota and built a 16-foot tall by 40-foot wide billboard like replica of the home with the assistance of my father just over the hill from where the original homestead was:

I used the last image taken of the home before it was burned as my model for the front of the structure and attached 20 birdhouses that spell out the words “If we lived here, I’d be home by now.” to the back of it.

In its simplest form “If We Lived Here” was built in an attempt to provide shelter for the birds that were displaced when their home was destroyed. In it’s most complex form it is a quiet and haunting, ghostlike reminder of what was, what is no longer, and what may never be. It holds memories far beyond my years and comprehension while at the same time providing a new presence of hope and possibilities for this rural landscape. The landscape my mom was raised on, the land that her and my father would try to make a living off of, a place that I dreamed as a child to call home, the land my sister and I will someday inherit.

See? Sad, beautiful, and oh so inspiring.

i’m jealous of neil dawson

Now this is my kind of litter! New Zealand artist Neil Dawson created this sculpture, titled Horizons, for Gibbs Farm {an amazing place, filled with an insane sculpture collection, in North Auckland}. I’m not sure what those cows are thinking, but I’d be quite happy to have a giant piece of icon-like paper land gently on a hilltop near me! So, so good.

i’m jealous of pae white

Gasp! Porcelain popcorn, with gold glaze. Um… YES!!! I absolutely love these sculptures by LA based artist Pae White. Oh, and her installation, titled Ashen Roses, is insanely beautiful too:

Amazing, right?! Ah, but that popcorn… I cannot get over that popcorn!! Here, have one more look:

Love! And on that deliciously golden note, happy weekend!

i’m jealous of rachel whiteread

Whoa. I think I’m in love. Here are THREE very good reasons for my art crush on British artist Rachel Whiteread:




Oh my. As you can see, I love so much of Rachel’s work… and how can you blame me? Sculptures on shelves, drawings, and pink resin doors. It’s all so beautiful. Sigh.

{ps. My latest ART GOES HERE post is up on sfgirlbybay today!}

i’m jealous of rotganzen

WOW! … and also ew!!! If you enjoy a good old fashioned lollipop from time to time, you might not after this! This series, titled GANGREDINE CONSUMPTUS, was created by ‘ROTGANZEN’ ~ an artist collective based in Rotterdam and Schiedam {the initiators, and main artists, are Robin Stam, Mark van Wijk and Joeri Horstink}.

Now, I don’t want to leave you feeling grossed out by these toxic, yet absolutely beautiful, ‘lollies’ {don’t worry, they’re made out of resin, and can’t actually be eaten – they’re just making a point!}… so instead, I’ll sign off with this other body of work by ROTGANZEN:

Ah yes, amazingly melty disco balls… GORGEOUS, and not at all poisonous.

ART GOES … over there!

I’m not sure if you’ve seen my latest series of posts on sfgirlbybay, but I kind of love doing them! The column is called ART GOES HERE, and I write one every second Wednesday {which happens to be today!}. Basically, I find a beautiful interior design image, and using a little photoshop magic, I add three different selections of contemporary art to the shot. Sculpture, painting, installation – yep, anything goes!

To be totally honest, this is my dream job. Finding, and then hanging, the perfect art for someone’s home… I’d get to play matchmaker between artist and collector, and amazing work would end up on beautiful walls. Win, WIN! Here are a few little snippets from ART GOES HERE from the past few months {visit sfgirlbybay to see the full posts}:

{Art // 1. Tape ~ Alex Menocal 2. Lights ~ Steve Lambert 3. Photography ~ Amy Friend 4. Thread ~ Anne Lindberg 5. Chalk ~ Dana Tanamachi 6. Pen ~ Il Lee 7. Stairs – various images found on Pinterest by searching for ’staircases’}