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jennifer ament

Oh, lino. I miss you so much. During my BFA I minored in printmaking, and linocut was my first love. And speaking of things I love, these fantastic linocut prints by Seattle based artist Jennifer Ament! Simple, clean, and just a tiny bit weird. Love ‘em all… ok, maybe I love the lips the most, but don’t tell the magic hands… I don’t want to get zapped!

anna see

Ooooh, shoes! These beauties are the work of Las Vegas based printmaker Anna See. I found them when I was “buying art for Carrie Bradshaw” as part of a new series I’m doing over on SF Girl By Bay, and just had to show them over here too. Granted, the Chanel flats are the only pair I could actually walk in without twisting an ankle, but I could definitely hang every single pair with no trouble at all! ♥

elizabeth corkery

American printmaker Elizabeth Corkery founded Print Club Boston, a studio {open to collaboration and membership} where she creates limited edition silkscreen prints. “The Grid, The Trellis” is her inaugural collection. This work is so lovely, and so is the idea behind it:

…[this series is] based around the structural geometry of the garden trellis. A commonly used armature for the upward growth of plants, the trellis simultaneously addresses the potential for fertile, organic expansion and the unnatural geometric structure of the grid.

Gorgeous! You know what else is pretty amazing? These pieces in progress, and the up-close details of each silkscreen:

Wow. The precision is beyond me.

*fyi… each print is a limited edition of 30, is 15″ x 22″, and is printed on 100% cotton fine art paper. Oh, and they’re only $100. What?! Yep.

jp king (and a give-away!)

Um, how gorgeous is this designie calendar?!

I know Jp King as a Toronto based collage artist. I wrote about him in 2012, and his work will be in my second book, which is all about [spoiler alert], collage! However… I did not know that Jp spends his “spare time” running Paper Pusher - his experimental Risograph print and design studio. This calendar is one of the results of these experiments… and I love it. If you love it too, well, have I got some good news for you! Jp said that he’d like to give one of these calendars away! Just leave a comment below {anyone can enter!} and on Monday Dec 16th at noon PST I’ll draw the name of one lucky reader who will receive one of these beauties, mailed directly from Jp’s studio. I’ll post the winner on my Facebook page – deal? Deal. Good luck, and happy weekend : )

mayumi oda

It’s my last post from Maui {insert sad face here}, so I thought I would wrap things up with rainbows, conch shells, and surfboards… ahhh, so many lovely ladies knee-deep in nature. Japanese artist Mayumi Oda is known by many as “the Matisse of Japan” {which I can totally see}, but she has made the Big Island of Hawaii her home since the 1980s… hm, yes, that explains the rainbows, conch shells, and surfboards. Her artwork is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), Library of Congress (Washington, DC) and many others. She and her family live at Ginger Hill, a farm on the Big Island where she hosts workshops in creativity and self-realization. Amazing.

And with that I’ll say, Mahalo Hawaii, for a beautiful week and for introducing me to so many new-to-me artists ♥

pegge hopper

I am in Maui. For real! And so as a nod to this beautiful place, I’ll be posting the work of Hawaiian born, and or based, artists all week. First up, the gorgeous work of California born, Honolulu based artist Pegge Hopper:

Oh my word. Those colors! What I love most… the detailed faces, combined with the flat fields of color that make up the rest of the composition. Amazing! Ok, it’s time to take a cue from these lovely ladies and go lounge somewhere. Now, where did I put my fan?

ellen, amy, and zoe at the fig house

Portraits … shopping carts … portraits. Hm, strangely, an incredibly beautiful combination! Yep, it’s more work from the show at The Fig House:

Oh. I absolutely love these portraits by Bay Area printmaker Ellen Heck. They’re from a series called Forty Fridas… and yes, the other thirty-eight are just as fantastic! A quick break from portraits so that we can see these collage/mixed media shopping carts:

You should see these in person. Stunning!!! They’re the large-scale mixed media work of San Francisco based artist Amy Wilson Faville. I wrote about these two years ago, but seeing them in person – I almost cried a tiny bit. Ok… AND we’re back to portraits:

The only NOT California based artist in the whole show, although she is on the West coast of Canada, Vancouver’s Zoe Pawlak. You might recognize that last shot because we used it as the invite to the opening party. That aqua wall, that pink couch, and Zoe’s lovely lady with a bird on her head… magic! Ok, one more day of sneak peeks to come tomorrow, and then it’s time to party! *Again, all of this work will be for sale at The Fig House – and this is just a snippet of the work, just to tease you!

studio fludd

Oh. I really love this – especially those ice cream cones {and not just because it’s perfectly coordinated with my site design}

004 GELATOLOGY – Change and Persistence

Everything melts or nothing changes?
This booklet explores visual and conceptual analogies between ice-cream and geology.
Semifreddo cakes, rocky cones and creamy desserts in vibrant colours are models of cause-effect relations and incredibly slow transformations. The mixed media technique attempts to evoke the layering of experiences and the metamorphosis of our states of mind.

The text is the result if a cut and paste operation from a milestone of Geology:
the Charles Lyell’s “Principles of Geology – Being an attempt to explain the former changes of the earth’s surface, by reference to causes now in operation”, London 1830.

Limited edition of 100 copies. Digital + risograph print / size: 19 x 28,5 cm.

This is the work of Studio Fludd – a collective based in Venice. They are Matteo BarattoCaterina Gabelli, Clara Giaquinto, Sara Maragotto, Valeria Sanguin.

{via art hound}

i’m jealous of adeline meilliez

Ooh! Lacy, sassy, pretty underthings that have been inked and screenprinted by Berlin-based, French artist Adeline Meilliez:

“The series of dresses is born a winter morning at dawn.
I work hard, and I compel to go to the studio every day.
Looking for …. That morning, no photographic negatives. I then took my dress, and I put it on the screen frame. I had at that time in memory, the poem “Alicante” by Jacques Prévert. It was magical, in the rinse water, lace appeared. Technically, this is akin to an old process, the photogram. I used many months to complete and master this approach, this technique. I make my own chemical solutions, inks, too. “

Love, love, love.

{ps. Prints and originals are available on Saatchi Online}

sneak peek: art show at the fig house

Oh, you guys. This is gonna be good!

So, just to refresh your memory: I’ve been asked, by the lovely Emily Henderson, to curate a show in LA at The Fig House, a new event space that Emily is designing/styling. I received zillions {literally} of submissions and I want to thank you all so much for that! Now, I’d like to say that made my job easier, but it really just made everything a whole lot harder… there was sooooooo much fantastic work to choose from, and I had the tricky task of getting it down to TEN ARTISTS! Impossible? It felt like it a few times. Well, after much back and forth, I’ve got a truly amazing group lined up. Yes, there was really great work by lots of people, but this came down to finding pieces that will work well together, and work well in the space that Emily is creating {art deco meets the 80’s. For real, people.}.

Here is a little taste of what will be on the walls when The Fig House opens this fall:

YAY – I love it all! As soon as I know the exact date of the opening party, I’ll let you know. See you soon, LA!

{1.(and right *) Stephanie Vovas 2. Kai Samuels Davis 3. Jaime Derringer 4.Ellen Heck 5. Clare Elsaesser 6.(and left *) Emily Rickard 7. Max Wanger 8. Nike Schroeder 9. Amy Wilson Faville 10. Zoe Pawlak}