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i’m jealous of ‘tartantoes’


Something like a phenomena is right. If I told you that ‘Tartantoes’ was the alias of an artist from London, who had shown work all over the world, and her latest much anticipated solo show was opening this weekend in New York, you’d probably believe me right? Well, you shouldn’t. She’s actually a sixteen-year-old cheerleader from Indonesia. Yep, I know. My reaction went a little something like this…

‘What?! THAT’S WHACK!’

You too?

i’m jealous of d.billy


Typography, bold graphics and a touch of domestic imagery? Oh D.Billy, you had me at AAAAGH!

i’m jealous of trey speegle


“Take something; do something to it; then do something else to it.” – Jasper Johns

I think I may have just found my new art credo. Ok, American painter Trey Speegle was using it first, but I’m jumping on the band wagon. In this case, the something he’s taken are vintage paint-by-numbers sets, and then what he’s done to it is add words and phrases to add meaning to these usually meaningless images. I’ve shown only 4 of them here, but this collection has over 2500 pieces. Now that’s inspiring.

{Fashion designer Stella McCartney commissioned Trey to do the runway backdrop for the launch of her Spring collection in Paris this past October. I’ve included this amazing piece in my most recent show, Fashion Show.}

i’m jealous of able parris




No no, art.

Wait, maybe design.

Ok, I can’t decide. Either way, I love these mixed media pieces by Able Parris. You know what else I love? How much he loves his wife Julia Parris. She’s a photographer who he links to from his site, at least twice, with a caption reading ‘check out my wife’s photography. She’s awesome!’  Able Parris… fantastic artist/loving & supportive husband.

i’m jealous of mark weaver


Sweet Jiminy. {I kid you not, those are truly the two words that popped into my head when I found this work.}

I’ve created a little time line of amazing-ness out of Mark Weaver‘s illustrations for you. I’ve started in The Beginning and worked my way through to 1978. I’m not sure what happens after that, but I’m not too worried about it… probably just a whole bunch of other very cool stuff.

i’m jealous of heath yenna


I have always been a huge fan of Pop Art, probably because it combines the two things I love most… art & design. This work by Heath Yenna has definitely got my jealousy juices flowing on this fine Friday morning. They are a little vintage, a little Pop, a touch of modern graphic design and just a hint of street graffiti. Mmmm, a perfect mix.

i’m jealous of christian northeast


I must have beef on the brain, much like the guy in the image above. After my last post featuring Ilana Kohn’s steaks I ended up finding these pieces by Christian Northeast. I found the top most image first, and then as I made my way through Christian’s portfolio I found the other two. I thought they told quite a nice little story when shown together… and now I’m hungry, but also slightly grossed out. Maybe I’ll just have an apple.