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michelle morin

Oh, the flora n’ fauna! These gorgeous nature-filled watercolor groupings are the work of American artist Michelle Morin.  If you happen to be in the market for a dodo bird surrounded in pink lilies, a pod of narwhales visiting a coral reef, or a spiky little group of cacti, then you are in luck… all the fantastic pieces shown here are available as prints in her Etsy shop!

{via Booooooom}

i’m jealous of patrick lajoie & mara minuzzo

Ok. This is taking affordable prints to an entirely new place…

Vintage paint-by-number. On circular, salvaged wood. For $22. Gah!!! These cool little nods to the past are the work of Canadian couple Patrick Lajoie and Mara Minuzzo. At their home studio, in the rolling hills of beautiful Caledon, Ontario {just outside of Toronto}, they manually transfer the pigments of an archival print onto wood… 1/2″ thick birch plywood scraps left over from the construction of their studio workshop. LOVE!

{ps. I bought one before I posted this just so I could be sure to scoop the one I wanted! Any guesses?}

i’m jealous of project B

Do you love old photos? Do you wish you could get one as a giant print to hang on your wall? Perfect… listen to this:

PROJECT B specializes in a fascinating world: vernacular and anonymous photographs culled from the lively margins of history. We discover and preserve exceptional vintage photographs from unknown photographers and make them available in limited edition prints…. Our work is a culmination of more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of fine art, photography, folk art and material culture. By bringing together the best practices of collecting, curating and publishing, PROJECT B pays homage to the mysterious power of the anonymous photograph to transcend time and enhance the spaces we live in today.”

So cool! I want a 36″x36″ sea monster (very Scooby-Doo-esque) in my house!

i’m jealous of holly wales

Holly Wales: Most likely to make me jealous using only felt-tip markers and white paper!

Oh I love this piece, titled “Class of” by London based artist/illustrator Holly Wales. This puts the doodles in my year book to shame! … hm… I’m pretty sure I dated the guy with the horns. Aaaaanyway. Oh, and look what she does with colored markers:

Vintage motel signs, hand-drawn with brightly-hued, juicy felt-tip markers… ♥

{ps. all of these drawings can be purchased as prints, right here.}

i’m jealous of beth hoeckel… AGAIN!

I might have to start a “Beth Hoeckel” fan club… I can already see my PRESIDENT sweatshirt… it will have meat & roses on it. I have written about Beth soooo many times because of her work, yes, but also because she does what so many of us wish we could do … she just makes and makes and makes! Yep, it’s something I admire very much in an artist – the head-down dedication to always be creating. Every time I go back to her site, there’s more, and look what I found today… Gah!!! Meat, roses, and a collection of junk food. All of it brings me pure joy. Would you like a little pure joy? Ok… every piece above {and many more on her site} are available as prints for $16. Six. Teen. Dollars. Crazy. I know.

i’m jealous of clare elsaesser

Flower covered portraits… YES! This is the lovely work of American artist Clare Elsaesser. You might recognize her work, because her Etsy shop, tastes orangey, is very popular! Well no wonder, with flowered covered portraits like this, you just can’t go wrong. However… I also crazy love this portrait, and there’s not a flower  in sight:

i’m still jealous of amy friend

I wrote about Canadian photographer Amy Friend just over a year ago. It was her gorgeous series, titled Dare alla Luce, that took my breath away. Amy has had a zillion people ask her to make prints from the series… and she listened! As of this very moment, the four images shown above are available in her brand new Etsy shop…  for $35 each {wait, what?!} Ok, that’s it, I’m going over there right now – I’ll meet ya there!

p.s I got “Waning Lights” – the two ladies on the beach! LOVE it!!!

jealous in san francisco

I just landed in San Francisco! Yep, tomorrow is the very first Girl Crush workshop + tea party, and it’s happening at Lisa Congdon’s lovely studio in the Mission. The fancy sandwichesstacks of sweets are almost ready, the gift bags will be stuffed this afternoon, the neighborhood galleries are waiting for us to pop by, and the inspiration/artist block bashing starts tomorrow at 9am! I’ll report back with photos and details next week… have a lovely weekend! xo

{1.Hello Halo 2. Victoria Smith ~ Sunday in the City series 3. CJ Prints 4. Victoria Smith ~ Sunday in the City series 5. Ork Posters

a jealousy-inducing giveaway!

Yep, the lovely folks at 20×200 are giving away a $75 gift certificate to one of you! These are just a few examples of the GORGEOUS prints {from a few of my favorite artists} that I would buy in a heartbeat… um, can I enter this giveaway?! No, I guess that wouldn’t be ethical. Ok, you enter instead then. Here’s the deal:

One lucky reader will win a $75 gift certificate for 20×200. To be eligible, please leave a comment on this post and let me know which piece of art you’d want to buy from their huge collection; and subscribe to the 20×200 newsletter {they announce new artists and new work all the time, so you’ll want to be in the know with $75 burning a hole in your pocket!}

The winner will be announced right here, and on Twitter, at 3 p.m. EST on Thursday March 1, 2012 Good luck!

{UPDATE! The winner was announced on Thursday afternoon – congratulations Nicola Sheahan!}

{1. Amze Emmons 2. Hollis Brown Thornton 3. Martha Rich 4. Jane Mount 5. Lisa Congdon 6. Aili Schmeltz 7. Trey Speegle}

i’m jealous of caroline wright

Washy, delicate, monochromatic terrariums {that are home to some very creative spiders} on a rainy day… I’m not sure if that’s what Austin based artist Caroline Wright intended with these lovely pieces, but that’s what I see! How about you?

{I found Caroline’s work on, also based in Austin. It is an online gallery that “believes everyone should have more Art in their life, and supports connecting Artists and Collectors.” Sounds good to me!}