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i’m jealous of jenny shipper

Do you love typography? How about famed Italian film maker Federico Fellini? Well then, today is your lucky day! Canadian artist Jenny Shipper has created an artsy, typographic ode to Fellini, “each letter form containing elements present in Fellini’s films, whether it be set decoration, characters, line quality or Fellini himself. From A to Z each letter evolves into it’s own entity, individual as it is unique.” Love.

i’m jealous of ben skinner… and me!

Yes… so far this experience has been all of those things:  astounding, brilliant, amazing, incredible, fabulous… Washington DC is astounding, Ben is brilliant, the staff at the gallery are amazing, and we got to do an incredible interview yesterday. In short, it’s been fabulous!

The 65′ mural is done. The two storey high foam board scaffolding sculpture has been assembled. The site-specific work is in place throughout the neighborhood {ex. ‘every time you walk by’, shown above},  and there are just a few pieces left to hang at the gallery today… and then at 7pm the doors at Honfleur Gallery will open. I’ll be back with a full report {and photos of everything mentioned above!} on Monday morning – wish us luck! Oh, and if you happen to run into the Obama’s, let them know that they’re invited. Thanks!

i’m jealous of mareike auer

Austrian artist Mareike Auer is best known for her simple, humorous paintings that “try to get the bottom of everyday occurrences”. Now, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t show any of those? Well, I was going to show the business man riding a fox, or maybe the glass jar full of horses… until I found this little collection! What can I say, I fell in love. Game on, indeed.

i’m jealous of andrea cavagnaro

Sí, sí, sí indeed! Ok, I have to admit that I don’t understand anything {except sí} on the mainly Spanish blog of Argentinian artist Andrea Cavagnaro. I do, however, understand that her work is amazing! I always get excited by the stacks of colored felt at the art supply store, but I’ve never really known what to do with it. Do I wish that I’d done something as fantastic as this?… sí.

{titles in english: 1. every love is powerful  2. UFOs  3. inhale/exhale  4. yes}

{via Pattern Pulp … great Q&A with Andrea on there too!}

the jealous curator goes to washington (2)

In December, I wrote the first post in this series to keep you in the loop re: one of the coolest things I’ve ever been asked to do! Now it’s just a little more than a month to go until TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS AS PAINFUL AS IT SEEMS, a solo show by Canadian artist Ben Skinner, opens in Washington DC! The invites are being printed today, I’m knee-deep into writing the curatorial statement, and Ben is up to his elbows in glitter, vinyl lettering, and pink wood stain. Yep. It’s going to be amazing! Above are just a few of the pieces that will be part of the final show. You better get there quick though… I might end up buying everything!

{Honfleur Gallery March 4th ~ April 8th 2011 : Opening Reception Friday March 4th 7 ~ 9pm  // Oh my word… so excited that this is actually happening?!}

i’m jealous of jon jackson

Nobody said breaking up was easy… especially with a city. Jon Jackson is leaving LA behind for NYC, but instead of being a jerk and dumping LA on a post-it, he decided to put up a series of gorgeous text-based art pieces, titled Adiós LA, on a bunch of really big billboards all over town. So, if you happen to be one of those people who likes eavesdropping on couples fighting in restaurants {what? I’ve never done it}, then until January 15th you can drive around LA and be a witness to this break-up. Poor LA… maybe we should set her up with someone?

{thanks to GregoryWest ‘s for sending me the link to this work}

the jealous curator goes to washington (1)

Yep! I’m curating a show in Washington DC this March. Oh my word – I’m curating a show in Washington DC this March!? Seriously, I could not be more thrilled, and wanted to make sure I was keeping all of you in the loop! So, here it goes, the first post in a new series… I’ll try and keep it short ; )

This fall I was contacted by the Honfleur Gallery in Washington DC. They asked if I’d be interested in curating a show in their 2011 schedule… umm… YES! Ok great, that was taken care of, now I just had to come up with something. After a week of brainstorming like a maniac, I ended up submitting three ideas – the first one was a solo show, and the other two were group shows. Now, I have to admit, I loved all of the ideas, but was so excited when they picked the solo show featuring Canadian artist, Ben Skinner. Not only do I love his work {he was one of the first people I ever wrote about, and last summer, I bought one of his pieces at The Cheaper Show}, but his portfolio is filled with work that speaks directly to the issues that are affecting Anacostia, the neighborhood that the gallery calls home. Ben is currently working away on a whole bunch of fantastic pieces. Some of the work featured above is similar to the new pieces he’s creating, along with installations, a text-based mural, and site-specific pieces in the neighborhood around the gallery. It’s gonna be amazing! Anywho, that’s all for now, but I’ll be sure to give you a sneak-peek as the work progresses!

{The show opens on March 4th 2011 and runs until April 8th. Wish us luck, and I hope all of you can come!}

i’m jealous of jack pierson

…can’t. breathe. so. jealous… man oh man, I love these pieces by American artist Jack Pierson. It has long been a dream of mine to take a road trip down to the sign graveyard in Vegas and load up on, well, pretty much everything you see here… hm, although it looks like Jack may have already taken most of the good stuff!

july 17th ~ 18th

Well, I’m not sure where Jeremy of Jeremy & Kathleen is this weekend, but I know where Kathleen is… right here! She is a designer, blogger, and all-around super cool chick. I’m jealous of her sense of style, her ‘&‘ tattoo, and of course, her kicky hair-do {…have a look, I’m sure you’ll agree}. Anywho, here’s who Kathleen is jealous of, and I couldn’t agree more!


I am jealous of Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is so cool. And talented. And sassy. And look – she can make typographic art out of sugar, peonies and dirt on her kitchen table. Not only am I jealous of her work but I’m jealous of the people she calls her friends.

Not only is Marian Bantjes is an amazing designer and typographer but her work challenges what it means to be a designer. Marian Bantjes is not trying to be a problem solver but instead by making design beautiful. Like a fine artist, Marian makes her work personal, but like a designer her art exists within a commercial sphere. Her work ethic and design philosophy are beyond inspiring. I want to be just like Marian Bantjes when I grow up.


Me too! Me too! Thanks Kathleen ~ and thanks so much for dropping by! xo

i’m jealous of typarchive

I officially declare this, Font Friday! Love, love, love all of the lettering {dimensional, hand-painted, neon, automobiles, etc} that a type-fanatic, like myself, can find on TypArchive. Here’s their reason for being:

‘The objective is to amass a comprehensive global collection of a high-quality images and produce hard-copy volumes. Amidst a landscape of vapid strip malls and sterile signage, hand-painted lettering retains a soulful aesthetic to be treasured. Like other crafts dissolving in the digital age, sign painting is a fading occupation. Today it’s easy for any layman with minimal computer knowledge to produce a sign within minutes, but the skill acquired to artfully produce hand lettering took years of apprenticeships, dedication and true talent’

Damn, I wish I thought of that.

{Thanks to Junkculture for this huge dose of typography on a Friday morning! Oh, and my first ‘weekend guest‘ will be showing up here tomorrow morning… come on by!}