Yes! There is really is nothing quite like walking into a space filled with original art created by artists you love.

ART FOR GALLERIES: I’ve curated several shows over the past few years from Los Angeles to Washington DC. Curating an exhibition is a very creative process beginning with deciding on the narrative, choosing the artists/works, {a whole bunch of spread sheets and emails in the middle bit}, and finally bringing all of it together into one harmonious, art-filled moment. Magic.

ART FOR HOMES / HOTELS / SPACES: I find curating outside of the gallery is just as satisfying… if not more so. Playing matchmaker between a buyer and an artist is one of the most exciting things I get to do. Finding gorgeous work for collectors / making a sale for a talented artist… everyone’s happy. Yes, that is fun!


09.2015 – los angeles – california girls
12.2014 – san francisco – bedford gallery
11.2013 – los angeles – the fig house
02.2013 – chattanooga – beautifully boring
07.2011 – vancouver – pieces of the moon
03.2011 – washington dc – try a little tenderness …

+ The  Jealous Curator Collection at The Land of Nod (an online curation)

To contact Danielle about art curation or personal art buying services, please email:

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  1. willie almodovar /// 06.21.2016 /// 5:16pm

    all i want is a show.

  2. Natalya Laskis /// 08.16.2016 /// 5:23pm

    Here is my artist bio and statement
    If your interested in viewing my current work my instagram page is natalyalaskis.

    Natalya Laskis was born in Miami Florida, 1980. She has apprenticed with Jeff Koons 2015-2016 and Hernan Bas 2006-2010. She holds a BFA Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore. Solo exhibitions include; What is Love at Galleria Glance, Turin, Italy in 2012, Shortness of Breath at Locust Projects, Miami, FL in 2012. and American Odyssey at The Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL in 2009.
Selected group exhibitions include; The Moment,The Backdrop,The Persona at The Girl’s Club Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2014, Nada Art Fair during Basel, Miami Beach, FL in 2013-2014, The Fred Snitzer Gallery at The Armory, New York, NY in 2011, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL in 2009, and The David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL in 2008. Awarded the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists 2015.

    My paintings are ripe with effervescent moments captured with paint on canvas. From awkward first dates to a surprise encounter. I show you what your feelings look like – when you are surprised by a couple, or moments when you realize your emotionally unavailable, or quietly fishing. I create common social vignettes with unexpected situations. 

  3. Claire Benson /// 09.24.2016 /// 11:38am

    It’s an inspiration, in a very rural existence,
    Any advice on pushing forward through surrounding sludge to create my own brand identity and creative collections..?

    I have lots of contacts but not a strong reliable platform to post from

    Claire x

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.25.2016 /// 7:22am

    hey claire 🙂 you should listen to the podcast episode with rachel castle! we talk about a lot of that!

  5. benjamin /// 10.10.2016 /// 2:24am


    Hope you’re well
    I’m a french based artist and I have created a store for my prints
    from art to graphic design, all prints are signed and numbered
    also some graphic t-shirts/pillows are available…
    if you could have a look and speak about ? that could help 🙂
    also you can choose one if you like !

    Thanks a lot 

  6. Miranda Petersen /// 10.25.2016 /// 12:49am

    I love what you’re doing, and have just started reading ‘Your inner critic is a Jerk’. It’s a very witty and so intuitive. I can really relate to what you are writing about. Thanks for sharing your journey and tips As an artist trying to find her way again it’s an invaluable read!✨

  7. Justine Andrew /// 11.19.2016 /// 3:39pm

    Thanks for looking! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Six Art Blogs to Read | Art By Lucy /// 12.12.2016 /// 12:40pm

    […] 5. The Jealous Curator […]

  9. Amy Shiffer /// 12.15.2016 /// 4:40pm

    Curious if you have featured the artist Kim Keeves? “I wish I had thought of that.”

  10. the jealous curator /// 12.15.2016 /// 9:43pm

    no – i’ll check her out 🙂

  11. maxx /// 01.01.2017 /// 2:29am

    hey so i dont know if this is normal to do, but its late and its a new year to take a risk and help a friend, i was wondering if you could check out ruth waddell’s art, she is a painter trying to make a living and her husband ryan makes jewelry out of things from nature, but also metal working, if you want to look into it (ruth’s stuff) (mostly ryans stuff)

  12. Nina Irwin /// 02.19.2017 /// 2:43pm

    Hi. Your work as a curator is absolutely refreshing. Art ignites the sense of wonder and connects the viewer to the essence of humanity- the desire to create. You contribute greatly to this experience.
    -Nina Irwin, Artist

  13. Myers Matt /// 05.14.2017 /// 7:15am

    Hi JC! I’d love to get my prints on your website. I’m usually described as quirky or whimsical.
    Thanks for your time!
    Matt aka squidrabbit

  14. A. E. Mabry /// 05.22.2017 /// 6:03pm

    Hello! I stumbled upon this sight through a fellow artist, I’d love to be featured! I do collage based work; paper, painting, and fabric. I have a real love affair with fire and blood, but my pieces are far from gory. They are dark and humorous, cute and gooey. If you would like to take a peak, my instagram is the best way: @a.e.mabry

    Thanks for your time!


