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i’m jealous of john breed

Netherlands based artist John Breed is the man behind this beautifully bizarre installation, titled “Shoe Salon Breuninger”. Yep, you’re looking at 145 fabulous shoes on 145 perfect, rainbow-hued legs. Need I say more? Ok, maybe just one more little thing:

Gah! Golden legs! {“Medusa’s Shoes”, an Installation at Grassi Museum, Leipzig}

{via Colossal}

i’m jealous of chinn wang

This is the work of Boulder, Colorado based artist Chinn Wang … she screenprints on wood, and in the case of her “heraldry” series, they come in the form of a few crazy amazing family crest type things {and, of course, a couple of big blue bears to guard her own personal crest, titled “CW”} . Oh yes, and then there are these beauties:

Those owls! Pink Deer! Snap, Crackle AND Pop? Yep, it’s the whole gang! Love.

i’m jealous of letha wilson

It’s amazing what a few slices of a blade, and a bit of bending can do to a photograph. Suddenly these quiet nature scenes are crisp, bold, and graphic. Brooklyn based artist Letha Wilson manipulates images just a little bit, and creates something wonderfully new. Every now and then she cuts a little more than the photo though:

In this case, she cut right through the drywall so that light from behind could shine into the gallery… um, LOVE!!!

i’m jealous of janet echelman

Oh my word. American artist Janet Echelman makes huge, sculptural nets that are colorful and billowing during the day, and light up the skyline like beautifully bizarre jellyfish at night. Not that Amsterdam needs any help being beautiful, but yowza, that first piece in the top of the post creates an insanely stunning view of the city! Janet was originally a painter (USA), who studied calligraphy (China), and then dabbled in textiles (Bali), after which she was a teacher at Harvard (USA), and eventually ended up working in sculpture (India)… um, who’s inspired?! Yep, me too.

i’m jealous of leigh martin

Yarn-bombing… mushroom style! American artist Leigh Martin makes these little wooly fungi, and places them in nature. I wish she left them there for awhile, but I suppose that wouldn’t be very eco-friendly. It sure would be cool to unexpectedly see her work while out for a leisurely walk in the woods! And with that, I wish you a happy weekend filled with outdoor {and artsy} adventure!

i’m jealous of jay shinn

Paint… and projected light. Whoa.

Oh, I love these paint/light installations by American artist Jay Shinn. Trying to figure out how he figures it out, makes my brain hurt a tiny bit… but it’s so worth it! There are a few examples above that show the paint on it’s own, and how the image is transformed once the light is projected onto the wall. Ouch… there’s that dull ache in my head again.

Now, if you happen to be in Dallas any time from February 23rd {this Saturday!} through March 30th, you can see this stunningly beautiful work in person at the MARTY WALKER GALLERY… please go, and then tell me all about it!

i’m jealous of ange-line tetrault

Oh, the work of Toronto based designer/artist Ange-line Tetrault. First things first, this is what she makes at her day job:

Ange-line is a product designer at Imm Living, and creates all of the lovely things above. I originally found those teacups {which I totally need, by the way} on UncommonGoods, but when I made my way back to her site, I was so excited to discover this very cool personal art project:

Yep. A tiny white house, with a hot pink window that you can peek into, where a looping video shows Ange-line trying to decide what to wear. While she does that, you get to dress her up in all sorts of little outfits of your choosing! The project is titled Ritual of Identity, and here’s the gist:

“... the object is my clothes and the subject is myself. Everyday I get dressed and everyday it’s a long process of me trying on many outfits before I finally get the right look. Some days a certain outfit feels like me and other days the same outfit feels like someone else. What’s the rational behind this? Is it all about the persona I feel like projecting that day? Can people tell the persona I’m projecting based on what I’m wearing, or I look the same no matter what I wear? “

i’m jealous of pat shannon

These are the most beautiful real estate pages I’ve ever seen! These gorgeous cut-newspaper installations are by American artist Pat Shannon. She meticulously cuts away the text, leaving only the sweet little houses behind. She does this with all sorts of newspapers {comics, want-ads, inserts}, but for me, it’s all about these tiny houses! Love.

i’m jealous of mathilde roussel

Ok, I’ll be honest. At first glance, this installation made me a bit uncomfortable … perhaps it was the yellow powdered sperm, and the large bottle of blood. However, on further inspection {and just a tiny bit of reading}, I think you’ll find that it’s actually a lovely, thoughtful, and very clever piece that compares the natural world to the human body. This is the work of Paris based artist Mathilde Roussel, and it is titled echology:

“Dew, milk, pollen, sap, branches, grass, bark, etched glass jars.
Resonances between human body and vegetal are suggested by filling with plant elements, scientifical jars labelled with human body parts. The living ingredients inside the jars change and metamorphose though time.”

{Exhibited at Anatomia Botanica, Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art, Nashville, US.}

Ah… yellow pollen, and a large bottle of sap. Phew.

i’m jealous of luka fineisen

Bubbles!!!! Oh my gosh, I’m trying so hard not to make a joke about ‘pop’ art.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to come around a corner, and find a floor full of giant, delicate, unpoppable plastic bubbles? Well, if you’re lucky enough to see the installation work of German artist Luka Fineisen, that’s exactly what you’ll get! *POP*

{via Fine Line Magazine}