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anna see

Ooooh, shoes! These beauties are the work of Las Vegas based printmaker Anna See. I found them when I was “buying art for Carrie Bradshaw” as part of a new series I’m doing over on SF Girl By Bay, and just had to show them over here too. Granted, the Chanel flats are the only pair I could actually walk in without twisting an ankle, but I could definitely hang every single pair with no trouble at all! ♥

rachel levit

Ooh, these portraits are so lovely, and simple, and odd, and fantastic. She could have stopped right there. But she didn’t. Nope, Mexican born – Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Rachel Levit went ahead and added a whole bunch of perfect little gouche-ie dots, making these portraits even more lovely, and simple, and odd and fantastic! Love, love, love, love!

{These were created for a group show, titled “Momentum for Tormentum”, in which Mexican Artists living in NY auctioned pieces to benefit the victims of the double hurricane that hit Mexico in September 2013 ~ via Artsy Forager on Pinterest }

jose romussi

Another day, another post featuring contemporary embroidery! I have written about Chilean artist Jose Romussi a couple of times already {here and here}, but when I saw his new, flowery/fashiony work, well, how could I resist? Gorgeous!

ps. Jose is 1 of the 30 artists featured in my second book with Chronicle {on shelves Fall 2014}… it’s called COLLAGE, and I’m so excited to tell you more! Wait til you see what Jose made for it! ♥

jared yamanuha

Ahhh, it’s day two of my week in Maui… and the odes to Hawaiian artists continue:

Ah. Mazing. The labels of famous Hawaiian brands, cut meticulously into colorful, paper lace. Jared Yamanuha is the talented artist behind these gorgeous pieces, and I have made it my mission to find all of these labels while I’m here. Clearly, I’m going to have to drink some “Hawaiian Sun” … here I go!

jaime, emily, & nike at the fig house

Ok, another day and a few more artists whose work is hanging at The Fig House for Thursday’s opening! These are the abstract pieces in the group. First Up… the tangly drawings, and bold paintings of San Diego based artist Jaime Derringer:

Love, love, love! Next – colorful canvases covered in bold shapes and striking colors. The work of LA painter, Emily Rickard:

Ah, a lovely compliment to the dark teal walls! And finally, these abstracts are not drawings or paintings. Nope, they’re the colorful, flowing, thread pieces of LA based artist Nike Schroeder:

That first piece is actually an instagram that Emily Henderson took after Nike’s work was installed. GORGEOUS. Ok, three more of our Fig artists coming at you early tomorrow morning {and then I board the plane for LA!!!}

*Note: Not all of the pieces shown here are hanging at Fig… some of them were created especially for the space and haven’t been photographed by the artist yet. Oooh, fresh art!

frances berry

Well, hello there. Are you dizzy? Quite the scroll to get down here, wasn’t it!? That’s all thanks to these very looooooooong, very cool images by American artist Frances Berry. They are from her series titled “Memory Extended”. You know I love a good vintage photo, and I love it even more when something contemporary has been done to it!

ps. Check out her portfolio – she has so much good work, and it’s all slightly different. Like these two amazing works on paper, for example:

cameron cundiff

Sweet little floating baby bubbles? Oh yes… I’m in! These delicate little babies are the work of Brooklyn based artist Cameron Cundiff. Here is his his description of this work:

“This series is about meditation. My idea of meditation is that it is very human and personal, so I wanted to represent the idea through figures. I chose babies because there’s no baked in narrative with babies; they are souls without stories.”

These paintings are part of the latest show on Buy Some Damn Art, and at $300 for an original I think we should all go over there right now and get our floaty-baby-meditation on… Om.

i’m jealous of lynn pollard

Oh, the quiet blue hilltops of Atlanta based artist Lynn Pollard. We should probably just sit silently, taking them in and enjoying them for their tranquil beauty… but I also really, really, really want to tell you how she makes her indigo mountains!

“This piece is made with a special technique I developed. I dip paper into a vat of natural indigo dye and move it in ways to create the image–no paintbrush is used. The paper is dipped multiple times over a number of days to add complexity and to take advantage of the fact that the indigo vat is constantly changing. The paper has a deckled edge, and reflects the fact that it has been wet.”

Amazing! It sounds almost as relaxing as the final image looks ~ Om.

{ps. If you’d like one of her hills, a few of her originals are available through}

i’m still jealous of olivia jeffries

I have loved the work of UK based artist Olivia Jeffries since the first time I saw it. I wrote about her twice {here and here} in 2009, and can’t believe I’ve let four years go by without writing about her again! Phew. Ok, well here it is. Her lovely, lovely drawings… and delicate little burnt holes… all composed beautifully on found paper. And those tiny pink dots on that last piece. Oh boy ♥

{She has quite a range of drawings in her Etsy shop, called “Restless Things”, starting at $18, through to $460 for that larger pink dotty piece that I love so much}

i’m jealous of myriam dion

A stack of newspapers, a very sharp x-acto blade, and Canadian artist Myriam Dion. I think all I can muster is “my goodness”… ok, I’m going back to spend my weekend staring at the perfect, detailed, poetic cuts that she has made to this pile of yesterday’s headlines. Sigh.

{…thanks to MissPixels for sending this beautiful work my way}