I feel so lucky that I’ve been invited to write about my jealousies in a few other places… lovely, creative, artsy places!

ps. If you’d like to collaborate, just let me know! I can be jealous just about anywhere ; )


escape into life: artist watch ~ weekly posts, every monday

ecofabulous: “consciously curated” by the jealous curator ~ posts featuring ecofabulous art, every thursday

working class magazine: interview in their ‘outlaw issue’ {january 2011}

sfgirlbybay: bi-monthly guest posts {june 2010 ~ ongoing}

etsy: guest post on the storque {august 2010}

the beholder: guest curator {may ~ august 2010}

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  1. Sherif /// 01.17.2011 /// 5:52am


    Just discovered your Site, i really like TJC..cool and very inspiring, congrats.
    If you have 5 min take a look at my work, thank you

    All the best

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2011 /// 7:57am

    i will! thanks so much for stopping by : )

  3. Vesna /// 02.17.2011 /// 7:13pm


    I LOVE your angle!

    Check out this art!


  4. Jeff /// 07.12.2011 /// 8:35pm

    Great site. We dig TJC.

  5. Vylnne /// 12.02.2011 /// 6:10am

    I can’t/won’t tell you how pivotal finding TJC is for me.

  6. the jealous curator /// 12.02.2011 /// 7:06am

    thank you. so much. xo

  7. Jamall /// 01.31.2012 /// 9:14am

    Hi TJC,

    Love Love Love your blog. Would love to discuss a collab. Please shoot me an email when you get a chance.

  8. the jealous curator /// 01.31.2012 /// 10:26am

    Thanks Jamall… will do! : )

  9. julie /// 03.31.2012 /// 4:02am

    SUCH fabulous stuff, bravo!

  10. Katie /// 06.06.2012 /// 6:32am

    I really love your blog. I was just introduced to it recently and I’ve really enjoyed your posts. In fact, I’ve been showing some of the posts to the students at the art center I work for. I would love to discuss a collaboration.


  11. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2012 /// 6:41am

    hi katie! sure, that sounds cool… shoot me an email if you have any ideas: contact(at)thejealouscurator(dot)com

  12. angela /// 03.04.2013 /// 8:23pm


    remember me?
    you wrote about my project miorrorface awhile back, and we met for coffee and visited art collector paul kyle with a bunch of questions at his private showroom in vancouver…?

    I have been updating my office (whew :P) and that means getting rid of the business cards i’ve been collecting over the years and came across yours and realized we have totally lost touch – shoot me an email of you get this and hopefully we can catch up! I’d love to hear where you’re at these days.


  13. Anne /// 08.30.2013 /// 8:03pm

    I wrote to you a long time ago. A very long time ago. About how jealous I was of this blog and how simply brilliant you are. Don’t know how I said it, but I did. Just want to say it again. Occasionally, I’ll think, Maybe I’ll check out the Jealous Curator blog. Then you do it again. You inspire me, and crush my creative spirit. I think that’s how you described your blog, too? I love this, and it makes me try harder. Thanks.

  14. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2013 /// 9:50pm

    thank you sooooo much anne! although i don’t wanna crush you… BUT if it makes you get into the studio, i guess i’m ok with it! : )

  15. carrie /// 08.31.2013 /// 4:52pm

    I am crazy over your sight! Gives me hope and inspires me so much about art…. fabulous site, I visit frequently if not daily… keeps me coming back! kudos to you, thank GOODNESS you are back from holiday 🙂

  16. Anne Tirey /// 09.08.2013 /// 8:48am

    Please check out this artist: n.e. christensen. http://www.nechristensen.com/ You’ll be glad you did!

  17. Anne Tirey /// 09.08.2013 /// 8:50am

    I would be thrilled to collaborate! Always wanted my own gallery. Would love to send you links of my favorite stuff. If you want to try me out, let me know…

  18. the jealous curator /// 09.08.2013 /// 9:10am

    hi anne! sure – let me know who you love and if i write about them of course i’ll link directly back to your lovely blog! 🙂

  19. Carolyn /// 10.02.2013 /// 12:48pm

    Saw this today and thought you might dig it. Thanks for all the awesome.


  20. the jealous curator /// 10.02.2013 /// 1:10pm

    yes! so cool! thanks carolyn : )