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i’m jealous of myriam dion

A stack of newspapers, a very sharp x-acto blade, and Canadian artist Myriam Dion. I think all I can muster is “my goodness”… ok, I’m going back to spend my weekend staring at the perfect, detailed, poetic cuts that she has made to this pile of yesterday’s headlines. Sigh.

{…thanks to MissPixels for sending this beautiful work my way}

i’m jealous of silke baltruschat

Ew!!! …and also, Ahahahaha!!! This is the work of Hamburg based artist/designer Silke Baltruschat. These are posters from Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten (Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don’t Think Is Possible) – a 1970 West German sex report film. Already kinda creepy, and then Silke adds some strategically placed, dangly, black thread. So gross, but oh, so so good. Ew.

{via the always fabulous yellowtrace}

i’m jealous of johanna goodman

Oh, vintage found image collage… you will always be my first love. I haven’t written about anything like this in awhile, but when New York based artist Johanna Goodman sent me a sample of her work, well, my heart skipped a beat. Cakes, big shoes & a bunch of cigarettes, airplanes, peaches n’ lemons – yes, yes, yes, YES!

i’m jealous of lauri lynnxe murphy

When you come across a series titled, Doilies of Imminent Destruction, clearly, you have to write about it.  This beautiful, and eery, work is by American artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy. Each delicate doily features the site of a nuclear disaster {1) Chernobyl 2) Deepwater Horizon  3) Fukushima  4) Three Mile Island}. Why cut the images of these disasters from doilies you ask? I’ll let Lauri explain:

“…doilies have a function… to beautify the ugly.  They are meant to cover the water stain on the side table, the worn spot on the chair arm.  Conversely, they are also used for protection in this sense, to prevent our furniture from becoming damaged in the first place.  To protect the appearances of our domestic space, despite what might be underneath.  Doilies also speak to an old-fashioned nostalgia.  They are accouterments of another era, and reminders of gendered labor.  Tatting and crocheting lace doilies was a domestic task for generations of women, laborious and painstaking.  The desired outcome was a perfection of form that would become an heirloom, evidence of a desire for beautification.  But as we have seen in each of the disaster sites depicted, perfection is unrealistic — stitches are dropped, mistakes are made, the human hand is always present, sometimes to disastrous ends.”

{ps. Lauri has a show opening in New York on September 27th, at 632 on Hudson}

i’m jealous of andy curlowe

You have probably seen this gorgeous work by American artist Andy Curlowe before. He’s been featured on lots and lots and lots of sites, and clearly, I couldn’t resist either. The colors, the precise architectural lines combined with the loose work… and the mountains… ah, the mountains! I thought my post was finished, but then I found his sketchbook. Yep, I have a thing for fun, simple sketchbooks… Get ready, because it’s pretty different than what you just saw:

Ah-haha! I love it all… and what a perfect way to end the week… Dancing!

i’m jealous of malissa ryder

Ok, who wants to eat fruity popsicles while watching the sun set? Me too! Ahh, simple slabs of vibrant color – this lovely work by American artist Malissa Ryder is making me wish that I hadn’t given up on watercolors so quickly! Gorgeous.

{ps. Her originals start at $65}

i’m jealous of hannah stephenson

Ah, poetry & art… a perfect combination! This is a beautiful book of poetry, written by American poet Hannah Stephenson. She is an amazing writer/editor/teacher, with a great love for visual art. In fact, a lot of her poems are inspired by art… sometimes even work that she finds here! For example, after seeing the ceramics of Caroline Slotte, Hannah wrote this:

Great Migration

Patterns on china have begun

to show evidence of a great migration.

Waves roll out to a plate’s edges,

drop off, are absorbed into carpet.

In the stock-still water, feeling no wind,

cranes panic and launch, beat their wings

with such force that nearby villagers

mistake them for dragons.

Smaller birds leave their nests in the trees,

head for the dark, unporcelain woods.

Lovers no longer come here

to sit on the grass together,

discovering speechless ways to speak.

They stay away from this place.

The land here isn’t fed by any source.

Parents shield their children’s eyes,

pull them close when passing the pond.

Someone should do something, they mutter

and leave the land to its calm disintegration.

Whoa. Her newly released book, In the Kettle, The Shriek, is filled with beautiful poem after beautiful poem… but I also wanted to share something that isn’t in this book. Now, you know I realllllly don’t like showing my own work, but… last year I had a show at Seattle’s Assemble Gallery. Hannah saw one of the pieces, wrote a poem, and sent it to me. I almost cried. I could not be more honored… and I love the poem so, so, so much… I love it so much in fact, that I’ll even show you my work that went with it, titled “Jeremy Brown jumped over this at a bush party.”

Living Daylights

To find that part of me
still flickering,

to chew and exhale flames,
a dragon with a mouth
crammed with Bazooka Joe,

to use my heart
as a flashlight,

to meet my ghost
as a dance partner,
spinning away from me,
and back toward me,

to sift out the glowing shards
with unshaking hands
and swallow them back down,

to greet my fiery shadow,
saying, here is our bed,
our mirror, we can learn
one another again.

LOVE! Thank you so much to Hannah for this amazingly creative gift. Ok, now let’s all go buy this book : )

{cover art by Aron Wiesenfeld}

i’m jealous of cecilia carlstedt

Washy, sexy, and oh so breathtaking – this is the amazing work of Stockholm based artist/illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt. Those lips! Those beautiful faces! Gah – I love them all! Quick question though… how is this so washy, yet detailed at the same time? Gor.Ge.Ous. Cecilia has been commissioned by a very long list of clients including Vogue, H&M, Paul Smith, The New York Times, Elle… and the list goes on. She also does a lot of personal work  - oh look, here’s some now:


i’m jealous (and proud) of jessica bell

Tape and paper and paint, oh my!

This is an exclusive preview of  Jessica Bell’s brand new mixed media work! Ack – we’re so lucky! They are absolutely gorgeous… and I wish I could show you the scale because they’re HUGE {50″x43″}. Now, on top of being new, gorgeous, and huge, these are also the pieces that landed Jessica a spot as a finalist for Canada’s coveted RBC Prize this year. She, and fourteen other finalists, will have their work shown at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa this October, with the grand prize being awarded at a fancy gala on October 2nd. My fingers and toes are crossed for Jessica. She is an amazing artist {clearly}, and probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet! Send her winning thoughts, ok? Ready? GO!

i’m jealous of alyssa dennis

I want to live in the work of Baltimore based artist Alyssa Dennis. Yep, I might just pack a few things, and move right into these whimsical, yet very structured/architectural drawings {graphite, pastel, colored pencil, gouache}… and I almost could because they’re really BIG. Some of these pieces are 42″x52″! Ok, fine, I’d have to crouch a little, and share my room with a fox, but I could totally make it work.