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i’m jealous of kelly kristin jones

“Vogue (US), July 2013″

“Ebony Magazine, July 2013″

“Cosmopolitan, July 2013″

“InStyle, July 2013″


Confetti? Nope. Skin. Well, photos of skin. These beautiful collages are the work of American artist Kelly Kristin Jones, and the circles are small clippings that she has taken from women’s fashion magazines. Here’s how and why, in Kelly’s words:

Standing in line at the grocery, I grab at fashion magazines lining the aisle and will myself not to become impatient with the slow-moving line. Not long ago, for the first time, I actually saw the women featured in these magazines; their manufactured and manipulated coloring stood out in a way that I had never noticed before. I added a pile to my basket and hurried home to deconstruct the pages of these “women’s interest” magazines.

Sampling from the advertisements and content of popular women’s interest magazines, I build collages of the coloring – the skin – of female bodies. Cuttings are taken of the “true” shade offered in the photograph with the extreme shadows and highlights avoided. The size of the circular clipped skin corresponds to the size of the body (or body part) pictured.

i’m jealous of cecelia phillips

Yes. More rocks. Geodes, to be specific. Clearly I cannot get enough of these little wonders of nature, and so when I saw these paintings by Cecelia Phillips I knew I’d be writing about them. What I love almost as much as her work, is her explanation for why she paints these amazing objects:

Several months ago I met a woman who was straightening my hair. It happened to be her birthday, and she happened to tell me that she was going hunting for geodes to celebrate.
No shit, I said. I’ll make you a geode painting as a present.
As I began to explore the subject matter of a geode, I realized that they embody a lot of who I am and what I believe in artistically – a little bit of kitsch, a smidge of bling, a little crusty on the outside and gleaming from within. They are worlds within themselves, private galaxies of color and space, and I love to paint them. Moreover, they are secret, hidden from the rest of the world, just waiting for a inquisitive and creative person to crack them open. I share these with you in the hopes that you are such a kindred spirit passing by on chance.”

{Thanks to Rebecca Rothfus, an amazing artist herself, for sending me a link to Cecelia’s work}

i’m jealous of albert ruiz villar

Tape, paper, paint, pencil… a little bit of everything goes into the recipe that is the beautiful work of Barcelona based artist Albert Ruiz Villar. I love his color choices, compositions, use of hot pink tape, and the fact that he asks his little girl to title some of his work… the final piece above is called “Nobody eats under the table” – LOVE!!!

{Thanks to my lovely and talented friend, Jessica Bell, for telling me about Albert’s work – ps. Jes happens to be the new, very proud owner of “Nobody eats under the table”, which she picked out IN PERSON when she visited Albert’s Barcelona studio a few weeks ago. Ok. Jealous on soooo many levels.}

i’m jealous of souther salazar

I want to live here. Yep, right here, smack-dab in the middle of the weird & beautiful world of  Portland based artist Souther Salazar. These are all 5″x5″ drawings… well, drawings that happen to be created using watercolor paint, and just a touch of collage thrown in for good measure. If I did live here I’d always remember that guy this way. Plus, I’d have a tiny pet goat, a dinosaur that lived next door, and i would totally help my neighbor find his dog  ♥

{…thanks to Frances Marin for pointing me to Souther’s work}

i’m jealous of jennifer yorke

I knew I liked this work by Chicago based artist Jennifer Yorke on first glance – the simple compositions on large fields of quiet paper. I bookmarked it, and continued on my busy way.

Several weeks later I had the time to go in and take a closer look… and sweet jiminy, look what I found! It was like digging up a mixed media treasure in my bookmarks list! Zooming in on each piece reveals the most ornate, beautiful detail ~ diamonds, caramel sauce, pink wigs, and what I’m quite sure is a quince dipped in honey. Gor.Ge.Ous!!!

{via curate1k ~ and if you’d like to purchase one of these beautiful pieces, you can find all of them over at}

i’m jealous of nathan manire

Whoa. Watercolor dots on paper. Just dots.

These gorgeous, and very clever, portraits are the work of New York based artist Nathan Manire. When you see them from far away {go on, get up from your computer and take about 10 steps back} they suddenly have shading, depth and detail… but up close they are just a bunch of lovely, washy dots. Just dots {that I completely love on their own too!}

i’m jealous of becky comber

Clouds, mountains, and collage. Ahhh… the only thing that might make me happier – being on that floaty mat, staring up at the sky with those gals! After yesterday’s post {filled with clouds and mountains}, I got a lovely email from a woman named Kate who said that I just had to check out her favorite artist, Canadian Becky Comber. So I did, and voila, today’s post {filled with more clouds and mountains} ♥

{ps. you can find her Etsy shop, right here, if you’re in the market for some clouds and mountains!}

i’m jealous of raúl lázaro

Usually, if I find an artist who has several series that I love, I manage to control myself and just show one. I could not do that today. Spanish artist Raúl Lázaro makes me jealous three times over. Reason No.1:

This. These are from his “cloudscapes” series, and I love them. Reason No.2:

Gah! Graph paper and mountains made of doilies?! These gorgeous collages from his “insulario” series. And of course, a few chopped up landscapes to round out reason No.3:

Oooh! Any artist that can make up their own river systems, from a bunch of found images, is ok in my books! Love.

{Good news – he has an online shop! Ok, it’s empty right now, but if you bug him I bet he’ll fill it up!}

i’m jealous of monica ramos

I’m sorry if this offends any vegetarians {or people who hate baked goods} but I couldn’t control myself… “Fat Tats”, is a series by Manila born, Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Monica Ramos, and I love every unhealthy tat she’s got going! Watercolor tattoos of fatty food. Hilarious and beautiful. Excellent combo. Ok, now who’s up for a slice of pie?

{Monica is the featured artist on Buy Some Damn Art this week. Girls hugging llamas, friends frying eggs on the sidewalk, and a bit of skinny dipping. Yep, you might want to get over there! Happy weekend!}

i’m always jealous of anthony zinonos

I’ve written about UK based artist Anthony Zinonos a couple of times, but that was way back in 2009… clearly, it’s time for a new post.  As you probably know, I am a ridiculously huge fan of collage, especially found image collage. A scrap of perfectly chosen paper, a few strategic snips from a stack of old magazines, and voila, you have an entirely new story being told on a field of canary yellow! Anthony’s work is so simple, and so clever. Oh, and not only is his work simple and clever, but he always has the best titles – that last piece {on the field of canary yellow!} is called … “justGOtalkTOher” … ha! ♥

ps. So I think you know that I’m working on a couple of books with Chronicle Books {it’s killing me not to tell you what they’re about… soon though!}. The first one is almost finished, and I’m knee-deep into the second, which just so happens to have a wonderful foreword written by one Mr. Anthony Zinonos! YAY!