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i’m jealous of garima dhawan

Love with a capital L! I saw that final piece, titled Painted Pebbles I, on Pinterest the other day {via Meighan O’Toole} and absolutely loved it… so, of course, I dug a little further and found a whole bunch of work by New York based textile/printmaker Garima Dhawan that I loved just as much! Well, maybe not quite as much… I’m about to pop over to Society6 and order this:

i’m jealous of susanna bauer

Embroidery & crochet. On leaves. And rocks. And sticks.

Gah! My artistic mind is officially blown. These stunning little pieces are the work of Cornwall based artist Susanna Bauer, and yes, I am now planning to spend my weekend looking for leaves, and rocks, and sticks. Maybe I’ll be able to convince Susanna to cover them in yarn! ♥

{via Meighan O’toole on Pinterest}

i’m jealous of gabriel dawe

Gasp! Can you imagine seeing this rainbow in person?! If you did, that means you were in Como, Italy for Miniartextil, and that you were one of the lucky people to see this unbelievable thread installation by Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe. If you were, in fact, one of those people, you’re officially added to my list of people to be jealous of! This. Is. Stunning!

{via My Modern Met}

i’m jealous of faig ahmed

Whoa. An embroidered “carpet”, on a wall, partly finished, and then stretched across the room. This insane installation is the work of  Faig Ahmed. He is a master of textiles, and clearly has a thing for carpets… and I have a thing for his work! Not only has he created this beautiful embroidery installation, but there’s also this:

A wooden wave, covered in a woolen, handmade carpet. Whoa… x 2. Oh, and also, this:

A ‘stretched’ handmade carpet. Whoa… x 3. And on that crazy beautiful note, I hope you all have a lovely weekend ~ see you on Monday!

{first installation via the artful desperado, other images found on Faig’s portfolio site}

i’m jealous of andy harman

This is like a gigantic, knotty flashback to my youth. For some strange reason, my father {a PhD scientist} loved doing macrame!? Yep, we’re talking planters, guitar straps, and several beady-eyed owls… but none of them were quite like this one! New York based artist Andy Harman has given me a new appreciation for this 1970’s art form with this awesomely gigantic piece, titled  “The Owl”. Look at those huge wooden eyes? Dad, you might want to get some more twine!

{via Meighan O’Toole on Pinterest}

i’m still jealous of stacey page

I wrote about American artist Stacey Page almost two years ago… well, clearly she’s been busy, and so clearly I have to write about her again! Portraits & embroidery? Yep, it gets me every single time. Gah!

i’m jealous of rachel castle… x 3

First of all, I’m jealous of Australian artist Rachel Castle because of these:

Ah, gorgeous textile work… with what I’m pretty sure is the perfect amount of neon felt. And then, of course, I had to show these:

Acrylic paintings on linen. Hello lovely organic shapes & stunning color choices… but boy oh boy, whatever you do, do not get me started on this stuff:

Gah! Art, and bedding, and dresses, oh my! Where does this girl’s talent end?! No, seriously… where?

{ps. I love the scale of the felt piece hanging above. Gorgeous. I need this in my house. Immediately.}

i’m jealous of anna duthie

Um… I LOVE this. Anna Duthie is a recently graduated textiles student {from Glasgow School of Art} “specialising in embroidery for fashion. [Her] work reflects an appreciation of pattern, surface embellishment, contrasting textures and colour.” It sure does! Not only do I love her experimentations in materials, but I’m absolutely smitten with the way she’s put this project together… lovely repeating black & white ladies covered in colors, and shapes, and sparkles? Oh yes!

{via all the mountains}

i’m jealous of kendra dandy

Oooh, the pattern design of artist Kendra Dandy {aka Bouffants & Broken Hearts}. Right now, on Society 6, you can buy a bunch of stuff covered in these gorgeous patterns {iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, as art on canvas etc}. But wait, there’s more good news! As we speak, she’s having some of these beauties made into fabric! Tell me, would watermelon shorts and a “polka dot sweater” be too much? Hm, maybe, but I might be willing to give it a shot… you know, for art’s sake.

i’m jealous of toshiko horiuchi macadam

Cool building, right? Right! It was designed by the Japanese firm, TIS & PARTNERS for Japan’s Hakone Open-Air Museum… but wait until you see what’s inside of that cool building!

HAND-CROCHETED ART, THAT YOU CAN CLIMB AROUND IN!!! Are the ‘all-caps’ helping you sense my excitement? Ok, it’s actually meant for children to play in, but you better believe my shoes would be off, and I’d be in there in a heartbeat! This amazing installation was created by Japanese textile and fibre artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. She is currently based in Halifax, Canada where she teaches “fiber, fabric, fashion” at NSCAD. Sigh. Amazing.