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i’m jealous of caitlin doherty

I know nothing about this artist, except that her name is Caitlin Doherty. And I know nothing about this series, except that I’m about 83% sure it’s titled, Learn to Multiply. Hm, not a very informative post… but, here’s what I do know. I love it. The end.

{via Pretty Things}

i’m jealous of alex gross

Whether you’re into superheroes, Star Trek, or weird little devil boys who enjoy iced coffee {perhaps a statement on the establishment where the devil boy purchased his iced coffee?}, LA based artist Alex Gross has something for you! In this very large series of mixed media work, he paints over found vintage portraits, and adds just a dash {alright, a huge dollop} of pop culture. Love.

i’m jealous of shaun kardinal… again

Sweet jiminy… I absolutely love the vintage postcard/geometric embroidery mixed media work of Seattle based artist Shaun Kardinal. I wrote about him in the fall of 2010, but he’s been busy since then! So many amazing new pieces have been added to his already envy-worthy portfolio. And then of course, there’s this:

A big neon pink D, on an old mountain covered postcard?! D for Danielle… do you see why I NEED this?!

i’m jealous of bill zindel… again

Bold patterns, big diamonds, and tiny end tables… seriously, how can I not be jealous of American artist Bill ZindelAGAIN! wrote about him way back in 2009, so imagine my delight when I came across his latest series of vibrant, fun, vintage yet modern collages! So. Much. Love.

i’m jealous of april deacon

Yes, I know… I have a thing for vintage portraits in which the faces have been altered in some way {please find evidence here and here and here}. I love the patterns, the colors, and the fact that these ordinary citizens look like they’ve been initiated into some kind of bizarre art tribe! American artist April Deacon uses gouache {in stunning colors!} to turn these found photographs into my latest obsession. LOVE.

ps. that neon boy is missing a pinkie, right?

{via curate1k}

i’m jealous of william hatch crosby

Ah yes… another day, another portrait series! Instead of being faceless {like yesterday’s featured work}, these vintage-looking people are covered in graphic, tribal, gouache markings. LOVE! This simple, yet striking series, titled Legends, is the work of Brooklyn based artist/illustrator William Hatch Crosby.

{Thank you so much to Rina for sending me a link to William’s work!}

i’m jealous of amber ibarreche

I haven’t said this out loud in awhile, but it definitely applies today… Damn, I wish I thought of this! Brooklyn based artist Amber Ibarreche is a multi-talented gal, but it’s these bizarre collections of hers that have punched me square in the creative gut… yep, that’s gonna leave a mark.

i’m still jealous of aris moore

Oh, Aris Moore. I love her work so, so much. I wrote about her in 2009, in 2010, and now in early 2012. She is currently working on her MFA and it’s amazing to go through her blog and actually see the evolution of her work! Apparently, according to said blog, she is playing around with the idea of making a little book out of the series shown here… YES! DO IT ARIS!!!

i’m jealous of javier piñón… again

I’m not sure how I missed these amazing pieces?! Maybe it’s my insane fear of snakes, or maybe it’s because the last time I wrote about Brooklyn based artist Javier Piñón, I was so infatuated with his chandelier-riding cowboys that I didn’t make it any deeper into his portfolio. Well, shame on me, because look what was there! Sexy, vintage Medusas! I love this collage work so much… and that’s sayin’ something, because, in case you didn’t pick up on it, I am terrified of snakes! Terrified.

{Thanks to Fine Line Magazine for tweeting about this work!}

i’m jealous of danielle kroll

This sweet, nostalgic series by American artist/illustrator Danielle Kroll almost made me cry. It certainly made me miss my grandparents, Blanche and Frank, and has sent me on a hunt for as many photographs of their house as I can possibly find! I remember the smells, the sounds, and yes, where the Christmas tree went every single year.

{She submitted this piece to Anthropologie‘s new tumblr page, etymologie... lots of lovely things to be found there!}