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luis cornejo


Modern fairytales? Kind of. These gorgeous paintings are the work of El Salvador based artist Luis Cornejo. I wrote about him in 2014 but his combination of Mickey Mouse hands and lovely portraits keeps me coming back for more!

helen mccullagh


Yes, I have a thing for still life paintings… especially when they’re filled with vibrant colors and strange flowers! These whimsical oil paintings are the lovely work of Australian painter Helen McCullagh. Gorgeous. And now I want to spend a sunny afternoon painting while eating oranges and watermelon.

“ebb and flow”


Ahhh, is it July yet? If you live somewhere cold, brace yourself because the work of New York based painter Samantha French will make you want to jump into the closest pool! A few episodes ago I called Sam out for blatantly ignoring my invitation to come on the podcast… so we definitely cover that. We’re also talking about living/working in New York, really big canvases, and where her love of painting water began. You can listen right underneath that gorgeous swimmer, or you can subscribe on iTunesOk, let’s get things started with a bunch of my favorites:


Sigh. See? Don’t you want to go swimming right now? Her work is absolutely beautiful, but seeing it online doesn’t do it justice. We talked about how big most of her work is, so I wanted to include these photos to help you understand the scale {and also to give you a peek into her New York studio}:


Ah-mazing! If you ever get a chance to see one of her shows in person… GO. You really do feel like you’re in a pool right along with all of her subjects.

Next, a few photos from the movies! Yep, these are the photos Sam took in the middle of a theater when two of her pieces were used on the set of Sleeping With Other People, starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie:


That photo directly above is a self-portrait of Sam, so technically she was in the movie too! Pretty cool. Speaking of cool, Sam’s partner, Aaron Hauck, is an amazing painter as well. Since this is a post about Sam, I thought I’d show one of his paintings that happens to be of Sam… “Sam checking her phone”, 2015:


Love! So much talent in one house. And with that I will say thanks so much to Sam for saying yes {turns out I need to check my inbox more carefully}; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode {and giving away a $50 gift card at the end of this month… sign up for my weekly email to be entered}; and a huge thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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alan reid


When I come across a work description that includes “porcupine quills”, I stop. These are the absolutely gorgeous paintings of New York based artist Alan Reid. Those faces, those soft colors, and yes… those quills! Amazing.

{Images, and installation views, via Lisa Cooley, NY}

mar cerdà


Tiny paper houses, clearly made with love, by Barcelona based artist Mar Cerdà. She illustrates children’s books for several publishing houses, but it’s her paper dioramas that grabbed me… painted tiles, little framed artworks, and windows lit from behind! Oh, and those final three are housed inside tuna cans from Portugal. So good.

jealous curator collection: land of nod spring 2016


Ahhh, spring. Well, kinda. Yes it’s only February but that means the Spring 2016 Collection at The Land of Nod is out… which means that the “Jealous Curator Spring Collection” that I curated for Nod is out! I’m not very good at keeping secrets so I’m always happy when I can finally share this stuff! From collages to sculptures to paintings… I love this group of work, oh, so much. I think my favorite part of working on these collections is collaborating with contemporary artists that I love, and seeing what they decide to make for kids! That being said, my goal with this project is always to put together a group of work that you could totally hang in a nursery, but that you’d also love to have in the living room … because eventually your sweet babies will get older and want to hang posters of Rob Lowe on their wall {or was that just me?}

Artists: Laura Berger / Xochi Solis / Lola Donoghue / Lucy Engleman / Casey Roberts / Laura Johnston / Jenny Lumelsky / Katy Smail / Clare Celeste Borsch

jennifer nehrbass


Cool collages… except that they’re oil paintings. What?! Yes. This is the fantastic work of American artist Jennifer Nehrbass. It’s safe to say that I am, in fact, smitten.

“nature nerd”


I have looooved the work of Indianapolis based artist Casey Roberts for years, so I’m a little embarrassed to say that it wasn’t until preparing for this interview that I realized these are cyanotypes, not paintings. Who knew? Well, not me. Casey met me in a quiet library in Indianapolis, with a glass of gin & tonic in hand to calm his nerves. I absolutely loved this chat… he is so talented, and an unbelievably nice guy. You can listen right under that stunning stump, or you can subscribe on iTunes. First up, some of Casey’s most recent work. They’re absolutely beautiful – like an ethereal exhale:


Sigh. So, so beautiful. Cyanotypes might just be the absolute perfect way to create nighttime scenes… for example:


Gasp! That glowing moth! Man, he’s good. Speaking of good, here’s Casey’s lovely piece that I included in my latest collection for The Land of Nod. So sweet!


Aww! And now, my favorite pieces in Casey’s extensive and beautiful portfolio. His carved trees:


Aren’t those amazing? And he does commissions with your special initials and dates… just sayin’. Also, I want one. And finally, I have to show this photo of Casey and his beard. Does his look not match his wild wilderness work perfectly?


Yeah, he can never shave that beard. It just works. And that’s that. No need for nerves, but clearly a glass of gin & tonic never hurts… unless of course someone makes you laugh and you have a small coughing fit. But other than that. Huge thanks to Casey for doing this with me, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode {and giving away a $50 gift card!}, and a big thank you to all of you for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links: Parts Gallery, Toronto / Walker Contemporary, Vermont / In Search Of TV show

ps. casey’s cat heads…


claire cowie


Not only do I have a thing for botanical subject matter, I also have a major place in my artsy heart for negative space… I’m sure you can imagine my pure delight when I came across the work {sumi color, watercolor, acrylic ink on paper} of Seattle based artist Claire Cowie. Two words: Stun. Ning.

ryan heshka


My latest thrill? Finding brand new work from Vancouver based artist Ryan Heshka! The last time I wrote about him, all of his originals were sold out, for obvious reasons. Well, I just happened to be scrolling past his site and found these new pieces! Love, love, love all of them so much… those bee ladies? Killing me.

{new originals, and prints, available on his site}