medium /// urban street art

i’m jealous of carlos donjuan

Well, it only makes sense that with a name like Carlos Donjuan I’d be smitten, right? His color choices, those masks, all of that beautiful wood grain… oh, so much to love from this Dallas based graffiti artist/painter. Sigh.

{… if you’d like to read more about his work there’s a great interview, by Kate Singleton, in New American Paintings}

i’m jealous of indigo

Spray paint on water color paper. Wait… spray paint?! Yep, painstakingly stenciled spray paint. I know. Amazing, right?

So, remember when I said I met lots of great people, from every possible area of expertise, when I was at Alt? Well, there was a very cool couple, Paul and Cariann, who run ~ an online marketplace filled with lots of very nice work. A woman named Indigo is one of the artists they feature, and when I saw these owls on Friday, I literally thought  “Oh yes… that’s my Monday post.” And voila, here it is!

i’m jealous of leo & pipo

As if you need another reason to go to Paris, but I’ll give you one anyway… well, two actually… Leo & Pipo. They are the artists behind these beautiful, and kinda ghostly,  life-sized portraits that can be found on lonely concrete walls all over Paris. Maybe it’s because Hallowe’en is just around the corner, but I have to say, that boy on the roof scares me a little bit… not enough to stop me from buying a ticket to Paris mind you, but enough to freak me out in a “sixth-sense/I see dead people” kind of way.

i’m jealous of stephen powers


Seriously, can you think of  a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than riding the rails in Philadelphia PA? Thanks to the very talented Stephen Powers, and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, you can book a ticket on a slow-speed train that will take you leisurely past all 50 of the murals in Stephen’s A Love Letter for You project. Sound good? Well, then grab that engagement ring you’ve been hiding in your underwear drawer and get down to the train station pronto!

{Tickets are $40 per person or $75 per couple. Space is limited and reservations are required. For more information or to purchase tickets call the Mural Arts Tour Office at 215.685.0754}

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone… see you on Monday

i’m jealous of vincent pacheco


Damn, I really wish I thought of this. Mixed media installation graffiti… is that even a thing? I guess it is, because Seattle based Vincent Pacheco {aka Mudchicken} is making me insanely jealous with it. Not only is he running all over town turning concrete walls and abandoned buildings into gallery space, he’s also the founder of WAFA, ‘a global artist collective dedicated to the support and development of emerging artists.’ Wondering what WAFA stands for? Check the url when you click through to the site… I couldn’t agree with it more!

{One of my favourite artists, Anthony Zinonos, is a member of WAFA. I wonder if they’d make me an honorary member if I begged?}

i’m jealous of liu bolin


What category am I supposed to put this under? Painting? Well, yes, he’s covered in paint. Installation? Kinda. Street art? I guess so. I should probably just start a new category called ‘Slightly Mind Blowing’. All of these pieces are from a series called Hiding in the City by Chinese artist Liu Bolin, also known as The Invisible Man. I’m sure you can see why… if you look really hard.

i’m jealous of slinkachu


This is proof that great art is all around us, you just have to look for it… and try not to squish it with your shoe. London street artist Slinkachu has a series called Little People in which tiny ‘little hand-painted people are left in London to fend for themselves’. So cool. I wonder if anyone ever finds them or if they just go unnoticed? That’s it, I’m going to check every pop can I pass from now on.

i’m jealous of heath yenna


I have always been a huge fan of Pop Art, probably because it combines the two things I love most… art & design. This work by Heath Yenna has definitely got my jealousy juices flowing on this fine Friday morning. They are a little vintage, a little Pop, a touch of modern graphic design and just a hint of street graffiti. Mmmm, a perfect mix.

i’m jealous of


In honor of the 100th post on The Jealous Curator (wow, time flies when you’re super jealous), I’m writing about a very cool website from the UK, with a very cool collection of graffiti, urban and street art… Get it? Get it? 100 posts, 100 artworks? Ok, you get it. I thought the first image was particularly appropriate for celebrating something making it to 100.

The artists shown above are {1} GVD {2} Eelus {3} Cartrain