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i’m jealous of evie woltil richner

I absolutely love this series by American artist Evie Woltil Richner. Feathery, delicate drawings lovingly applied to old, family photos – memorializing those who are no longer with us. I would try to explain further, but Evie’s words are so much more powerful:

“…Each of these pieces is a burial, but also a memorial. Working from photographs of deceased relatives, I am physically burying them in a shroud of drawn feathers. Through burial, we acknowledge loss. The person is removed from our lives.
My Grammy, as I always called her, moved in with us when I was in elementary school. She had Alzheimer’s disease and we took care of her. Over time, I could see her memory disappearing. She would forget who people were and repeat the same stories and phrases over and over. She lives now only in my memory and in the memories of those who knew her, but my memories are wispy, like bits of dreams a few hours after you’ve had them. Some of the memories are barely there. I can see only a sliver of them. Afraid of the erosion of my own memory, my creations are also an act of remembrance – remembering my Grammy as she was when she lived with us, and also reconstructing who she might have been before I knew her. Through the ritual of drawing over images of her, I return to thoughts of her again and again.
When finished, the pieces become a signifier, like a gravestone, of a person who once was, and just as gravestones serve to connect us with a loved one after they’ve passed, these pieces are a physical connection I have to her. The feathers specifically reference the cross-cultural symbolism of the bird as a connection between heaven and earth.”

Beautifully said… and beautifully executed.

i’m jealous of lisa kokin

Found images, AND thread? Oh, be still my beating heart! California based artist Lisa Kokin is killing me with this work. Here are Lisa’s words about these images, from her Sewn Found Photos series:

Sometimes there are inscriptions on the back (“Susie, 7 years old”) but more often they come to me stripped of all identity. I sit in my studio and speculate about the nature of the photographed people’s lives. I will, of course, never know the truth, so I feel it is my job to give them new lives and rescue them from the obscurity they would be headed for were it not for me, humble servant of the arts. I try to invent an altogether different identity for them but of course, in the final analysis these works are more about me than any of the hundreds of anonymous individuals who appear in my work.

I am intrigued with other people’s photographic recording of their lives both for the generic quality they possess — the family and social rituals, studio portraits, vacation shots — and for the feeling of sadness and nostalgia that acquiring other people’s memories provokes in me. I feel somehow that it should be illegal to own them, yet since they are for sale it might as well be me who buys them.

… and this is literally only a fraction of her portfolio. Just wait til you see what she does with old books!

{I found the first image in the post on Pinterest, via Artsy Forager}

i’m jealous of las coleccionistas

So here’s the thing… I don’t speak Spanish. However, María Revuelta and Núria del Moral, the girls behind the Barcelona based photography studio Las Coleccionistas, do. All of this to say, I love the images from this project titled Meals {perhaps because all I’ve done for the past three days is eat!}, but I really have no idea what it’s about. So I used Google Translate, and this is what I got…

Meals – Exaltation of the pleasures that produces the experience of eating. Editorial fashion in collaboration with stylists barcelonaUnnaked . Posted Pashion Magazine (Middle East), Luxsure Magazine (France) and Spot Magazine (Mexico).

Hm. Well there you go.

i’m jealous of david ryle

Ooh, steamy! This is the lovely work of London based photographer David Ryle, from a series quite appropriately titled Steam. I’m not sure if this was a personal project, or a commercial commission… either way, I’m feeling all warm & fuzzy!

{Art Director: Gem Fletcher, Stylist: Natasha Freeman, Hair and Makeup: Ellie Tobin}

i’m jealous of barry underwood

Maybe it’s because people are already starting to hang Christmas lights, but today I was in the mood for some gorgeous light installations… so I googled “light installations, art”, and look what I found!!! American artist Barry Underwood and his stunning, candy-hued lights floating magically in nature. Thanks google – I owe ya one.

i’m jealous of amanda jasnowski

If my hands were this lovely & delicate, I’d photograph them in a zillion settings too! Amanda Jasnowski is an American photographer who relocated from Ohio to New York, three weeks ago… just in time for the hurricane! Don’t worry, she and her hands are just fine.

i’m jealous of max wanger

Oh, so dreamy. This is the polaroid work of LA based photographer Max Wanger. All of his photographs are gorgeous, but these polaroids… oh my. I want to live in his sunny, overexposed world!

i’m jealous of valerie chiang

Ahhh… is it summer yet?! If I just stare directly at the work of LA based artist/film student Valerie Chiang I think I could make myself believe that it’s the middle of July. So, so lovely. However, it is November 1st, and I do love the coziness of fall and winter:

Ah, yes… who wants a peppermint hot chocolate!

i’m jealous of YOUR instagrams!

This really is happening, and YOU could be part of it! Yep, if you’re slightly addicted to documenting your life with Instagram, your photos could be included in this new book by Chronicle Books! Seriously!!! For more information on this super-duper fun project click here, and to upload your super-duper amazing images click here… oh, and since I’m totally lame, and don’t actually have a phone worthy of Instagram, please find inspiration in a few people that make me jealous with their lovely, day-in-the-life, Instagram shots:

Victoria Smith {sfgirlbybay}

Lisa Congdon… and her feet {lisacongdon}

Tif Fussell {dottie angel}

Ok, now it’s over to you! Good luck… let me know if your shots get in – happy weekend!

i’m jealous of neil krug, volume 2

American photographer Neil Krug has me swooning… again. I wrote about PULP ART BOOK in 2010, but now there’s a volume 2 – and it’s filled with even more sassy, vintagey, vixen-ish images that I absolutely love! These shots look like stills from a 1970s B-movie, and they kinda make me want to light a fire and commune with nature! However, there are also these ones {no nature in sight, but I was totally incapable of leaving them out of this post!}