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i’m jealous of ming ong

Oh boy. I found the work of LA based artist/designer Ming Ong when I was putting yesterday’s post {about Garage Gallery} together. Um, I love these little paintings on found paper oh so much! Slightly disturbing? Yes. Crazy awesome? Yes.

And on that note, may your weekend be filled with cow cuddles and giant bras… you might want to avoid birds and bunnies though.

i’m jealous of paula rebsom

Oh, this is such a sad, beautiful, inspiring project, titled “If We Lived Here” by Portland based artist Paula Rebsom. Usually my posts are quite short, but I had to give you the full {although, slightly shortened} story. Here’s where Paula’s story begins:

Thirty-one years ago, when my mother was 3 months pregnant with me, a harsh winter forced my parents off the farm that has been in our family for over 50 years. The 1,300-acre farm is tucked away in the little Badlands of North Dakota and only accessible by 9 miles of scoria road. After my parents’ left the farm they moved to nearby Dickinson, the land was rented to neighbors and the home was rented out to a couple that left the home in such disarray it was no longer safe for human occupancy. That is when the barn swallows, rabbits, raccoons and mice began to settle into their new home… Last February, after my grandmother gave my parents power of attorney over the property, they burned down the farmhouse, barns and chicken coup for liability concerns … This past September I returned to North Dakota and built a 16-foot tall by 40-foot wide billboard like replica of the home with the assistance of my father just over the hill from where the original homestead was:

I used the last image taken of the home before it was burned as my model for the front of the structure and attached 20 birdhouses that spell out the words “If we lived here, I’d be home by now.” to the back of it.

In its simplest form “If We Lived Here” was built in an attempt to provide shelter for the birds that were displaced when their home was destroyed. In it’s most complex form it is a quiet and haunting, ghostlike reminder of what was, what is no longer, and what may never be. It holds memories far beyond my years and comprehension while at the same time providing a new presence of hope and possibilities for this rural landscape. The landscape my mom was raised on, the land that her and my father would try to make a living off of, a place that I dreamed as a child to call home, the land my sister and I will someday inherit.

See? Sad, beautiful, and oh so inspiring.

i’m jealous of holly farrell’s shoes

Sigh. Love. I have written about Canadian painter Holly Farrell so many times. She paints everyday objects like chairs, bowls, bars of soap, and yes… shoes! Holly’s work is going to be featured in my book {YAY!}, and when I was going through her portfolio looking for my favorite pieces the other day, I found myself gathering up a whole bunch of her shoes… and voila, today’s post was born! ♥

i’m still jealous of stacey page

I wrote about American artist Stacey Page almost two years ago… well, clearly she’s been busy, and so clearly I have to write about her again! Portraits & embroidery? Yep, it gets me every single time. Gah!

i’m jealous of fred one litch

I have a thing for found frames, color swatches and bold type… and now have a thing for California based artist Fred One Litch. Sigh… yep, I do love a giant A from time to time.

i’m jealous of julie cockburn

Ok. Yes. More faceless portraits. Clearly I can’t control myself, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants… and my heart wants people with rainbow-hued embroidery on their faces, and vintage photos that have been snipped to bits and put back together into amazing kaleidoscope-ish configurations. London based artist Julie Cockburn, and her amazing portfolio, have everything my heart is looking for… and then some!

i’m jealous of mary maguire

Um, Wes Anderson, if you’re reading this {insert pipedream here}, you should have an entire wall of these ship paintings in your next film… they’d be perfect, would they not?! Vintage looking work, in truly vintage frames, but these are recent pieces by American artist Mary Maguire. She clearly has a lot of talent… but wait until you hear what she did before painting. Ready?

Mary attended Rhode Island School of Design, worked at Alfred A. Knopf Publishing and Random House, followed by three years at Conde Nast Publications working on various publications including The New Yorker, Vogue and Conde Nast Traveler… inhale… she was then the Features Editor of Lauren magazine, a lifestyle magazine with designer Ralph Lauren, and then of course onto a position with The Muppets at the Jim Henson Company as Editorial Director. And then she started painting. Exhale.

i’m jealous of nike schroeder

Berlin based artist Nike Schroeder has me swooning over her series, Fundamental Reports. Her images are inspired by vintage photographs {usually from the 1940s & 50s} that she finds in thrift shops… and then, the embroidery begins! Anyone that can draw with thread is a-okay in my books {… and all of those loose strands – love!}. If you happen to be in Hamburg, you can pop by Urban Outfitters to see this work on display until July, 2012.

Oh, and also, there is this:


i’m inspired

Not my usual kind of post {never fear, I’ll be jealous again in a few hours}, but I just wanted to show you what I found today… I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling slightly uninspired, the best medicine is always a bit of a treasure hunt! There are three amazing thrift shops in my neighborhood, that rarely disappoint. I found a little yellow deer, and an aqua swan… yep, it was a ceramic gold mine! Feeling inspired… why, yes I am! And all for under five bucks! What do you do when you need a bit of a creative pick-me-up? Ceramic animals for you too?!

i’m jealous of stéphane massa-bidal

Vintage landscapes & big, bold numbers… yep, the graphic designer in me is completely smitten (♥) with the work of French artist/graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Honestly, he had me at “5”