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i’m jealous of silke baltruschat

Ew!!! …and also, Ahahahaha!!! This is the work of Hamburg based artist/designer Silke Baltruschat. These are posters from Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten (Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don’t Think Is Possible) – a 1970 West German sex report film. Already kinda creepy, and then Silke adds some strategically placed, dangly, black thread. So gross, but oh, so so good. Ew.

{via the always fabulous yellowtrace}

i’m jealous of johanna goodman

Oh, vintage found image collage… you will always be my first love. I haven’t written about anything like this in awhile, but when New York based artist Johanna Goodman sent me a sample of her work, well, my heart skipped a beat. Cakes, big shoes & a bunch of cigarettes, airplanes, peaches n’ lemons – yes, yes, yes, YES!

i’m still jealous of matthew craven

Ooooooh… rainbows, ancient artifacts, and dizzying/aztec-ish pencil markings. Yep, this is new work by American artist Matthew Craven! Love. All of these mixed media pieces {drawing & collage} are from Matthew’s latest solo show, that opened on Saturday, at DCKT Contemporary in New York. Don’t worry, it runs until October 20th so you can still get down there. I saw his work in person at Gallery Hijinks in San Francisco last year… and yes, it’s even more fantastic up close!

i’m jealous of claire softley

Ok, so, I’m a “dog person” … or so I thought! … I cannot get enough of these CATS! They are the work of UK based artist/illustrator Claire Softley, and I want a close up of each one of them in their own kitty-enhancing frame hung in a giant feline-grid on my living room wall! Now, I should point out that Claire makes a lot of work that doesn’t involve cats in any way. My faves are these shelves of cacti, and this lovely abstract piece:

Gorgeous. And with that, I’ll wish a happy weekend to all of you cat, and cactus, lovers out there! {apparently, that’s me!}

i’m jealous of andy curlowe

You have probably seen this gorgeous work by American artist Andy Curlowe before. He’s been featured on lots and lots and lots of sites, and clearly, I couldn’t resist either. The colors, the precise architectural lines combined with the loose work… and the mountains… ah, the mountains! I thought my post was finished, but then I found his sketchbook. Yep, I have a thing for fun, simple sketchbooks… Get ready, because it’s pretty different than what you just saw:

Ah-haha! I love it all… and what a perfect way to end the week… Dancing!

i’m jealous of christina romeo

The stranger the portrait, the more I love it! These pretty, and slightly disturbing, girls are the work of Portland based artist Christina Romeo. I love the loose pencil lines, and I realize that the vibrant color is paint, but it sort of looks like cake frosting… and I sort of love that.

{Thanks to Jessica from for the link to Christine’s work}

i’m jealous of aganetha dyck

Ok, this might be one of the most amazing artistic collaborations I’ve ever seen… Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck, and a whole bunch of bees! I’m going to let Aganetha describe this project, because she can do a much better job than I can:

First, a clarification; I am not a beekeeper. I rent the colonies of honeybees, bee hives, and apiary space from a qualified beekeeper. All my work with honeybees is overseen by a scientist and is always completed under the direction of a beekeeper. The beekeeper takes care of the bees. I am an artist interested in environmental issues and in inter-species communication, specifically interested in the power of the small. My ongoing research asks questions regarding the ramifications all living beings would experience should honey bees disappear from earth.


To begin a collaborative project with the honeybees, I choose a slightly broken object or damaged material from a second hand market place. I choose damaged objects because honeybees are meticulous beings, they continuously mend anything around them and they do pay attention to detail. To encourage the honeybees to communicate, I strategically add wax or honey, propolis or hand-made honeycomb patterns to the objects prior to placing them into their hives. At least I like to think my methods are strategic. The honeybees often think otherwise and respond to what is placed within their hive in ways that make my mind reel.

At times, the honeybees encourage me to add or delete honeycomb after they have worked on an object. As an example, by overextending their honeycomb, the honeybees encourage me to sculpt into this mass of waxed cell construction and return it to them for further consideration.


i’m jealous of guy catling

Hm… amazing how a little floral patterning can soften an image. Like a rocky landscape, or a black & white portrait:

… or skateboarders:

… or a bit of historical combat:

See… suddenly the skateboarders look sweeter, and even the war images feel a tiny bit less scary. These flowered beauties are the collage work of Essex based artist Guy Catling. Now, tell me if I’m alone, but they kinda make me wanna throw on a muu muu and start sticking flowery wallpaper to everything. You too?

{via artsy forager on pinterest}

i’m still jealous of leigh wells

Sigh… I wish someone would send me a flower arrangement like this! I love these botanical, graphic, muted, vintage-ish, kinda strange collages by San Francisco based artist Leigh Wells. I’ve written about Leigh a few times because, well, her work is amazing. However, each post has been quite different because, well, Leigh is amazing. She continues to push herself, always working working working, discovering new ways to create. That makes me super jealous {in a totally and completely “get back into the studio “inspired kind o’ way}. For example… here are a few tidbits from two other series she’s been working on:

So good. Originals from her “Pearl Diver” series are available on her big cartel site, and her landscapes can be purchased from Gathered. OR… If you want one of her gorgeous “flower arrangements”, they’re from her versos series - you can contact Leigh directly about those. Ok, now everyone… back to the studio for the weekend! Thanks for the push, Leigh!

i’m jealous of brittany schall

I can’t even make my real hair look like this, let alone draw hair that looks like this! Upswept, long n’ flowing, twists & braids…. these gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall.  Do I want to become her BFF so that we could braid each other’s hair {and then have her draw it}… yes, yes I do.