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i’m jealous of pernille snedker hansen

I’m going to be perfectly honest… I’m not entirely sure what we’re looking at here. According to Danish artist Pernille Snedker Hansen, these are “exclusive one-off marbeling prints”. Hm. Ok, I think it might have something to do with wood {they look kind of woodgrain-ish, right?}, but the only reason I think that is because of the insanely beautiful wood floors she also creates. Oh well, however she does it, the result is absolutely gorgeous… and I want all of them!

{via Design for Mankind}

i’m jealous of ryan stewart nault

Whoa, very cool work {oh, and also, he’s only 20 years old}… double whoa. Chicago based artist Ryan Stewart Nault is the latest artist to have his work featured on Little Paper Planes. I saw these paintings for the first time yesterday, and immediately loved them. Elements from nature, strange planes intersecting with eachother, and amazing color palettes featuring that fantastic coral pink… Ok, now I’m at triple ‘whoa.’

{All five of these paintings can be purchased as prints on LPP… just click right here!}

i’m jealous of david poppie

Brightly hued colored pencils as far as the eye can see arranged in stunning, graphic patterns. Yep, I would go back-to-school shopping with American artist David Poppie any day!

i’m jealous of nishant jethi

Big letters. Little birds. Why? Well, I’ll tell you – these cute little birds are called house sparrows, and in India their population is on the decline due to, well, a lack of houses. With so many high rises going up and the urban jungle constantly expanding, there are fewer places for these sweet birds to nest… until now! Thanks to Mumbai based designer Nishant Jethi, and this project, titled Living Typography, they are getting cozy in a stylish number ’86’, and settling down for the night with “MONA”… lucky little birdies!

{via Junkculture}

i’m jealous of amy joy watson

Umm, I just have to get this out – that pink balloon is killing me… killing me! Ok, let’s move on. So, you’re not going to believe what these amazing sculptures, by Australian artist Amy Joy Watson, are made from. Ready? Balsa wood. Watercolor stained, carefully cut bits of balsa wood, delicately hand-stitched {hand-stitched!!} together to create these geometric shapes that are, you guessed it, killing me!!!

{…thanks to Paula for sending me a link to Amy’s beautiful work. Oh, and while we’re talking about amazing art made from wood, pop over to sfgirlbybay to see my latest curated collection. Today’s theme… yep, wood.}

i’m jealous of skylar fein… again

I wrote about American artist Skylar Fein, almost exactly one year ago… and it seems quite perfect, given the subject matter shown above, that I write about his fantastic work again today. Why you ask? Well, within a matter of minutes I’m leaving for the airport to catch a plane bound for Washington DC {where I will be hanging Ben Skinner’s show at the Honfleur Gallery!!!}. Ahh, nothing like a few Pop Art-esque American forefathers to help send a girl on her way to the nation’s capital!

i’m jealous of erin wilbur

Jack. Pot.

I’ve never played poker before, but I’m assuming that a bunch of diamonds might be a good thing? In any case, when these little gems showed up in my inbox yesterday I was thrilled! I love these old school portraits, on hand cut wood, by Tucson based artist Erin Wilbur… and let’s just say, if I did know anything at all about gambling, I’d bet it all on ‘Diamond Green Hair Woman’. Love.

i’m jealous of ron van der ende

So, I’m sure most of you are thinking… ‘Diamonds? Mix Tapes? Big juicy steak? More diamonds? Wait, I thought Valentine’s Day was last Monday?!’, and of course you’d be right. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still totally in love with these salvaged wood bas-relief sculptures by Rotterdam based artist Ron van der Ende. And let’s be honest, I’d be quite happy with either one of those giant diamonds whether it was Valentine’s Day or not… am I right ladies?

i’m jealous of hema upadhyay

Now, just to be clear, I’m not a pyromaniac, nor would I normally ever suggest setting someone’s art on fire, but… Loco-Foco-Motto is the title of a series of breathtaking chandeliers made from thousands of wooden matchsticks {150,000 matchsticks per chandelier to be exact}, and artist Hema Upadhyay has never set one ablaze. I don’t know if I could control myself if I was her? Ok, I can understand that after all of the intense work, that clearly goes into each piece, she wouldn’t want to watch it all go up in a matter of seconds… but it would certainly be something to see! {Really, I’m not a pyromanic… right!?}

i’m jealous of erin o’keefe

That’s it… I’m packing everything I own into a bunch of tiny little pink and yellow suitcases, and then moving myself into this series of still life photographs {titled Our Home My Home} by New York based artist Erin O’Keefe. When I first saw these images, I couldn’t decide if she was trying to convey a sense of emptiness, or the promise of something new. Turns out, the answer is ‘yes’. Here, in Erin’s words, is what this project is about:

The photographs in this series are still life set ups that include images of various empty rooms that were part of a year of transition. I emptied my childhood home after the death of my father, and moved to a new home with my husband and children. I am interested in the tension between the space of the still life in my studio, and the spaces depicted in the photographs.