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abbey mcculloch… again

I’m quite sure that if I saw this new body of work by Australian artist Abbey McCulloch in person, I would cry a tiny bit. First of all, they are big {a few of these are 4′x3′}, her color choices are absolutely stunning, and the girls she paints…oh, so mysterious! Yep, if I saw these oil paintings in a gallery I think I’d have to lie down, just like that lovely blonde {she’s breathing, right?}

hsiao-ron cheng… again

Mmmmm, I can almost smell the peonies and roses… just imagine if my whole head was covered in them! This is the delicate, yet kinda weird, work of Taipei based artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng. I wrote about her paintings in 2012 {there were bunnies, a T-Rex, an alligator in a classroom}, but when I saw these new pastel-hued, flowery portraits, well… need I say more?

Happy weekend… I hope you get a face full of flowers!

jennifer davis… always

So, we’re all familiar with the beautifully bizarre animal paintings in the portfolio of Minneapolis based artist Jennifer Davis, right?

Love, love, love! Now… look what happens to lost, forgotten, lonely ceramic animals when Jennifer spends a little too much time in her local thrift shop:

Gah! She JenniferDavis’ed them!!! {Ok, I just made that up, but that should totally be a thing!} Crazy stripes, gorgeous colors, and oh, so much fun! She always has a few of these critters for sale in her Etsy shop, so pop over and have a look… I’m waiting for a wiener dog.

ps. Jennifer also does commissioned pet portraits! I’ve included a few of them in a group of work that I just chose for Liz Lemon over on SF Girl By Bay today… yes, I said Liz Lemon.

kirsten tradowsky

Are you suddenly feeling ridiculously nostalgic? Yep, the work of American painter Kirsten Tradowsky has that effect on me too! Oh, I’d love my weekend include an Easter egg hunt, a sleepover at my best friend’s house, and then a ride home in the back of her parents’ station wagon {no seat belts required, of course. #1975}.

Happy weekend to you ~ see you on Monday!

aaron skolnick

Now that is a lot of Jackie O. … and I love it! American artist Aaron Skolnick clearly has a thing for the former first lady and has used paint, mylar, colored pencils, graphite, paper, and thread to show his love. When I asked him “Why Jackie O?”, this was his answer:

I was very interested in the affect of the JFK Assassination and felt that Jackie was the final affect of that moment. I was also interested in her stoic nature and how she held herself together in front of the nation. It became an obsession that I couldn’t quit.

And I’m so glad that he didn’t.

nanna hänninen

Simple black & white photography + the perfect pull of a palette knife = gorgeous results! This is the work of Finnish artist Nanna Hänninen, and I have to admit I am completely smitten. Her color choices are stunning, and that pulled paint almost looks like flames burning those elegant B&W images. Sigh. Love.

julian meagher

If I told you that Australian artist Julian Meagher, used to be Australian doctor Julian Meagher, would you believe me? Well, you should, because it’s true! Yep, six years ago he traded his stethoscope for a paint brush and hasn’t looked back. Bottles, boxes, and orchids all painted in the most electric of pinks and blues… gah! I don’t know about you, but the second I saw these beauties, my heart skipped a beat… [insert doctor joke here]

joël penkman… again

Well, I thought I was still full from the holidays, but now I’m pretty sure I could make room for a bunch of fancy cheese & crackers… and maybe even some catfish paté. Or, maybe not.

I wrote about New Zealand born – UK based artist Joël Penkman’s pretty ice cream bars and popsicles last spring, but was so excited to see these delectable treats from her new series {and book}, titled The Taste of America. Ok, you’re probably thinking, where are the hotdogs and sodas? Well yes, there are a few of those in the series {pickles too}, but the majority of the paintings are of delicious, beautifully packaged, gourmet food from around the USA… I mentioned the catfish paté, right? Hm, I might just stick with the wild beach plum jelly.

emily winfield martin

As I was working on this, I thought:

Question: “Do I really want my first full post of 2014 to feature naked, tattooed people?”

Answer: “HELL yes!”

This is the work of Portland based Emily Winfield Martin. All of her work is beautifully painted, and super sweet… with just a little more than a hint of weird. Yep, a perfect way to kick off a new year of artsy posts [insert moody girls in woodland sweaters here]

{fyi… her etsy shop, aka the black apple, is full of fantastic/affordable prints}

in 2014…

Yep, that’s on the top of my list for this brand new, fresh and shiny year… and you’re planning on doing the same, right?! I can’t wait to see what you make! xo


{This bit of painted inspiration brought to you by New York based artist Trey Speegle … and ps… he’s offering 25% off everything in his shop with free shipping over $100 through midnight on Feb 2. Use code: BYE13 & SHIP13}