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cyril galmiche

Screenprints? Oh my word… I’m dizzy from the fantasticness. This is the work of Paris based artist Cyril Galmiche. I may have to sit down for a moment (and then I’m going to go find my Spirograph kit) ♥

paper pusher : calendar give-away

… and the THREE winners are… DREW AUSTIN, SHANDRA SMITH, and COCO SPADONI! Thanks to everyone who entered, and if wanna pick one up anyway, this beauty is only $24 Canadian and you can BUY it right here. Thanks to Jp King for being so generous with this give-away! xo

Well, it would not feel like December if I didn’t have a gorgeous, sustainably-produced, Risograph calendar from Paper Pusher to give away! Jp King is the artist behind this annual beauty, and he’s done it again {actually, I should have him on the podcast}. Anyway, leave a comment below and on Monday December 11th I’ll draw three, yes THREE, names and each of those people will be able to spend their 2018 looking at these gorgeous artworks … good luck!

ps. If you don’t wanna take your chances with the draw, this beauty is only $24 Canadian. Just sayin.

kerry day

Plants, patterns and gorgeous linocuts … LOVE. These botanical beauties are the work of British printmaker Kerry Day. I used to do a lot of lino prints back in my student days, and whenever I see it out in the world I instantly want to start again… granted, I might need a bit of ‘registration’ advice from Kerry {mine never lined up quite so!}. Her color choices and compositions are lovely, as are her words about the way she works:

“I can lose myself in the intensity and precision of the lino cut process and the recognition that the piece is not finished until I cut that final line.”


renée gouin

Oh my monotype! These gorgeous monotypes on paper are the work of Vancouver based artist Renée Gouin. I can’t decide which I love more … her gorgeous dusty/pastel palette or the way she crops her subjects. Um, hm… TIE! Here are her words about this fashion inspired series:

“I’m inspired by an array of aesthetics including the spare flatness of Japanese woodblock prints and the reductive visual vocabulary of Morandi. My most recent work is influenced by the color palettes and ambiguous spacial effects found in fashion photography. By emphasizing these flat abstract forms, I embrace the playful antics of cubism. I make monotype prints that strive to celebrate women’s relationship with clothes. My interest is to bring an awareness to the daily ritual of dressing and accessorizing, while pursuing my delight in form and color.”

{via Miss Moss}

ellen von wiegand

Ahhh, yes. I love linocut prints oh so very much… enter the elegant work of UK based artist Ellen Von Wiegand. I am completely smitten with her color choices, her lovely lines, and her very precise registration {fyi: I minored in printmaking and loved linocuts, but my registration did NOT look like this.} I love getting a sneak peek into an artist’s process… doesn’t seeing those chunks of lino, scraped and carved away make you marvel at those gorgeous final works even more? {although, I have to admit, I’d totally hang a few of those lino ladies on my wall too!}

ps. Ellen has some of these original prints available on her site.

kate sweeney

I was madly in love the second I laid eyes on these “Dolly Totems” by American artist Kate Sweeney {in collaboration with master printer Elizabeth Tapper}. Strange shapes, gorgeous colors, each beautiful hand-etched image in exactly the right spot playing its part in the narrative… but what is the narrative? To be honest, I stared at these beauties for quite a while trying to guess, and then I found this:

“The Dolly Totems are about states of doubt surrounding the creative urge. Innocent childlike forms have a sinister relationship with the dark side of creation and willful destruction.”

A-ha! No wonder I was drawn to them immediately.

{These pieces are available via Zinc Contemporary, Seattle.}

annyen lam

PAPER. Each of these are just one piece of PAPER. My mind is officially blown. This is the elegant, meticulous, beautifully cut work of Toronto based artist Annyen Lam. Not only is she a paper-cutting artist, she’s also a printmaker. In fact, these pieces are a combination of those skills… “Lithograph, hand-cut paper, one sheet”. Mind blown. Again.

ps. so excited to say that Annyen is one of the Canadian artists who’s participating in “That Night In Toronto”, a show I curated to honor Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip. The show opens on July 8th at Mayberry Fine Art in Toronto. Put it in your calendars!

sigrid calon

Be still my design loving heart! The portfolio of Netherlands based artist Sigrid Calon is absolutely FULL of beautiful, creative, interesting work, but it was this series of limited edition Risograph prints that jumped out and grabbed me {it may or may not have been that neon pink ink. Ok, that was it.} Dizzying compositions, her electric color palette, and the final grouping of oh so many Risographs on one big white wall! LOVE.

{Some of this work is available in her shop … ps. thanks to Melinda from LA’s Good Eye Gallery for pointing me to Sigrid’s work.}

emily filler


Silkscreen, paper collage and paint on paper. Gah!!! These gorgeous, color-saturated, flower-filled pieces are the work of Canadian artist Emily Filler. They’re already beautiful, but when you hear the story behind them, they’re even more lovely:

“The images photographs of flowers from my father’s garden that I arranged in bouquets from his vase collection.  My father is a very serious gardener and photographer, and being surrounded by flowers had a big impact on me growing up.”

Yes, clearly! {Emily must have one very proud Papa}. Happy first day of spring to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere… here’s to more flowers, less snow!

genevieve simms


Aloha! Yep, I’m in Hawaii! What better way to kick off the week than with the work of a fellow, probably slightly frozen, Canadian. This is the work of artist/illustrator Genevieve Simms. Bathing beauties silkscreened in three colors and finished with hand detailing. Simple, gorgeous, oh, and that color palette… love… although, I’m hoping I don’t end up quite that pink.