    P.s. I wrote this into the wrong place earlier, sorry you get it twice! 🙂

  15. Charles Birnbaum /// 06.09.2017 /// 12:02pm

    Who am I?

    I was seduced by porcelain clay at an early age and I’ve spent my entire life using it to create art. At first I made one-of-a-kind cups, pitchers, and teapots; then when I went to Kansas City Art Institute, I was mentored by the famous ceramic artist Ken Ferguson, who encouraged me to create modern interpretations of ancient Asian vessels. After graduate work at Tyler School of Art, I started altering my vessels, fusing parts of them to create abstract sculptures. My work always begins with a form that expresses a particular feeling or idea I have about “containment.” The intersection of containment and freedom is a critical challenge for me because I create each piece freehand (without the use of a throwing wheel or mold).Unconsciously I create what William de Kooning called “slippery glimpses”–“elusive bits of meaning that a work of art can yield if only for an instant before drawing us back into the realm of pure visual sensation.” It is these glimpses that reveal the tension between my desire for freedom and my need for control, my yearning for intimacy and my fear of engulfment. Shapes grow alongside one another and then shift and slide apart; viscous mergings separate into distinct autonomous forms; and seemingly closed spheres open into dark voids. Tendrils snake in, around, and through the shapes, which are covered in densely layered patterns and textures that invite touch.. Every piece is both assertive and yielding, aggressive and pliant. And, like me, each simultaneously conceals and reveals.

  16. Amita Dand /// 07.17.2017 /// 4:21am


    How do i submit my artworks to you ? I tried the submit art button but its not working.
    Would be great if you help me out !!

  17. the jealous curator /// 07.17.2017 /// 7:17am

    just email 🙂 thanks!

  18. Nani Gross & Francisco Ferracani /// 10.09.2017 /// 8:35pm

    We’re a couple from Argentina making film photography for about four years (together) altough each one of us was doing separately before we met. We decided to do exclusively film to revalue the whole process from taking the picture to develop it. Another thing we hope people to value is the fact that we are co-authors in this work. Hope we can do something with our pictures! Enjoy! 🙂

    Nani & Francisco

  19. Halin de Repentigny /// 10.12.2017 /// 3:59pm

    A wonderfully, energetic art website, bold and sassy too.
    It’s understandable, expansive, informative.
    I want to give it a big hug!

  20. Sukanya Mani /// 12.03.2017 /// 5:13pm

    Hi, I am trying to send you an email with my artwork but I get a failure notice. Is there a specification of file size? I would love for you to look at my art and critique it!
    Here is my website-


  21. Dara Herman Zierlein /// 12.14.2017 /// 5:43am


  22. Dara Herman Zierlein /// 12.14.2017 /// 5:43am


  23. Kate Lund /// 02.05.2018 /// 10:10pm

    Hello, Thank you for your hard work. Your program makes art more accessible and it is always helpful to listen to others’ ideas. I particularly enjoyed the Lindsay Arnold and Dan Lam episodes lately. I noticed the “submit your work” link on the page is not working, so I will try here. You will notice on my website and Instagram that I work in drawing and sculpture. Thanks for what you do.

  24. Koko collage /// 03.02.2018 /// 5:00am

    Art Submission

    To whom it may Concern ,


    Koko Collage is embodied by a Polish artist who criticizes the rapid development
    of technology and the disappearing interpersonal relationships.
    In her works, the artist refers to personal thoughts and experiences, problems
    related to emigration, a sense of acceptance and belonging. Criticise the
    technological and robotic society where we live in .
    The artist presents her art as a constant pursuit of perfection, by using the form
    of analog collage, printing, paint and drawing, creating at the same time very
    interesting work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Koko Collage

  25. Cristina Iordache /// 04.10.2018 /// 7:14am

    “But there’s nothing like seeing work in person.” – I always tell myself this, especially when the photos I take of my paintings don’t show the colors as they really are.

  26. Oishee Roy /// 06.26.2018 /// 1:40am

    Greetings from New Delhi, India.
    Your curation is pretty sophisticated. It gives us an insight into the hard work you put in bringing such exhibitions. Art culture festival has taken up the initiative to promote art in our country. Do have a look at our Facebook page.

  27. Craig M. /// 12.13.2018 /// 10:52am

    Thought you’d appreciate this work by Jenny Odell. 🙂

  28. Craig M. /// 12.13.2018 /// 10:53am

    Thought you’d appreciate this work by Jenny Odell:

  29. the jealous curator /// 12.14.2018 /// 7:48am

    i do! thank you, craig 😉